Andrew Breitbart just dropped this bomb on Team Obama:
“I got video of Barack Obama from college.”




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  1. Man, do I hope this is true.

    And I also want to see those Occidental/Columbia/HLS transcripts.

  2. Save it for October please. Lets use the power of the internet and video against

    the left in an Alinsky type attack. They would. You must become your enemy to

    save your country.

    Powder is dry

  3. Luv Ya Andrew!
    Gerat speach at CPAC!

  4. Whoa…I think the sh*t is about to hit the fan!

    ummm…I can make lots of popcorn for this show..maybe even pop a nice expensive bottle of champagne..maybe even cook up some Kobe beef and a side of lobster for this one!

    Anyone else in for this little party?

  5. Never heard of Breitbart saying he has something if he doesn’t. Boy do I hope he has really good security!

  6. Did a 4 year old James O’keefe infiltrate a college party with a big
    VHS camera, or did Breitbart pull the video from Obama’s Facebook

  7. Can’t wait!!!!! We need to prove what a marxist, radical he is before he turns on the money to make it LOOK like the economy is getting better. He is well on his way to ruin this country.

  8. #2,

    You’re spot on right. Hold this until October and let the truth be known.

    Give these anti American radicals a dose of their own medicine.

    Power is dry, and beer is cold. (iii)o

  9. “Barrack Obama is a radical. We should not be afraid to say that”

    Andy Breitbart is a hero

  10. Breitbart needs to get copies to trusted friends, in case he meets with an “accident.” I do not put anything past this administration.

  11. I believe it is very safe to assume Breitbart is speaking the truth about this. He doesn’t bluff, and can and will call bluffs with proof. If he’s saying he’s got video of something, you can bet on it that he’s not playing around.

  12. With Breitbart, you can bet it will be very anticlimactic.

  13. gulp…..i wonder if this will be a 1st time heard for bill ayers and his snarly wife. tucker carlson won a dinner at the effervescent couples chicago lair and breibart was included. to be a cockroach on the wall.

  14. I suspect Obama’s people have already got to the source or sources of the videos.

  15. it won’t matter.
    the golden brown one can do anything he wants.
    past or present.
    no one can touch him.

  16. Cheers (clink)

    pass the popcorn, this boy is going down.

    HMMMMM, kinda in line with the bible.

    Satan hates that.

  17. oops
    #8 February 10, 2012 at 4:36 pm
    Mad Hatter commented:

  18. #16 February 10, 2012 at 5:05 pm
    sally commented:

    damn sally whose side you on??

    I dont surrender, and expect the advisary not to do so either.

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