Team Obama Puts Vatican On Money-Laundering List

It seems like it was just yesterday that Barack Obama was posing with Pope Benedict XVI for a photo-op and lying about how he was going to reduce abortions.

President Barack Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and Pope Benedict XVI stand for a photo with members of the United States delegation, Friday, July 10, 2009, at the Vatican. (AP)

Today the Obama Administration put the Vatican on a money-laundering watch list.
Reuters reported:

The Vatican has for the first time appeared on the State Department’s list of money-laundering centers but the tiny city-state is not rated as a high-risk country.

The 2012 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report was made public on Wednesday and Washington’s list of 190 countries classifies them in three categories: of primary concern, of concern and monitored.

The Vatican is in the second category, grouped with 67 other nations including Poland, Egypt, Ireland, Hungary and Chile.

It was added to the list because it was considered vulnerable to money-laundering and had recently established programs to prevent it, a State Department official said.

“To be considered a jurisdiction of concern merely indicates that there is a vulnerability to a financial system by money launderers. With the large volumes of international currency that goes through the Holy See, it is a system that makes it vulnerable as a potential money-laundering center,” Susan Pittman of the State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement, told Reuters.

Last year, the Vatican adapted internal laws to comply with international standards on financial crime.

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  • shibumi

    I hope every priest in the U.S. announces this at mass on Sunday.

    Obama’s war on Catholics continues…

  • Matches Malone

    And still the administration’s donors at JP Morgan keep the MF Global funds that were looted from MF Global’s customers.

  • karra

    Would love to see the list(s) Bathhouse Barry Soetoro has been placed on. . . .

  • HarryO

    And the USA is not on this list why? Are you kidding me?!?!

    Another Obama attack on the Catholic Church….Biggest POS ever to ‘OCCUPY’ the White House. What a disgrace!

  • squeaky
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  • Gini

    Frankly, this is so bogus I would be laughing except it ain’t funny. Hope priests announce this Sunday.

  • squeaky

    [Rush Limbaugh has rejected an advertiser’s apparent attempt to reunite with his show after the company initially dropped its ads from the program following his remarks about..]

  • moron

    And don’t ever complain about Obamacare again! Obamacare mandates what it wants and it wants “free” birth control and the morning after pill. Even if your law school tuition is $54,000 a year plus $20,000 room/board.

  • donh

    Matthew 16:18 ” And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.”

    The POPE has SINNED….Deutoronomy 6:16 ” Do not put the LORD your God to the test as you did at Massah. “

  • Obama is the biggest back stabber of anyone we’ve ever had in the White House. He will tell you right to your face, except if you’re Black, and lie his butt off. Unless he is a pathological liar, which would indicate he had a mental illness, or his is following his Islamic upbringing and knows that according to the Koran he must lie to all infidels. One or the other.

    Now, I want to ask you liberals, why would he do this to the Pope? Of course he’s not in charge of that department within our government, and doesn’t make up the lists of who’s who, and what’s what. BUT!, but, he should have had them removed as soon as he saw that the Vatican was put on a list of potential money-laundering subjects.


  • Jobba

    Obama is the anti Christ so it matters not what people think, as long as he can destroy the church and raise his army of leftist atheitst goons.

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  • Adi

    How about His own campaign?

  • Simon Said

    NEVER has a group of vile trash ever hated Christians more than the ones in black, except for the ones who wear a jubba and hijab normally. Truly a group (the ones in black) of worth losers who missed their chance to live the leftist dream of being aborted or in one case, partial birth aborted. Too bad their parents didn’t do the right thing when the opportunity permitted itself.

    This picture in itself is an oxymoron. It also proves that in the presence of pure evil that the pope is just a man without the holy spirit, otherwise the fireworks would have been going off in the room with all that pond scum.

  • Nan

    The gates of hell will not prevail against the Church.

  • squeaky
  • DANEgerus

    Catholics are terrorists for refusing to pay for Flukes Fluking

  • Redwine

    His Royal Holey-ness Barry Hussein, Satan’s son, is splitting Catholics from their Church, forcing Jews to choose liberalism over Israel, their Biblical homeland, and Evangelical Christians by pushing “progressive” interlopers.

    At the same time, His Royal Holey-ness Barry Hussein, Satan’s son, is actively encouraging the spread of radical, terrorist Islam, allowing Muslims to feverishly build mosques even in remote places, giving them total access to infiltrate our borders, enter our most secure places like the FBI, the DHS, the Pentagon and our armed forces, NASA, the WH.

    This SCOAMF is the money-launderer – stealing our taxpayer money to filter it through fraudulent “green” companies to award his cronies, our enemies and the UN.

    The entire regime, but mainly the the wannabe dictator, his partner in crime (his “wife”) and his unconstitutional czars, need to all be arrested for treason and thrown into the darkest, dankest dungeon for the rest of their miserable days.

  • Catseye

    Anyone else get the impression that this is the D’s way of punishing the Catholic Church for breaking the power of the KKK back in the 20″s?

  • Blackbird

    Welcome to the official White House Enemies List with the rest of us bitter clingers. It is good to see you fighting back against the Crocodile with us, but it would have been mighty nice if you had not help feed it with Obamacare to start with. School of Hard Knocks indeed.

