Despite Sandra Fluke’s Plea Before Congress – Georgetown Will Not Pay For $9 a Month Birth Control Pills

Georgetown women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke went before a Congressional panel last month to demand free birth control pills. The Target up the road from her school sells the pill for $9 a month.

But before she went before Congressional leaders to demand $9 a month birth control, she took a lavish trip to Europe with her boyfriend.

Here the two lovebirds are roughing it late at night in Barcelona – drunk.

Despite her public plea before Congress, Georgetown University released a statement this week that said the university will still not pay for a student’s $9 a month birth control pills.
The Huffington Post reported:

Georgetown University’s health insurance received national attention after Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke attempted to testify about it in front of a congressional committee.

But despite the uproar that resulted — Fluke was denied a chance to speak, then called a “slut” by radio show host Rush Limbaugh — Georgetown announced Thursday that it wouldn’t make any changes to its contraception coverage.

“After thoughtful and careful consideration, we will continue our current practice for contraceptive coverage in our student health insurance for the coming year, as allowed for under the current rules issued by the United States Department of Health and Human Services,” wrote Georgetown President John DeGioia in a release to the university.

Under its current practice, Georgetown, which is a Jesuit university, denies students coverage for contraception if it is used for birth control. DeGioia said that Thursday’s decision was “consistent with our Catholic and Jesuit identity,” echoing commentary by conservatives who have termed the battle over contraception coverage a religious freedom issue.

The statement mentioned that the current policy “does provide coverage for these prescriptions for students who require them for health reasons unrelated to birth control, as determined by a physician.” But much of Fluke’s testimony centered around the difficulties of Georgetown students in receiving such exemptions even when medical needs demanded they use birth control.

Miss Fluke announced her engagement this week. Maybe her boyfriend will be able to pay for her $9 a month birth control pills now.

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    Romneycare funded abortions for only $50. If Obama jr wins there is nothing to worry about Ms. Fluke.

  • Kate

    I really don’t think it helps the cause of those who want everything free from the government to have an arrogant, rich nimrod as their spokesperson. Gee, these socialists are truly stuck on stupid.

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  • dunce

    For the safety of the gene pool maybe we should pay to have her tubes tied as a precaution.

  • SmallBusinessOwner

    Fluke’s testimony was exclusively about women who need the hormonal adjustments caused by birth control for non-birth-control reasons. E.g., the woman who would have been absolutely fine had she been able to afford birth control, but ended up needing surgery to fix damage to her ovaries caused by a hormonal imbalance. The fact that Fluke herself is rich is immaterial. The fact that “Walmart sells $9 birth control” is immaterial, because that generic stuff does not have the requisite hormonal doses necessary to treat non-birth-control problems.

  • Ryan

    I hope she doesn’t expect us to pay for the wedding.

    #1 Before you lay all the blame for “Romneycare” at Romney’s feet, I invite you to consider this:

    Romney may not be the ideal candidate, but it seems he deserves some more credit than he gets (and no matter what, he would be far better than the current occupant of the White House).

  • Me

    So in other words nothing changed. To Huffpo that = news. The left are quite a humorous herd to observe.

  • anti-bho

    But the fact that she wants something for nothing is NOT immaterial.
    Let her pay for the upkeep of her own playground.

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    #7 you can stop drinking the RINO koolaide:

    More on Obama Jr, aka Mittens:!/2012/04/mitt-romney-socialist.html

  • SmallBusinessOwner


    Have you even read her testimony?

    She says “this policy prevents women who need contraception pills for non-contraception reasons from getting them.”

    Frankly, the inability of people to understand English sentences is alarming. English should be the national language! And when someone says “women who need birth control for non-reproductive reasons aren’t getting it,” that’s what they mean.

    Viagra is sometimes used as a heart medication (indeed, that’s what it was originally developed to treat). If God forbid a member of your family had a heart condition, and they couldn’t get the medicine they needed because the insurance plan said “We don’t cover that medication because it’s used for sex,” how would you feel? Happy that you’re not getting “something for nothing”? Or incredibly angry and upset about people applying moralistic standards where they clearly don’t apply?

  • dba…vagabond trader

    Doesn’t matter, it is no longer about affording BC, as cheap as it is. It is all about a free stuff “I’m special” entitlement mentality our schools are obviously instilling in the kiddies.

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  • bg
  • SmallBusinessOwner


    As per my earlier comment, the $9 stuff doesn’t have enough of the hormones necessary to effectively treat the non-reproductive conditions that birth control is prescribed for.

    That stuff runs around $100/dose.

    I find this really, really curious. Fluke’s testimony said, in plain English, “if birth control is not covered by insurance, women can’t afford the birth control necessary to treat non-reproductive problems.” I said, in plain English, “the $9 stuff from Walmart does not have the requisite hormonal doses necessary to treat non-birth-control problems.”

    Now either people can’t read English, in which case learn the national language or get out. Or, people don’t care about the actual substance of this issue and just want to use it as an excuse to rail against their ideological enemies.

    Which, if you want, fine, free country. But do everyone the courtesy of stating up front “I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE SUBSTANCE OF THIS PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE AND AM ONLY USING IT AS AN EXCUSE TO RAIL AGAINT IDEOLOGICAL ENEMIES.”

  • Nunya


    You are in no position to comment on the ability of others to read English. Georgetown’s policy prohibits contraception coverage ONLY for the purpose of birth control. Women who needed coverage for reasons other than birth control, e.g., hormonal imbalances, are NOT affected by Georgetown’s policy.

    Fluke’s “friend with ovarian cysts,” if such friend exists, had an issue with the insurance provider, not with Georgetown. There aren’t enough facts on the table to know whether said friend exists, and if so why said friend may have been denied coverage by the insurance company. But Georgetown’s policy was NOT the reason coverage was denied.

    And Jim, Fluke did not go before a Congressional Panel. It was a staged media event by the Democratic party, a trap into which Rush Limbaugh stepped.

    Facts are stubborn things.

  • FurryGuy

    #12 April 27, 2012 at 11:04 am
    SmallBusinessOwner commented:

    She didn’t didn’t testify before Congress, she gave hper-partisan talking points at a press conference.

    Just because she said something doesn’t automatically give credence to her words. Her reasons for wanting to become a student at Georgetown spin any credibility she might have had as her being the point for pushing an agenda, and you swallowed the lie whole. Her actions after the media event simply reinforce the whole mess was propaganda.

  • Patty

    The event–billed as “A Conversation with Sandra Fluke on Contraception Access”–was closed to “outside press” and to the public. I’m not surprised they tried to keep it secret…they know very well that they are wrong.

  • Patty


    Obama Gives Out Home Addresses Of Romney Donors, Asks People To Burn Down Their Houses