BECKEL LOSES IT: Screams “F*CK” On FOX (Video)


Bob Beckel lost it tonight on Hannity and screamed at Neal Boortz, “You don’t know what the f*ck you’re talking about!”

Then he refused to apologize.

Say good night, Bob.

More… Mikey added:

Did you see how much he was sweating before they ended the show? I’m pretty sure his career was dying before his eyes. Nothing like live TV!

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  • Jack

    They are all losing it.

  • Buffalobob

    The only thing that keeps Bob Beckel’s mind in his ass is the suspenders.

  • John03

    Bob Beckel. So smart that he wrote a hooker a personal check.

  • Dien Cai Dau

    I had a good, conservative friend, only 30lbs overweight, die from a massive heart attack at 48 Y.O…and that ridiculous fat FK is still kicking….
    He is proof G_D has a warped sense of fairness

  • Amjean

    It will be great fun to see the lib heads explode as the campaign moves along and
    their socialist/marxist/communist agenda is uncovered. Great fun to see the diminishment
    in stature of their Savior, “The One”. The exposing of his agenda to ruin this great country.

    And the polls – no matter how the libs spin it – the polls will continue to show Obama losing
    ground in this election.

    And his defeat in November will be absolutely wonderful!!!!!

  • TomH

    I heard him when he called a tweet a twat live. Too funny.

  • NeoKong

    He would not even apologize to her.
    What a damn bully.
    He deserves a punch in the nose for that.

    Beckel sure knows how to treat the ladies.

  • Practical Jane

    I love to watch Bob Beckel because he’s a perfect portal to what’s really going on in liberal land. Easy man to read. Whatever Beckel reacts to is their button.

    Thank You Sean!!!

  • Cyclopps

    Once a Dem bobble head, always a Dem bobble head. Now you know why. Tried to cover is sorry arse by feigning ignorance that he was not aware he was on air but even after confronted, refused to apologize.
    Thankfully his humanity took over and he mumbled an apology. Then tried to blame Hannity for not setting off train horns to alert him.
    Why ohhhhh why do they have him even on air. I would much rather see more of Juan Williams (gulp!) than this misdirected farm boy.

  • arnonerik

    We got to cut Beckel some slack. When you don’t have any logical and truthful arguments to support what you are saying, you only have name calling and profanity left.

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  • CharlesTY

    Beckel needs to stay sober before he goes on the air.

  • Sam Stone

    Blowhard Beckel was on the Five and they were talking about twitter and facebook etc. Beckel said “tweeter twit twat…” The Five ladies were not amused.

  • davepinoy

    Its hard to defend the indefensible…and the refuge of those recalcitrant ignoramus is vulgarity…Bob shows it all…

  • G-Man

    Saw it live. Beckel didn’t know they were live. When at last he was convinced by the rest of the guests that they were in fact live, he quietly appologizes for the “F” word only.
    Then goes on to rip Hannity for not running his show bettter; “should have told me we were live”; and letting him show people what he really is. A Fat, loud mouth, POS. Wish someone would knock him on his A**.

  • Liberals Suck

    This was pathetic. He sounded like a 4-year old! Newsflash Grampa: Hannity doesn’t run the
    cameras. If you had paid attention instead of foaming at the mouth you would have seen the signal and shut up. Geez, what an infant!

  • Redwine

    Hannity’s a wanker for apologizing for lib idiot Beckel.

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  • bigkahuna

    Typical liberal…Blame everyone else… That fat pig is going to talk himself out of a job if hes not careful.

    I love that the moron shows what liberals think but if he loses hgis job I wouldnt mind

  • Mikey

    I saw it live. We replayed it several times. I’m not defending him, but it was pretty obvious he didn’t know they were on the air. There was definitely a miscommunication between the producer and the cast. Regardless, we were laughing pretty hard at the whole thing. Did you see how much he was sweating before they ended the show? I’m pretty sure his career was dying before his eyes. Nothing like live TV!

  • Missy USA

    Even though Beckel was C L E A R L Y W R O N G please do not emulate the enemy left’s desire to silence people or you may find yourself getting what you wish for someday. Ailes like WILL NOT fire Beckel, he will however reprimand or suspend him without pay. I personally enjoy watching him lose every fight he starts, Neal Boortz actually won his argument and Beckel lost it.

    Let sleeping dogs lie.


    HE YELLED IT AT THE LADY, NOT AT BOORTZ! Can’t you guys watch the video and see that? I was watching live, and Boortz even admits in the video that it wasn’t him that got him so worked up on the break.

    Please don’t miss this, he yelled the F-word at the lady!

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  • Remco Kimber

    When you don’t know what you’re trying to talk about and you’re called out, Democrats, liberals, muslims do one of two things,

    They use foul language,

    They begin and continue personal insults

  • Tony

    Meh. The guy is passionate. Let it go.

  • Ghost

    Hannity and Levin proudly proclaim that beckel is a GOOD FRIEND.
    (Boortz proclaims good friendships amongst Lefty liberals too)

    always keep a bottle of skepticism handy nearby
    I’ve wondered for years if our problems aren’t created by people playing GAMES

  • Multitude

    I watched it live too.

    We should reject the speech and thought police actions of the so-called “progressive” totalitarianists and shrug. Big deal. Words.

    You know what’s profane? President Obama using women as sluts and whores, faking compassion and concern, tossing out some condoms paid for with other people’s money, and asking for a vote. President Obama’s Secret Service exploiting women for sex and worse yet, stiffing them of the money. Some sources are indicating these might even be children that were used for sex.

    Screw the false concern on language. That’s a ruse while the real battlefield is on biopolitical control. Let the tea party faithful be those who don’t crap their pants whenever someone says a “foul” word. Let us be the ones who defend the Left’s own, focusing on the real battles.

  • MLM411

    Typical liberal…when they can’t win the argument, they get personal and attack the messenger. What’s so disgusting is that he said this to a woman. Sean should have been all over him…that was uncalled for! I think she handled it with class.

  • pink tie Republican

    Good cop/Bad cop between two twits, Hannity and Beckel.

