Obamanomics in Action… Barack’s Latest Line: “We Cannot Just Cut Our Way to Prosperity” (Video)

Barack Obama lectured Americans today,
“We cannot just cut our way to prosperity.”

From the President’s Weekly Address:

For some time now, I’ve been calling on Congress to take steps to make higher education more affordable – to prevent these interest rates from doubling, to extend the tuition tax credit that has saved middle-class families millions of dollars, and to double the number of work-study jobs over the next five years.

Instead, over the past few years, Republicans in Congress have voted against new ways to make college more affordable for middle-class families, and voted for huge new tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires – tax cuts that would have to be paid for by cutting things like education and job-training programs that give students new opportunities to work and succeed.

We cannot just cut our way to prosperity. Making it harder for our young people to afford higher education and earn their degrees is nothing more than cutting our own future off at the knees.

And, Lord knows, we can’t spend out way to prosperity either.

Barack Obama added a record $5 trillion in new debt in just three years.

Obama tripled the national deficit above one trillion dollars.

(J. Hoft Chart)

And, because of the runaway spending, the economy was downgraded for the first time in history.

And today he tells us we cannot cut our way to prosperity.
It’s an Obama world.

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  • Sasja

    Fat lot of good a higher education will do when there are no jobs to fill after one graduates.
    Last figure I read stated 2 million jobs have been lost; jobs that are no longer available for anyone to fill, since His Unholiness became prez. That figure has probably increased by now.

    I think Congress should cut spending by 50%, if not totally eliminate, the EPA, NEA; all the unncessary bureaucracies in that alphabet soup we call government.

    One good cut which will benefit our country is cutting this piece of crap come

  • John Fembup

    “Making it harder for our young people to afford higher education and earn their degrees is nothing more than cutting our own future off at the knees.”

    I may be wrong here, but isn’t it colleges and universities themselves that are making higher education overly expensive and cutting off our future at the knees?

    I may be wrong here, too, but doesn’t Obama’s suggestion to subsidize tuition actually guarantee additional income to colleges and universities? That won’t encourage the colleges and universities to reduce their tuitions – in fact, the opposite will occur. What then?

    “We cannot just cut our way to prosperity”

    Yeah? Well we sure can’t TAX our way to prosperity.

    Our Dear Leader once again makes his choice clear: spend more, tax more (and, oh yeah, waste more).

    We should all be sure to make OUR choice clear, come November.

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  • tommy mc donnell

    any successful obama program is a failure for america.

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  • pjean

    How can this president say such things after stories of sickening government waste and abuse like this one?


  • Laura Castellano

    Well darlin’ we sure can’t SPEND our way to prosperity.

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  • vityas

    That’s why saving for a rainy day has always been such a stupid idea.

  • 1RedBeard

    The One is having a lot of tantrums lately, and throwing his rattle out of his stroller. Mean ol’ Republicans won’t do everything his way, so he can’t wreck the country as fast as he wants to. [sob]

  • kelly

    Good greif…what he is one big fat LIAR!!! Excutive order after Excutive order,the FRAUD does nothing but of what he did and does and blame republicans.check out repubicans been saying all along and this FRAUD take their words as his speech in what republicans been saying and trying to do. And his as they’re speech.fraud is a liar and has done not a dam thing.Speeches of lies,he is a total Jackass! TREASON HIM!HE HAS DONE GRAVE DANGER TO OUR COUNTY WHILE USING OUR TAXDOLLARS IN BOOSTING UP HIS COUNTRY,KENYA that’s where he was born.He has given to Hamma’s and other countries while tearing down ours as Sorto tried to do in ENGLAND he was sort after in fleed to NY after staying in hideing Sorto is wanted in Spain he lost his court Appeal for his inside tradeing which is ILLEGAL.Sorto,Bill Ayers,Acorn,Move on,Seiu are all tearing our country down . STOP THEM!

  • SeniorD

    The ‘Perfect Storm’ of Keynsian economics, Cloward-Priven Socialism and inflationary money policies.

    Boy, these Social Democrats really know how to muck things up!

  • http://reaganiterepublicanresistance.blogspot.ca Reaganite Republican

    Perhaps, but we can cut our way back from the abyss- and we no longer have ANY choice

    The numbers don’t lie…

    ALL Any American Needs to Know About the Astonishing Obama Debt Crisis… in Pictures

  • michael Collins, Esq

    Where is it written, that the government should co-sign a loan for kids to go to college? I have no problem with the GI Bill because veterens served our country, but to those smart enough to get out of bed and finish high school should figure out how to do it on their own.
    Trade schools are a scam milking the government. Right now 6.8% is better than 18% that credit cards charge, lowering it to 3% is a trap. { next course for the Progressives is student-loan forgivness }

  • olm

    Wow, his speeches don’t even make sense anymore. Did they ever?
    The tragedy is that there are countless studnets graduating soon and no jobs for them to fill with an eye popping amount of student loan debt.
    I don’t know quite how this “bubble pops” but I do know one thing, even if this new workers could find jobs, which I doubt, their enormous debt hampers their ability to participate in this economy.

  • bg
  • JoyO

    Well, he has proven we can’t spend our way to prosperity! Obama has increased our national debt by $5 trillion in just three years. I hate to imagine what our debt will be if he is elected again. We will probably all be eating dog meat by the end of his second term.

  • http://beatbarack.blogspot.com Ryan

    He likes to talk about America’s young people. Who do you think is hurt most by the ever growing national debt. It is generational theft, plain and simple!


  • bg


    re: #16 April 21, 2012 at 9:41 am bg

    btw, i don’t understand the dissing of GW Bush (or i’m just not getting the
    sarcasm), as his grades were higher than Mr. John ‘i served in Vietnam and marr$ed up” F’n Kerry.. 😀


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