Bob Beckel lost it tonight on Hannity and screamed at Neal Boortz, “You don’t know what the f*ck you’re talking about!”

Then he refused to apologize.

Say good night, Bob.

More… Mikey added:

Did you see how much he was sweating before they ended the show? I’m pretty sure his career was dying before his eyes. Nothing like live TV!




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  1. They are all losing it.

  2. The only thing that keeps Bob Beckel’s mind in his ass is the suspenders.

  3. Bob Beckel. So smart that he wrote a hooker a personal check.

  4. I had a good, conservative friend, only 30lbs overweight, die from a massive heart attack at 48 Y.O…and that ridiculous fat FK is still kicking….
    He is proof G_D has a warped sense of fairness

  5. It will be great fun to see the lib heads explode as the campaign moves along and
    their socialist/marxist/communist agenda is uncovered. Great fun to see the diminishment
    in stature of their Savior, “The One”. The exposing of his agenda to ruin this great country.

    And the polls – no matter how the libs spin it – the polls will continue to show Obama losing
    ground in this election.

    And his defeat in November will be absolutely wonderful!!!!!

  6. I heard him when he called a tweet a twat live. Too funny.

  7. He would not even apologize to her.
    What a damn bully.
    He deserves a punch in the nose for that.

    Beckel sure knows how to treat the ladies.

  8. I love to watch Bob Beckel because he’s a perfect portal to what’s really going on in liberal land. Easy man to read. Whatever Beckel reacts to is their button.

    Thank You Sean!!!

  9. Once a Dem bobble head, always a Dem bobble head. Now you know why. Tried to cover is sorry arse by feigning ignorance that he was not aware he was on air but even after confronted, refused to apologize.
    Thankfully his humanity took over and he mumbled an apology. Then tried to blame Hannity for not setting off train horns to alert him.
    Why ohhhhh why do they have him even on air. I would much rather see more of Juan Williams (gulp!) than this misdirected farm boy.

  10. We got to cut Beckel some slack. When you don’t have any logical and truthful arguments to support what you are saying, you only have name calling and profanity left.

  11. Beckel needs to stay sober before he goes on the air.

  12. Blowhard Beckel was on the Five and they were talking about twitter and facebook etc. Beckel said “tweeter twit twat…” The Five ladies were not amused.

  13. Its hard to defend the indefensible…and the refuge of those recalcitrant ignoramus is vulgarity…Bob shows it all…

  14. Saw it live. Beckel didn’t know they were live. When at last he was convinced by the rest of the guests that they were in fact live, he quietly appologizes for the “F” word only.
    Then goes on to rip Hannity for not running his show bettter; “should have told me we were live”; and letting him show people what he really is. A Fat, loud mouth, POS. Wish someone would knock him on his A**.

  15. This was pathetic. He sounded like a 4-year old! Newsflash Grampa: Hannity doesn’t run the
    cameras. If you had paid attention instead of foaming at the mouth you would have seen the signal and shut up. Geez, what an infant!

  16. Hannity’s a wanker for apologizing for lib idiot Beckel.

  17. Typical liberal…Blame everyone else… That fat pig is going to talk himself out of a job if hes not careful.

    I love that the moron shows what liberals think but if he loses hgis job I wouldnt mind

  18. I saw it live. We replayed it several times. I’m not defending him, but it was pretty obvious he didn’t know they were on the air. There was definitely a miscommunication between the producer and the cast. Regardless, we were laughing pretty hard at the whole thing. Did you see how much he was sweating before they ended the show? I’m pretty sure his career was dying before his eyes. Nothing like live TV!

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