By: Andrea Ryan

Debbie Wasserman Schultz did some serious kissing up to Obama to get her current position as the Chairwoman for the Democratic National Committee.  Not his choice to run the DNC, Wasserman Schultz convinced Obama she could garner favor with her fellow Jews and women.  Instead, her caustic personality and combative style have alienated the groups Obama needs to win reelection.  Now Obama wants her out of the DNC, altogether.

According to Fox Nation,

Rumors have been swirling around that Wasserman Schultz was not in President Obama’s top tier of candidates to sit at the helm of the Democratic National Committee.

A source within the Democratic Party who is a close associate of Wasserman Schultz has told the Shark Tank the details about the process that took place when the vetting of prospective candidates for the DNC chair.

The source told the Shark Tank that, “she (Wasserman Schultz) was not the first choice,” and that Wasserman Schultz feverishly lobbied her case of being a sitting ‘Jewish’ congresswoman in a very safe Democratic district.  According to the source, Obama was pressured into picking Wasserman Schultz because she impressed upon him that he needed her as a loyal foot soldier to run cover him and shore up his dwindling support with the Jewish voters as well as with women.

But while Obama has been able to rely on Wasserman Schultz to carry his water, the President has grown increasingly annoyed with the polarizing manner in which she attacks her political opposition-a style that has galvanized her Republican opponents and chased many of those coveted ‘Independents’ away.

It seems as if the relationship has soured to the point that according to the source, “He does not want her in the DNC anymore.”

Apparently, President Obama had discussions with the DNC Chairwoman regarding her approach, even telling her, “Don’t forget you work for me.”

It’s not about you, its about me. – attributed to President Barack Obama to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as per our source.




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  1. He’s still eating dogs, i see.

  2. Juxtaposing “tongue-lashing” with a picture of them kissing is kind of….ewww!

  3. More than anything I want this DWS loon to stay put. She is sooooooo entertaining.

  4. Someone needs to re-do that Hitler-Meme video, yet again.

  5. She’s doing a fantastic job, keep it up!

  6. Obama giving Debbie Was a Man the political equivalancy of the Metta World Peace back of the elbow upside the head ….> ….He probably offered her a job as new supervisor of the Secret Service advance team since Debbie knows how to suck up to get ahead.

  7. Obama has ZERO chance of capturing the independent vote!

  8. Wasserman Schultz and tongue-lashing=The worst porn movie ever.

    Ok, now I have to shower about 5000 times. Hopefully, that will be enough.

  9. Jewish and a Woman…in name only. Safe district = Stupid Voters.

  10. Up next, Pelosi for DNC Chair.

  11. Let me see if I got the translation: Debbie got the job because she gave Barry a hummer. It appears to have not been a very good one. Now she’s on the way out.

    It clearly wasn’t due to her skills as a politician. Or her intellectual capabilities.

  12. Between The Unholy One and WassitShultz, I’d be hard-pressed to decide which one is the most polarizing. Guess not…it’s The Unholy One. But ole Deb has done a mighty fine job, I must say.

  13. Of course he didn’t want her since all his sensibilities are mooslum and she’s a filthy Jew in his mind. Forget the PC, he’s a mooslime practicing Taquiya.

    Let’s see Malibu hates Jews, Christians and Whites and wants women in their place. Then again he can take on the powers of dogs and grasshoppers through having ate them during his childhood animist upbringing. Most of Malibu’s prejudices are ok even encouraged since he’s a mooslime.

    See, all these hatreds he has can be explained. And look at the benefits of his hatreds and his multi faith upbringing for defense of the nation. If we get attacked by a nation of cats, he’ll just use his dog powers. And grasshopper powers? Lord we are talking famine for the nation that attacks us. Not to mention the genocide against Jews, Christians and Whites he slyly supports whenever he can to protect our nation.

  14. “the President has grown increasingly annoyed with the polarizing manner in which she attacks her political opposition”

    Methinks it has less to do with polarization and more to do with the fact that Debbie is overwhelming incompetent. “Unemployment didn’t rise under Obama” is just one of many examples of her ineptitude.

  15. It’s a poor craftsman that blames his tools. bahahaaha

  16. The pic with the sign in front of Obama should not say : Change We need but
    We Need Change. . .

    Come November 2012 Let’s HOPE there is CHANGE!

  17. “the President has grown increasingly annoyed with the polarizing manner in which she [Debbie Wasserman Schultz] attacks her political opposition.

    “Obama had discussions with the DNC Chairwoman regarding her approach, even telling her, ‘Don’t forget you work for me.’”

    This is great! DWS is working to polarize the nation, just the same as Obama, because of course, she is working for him! And when he does not like the results, he blames DSW! Perfect! Perfect example of Obama narcissism. Perfect example of responsibility a la Democrat.

    But don’t you mind, Debbie, you really really wanted this job. It’s perfect for you; so you just keep sucking it up. Yum.

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