Steve Bannon: We Are Going to Release the Breitbart ‘Obama Harvard Tapes’ in One Week to 10 Days (Video)

Producer, Director, Writer Steve Bannon told Sean Hannity tonight that the Breitbart group is going to release the Obama Harvard tapes in a week to ten days. Andrew Breitbart announced at CPAC that he was given tapes of Barack Obama from his college years that would be devastating. “I’ve got video from his college days that show you why racial division and class warfare are central to what hope and change was sold in 2008 – the videos are going to come out…”

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  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Uh oh… Another victim-in-waiting. If I was this guy, I’d get myself a food-taster and pay some homeless guy to start my car every morning… and take a different route to/from work every day.

  • Panentheist

    As a “conspiracist”, I am anxious to see these tapes.. I think his natural cause of death was NOT natural…

    What happened to Sheriff Joe A’s information to be released?

  • Bad Actor

    Watch your back, Mr. Bannon. There’s a reason why nearly everyone who knows something about BHO’s past is dead. I hope there are several high-quality copies of those tapes in the hands of a few dozen responsible people. I’m just sayin’…..

  • Macin NM

    #2 The info from Sheriff Joe can be found a

  • Jeff Peaco

    Andrew was a true brother, he stood with us in searchlight Nevada, He went toe to toe with the thugs of IBEW 357 as they egg the Teaparty buses, he taught us we could make a difference. I beg all of you to pray for this fine man tonight and continue the fight.
    I am almost done shedding my tears, it hurts but how much I learn from this youngster no one can take away.

  • Larkin

    Call me cynical, but if it was such a big deal, they wouldn’t feel the need to hype it so much.

    This video will likely turn out to be underwhelming. People were not running around
    with IPhones and pocket HD video cameras in 1982. If something was caught on film, it was
    usually pretty obvious that filming was taking place.

  • Mary Leahy

    Take out some life insurance,

  • Little Joe

    @ #6

    Says the dem plant trying to minimize any damage before the damming video comes out.

  • Opus#6@AmericanPerspective

    I remember Andrew Breitbart from Searchlight, NV. I can’t believe he is gone. Who will scare the liberals now?

  • Jeannette

    @#9 You will. Didn’t you get the memo?

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  • John C. Drew, Ph.D.

    This is welcome news. I tried to get out the word that young Obama was a Marxist socialist when I met him while he was a sophomore at Occidental College in L.A.

    I expect these new tapes from his Harvard years will demonstrate more of the same – a terrible consistency between Obama’s ties to Frank Marshall Davis and his later ties to Rev. Wright, State Sen. Alice Palmer and Bill Ayers.

  • Alex Bensky

    I’m certain curious to see it but people, which of us would want to be held for what we did and said in college?

    The video I’d much rather see is the one of Obama at a party for Rashid Khalidi, the Plestinian activist. The LA Times has it and won’t release it. If they had one like that of Bush…well, no one thinks they wouldn’t throw it onto the internet in short order.

  • edge of the sandbox

    This is odd. I thought Breitbart was preparing an October surprise.

  • Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    I sure hope Mr. Bannon doesn’t shoot himself 3 times in the back of the head.

  • Hawk777

    Wouldn’t it be more prudent to wait and make this an October surprise? I firmly believe if “reverend” wright stuff came out in oct we’d be defending a McCain reelection campaign.

  • Conrad Baylor

    “which of us would want to be held for what we did and said in college?”

    Ever seen a resumé?

  • Redwine

    Thank you, Dr. Drew (#12). Some of us have been listening and reading your articles. The GOP establishment is as complicit in the coverup of Barry Hussein’s Islamo-Marxist connections as the Dems, the Left and their media propagandists.

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