Greece Locks Up Illegal Immigrants in Country’s First Detention Camp Prison

The first 56 illegal immigrants were already transferred to the Amygdaleza detention center in Greece. (Photo Panagiotis Glass-panel / Fosphotos)

Reuters reported:

Greece opened its first purpose-built detention centre for illegal migrants on Sunday in Athens, a week before a national election where illegal immigration has emerged as a key issue.

About 130,000 immigrants cross the country’s porous sea and land borders every year, the vast majority via Turkey, and the authorities are forced to release those who are arrested because of a lack of permanent housing.

With Greece in its fifth year of recession and worries over rising crime levels, illegal immigration has become a major issue in the run up of the May 6 election.

The once-obscure far-right Golden Dawn, which wants to deport all immigrants, is among the parties that has benefitted most from the mood among voters, and is expected to win its first seats in parliament.

Greece’s ruling Socialist PASOK and conservative rival New Democracy parties have also pledged to crack down on immigration to try to win over voters.

On Sunday, the first 56 immigrants were brought to the Amygdaleza detention camp in western Athens, a police official said. Dozens more are expected at the camp in the next few days, which can house up to 1,000 people, the official said.

Amygdaleza is the first of about 50 camps that Greek officials say will be built by mid-2013. It consists of dozens of containers that were originally set up to house people hit by natural disasters such as earthquakes.

The Amygdaleza detention camp has temporary box homes set up for the illegal immigrants. (Fosphotos)

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  • mackykam

    Hopefully they’ll refuse to feed and water them. Let their home countries foot that bill.

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  • Charlie

    Things must really suck in Turkey if they see Greece as a refuge of hope.

  • Multitude

    Disgusting. Let’s be honest with ourselves: elites in Greece, much the same as the repugnant scum who’ve loaded the United States with over one hundred trillion in unpayable liabilities and bankrupted us, created a system to bring these people in. They propped up the dictatorships in their home countries, and created a permanent instability that they could exploit.

    Now these people are as interesting as an old toy or a tired piece of exercise gear. Time to throw them into a box and toss it into a storage locker where it can slowly rot. No need to actually address the root cause: elites like Romney, Soros, etc. imported these people dirt cheap so they could coast on what the middle class built and pocket the surplus. Look at all the Republicans and Democrats who utterly love the H1B visa, which has killed America’s engineering and architectural employment.

    Please, no more left vs. right. Both are rotten-to-the-core progressive elites who sold us all into slavery. The question now is what we do about this. Those people being discarded into boxes in Greece are no different than us: we’ve both been exploited by the corrupt elites.

  • bigkahuna

    Racists….. I hope they dont use the I word LOL

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  • tommy mc donnell

    #4…those people in those ‘boxes” are muslim colonizers hell bent on conquering greece. their goal is to establish a totalitarian muslim dictatorship in greece. the same as they do everywhere else in the world marxists politicans import them. they should be deported. anybody that loves freedom should fight for their removal from their country. they’re no innocents. if they are no different than you then every thing you post here is a lie.

  • Rachelle

    Greece is a bridge from Asia to Europe. Many of immigrants intend to cross through Turkey and into Greece, part of the Schengen zone, so they can go anywhere in Europe and kick back on welfare.

    Great for Greece locking them up.

  • American Woman

    Multitude, you have made some interesting comments but some of your facts are skewed.

    Greece was FORCED to maintain an open border by the EU, the same EU that is forcing the small Christian country to build a mosque in Athens.

    Moreover, it is no surprise that Turks come over the border. There are two reasons for that.

    FIRST, the Turkish government would love to do to Greece what it was once able to do to the once Greek-owned Cyprus (i.e., take ownership of its land).

    SECOND, Turks are finding their once largely secular society disintegrating in front of their eyes (thanks to the fascists who have taken leadership roles and are looking to establish Sharia).

    If you know about the history of Christianity, you know that Constantinople was once a Christian city under Greek leadership. Like many countries in the West, It was invaded by barbarian Muslim forces. Those barbarians desecrated the beautiful Hagia Sophia and turned it into a mosque, killed citizens, raped women and children, and made a free people slaves.

    Moreover, Greece itself suffered for many years under the boot of the Muslim barbarians until a civil war, Greek freedom fighters, and Englishmen won back Greece’s freedom.

    During WWII, Greece was on our side, but the Turks were on the side of the NAZI’s. Yet, after WWII, it was Greece that suffered. Young boys were taken from its villages and sent to Russia to appease Stalin for the great loss of life that Russia sustained during WWII.

