Another Grim Milestone… Obama Adds $5 Tillion to US National Debt

On July 3, 2008 — the day before Independence Day — Barack Obama said that adding $4 trillion in debt was irresponsible and “unpatriotic.

Then what does adding $5 trillion in debt make you?

Barack Obama has added $5 trillion to the US national debt in a little over three years.
CNS News reported:

In the 39 months since Barack Obama took the oath of office as president of the United States, the federal government’s debt has increased by $5,027,761,476,484.56.

Although he has served less than a term, Obama is now the first American president to see the federal government’s debt increase by more than $5 trillion during his time in office.

During the full eight years that George W. Bush served as president, the federal government’s debt increased by $4,899,100,310,608.44. (Rising from $5,727,776,738,304.64 to $10,626,877,048,913.08.)

The $5,027,761,476,484.56 that the debt has increased during Obama’s presidency equals $16,043.39 for every one of the 313,385,295 people the Census Bureau now estimates live in the United States.

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  • Militant Conservative

    All to destroy America via
    Cloward & Piven.
    Socialist utopia is bankruptcy

  • SeniorD

    The Socialist-in-Chief has always preached ‘Hope and Change’ – he ‘hoped’ his policies would ‘change’ this country.

  • Old51

    “Tillion?” You may want to have that typo corrected, not that “trillion” makes me feel any better about the situation.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Then what does adding $5 trillion in debt make you?

    A moron.

  • kato

    A subprime messiah for the parasites. Let’s not make this historic mistake ever again.

  • bg
  • Liz

    You know, how long until this man gets the help he needs? Hopefully in November he can spend some much needed time in a Sylvan Center learning remedial math.

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  • owl

    Or as Drudge puts it, The 5 Trillion Dollar Debt Man. You have to hand it to Drudge when he had the guts to put Obama’s face up with this under.

  • BuddyG

    But, but, but, the dems/leftists/media wanna talk about about the GOP “war on women” and Sandra Fluke’s free bc pills. Gotta prioritize ya know.

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  • HeavyDee

    Hey, I’m as much against the Obama Admin. as anyone, but in less than 12 years, our National Debt has gone up by 10 trillion freaking dollars!!!! That is unacceptable regardless of which party is in power!!! We need to clean house in DC and get away from this freaking “entitlement mentality” that is killing this country.

  • Patty

    Giving away the game (Axelrod’s amazing gaffe!)

    On Sunday, the most important person in the Obama campaign aside from President Obama himself inadvertently gave the 2012 game away in one of the more revealing political moments of our lifetimes.

    David Axelrod, Obama’s chief strategist, deserves enormous credit for having fashioned one of the most brilliant national campaigns in American history in 2008. But that was then, and this is now — and now Axelrod has gone on “Fox News Sunday” and offered the best and most succinct case for a Romney presidency yet.

    “The choice in this election,” said Axelrod, “is between an economy that produces a growing middle class and that gives people a chance to get ahead and their kids a chance to get ahead and an economy that continues down the road we are on.”

    Of course, the overseer of the “road we are on,” the man whose policy it has been to intervene directly and repeatedly in the economic affairs of the American people, is Obama.

    If the election in November is a referendum on “an economy that continues down the road we are on,” with 66 percent of the American people telling pollsters they think the country is on the wrong track, Obama will lose. This isn’t a line of argument Obama and his people want to pursue. So why did Axelrod say it?

    I’d guess it was a moment of weakness. As Shakespeare’s Henry IV said, “The wish is father to the thought.”

    Axelrod’s mind-boggling description of the current reality — in which, he said, “A fewer and fewer number of people do very well, and everybody else is running faster and faster just to keep pace” — suggests he desperately wishes he and Obama were back in 2008.

    That was the year of “Yes, we can,” and “We are the change we have been looking for,” not a year in which he’ll have to ask for a second term after nearly four years of his own national stewardship.

    Axelrod knows how to run Obama as the candidate of change. His words suggest he doesn’t know how to run Obama as the candidate of the status quo. {..} goes on!

    Read more:

    There is no rhythm or reason for this administrations attack on classes. We know Obama’s record, now and we are going to win.

  • saveus

    obviously bush made him do it

  • bg



    via Breitbart – ht Rush

    April 16, 2012

    WaPo Author who Tied Romney to
    KKK Resigns over Plagiarism Scandal

    [The Washington Post also apologized, writing, “we apologize that the
    posting began by saying ‘someone didn’t do his research’ when, in fact,
    we had not done ours.”

    [a noticeablely huge problem everywhere of late]

    For the Washington Post, a reporter cannot be caught plagiarizing from
    mainstream organizations in their fraternity but can go undisciplined when
    they engage in nearly libelous conduct against Republicans.


  • Patty
  • Redwine

    Cloward and Piven indeed. Toxic hag Fox-Piven must be drooling in her oatmeal with anticipation.

    Add this complete, wholesale destruction of the economy to the regime-concocted and provoked race war, class war, war on women, war on religion, attacks on our military, conservatives, private sector, manufacturing, oil, gas and coal industries, disastrous and vindictive foreign policy, all the land-grabbing, Fast and Furious… and so much more – and this walking fraud still has a chance to steal a second term.

    Utterly pathetic – and scary.

  • Patty

    8 years of Bush, 4.8 trillion. Obama 3 years 5 trillion. That alone should shake up a few voters.

    Obama mores than double our debt.

  • BlackBush

    Why did it have to happen to Breitbart?

  • Patty

    Remember this: Obama sends request to Congress for another 1.2 trillion.