  • Sasja

    Politics makes strange bedfellows. It is not so unusual that in spite of political differences, a friendship can be made. Even a marriage. Just look at Mary Matalin and James Carville. I’ll never forget my astonishment when it was announced they were to be married. Doesn’t appear to have changed either one’s political leanings.

  • Jack Reacher

    Having Bechel on Hannity’s show is just to try to be “Fair and Balanced”, and politically correct. I’ve about had it with being fair to jerks. If I wanted to watch the Bechela on the works, I’d watch CNN, or any of all the others.

  • If my job was to defend the indefensible every day on two TV shows, I would crack-up too.

  • OxyCon

    Beckel will fit right in at MSLSD

  • twolaneflash

    Dien Cai Dau,

    Your friend who passed at 48 y.o. is proof The Good die young. The rest of us sinners have to stay here and suffer. Bob Beckel, Satan’s minion, is kept alive to make sure we do. He’ll just nasty away some day, and we won’t even notice, except for the brown stain.

  • bg



    [An overwhelming 92 percent of the very conservative said Hollywood
    has harmed American culture, and they were joined by 86 percent of
    the conservatives and 65 percent of moderates. Even among the liberal,
    that opinion was held by 57 percent and 50 percent of the very liberal.]


  • el polacko

    oh BFD ! “you don’t know what the ‘eff’ you’re talking about” is a pretty common expression. what a bunch of fussy little old church ladies having the vapors here !

  • SturJen

    “You see that flash of light in the corner of your eye? That’s your career dissipation light. It just went into high gear. ” – Brian McCaffrey in “Backdraft”

    Yes I know it’s an old movie, but it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the clip. I rarely watch TV at all and have never seen this man before this clip. He looks like a bloviating, bloated piece of whale blubber. But that would be disparaging whale blubber as it has a practical use. This guy looks like his ‘use’ was used up about 45 years ago.

  • StrangernFiction

    It should be the goal of every patriotic American that goes on with these statist degenerates to get a rise out of them like this.

  • Neal Boortz is just another one of those hired radio megaphone mouths paid for by the multi-Millionaires and the Billionaires who think all Americans are as stupid as my Mother who listens to them, and then thinks and talks and even votes like them. I’m with Bob Beckel: it really is sickening, and EFF YEAH, we have nothing to apologize about. This video is not very informative, as far as what Boortz said. I watched him come on the show earlier tonight, but as my Mother had left the room, I turned the channel. I never listen to Fox News without Mom demanding to see it, and I think she watches the B.S. Machine 24/7. She missed her “Boyfriend” O’Reilly tonight to watch “Dancing With the Stars” on ABC, so she will be watching O’Reilly right now, 11:00 to 12:00 P.M., as I write this. Bob Beckel is one of the only bright spots watching Fox B.S. Channel(s).

  • dnb

    Totally agree with Tony (#25), really this is nothing. Have none of you ever really argued with someone? I for one like a testy argument.

  • bg


    el polacko #36 April 16, 2012 at 10:29 pm

    okay, what would you say if he were a raving
    conservative, better yet, the evil BUSH?? 😯


  • Sasja

    With Beckel, what sets him off are “right wingers who keep their mouths running all the time.” Now all those right wingers need do, is continue talking until he blows another gasket.

    #36. It is only a common expression amongst the “common.” People who resort to profanity have lost their argument, and they know it.

  • Sasja


    One can have a lively debate without resorting to infantile behavior; part of which is using profanity.

  • Larkin

    beckel is one of the reasons I stopped watching FOX.

    He is a true horse’s ass.

  • bg


    ps re: #41 April 16, 2012 at 10:38 pm bg

    well thank heavens he didn’t say that to President (middle
    finger man) Obama!! heads would rollie ollie politicollie.. 🙄


  • Thescribbler

    Bob isn’t very “bright”, he proves it all the time on the Five at five o’clock on Fox news. The other four are always explaining things to him and he’s had a foul mouth a few times. I have a foul mouth also, but I know when to reign myself in, unfortunately Bob doesn’t. Never liked him much before, but that was when I thought he knew what the hell he was talking about. I now know better and watch him for the entertainment value of his comments.

  • Callipygian1

    ItaloSuave… yes, far smarter than we unworthy minions. Your name tells me all I need to know… you’re so suave. You’re probably a buck-toothed grinning idiot living in a cardboard box and using the library to post your screeds.

    If you knew half as much as you think you do, you’d be a half-wit. Bechel was yelling at her, not Boortz.

  • Al

    More professional networks have a seven second delay. At the least they should have informed him they didn’t. Even Comedy central has a seven second delay.

    BTW, the NewsCorp scandal could be coming to America. There is plenty evidence Murdoch and is minions were spying on American citizens. I guess hacking phones and e-mail is cheaper than hiring real journalist.

    A question for you of the authoritarian right: how can you love America and hate its people?

  • ohme

    Did you see Neal twirling that ball? Oh me- I hate to see Bob B. that involved with the communist in the white house.

  • Jo Bird

    It’s worth noting that old Bob dropped the F word while yelling at Jennifer Stefano, not Boortz. Just another example of the liberal war on women.

    As far as him blaming Hannity, how typically liberal. He blamed Hannity for not letting him know they were back on air — that’s a great example of a lack of personal responsibility. Of course it’s someone else’s fault that he screwed up.

  • kay

    Let Beckel be Beckel. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Let them keep talking…………….and quit with the fake apologizing. We know enough already to not accept the apology anyways! I’d rather have them talk talk talk talk talk as they really are.

    will I boycott fox’s 5 because it has beckel on it? NO I like that show! I like beckel being beckel. let him keep talking.

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  • pksawyer

    #39 ItaloSuave: Don’t you have your own t.v. to watch?

  • ChicagoJenn

    I heard this live and couldn’t believe it. I like Beckel, he’s the only dem operative I can stand, especially on the 5 at 5.