  • Time

    Something is going to break wide open… Oblamo had 2billion in the Vatican bank, 1 bil under his name and 1 bil under Flotus name in 2010.. How did this money arrive at the Vatican and where did these two get that kind of money from ? They did NOT have this kind of monies prior to 2008, yet 2010 shows they are billionaires in the Vatican.. It is obviously not campaign contributions and this money was NEVER declared on their taxes.. So where and how did they obtain it ? Something is fishy, very fishy and maybe, just mabe it is linked to this money why Oblamo is putting them, the Vatican on the laundry list.. Maybe the Pope has drawn the line and threatened Oblamo with the money when O was pushing the pill down his throat.. The sword is cutting both ways and it will be a bloody fight. Who will be standing in the end i know where to place my money …Why did Oblamo have 2 billion dollars in the Vatican bank ?

  • tj

    Did they also put Eric Holder and the DOJ on the money laundering list?

  • L.E. Liesner

    The other day Obama made a remark at his press conference that went something like this”What kind of a fool would purposely raise gas prices in an election year”. Well now we know, the same kind of fool that would alienate all the Christians in the country in an election year. This narcissistic fool gets sillier everyday.

  • watching the irony bus roll by

    And, the irony? Obama and his administration are the biggest money launderers in the U.S.

    the stimulus? money laundered to political allies, union thugs, fraud voter orgs
    green subsidies? money laundered to political allies, union thugs, etc…

    much of the money “missing” after bankruptcies, or contracts written to protect the donors to Obama’s campaign slush fund – while taxpayers get screwed

    want to talk about money laundering Obama? look in the mirror, you pos

  • valerie

    If there is money-laundering going on at the Vatican, it’s not because of any policy of the Catholic Church. The Vatican has been cash-starved for quite a long time, because it does not have the kind of income stream it once did.

  • like #25 said the obama administration is the biggest money laundering scheme in our history. unions, green energy companies, general motors, general electric and how many more that we don’t know about yet. his administration should be no. 1 on that list.

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  • midusdeew


    the gov has laundered trillion’s

  • hgfhfg

    Idiotic heretical pope, were him a real pope he would have excommunicated that muhammedan twat stat.

  • LarryG

    There he is again, grinning like a racoon eating sh*it off of a hairbrush.

  • Sandy

    Who would alienate Christians and Jews in an election year? Why the same guy who won’t share his campaign stash with Democrats running for The House and Senate.

  • Sandy

    Wonder what the Pope Bugsy Benedict thinks about Obama calling out Catholic Church for money laundering?

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  • burt

    March 23rd – 28th Pope to visit Cuba. Is he visiting the Cuban people or the Castro brothers?

  • As long ago as 2009, polls found that many churchgoing Catholics disagree with their church on public funding for abortion and other reproductive health issues.

    The more recent fuss again finds many Catholics at odds with their church:

    In short, for a considerable number of Catholics, the church’s political campaigns force them to choose, in the secular realm where they are supposed to have free will, between a government that represents their interests and a church that is actively trying to harm them.

    I think the letter is spot on and will likely influence many people who think of themselves as Catholics but don’t agree with the hierarchy. Trying to turn the clock back fifty years in America is perhaps the turning point for many Catholics.

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  • Dozer D

    @Tony Sidaway I resent that you call what the Bishops and priests are doing as a ‘political campaign’ when they openly oppose the HHS mandate! The Catholic Church teaches that, abortion, sterilization, and contraception are mortal sins, sins which cry out to heaven for vengeance! Do you not know this? I am 24, and I received the sacrament of confirmation after I said the following words: “I believe and profess all that the Holy Catholic Church believes, teaches, and proclaims to be revealed by God.” The Church is not a democratic organization like other Christian churches which vote in their pastors, or vote about various opposing theologians interpretations of scripture to decide what is true doctrine on faith and morals. Jesus Christ established the Church by hand selecting men, called the Apostles, and assured them the gift of the Holy Spirit for guidance. The Apostles elected successors in Acts 1:12-26. These men, like Judas and Peter, were sinners, except Peter repented in John 21:15-19, eventually offering his life as a martyr in Rome, while Judas despaired and hung himself. Even though Peter is a sinner, we see him preaching to the crowds converting 3000 people in a day, boldly speaking before the sanhedrin who could have sentenced him and all the apostles to death (Acts 4), we see the apostles healing in Acts 5, and we see Peter leading the apostles at the Council of Jerusalem on faith and morals in Acts 15….these men are not given the authority based on your vote! Bishops are chosen by the Holy Spirit. And the Pope is ensured by the Holy Spirit that he cannot speak incorrectly on matters faith and morals as it says in Matthew 16, “And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”, and when Christ says to his apostles in Matthew 28:19-20, “teach them to observe all that I have commanded you; and behold, I am with you always, to the close of the age.” Stop pretending like contraception isn’t a sin! Is God the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8)? What happened to Onan in the old testament? Pope Paul VI prophesied in Humanae Vitae that contraception would cause women to be made into sex objects (porn is one of the largest businesses in the world), that divorce would increase (its over 50% now in the US), and that the state would abuse its power by controlling the population! Are you blind? Because this is really happening now in United States of America. Why do you think the majority of Planned Parenthood facilities are in poorer neighborhoods? Because that is where the “undesirables” are! I need only quote Maragaret Sanger. Now, its not just the poor that are “undesirable”, but anyone that opposes the Obama administration. Are you blind?

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