    The Turks who had fought on Hitler’s side and Greece who had fought with us were both made NATO members in 1952. Many say Turkey joins Iran in hoping to recreate an Islamic caliphate in the ME.


    Obama would like to try this at home with Christians and conservatives,,, ok that is a bit of a stretch, Obama would let the RINOs and Mittens out. They are so much alike you know

  • ebayer

    I hope this doesn’t backfire on them.
    Anyone remember how 125,000 Cubans were put in facilities like this after the Mariel boatlift?

    Of course Castro emptied his jails and insane asylums and we inherited that mess.
    But there was some tension in those fenced detention centers.
    Remember Scarface?

  • Freddy

    If they think they need 50, then they should streamline implementation of their laws. The only reason to need more than a couple of these camps is an innefficient deportation system.

  • Limousine Barry

    Well, I am glad that my Aunti Zeituni didn’t take that all expense vacation to Greece that I offered her.

    Now, that I think of it maybe she should. It would have helped to raise awareness of illegal aliens and boost my ratings at a critical time. I don’t really like the old bat anyway.

    My limousine is running and I have to exact revenge on Jimmy Kimmel. I told my driver to run over him if he gets the chance. I can’t answer any more questions. Good day.

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  • ebayer

    But then again,the Cubans were being processed for life in the U.S. and not deportation back to Cuba.

    So hopefully the Greeks will process these people quickly out of their country and solve the illegal immigration problem,without creating a revolving door of processing the same immigrants,over and over again.

  • Militant Conservative

    Hmm, history repeats itself.

  • Arch


    Romney has been opposed to illegal immigration all along. He is for eVerify, no driver’s licenses, no in state tuition and no welfare. There are ways to solve the labor problem. It’s not a choice between amnesty and deportation. We have temporary visa, It’s getting immigrants to apply for them.

  • Arch

    Greeks! Arabs without the charm.

  • Socialism is Suicide

    Lock them up or shoot them, what else is there to do with law breakers? Is Greece and other countries just supposed to hand over their country to whomever can cross their border?

    Even those two possibilities can get out of hand and the illegals will have to be returned to the country of origin. Who’s going to pay for that, or will Greece just plant a few more money trees and hope for a crop of Euro’s?

  • Ladue Pundit

    Arch commented:
    Greeks! Arabs without the charm.
    Maybe those of you who find Arab culture (i.e., Islamism) so charming should emigrate to one of their totalitarian, clerically-run hellholes.

    Stop critizing nations who protect their borders, wealth, and jugular veins.

  • donh

    The detention camp looks like a typical low income housing development in Panama except the people are free to come and go. Golden Dawn is the name of a very advanced system of ancient fraternal magic worship. It is the intercourse of secret societies of black magic and lust for political power that breeds fascist frankenstein monsters like Adolph Hitler. …>

  • Rachelle

    #10…good comment. The EU and its screwball leftist policies have caused many of Europe’s problems, and particularly those linked to uncontrolled immigration from hostile societies. Being adjacent to muslim Turkey has put Greece in a terrible situation while its hands are tied by EU regulations on immigration policy.

  • jony101

    It be cheaper to put them on a boat and ship them back to africa, somalia perhaps. Hopefully they dont wind up in the us with refugee status and all the welfare and foodstamps they can dream of.

  • greenfairie

    There’s not enough for the Greeks as it is, much less people from somewhere else.

  • bg


    hmm, they look an awful lot like US re-education camps being built
    somewhere or other (saw a video, can’t seem to relocate it, story of
    my life since Obama made the scene) and then of course, we always
    have these.. /s/


  • bg


    just a side note:

    Tunisians See Washington as Too Cozy with Islamists

    bit more here, and scroll thread for more, or not, your choice.. 😉


  • dunce

    Rachelle and American woman have the story behind the story. Sarcozy in France is threatening to back out of the schengen agreement which is a super stupid suicide pact that was supposedly designed for Europeans to move freely among there respective countries but is in fact just more open borders for muslim parasites, criminals, and jihadists.

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  • Arch

    Ladue Pundit commented:

    Arch commented:
    Greeks! Arabs without the charm.
    Maybe those of you who find Arab culture (i.e., Islamism) so charming should emigrate to one of their totalitarian, clerically-run hellholes.

    Stop critizing nations who protect their borders, wealth, and jugular veins.

    You seem to be humorously challenged. It’s called “damning with faint praise.”

    Example: Washington has all the charm of the North and all the efficiency of the South.