  • Sasja

    ItaloSuave must have lost his job and not finding another, had to move back home with mom.
    You be sure to vote for Odumbo again, Idiot. And by the way, since your mother is putting up with your obnoxious self, she has earned some respect. What she needs to do is throw your butt out.

  • Cy in NM

    Was he shouting at Boortz? I thought he was shouting at the lady seated to his left? Either way – what a putz! I’ll definitely be listening to Boortz tomorrow morning to see what he has to say about it. I don’t want the goofball fired – we need liberals like him around to, to…well, I’m sure there’s some reason – it’s just not coming to me right now.

  • Highlander

    #39 – ItaloSuave – lives in his mama’s basement … just guessing …

  • Sasja

    I have to change my thoughts on Italoslob. He’s an adolescent loser who is angry at the world because he’s a loser and he knows he’s a loser. He could change his circumstance, but lacks the will as he is lazy and without ambition.

  • Mr. Potato Head


  • Luddite

    He dropped the F-bomb trying to defend head start? Really? The program that has been shown time and again to make no difference? The program that just won’t die?

  • I WANT beckel to GO –but-I am NOT PC!!!

  • Baconstrip

    Good for him! Because, as usual, the lying right wingers DIDN’T know what the F–k they were talking about. They never do.

  • bobdog

    Be sure to tune in The Four on Fox News weekdays at 5:00/4:00 Central…

  • Peter Warner

    From an abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. (Matthew 12:34, Luke 6:45)

    People say anything you write on the internet should be considered public. Some might even extend that to email: if you send it out there, you can have no expectation of (further control on) its distribution. That’s a decent cautionary guide to follow, I think.

    The same should be kept in mind for speaking in a group, on TV or not. Don’t say in a group what you don’t wish repeated. Further, if you speak trash language in private, that will eventually carry over into your public speaking habits as well.

    You just have to learn to discipline your own mouth.

    Best regards, Peter Warner.

  • Subdivisions

    OH, THE HORROR! *Clutches at pearls*

  • Perfected democrat

    He is a dishonest, two-bit blowhard desperate for recognition.

  • Greg

    I’m willing to cut Bob some slack. We all should. We all make mistakes. Forgive and forget. Give him some credit too, at least he does not play into the anti-Fox liberal free speech hating nazi/progressive tactics. Besides Bob provides a solid example of the scriptural adage………………..

    “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.” — Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV)

  • BS61

    @Multuyde – I as a fellow Tea Party criticize Beckel and Fox. I’ll support his right to free speach, but I also have the right to switch the channel. I don’t watch Fox anymore and I hope that everyone joins me in that!

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  • tommy mc donnell

    #48…the authoritarian right, is that what your college professor told you. the people that DON”T believe in government control are authoritarian while the people that DO believe in government control are liberitarians. yes and communism is the opposite of nazism, i sure you believe that one too.

  • tommy mc donnell

    judging by the evidence about head start beckel might be the one that doesn’t know what the F he’s talking about. that study that boortz was citing was conducted by beckel’s beloved federal government. does he think the government doesn’t know what they are talking about.

    there is a reason that we started school at age 6, its called childhood development.

  • chy

    Reminds me of Newt Gingrich, I should say. As for the wanna be political minds here. If you were half as sharp as you all try to show, with your use of words then politics would be able to do some significant things, for the better. However, misconstrued minds, babbling about irrelevant matters will continue to exist. And, as such, we will get the same results. For those of you, holding your breath on Obama’s demise in this election, well, I’d imagine that your gonna have to hold it 4 more years. Get Over It!

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  • Militant Conservative

    Beck was sweating because he probably has a drinking problem, thus the loose filter on the F bomb. Baconstrip, you have an inability of logical thought. Liberals are just emotion driven, no critical thinking ability in them.
    They mean well, but so do children.

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  • Calliegirl

    He really is emotionally stunted.

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  • squeaky

    “…For those of you, holding your breath on Obama’s demise in this election, well, I’d imagine that your gonna have to hold it 4 more years. Get Over It!” as you can attest to with quite possibly 1st hand knowlege…. that being the 8 years under Bush. it was duly noted at the time and filed for future reference. and with this beckel thing……why do i always feel like i’m watching professional wrestling…..sometimes like the inside joke that only the inside peeps get. any time i hear someone make a comment that has a reasonable counter point but it’s left to go unanswered/unchallenged leaving an impression of being a correct observation based on no alternative points being made by the people hired to make these points.

  • Ann Ominous

    Democratic Socialists of America in Congress

    Members of the the “Democratic Socialists of America” now serving in Congress. This appears to be nothing short of an international socialist organization, aka Communist, seeking one world with them in charge.

    The Two Minute Conservative: Democratic Socialists of America in Congress

    List of names at the link. Whether liberal or conservative, democrat or republican, independent or whatever, those of you living in these districts owe it to the rest of the country to rectify this or stfu about what’s wrong with your country.

  • I have sent emails and emails asking FOX to drop Bob Beckel. I turned the TV on last night and caught the end of the show. Bob Beckel definitely was talking to the lady. But, FOX will come up with some excuse to dismiss him of his faux pas. He is why I don’t watch Hannity and The Five anymore.


    Saw and heard this live. About fell off my computer chair. Great TV – he honestly thought they were off the air and Hannity is like no we are not then suddenly starts apologizing.
    Going to watch THE FIVE today to see if they talk about it or NOT.

  • even steven

    I like to point and laugh at morons like Beckel. For some reason, it seems to really bother them.


    I too have stopped watching that much of FOX since Glenn Beck was forced out by Soros who has slowly been taking over at FOX.

  • TrickyDick

    He was probably drunk.

  • Boy these things could write themselve’s, #39 coming on here and actually writing he still lives with his mother, hey Suave bet she still buys your underwear with her SS check. Typical libtard just like Beckel who more than likely lived with his mother till her dying day.(but I hear she still votes). Now go back down to the basement Suave, and maybe you can pretend that 8 by 10 picture of Beckel you have above your bed is your girlfriend.

