George Zimmerman Arrives At Sanford Police Station in Florida (Video)

Here is the first video of George Zimmerman arriving at the Sanford Police Station in Florida. He arrived at the station in a black SUV with his face covered. Zimmerman was charged today with second degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Via the Sean Hannity Show:

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  • Alice Rivkin

    Taking on all the characteristics of Wolfe’s 1987 Bonfire of the Vanities.

    The mob wants to be fed.

  • Gloria Gilson

    Outrageous, 2d degree murder!

  • Rosemary Woodhouse

    Alice Rivkin., you’re read my mind. All along I’ve been thinking of Thomas Wolfes’s Bonfire of the Vanities (everyone must read!) as well as the Obama presidency well represented by the character played by Will Smith in the movie Six Degrees of Separation. In other words: “poseur”.

  • Marian L.

    So heartbreaking…we pray God keep His Mighty Hand upon him as only He can!

    Thank You Sean, Mark Levin, Rush and the rest for giving him speaking out for him!

  • jmar

    Zimmerman is so screwed, in this Obama/Holder nightmare we are living in right there is no way he will get a fair trial. He doesn’t have a chance.

  • Lisa G in NZ

    let’s pray for a fair trial for George… JUSTICE FOR GEORGE

  • jmar

    Zimmerman is so screwed, in this Obama/Holder nightmare we are living in right now there is no way he will get a fair trial. He doesn’t have a chance

  • Liz

    Who. Cares. Just because the Obama administration has problems with hispanics doesn’t mean the rest of us should become haters too.

  • wtd

    Page 3 of 37 of pdf section titled: Measures of Prosecutorial Success
    Trial Rate
    •State Average……………………..2% went to trial
    •Currently under Corey…………3.2% go to trial
    This year, 4th District SAO is on track to send 350 to 400 cases to trial
    Conviction Rate
    •State Average…………85.7% resulted in conviction
    •Under Corey…………..90% resulted in conviction
    4th District currently has 2nd highest conviction rate in Florida (19th/20)
    Increased average sentence length from 3 to 5 years

  • Winston Wolfe

    I’d never heard of – or seen – that prosecutor before, and I must say I was appalled at her behavior.

    When announcing you’re charging someone with 2nd degree murder, try not to act like you’re up there accepting some damn award.

    She was nothing short of disgusting.


    This is being used as a warning to all whites, do not defend yourself against black thugs or you will go to jail. This election will be about race and hatred because Imam Obama cannot defend his record of destrustion of America.

    This summer is going to be the most violent and racially charged since the 60’s and Imam Obama and his ilk are behind all of it. Will Mittens have the balls to call him out on it or play defense of his liberal record all summer.

    Prepare for Imam Obama to win a 2nd term unless Mittens grows a pair.

  • donh

    This entire disaster is a political operation run out of the Whitehouse….and once again the Republican party collaborates with Obama in the destruction of all that is moral, right and descent about AmeriKa. This Governor Scott and his special prosecutor have let Al Sharpton and the rest of Holder’s hoodie gang run this show trial … Railroading someone innocent to jail for PARTISIAN POLITICAL PURPOSES. …and where is Atticus Finch from ” To kill a Mockingbird ? ” Where is the noble lawyer to protect ALL of our rights from the insanity of race hate lynch mobs ? Zimmerman deserves the highest calibre lawyer to defend him from this mockery . This is outcome based justice…The government has a predetermined outcome it needs to achieve for a politician’s re-election….and nothing but evil cowardly hacks acting in fear for their own personal pay checks …saying yes SIR…. What ever you want sir Mr Holder .Yes massa Obama …Whatever you want Massa Obama. They make slaves of us ALL.

  • aprilnovember811

    An Attorney General who’s responsible for the murders of two Federal Agents and 300 others, has the nerve to involve himself in this. We live in a third world country thanks to Washington, D.C. It’s a cesspool. And I’m tired of seeing that little punk Zimmerman as a smiling thirteen year old on my homepage. Show him as he really was, a street thug. Does anyone know if there were drugs in his system yet?

  • aprilnovember811

    I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say, “little punk Zimmerman.” I meant to say, little punk Trayvon.

  • StrangernFiction
  • Adi

    Welcome to 2012 USA. Free mob justice for everyone.

  • Sasja

    What? No charges against the Black Panthers, Sharpton or Jesse?

    Her opening remarks told me all I needed to know about this indictment. For Zimmerman to have half a chance for a fair trial, they’ll need to move it to another state. Even then it would be a crap shoot.

    Pray for him. Pray for our country. Pray.

  • archer52

    I spent a career in police work in Florida. Trust me, I saw this coming but hoped some courage would prevail. I was wrong. She didn’t want a grand jury because she couldn’t control it with certainty. Zimmerman was just thrown under the bus for the “greater good” which means everybody was CYA. Here is my post on the issue.

    A piece from it.

    …This is as good as a time as any to remind you what my partner told me about lawyers. “They spend a hundred thousand dollars to go to law school in order to unlearn any common sense, ethics and morality they had before.”

    And you see that now, in spades. Believe me, if Zimmerman gets convicted and everybody knows he was railroaded, the lawyers will sleep just as comfortably. They just don’t care.

    They’ll beat Zimmerman up in the media again, convict him before the trial, intimidate the witnesses on his side, and then go to court to prove Zimmerman killed Martin intentionally, which is not what happened. (I feel sorry for the thirteen year old kid who saw Martin beating Zimmerman’s head into the ground. By the time the SAO gets done with him he’ll have a foggier memory.)

    Assuming that what Zimmerman’s family is saying is correct, and the facts and witnesses support it, Zimmerman is the second victim in this situation. The first was not Martin, because he chose to act out, it is Justice.

    I was told by a senior State Attorney in charge of the Felony Division once after I complained about the unfairness of their process that I didn’t understand the situation. She said, “Justice, injustice, right and wrong, good or bad, innocent or guilty have nothing to do with the law.” I remembered the statement for the rest of my career. The law exists for itself and is often used to protect those who hold power over it. …

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  • pink tie Republican

    Zimmerman to get a kangaroo trial and railroaded to prison. For acting in self defense against a feral teenager.