  • This is Sean’s best buddy. That is only one reason I don’t watch this FOX kindergarten show

  • Father Dick Burns

    I stopped watching all news, including Fox because of this Fat Head. Fox has become even more unbearably because of the left wing garbage “balance” they offer. I honestly do not believe this man even believes a fraction of what comes out of his ignorance riddled mouth! He simply loves playing the Devil’s advocate and the attention he receives from being stupid. All the supposed good things he does off camera are simply self indulgence and a cover up for his outlandish sins of supporting the left. The five, with his fat rear end sitting on it, is a complete waist of time. I would rather chew my toe nails than watch this left wing turd help destroy our Republic.

  • Nat’s daughter

    Fire his ass! Just like a good lib, play the victim and blame others for not telling him they were back on-air. Even though beckels running very low on testosterone, try to MAN UP and take responsibility! Also, even if his F bomb was off-air, how dare you curse out this woman!!! Call Fox 212 301-3000.

  • JonInVa

    I’ve never understood how some conservatives, such as Hannity among others, can claim that these die hard liberals are “good friends”, etc. If you are truly that passionate about your positions and supposedly care that deeply about your country, how could you be friends with a person who not only thinks completely opposite but does everything in their power to advance an agenda that you (the conservative) claims is destroying the country? I’m beginning to think many of these high profile “conservatives” (and liberals) just pick a side and do their best to whip up the base for ratings, book sales, speaking tours, etc. It’s all about money, in the end; not principle.

  • Mark1957

    Last night on “The Five”, Beckel was trying to justify the Secret Service agent’s actions regarding under age hookers by saying…. ” It is legal there, anybody who has ever been to a country where prostitution is lega knows that the first thing you do is get a hooker.”…. of course this is coming from a guy that ordered call girls to his house after his wife would leave for work, pay them with personal checks, then act suprised when they tried to black mail him.

  • Dylan

    #25 No can do — that is what that loser McCain said in 2008 and thanks to
    his —– dont say anything negative attitude—- we got stuck with the worst pres. of all time.

  • DomesticGoddess

    He’s such a miserable dick. And I’m not going to apologize!

  • nan128

    Our gutter culture is expanding at an exponential rate. Sean Hannity tried his best to make amends for Mr. Beckel’s faux pas but Mr. Beckel just lowered himself into the abyss of the gutter. Then, in the feigned outrage of the comments, the language further deteriorates. Have we become a nation that is incapable of having a discussion without profanity?

  • Bobbys therapist

    Note to Fox: Send Beckel’s resume over to MSNBC.

  • Retro

    beckel is living proof of Einstein’s theory that there is no limit to human stupidity

  • Roaddog

    Accidents happen…If Janet J can drop a nipple shot let’s give Bob a pass

  • Roaddog

    Agree with #25. It was a mistake – get over it

  • bg


    testing 123..


  • bg


    lying is for losers GP..


  • truth warrior


    Google: War On Woman: Fox’s Top Democrat Bob Beckel
    Violently Hurls Profanity At Female Guest, Live On Hannity

    (pat dollard)


  • chris

    Boortz gave a good account of the incident on his radio program this morning. Apparently Beckel was screaming at the Tea party lady over the Head Start program. Jennifer was baiting Beckel during the break to the point that both Hannity and Boortz were like WTF? Beckel also apologized profusely on air, on Twitter and apparently on TV this morning.

    People that know Beckel outside of his liberal TV persona says he is a great guy. Hannity and Beckel are BFFs.

    I don’t support his point of view on virtually anything but people get pissed and slip up. No big deal.

  • Former Republican

    Right on Bob! Tell it like it is!

  • SteveN

    Dems get a pass..Limbaugh does not.

  • Simon Said

    Now that Sharpton is swimming at MSDNC with the other turds, Bob holds the title of the dumbest man at Fox News. Juan Williams is a close second, never to overtake 1st unless Bob keeps this up OR continues to eat the shrimp, hopefully without Eric Bolling this time!

    What a true pathetic loser. He should be fetching coffee for Boortz, not being on the same stage as him.

  • Roger

    I love Bob, he makes me laugh. He’s the poster boy for the left and will say the stupidest things.
    Yesterday he said that prostitution was a legitimate profession.
    We should give him a break. He has issues.

  • sandy

    Hannity’s been baby sitting that drunken Beckel who swore he was clean. Now Hannity promises to have Bechel on tonight so he can fix this. Swearing can be forgiven but being a talentless has been can not.

  • Gary

    Buffaloob 2

    Good one.

  • Valerie

    #73 April 17, 2012 at 3:06 am
    chy commented:

    Nope. THIS is Newt Gingrich.

    Newt Gingrich on Education Reform

    Newt Gingrich to Juan Williams: Americans want Paychecks

    If any of this surprises you, it’s because you’ve swallowed a pack of lies from Democrats whole.

  • sandy

    My problem with Beckel is that he’s never prepared. His answer to everything is an attack on the person who disagrees with him. This time he got caught but I have to wonder why Dana Perino can’t stand him. Wonder if he unleashed the F bomb on her during a commercial.

  • Eh2Zed

    God, get a grip. Beckel is hillarious. I love watching him, he is so
    stubborn when the truth is lap dancing in his face, his responses are so
    desperate to explain away the facts.

    Another thing, I respect him for 1 key reason, he has called out the
    left on their crap, and has been berated for it by the left. He is an
    old time democrat and has a wealth of background to draw on. Plus, he is
    a solidly visible representation of what the left represents. People
    need to see this, and where better than on FOX.

    Finally, Beckel is turning into a visible representation of “that crazy
    uncle” everyone has, and this puts the lefts ideas in a frame that
    represents their ideas as only what “Crazy Uncle Bob” would believe.

    P.S. Lighten up.

  • Gary

    Practical Jane 8

    Beckel is also the lib talking points king on Fox. If you want to know what line of crap the Dems will attempt to push next, watch Beckel. He “floats” ideas that Obama and the gang can’t risk political capital testing on the market. If the ideas or narratives gain traction at all, the in-crowd jumps on them, if not, they let them go.

    For a useful idiot, he sure has a lot of bluster, and quite a checkered past that he is all too proud to bring up when nobody else does. (I think he views it as self-innoculation).

  • Gary

    Redwine 17

    I missed this last night, but I’ll assume until I see it that Hannity’s apology was meant to be smarmy (but with the sincerest of faces I’m sure).

  • Gary

    Ghost 26

    I’m with you.

    I hate that “good friend” crap.
    Harry Reid is the world’s worst though. I picture myself in the Senate blurting out “I’m not your friend”, but I know that’s what he prays some Conservative will do as he reads his cue cards in his mousy little voice.

  • Gary

    Jack 31

    Again, I’m with you.
    I’m getting tired of FOX having one of these uberlibs (and sometimes more than one) to create the appearance of “fair and balanced”.

    Conservatism by its very definitiion is the “CENTER” not the “RIGHT”. The so-called “center” is really just the squishy left. There is no political spectrum with us on one side and libs on the other. If it were, that would make us as extreme as them. There is only Conservative and non-Conservative. Having a “left wing” nutjob on a panel doesn’t balance against a Conservative, it tilts the scale to the left.

  • creeper

    To all those determined to give Beckel a pass because “he didn’t know they were on the air”, I would submit that if you don’t want someone to hear it you’d better not say it. Period

  • Gary

    El Polacko 36

    It isn’t the use of the word that offends, its the defining down of decency.
    The F-bomb is a vulgar expression and it has no place on primetime television when children are still watching. Never mind the issue of a man dropping the F-bomb in a woman’s face.

    See why we prefer to “Conserve” our values rather than have you “progress” them for us?
    Is this your “progress”? Will you call us fussy church ladies right up until we have orgies and drug parties on primetime television? Let’s set some standards to prevent that devolution. Better yet, let’s establish a commission to ensure a certain level of decency on evening tv. We could call it something like a Federal Communication Commission.

  • bg


    Beckel didn’t just cuise at JS..

    it was directed at ALL RIGHT WINGERS..

    what is wrong with so many people that they can’t seem to
    comprehend anything in context anymore.. guess the MSM
    has more of US conditioned to avoid critical thinking than
    drinking their koolaid.. *sigh*

    re: #101 April 17, 2012 at 9:30 am truth warrior = bg

    was trying to get link to post, no dice.. 🙁


  • Kate

    Beckel is crude and vulgar. Sorry, even off air, it is not acceptable to swear like that at a lady for daring to have a difference of opinion. Part of what is wrong with this world today is the lack of civility and the acceptance of that kind of language in conversations. He is pathetic and apparently unable to hold up his end of the discussion without resorting to foul language. Says alot about his lack of intelligence if he can’t promote his views better than that. If that’s the best he can do, he shouldn’t be on camera. Of course, it is certainly a prime example of the liberal mind for everyone to see.

  • bg


    re: #118 April 17, 2012 at 10:38 am bg

    cuise = curse


  • Gary

    Chris 102

    I would like to believe so, but I think this was probably engineered by Beckel. Like he doesn’t know when the show is live and when it isn’t, and like he hasn’t dropped the F-bomb and been bleeped before. It’s a running joke on the Five whether or not Beckel will say something that has to be bleeped. He gets off on it.
    And as somebody above referenced, he may have been lit. I haven’t seen this video yet, but I have seen Beckel looking and sounding buzzed.

  • Gary



    That “crazy uncle” everybody has? I don’t have any crazy uncles who are blowhards, rant in opposition to a point with no facts to back up the argument, and start dropping the F-bomb when they can’t make a cogent argument.

    Is that what they call a “crazy uncle” where you’re from?
    They have a different name for it where I’m from.

  • bg


    chris #102 April 17, 2012 at 9:32 am

    typical Obot-lib..

    it was the victims fault he said
    eff her & all right wingers!! /s/


  • Gary

    Eh2Zed 111

    On the rest of your post, you may get roped in by the “yeah the Dems were wrong to do that tiny little thing they mishandled there, but the Republicans are massively wrong on all these big issues… see how fair and balanced i am?” schtick, but don’t expect any of the rest of us to be duped.

    he gives an inch and takes a mile every time he does that. Conservatives aren’t fooled.

  • Gary

    Kate 119


    again, defining decency down
    We’re the ones with the problem, not Beckel

  • bg


    re: #101 April 17, 2012 at 9:30 am truth warrior

    to quote Jennifer Stefano – “typical liberal, no personal responsibility”


  • StrangernFiction

    The Left is the enemy. Being fair and balanced between the good guys and the bad guys doesn’t do it for me, thus I don’t watch. I’d recommend others that care about living free do the same.

  • Joanne

    Bob Beckel is such a moron. He can’t stand losing an argument, which is all the time. It must be taxing on his psyche.

  • Patty

    Well, we know Beckel and he has said on Hannity and on “the Five” some outlandish things.

    F-Word is priceless. Hannity was certainly trying his best to give Beckel an out. He wouldn’t take it. He wouldn’t apologize. I am not sure what will happen to the “the Five” or the “Four” a substitute for Beckel maybe Juan Williams.

    As I see it, an apology now, won’t be sincere. Damage Control is Over. He has a chance and blew it and if he were to apologize it won’t look sincere.

  • Michael

    Kate @ #119….Bob wasn’t cursing at the “Lady” (Lady and “faux news” in the same sentence is oxymoronic however) ,he was directing his most correct and excellent opinon towards statements made by the hateful cretin Bozell i.e “You don’t know what the F…you are talking about”. As regards the Cretin Bozell I really don’t see what is wrong with that observation by Mr. Beckel? Seems perfectly correct to me.

  • Patty

    The left can’t really say much, he is one of them. This seems to be the Left’s way of operation. They have to curse or slam women. He is working several jobs at Fox and he may have had stress, I am not making excuses for him but I do believe he is worried about the elections.

    Time will tell what Fox is going to do to him. A great deal of hate has been coming out of the left as of late. It really make them look like children, petty and sad.

  • Michael

    I meant the cretin Bortz, but Bozell is in the same geneology of cretins.

  • Gary

    Michael 130
    That isn’t how oxymorons work.
    Two words that you believe to be mutually exclusive collocated in the same sentence does not make an oxymoron. It has to be two directly contradictory terms juxtaposed.
    See examples below for reference:

    informed liberal
    honest liberal
    ethical liberal
    tolerant liberal

    I assume you get the point.

    By the way, I like how you call out our criticism of Beckel’s boorish and insulting argument style by calling Boortz and Bozell cretins.

    It must be so much easier to come up with names to call the opposition rather than to come up with a cogent argument to refute a point.
    Are you related to Beckel by any chance?

  • Ripped

    I guess it will be the 4 at 5 from now on. Or they will replace him with that idiot Alan Combs.

  • Gary

    Ripped 134

    Hush your mouth!
    That’s the one lib I can’t even stomach. I can actually tolerate Beckel, but Colmes lives in cloud cuckoo land. He could only be one-upped by Nancy Pelosi herself.

  • Patty


    Ted Nugent Tells NRA Audience to Cut Democrats’ Heads Off, Slams Supreme Court (Video)

    Things are heating up!!

  • bg



    there’s absolutely nothing to worry about:

    he’s not a TEA Party member..

    he’s not a Conservative..

    he’s a Republican..

    he’s not a woman..


  • bg


    gah, correction re:#137 April 17, 2012 at 11:57 am bg

    he’s NOT a Republican..


  • Bitterclinger

    For the younger audience members:

    The seven dirty words (or “Filthy Words”) are seven English-language words that American comedian George Carlin first listed in 1972 in his monologue “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television”.

    How things have changed.

  • owl

    Yep. I heard him do the dirty. Being a Scooper watcher, I rate them as to which ones are the true nutty believers, which do the PR, who believes and who pretends to believe.

    Beckel is more like an old time Democrat and does not believe half of what is coming out these days. I have neighbors like him. These people can not believe they have to defend Obama, since it is darn near impossible in any area. Desperate.

    Give me a Beckel any day of the week over a Sheppard Smith. Nasty. Sneaky with it.

    Hannity has carried over his share of the load for a very long time. I would like to clone his spine and implant in our ELECTED voices. As a Scooper watcher, Hannity gets my respect.

  • Hooligan

    conservatives need to realize that you must talk to liberals this way, they can’t stand it and it drives them nuts b/c if they have to defend their ideas, which are indefensable they lose their minds like beckel, of course his is typical lib male, cursing women b/c he is so inadequate

  • Patty


    More frustrations for Obama.

    Video: Ann Barnhardt Unloads on the Complicit Politicians in DC Ignoring Obama’s Ineligibility – VIDEO HERE

    GSA no respect, Secret Service no respect. And then Beckel, Water, Rangel, Jackson, Sharpton, Mahar.

  • bg
  • Personally i cant stand beckel but like so many other liberials he resorts to name calling when he cant win an argument on its merits,but at the same time we have all lost our tempers,said things we should’nt have.I really dont think he should be fired for this i like watching him on tv makes me laugh,i love the melt down we are seeing from these people.

  • Gary

    Hooligan 141

    That’s right.

    I don’t know if anybody else has noticed, but the liberals that come around here lately don’t stay more than a day or two (unless they’re changing usernames after they say something really dumb).

    Hey libs, get an avatar, show that you’re the same person post after post and that you can make a cogent argument rather than throw bombs and run away!

    We’re not going anywhere. You’ll see our usernames month after month, year after year.
    Militant Conservative

    and the list goes on.

    Meanwhile, where is Matt? Craig? Obama2012?

    Like the terms liberalism and conservatism themselves, our names stay the same. Yours have to keep changing as you sully them with failure.

  • I hate Beckel! I knew Boortz would tear Beckel a new one when I heard he was going to be on the show last night.

    See, Hannity has all these liberal friends because he thinks their political views aren’t really the way they really are in their personal life because how nice they always are towards Hannity when he has talked to them outside the studio, or off the record. But Hannity is naive like that, and it’s because he is a debater. Everything Hannity does is for the purpose of debate. And that’s his problem. Whenever he has liberals on his program, he thinks they come there to debate him. He’s to stupid to understand they are using his program to air their liberalism to the American public. The way to stop American”s from being infected by liberalism is to not ever have their hear it. You don’t let liberals on your program because they don’t know anything about being fair or honest, but Hannity thinks they are being fair and honest when they come on his program. They’re not. They are evil and have only evil intent and that is to infect everyone with the mental disease of liberalism.

    Beckel is just being himself, especially when he says in the middle of that remark….”you right-wingers just….” and the rest of that statement would have been “make me sick with your lies, that’s why I hate you right wingers!!” But Hannity thinks they don’t really think those things, “they’re just like us, they are just trying to take care of their families just like we do, they really hate Obama just like we do”. This is Hannity’s sickness, he’s naive, he’s overly self critical and thinks he’s wrong if he hates a liberal because they would exterminate us all if they had half the chance. He thinks thinking such things about “people”, which a liberal is not, is not a very Christian thing to do. We shouldn’t hate other people just because their politics are different than ours. See, Hannity thinks liberals aren’t really that way. He thinks that’s just a front, being a liberal.

    I hope Beckel’s outburst teaches Hannity something about all liberals, that no matter what they do in their private lives and no matter how they are nice to you after the show, and at some bar-b-que somewhere Hannity might encounter them at, that they really do hate us on the right! And Beckel proved it last night with his refusal to apologize to Boortz. And you could tell Neal was hurt by it to, probably more embarrassed than anything else by his playing with that football while Hannity was trying to get Beckel to apologize and he wouldn’t.

    I hope Beckel gets his fat a** fired. And if Hannity doesn’t do it then I believe the network should force Hannity to fire his so-called friend. That would teach Hannity that you don’t make friends with liberals, and especially ones that call themselves Christian’s and do things for wayward kids like Beckel is supposed to do. And Hannity thinks that if he wasn’t a Christian he wouldn’t be able to do what he does, and be a real liberal. Well, I guess he knows he’s a liberal first and a Christian somewhere else down the list.

  • Carlos

    130 and 132 Michael:

    Please go back to Daily Kos, Little Green Footballs, or Huffpo, where your mindless dribble will fit right in.

    Faux News, eh? Wow, how original. I suppose you have nothing but praise and admiration for your faux president…and the vile faux first “lady”.

  • GUEST2012

    What is EVERYONE’S fascination with the “F Bomb” word anyway and why does everyone feel they have to use that word to express themselves. I don’t understand it.

  • Gary

    Will of LA 146

    I agree.
    I like Hannity a lot and I don’t question his conservatism.
    But it is sickening when he talks about having a steatk at Ruth’s Chris with such and such liberal.

    I know it helps our side preserve the “high road” image, but it comes at a cost.
    You are defined by the company you keep.

    Though I’m not a Christion, a verse from the Bible “Bad company corrupts good character” is fitting here.

    He’ll never win them over ideologically, but giving them a forum to recite the lib talking points is dangerous becuase, unless each one is addressed on the spot and refuted with facts, there is the risk that the lib appeared to have a point.

    it’s worse with Laura Ingraham when she’s in for BOR. She routinely has two libs on to do a 2-on-1 debate with her. I guess she thinks it makes her look stronger, but look how often she says “OK, fine” and moves on. She’s letting it appear that the libs made a good point that could not be refuted, when the reality is, there was no practical way to shout down two dogged liberals determined to get the talking points out.

    We may have reached a point where we need something more Conservative than Fox News.

  • Gary

    On a side note, the food at Ruth’s Chris is priced way above its value.
    You’ll get a better value at Outback, though I find the best steaks are the ones that come off my own grill.

  • Pingback: Boortz Blames ‘Rabid Shrew’ Tea Party Mom for Beckel’s F-Bomb Eruption : The Other McCain()

  • burt

    Just being himself.

  • OthugoisaLOSER1

    BECKEL say GOOD BYE to your post at FOX NEWS!!!!! ROFL IDIOT!!!

  • owl

    I never agree with a word that comes from Beckel. FOX is now as loaded with liberals as any other, and some of those suckers are the true believers. Some of them will run Joy Behar a race and that’s fast. Beckel is not even close. Sheppard Smith causes damage. Mr Bill has been in love ever since Obama showed on the scene because he thinks he is just so smart. Plus, it is the elite thing to do and so popular with Jon, etc.

    If we use this same standard, I would have been giving up my best friend of 30 years and in-laws. I still know good deluded families that were raised in the DEM doctrine. Most of us got away from all that, many years ago. We are red state. I hope some of the good DEMS are secretly crying in their beer.

  • Ron

    I would say WORSE THAN THAT If I had to sit anywhere near that Stupid Bit-ch and Especially HANNITY the AZZ HO.!!!

  • Jackson

    In all fairness, that woman would have made me say the same thing…………..she never shut up, interrupted. I was ready to deck her. I don’t agree with Beckel’s politics.

  • Pingback: Dem Bob Beckel Drops Major F-Bomb on Hannity - Watchwoman on the Wall()

  • Gary

    Owl 154

    You’re so right about Shepard Smith.
    Of course he is a big lib from way back.
    He pretends to be an objective news guy (like at the end of his show where he says that’s all for the news and now for opinions and commentary), but his tone has been so self-righteous in the Zimmerman case despite being proven wrong several times over since it started. That doesn’t stop him though. He’s turning into another Geraldo.

    On a side note, funny slip up by Shepard Smith where he says blow job live on the air:

  • donh

    Looks like the FIVE is now the FOUR….Either by using four letter words….or by laying off one panelist.

  • MrUnemployable

    How awesome & horrible is this? The world has stopped spinning & folks are flying off.

  • Barb

    All of you far right….Why is it called the “right” when it’s on the wrong side of what is actually right? I digress….what I was going to say is that all of you so-called “right-wing” conservative people are so full of hate and and you’re all hypocrites. Stop running around pretending to be so righteous and perfect when you’re buying sex, meth, coke and only you and the people you’re buying it from know what else…for now. So what? The guy said a profane word…as if none of you have ever said that word. This isn’t about what he said, but about his political views. I don’t even know this guy; but, Sean Hannity would be most deserving of a good swearing out. He’s a total jerk who twists everything and spins everything to defame democrats or any people who are for fair and equal treatment for all people. Why are they (he and that oxy head, Rush Limbaugh still on the air, anyway. Don’t get me started on that ugly blonde chick who’s name escapes me at the moment.

  • Gary

    “what I was going to say is that”
    You do realize there is a backspace button on the keyboard, don’t you?
    Funny you mention all these drugs and sex. I think Bob Beckel has been involved in scandals involving both. As for what we Conservatives do, how do you know what we do?
    It sounds like a classic case of projection.
    Maybe those are the things you’re into, so you extrapolate and assume we all are doing it.

    As for twisting liberals words, we don’t twist them. We untwist them.
    That’s why you usually slither away quietly and we never see “Barb” again.
    You woudln’t even be the 100th lib to flee this site this year alone.

    And your post about Rush reveals the most about your character. Rush’s show has been on the air 24 years. Rush had an addiction to a prescription painkiller as the result of multiple back surgeries. May you know the feeling. But it’s all you have on him, so you stick to it. You and your ilk recently took your best shot at Rush in a decade, and as you observed, he’s still standing. You didn’t make Rush and you can’t break him.
    But go ahead and try. It gives Rush good show prep.

    As far as digressing from your point, you strike me as a person who never has an unwritten/unspoken thought. Maybe work on that.

  • Pat Whitman

    Who and what is this guy? Why is this guy? He looks like a cartoon. If he is some sort of token leftie on Fox Allegedly News, we don’t want him back. Personally, i think his medication wore off and when he realised where he was, he lost it.

  • Eh2Zed


    Buddy, TAKE THE STICK OUT OF YOUR ASS, you sound like an uptight anal progressive. Lighten up.

  • bg


    one way:

    Barb #161 April 17, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    the other:

    Eh2Zed #164 April 17, 2012 at 4:52 pm


  • Eh2Zed

    bg #165

    Context? meaning? any explanation? would be nice.

  • Paul G. Noack

    We, the people need to look in the mirror and evaluate our regard for proper language, morals and conduct. I always thought about how pleasant things would be if our young people adopted a more Victorian attitude and showed us, their elders, the error of our ways and shamed us. Each generation seems to sink lower and lower. Would it not be refreshing to experience a generation that adopted the proper manners of a bygone era ?

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Pat Whitman – #163: For not knowing about Bob Beckel, you seem to have nailed Bob Beckel.

    He is a self-proclaimed ex-(?!?) druggie/alcoholic, but I’m thinking that he had a pint before Hannity last night.

    Beckel worked on Robert Kennedy’s campaign for the Presidency in his college years; he was Assistant Secretary of State for the Carter administration (Holy Crap!); and he is responsible for the “Where’s the beef?” slogan for Mondale (excelsior!!).

    Other than those supreme successes, he is in and out hospitals to treat his self-inflicted afflictions.

    He might appear on FOX again (just a few times); but I predict eventual dismissal and subsequent implosion.

  • bob didnt loose it he never had it to loose he sets there like he is a god and says whatever comes to his little mind and is in love with muslim obama

  • Pingback: Bob Beckel Loses It On Hannity, Yells “F*CK” Live On The Air()

  • sandy

    If Fox is looking for a new idiot to replace Beckel then how about Tamara Holder?

    Hannity promised Beckel would be on his show tonight. Maybe Fox had other ideas.

  • Jerry Mlinarevic

    I do not approve of Bobs outburst, but I can understand it. He is surrounded at most times by intellectual and rational thinking lightweights who spew inconsistent statement and claims, who interject with diversions, who exemplify tunnel vision, who think that repetition is a convincing argument, who do not listen to themselves let alone others, and speak mentally unaware of the origin of their thoughts or its subconscious drives. While you watch Fox news consider and think about the above because that is as close as you will get to understand Soviet Global Mind Control – because it is too late now.

  • sablegsd

    Gary commented:

    “Chris 102

    I would like to believe so, but I think this was probably engineered by Beckel. Like he doesn’t know when the show is live and when it isn’t, and like he hasn’t dropped the F-bomb and been bleeped before. It’s a running joke on the Five whether or not Beckel will say something that has to be bleeped. He gets off on it.
    And as somebody above referenced, he may have been lit. I haven’t seen this video yet, but I have seen Beckel looking and sounding buzzed.”

    That must all he gets off on, because he is so fat his dick is inverted.

  • Lord Sandwich

    156 & 157
    Ron & Jackson

    It is highly unlikely you will ever sit next to the loverly gorgeous smart Jennifer Stefano.

    Cry boy Cry.

  • bg


    Eh2Zed #166 April 17, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    [#164 April 17, 2012 at 4:52 pm
    Eh2Zed commented:


    sound like an uptight anal progressive. Lighten up.]

    there you go..


  • donh

    “You don’t know what the f*ck you’re talking about!”

    Isn’t that what Bob shouted at his hooker when she called to demand payment on his bounced check ?

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  • AuntieMadder

    @ Barb #161: For reasons only they and God know, Hannity and Beckel are close friends, so close, in fact, that I suspect Hannity is the reason that Beckel has a gig with Fox. Therefore, you come across as a complete fool when you follow your defense of Beckel with your condemnation of Hannity. As for dropping F-bombs, I do it all of the time…but never on live television. In fact, if I worked on live tv or was simply invited as a guest on live tv, you can bet your f*****g a** I’d keep my language G-rated while sitting on the sound stage. And, finally, you know much more about who’s buying what illegal drugs from whom than the rest of us do; I had no idea crack-wh*res talked politics with their suppliers’ clientele while sitting around, waiting for their next trick. Idiot.

  • 1RedBeard

    I’m not sure which is more amusing, watching Bob “Get in ma belly” Beckel come unglued, or watching his impotent leftie defenders feverishly spinning in circles.

  • Gary

    Eh2Zed 164

    Sorry I’m not rushing to give liberals a pass like you are.
    Do the libs ever give one of ours a pass?
    Was the aspirin guy a “crazy uncle”? Was Rush a “crazy uncle” for calling out Sandra Fluke?
    Why is Beckel a “crazy uncle”?
    The fact is Beckel is an angry liberal blowhard, and if you want to make excuses for him, then you can say I have a stick up my ass but what’s up your ass is your own head.

  • Gary

    Sandy 171

    They made some kind of spoof joke on it last night at the same point in the show just as they came back from commercial, but it was too fast for me to hear it clearly and I didn’t feel like rewinding.

  • I guess he figures if its ok for the Vice President to drop the F bomb on TV then its ok for him
    its a shame all these so called smart people have such a limited vocabulary

  • Ragmop

    I can never understand what Beckel is saying. He is such an angry Liberal and won’t admit when he is wrong. I can see why he is not married, he is so uncouth. However, I think they should give him a pass. The five wouldn’t be the same without him you have to have at least one addlepate on the panel and he is the one.

  • 1RedBeard

    Yes, Ragmop, I agree. But I still feel guilty watching and laughing at Bob “I Ate a Baby” Beckel on TV, because it’s just too much like enjoying the misfortunes of others.

    But I guess it’s ok, since Bob “Baby Back Baby Back Baby Back” Beckel wasn’t burdened at birth with the problems he has, but rather willfully developed them over time and through hard work.

  • Gary



  • Gary

    or make that schadenfreude

  • Phil

    Where I come from the worst names one could could refer to a man are call him a rat or call him
    ” C&$T” rymes with hunt.
    Hannity, Boort are major league Hunts (replace h with c ).
    Such lie, and distort truth to get their way. Thery r old women!
    I read your comments with such sadness for none of you can tolerate any point of view but what u r trained to think.

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