Republicans Blast Obama’s Failed Anti-Energy Policies in Weekly Address (Video)

Governor Jack Dalrymple from North Dakota delivered the Republican Weekly Address today. Dalrymple took the opportunity to blast Barack Obama on his anti-energy policies. Despite record gas prices Barack Obama and his lackeys in the senate blocked the Keystone Pipeline again this week – a project that would help North Dakota move 100,000 barrels of crude oil per day to American markets.

Gov. Jack Dalrymple (R-ND) Delivers Weekly GOP Address On Creating Jobs In North Dakota

Here’s the transcipt:

Hi, I’m Jack Dalrymple, Governor of North Dakota.

“Where I live, we run government with common sense. We don’t spend more money than we collect in revenue each year. We don’t have General Obligation debt, and we only borrow when we have identified a revenue source to pay it back.

“These are big reasons why North Dakota is doing so well compared to the rest of the nation. We have the lowest unemployment rate of all 50 states at 3.2% and our prudent fiscal management has allowed us to lower taxes each of the last three legislative sessions. We’ve lowered substantially our real estate taxes, our individual income taxes, and even corporate income taxes. Our growing budget surpluses allow us to make large investments in infrastructure and job growth. Just think of the wise investments our country could be making right now if the Federal budget was managed as carefully.

“As a nation, what progress has been made to balance our annual budget deficit? Have any real spending reductions been proposed by the Democratic majority in the Senate? Has President Obama made any real attempts to reduce spending? All we see are budgeting games. The American people are growing tired of the constant pleas for tax increases from this Administration, long before any real proposals appear for spending reductions.

“But keeping government’s house in order is only part of the equation. The other part is focusing on creating good paying jobs. North Dakota has been ranked #1 in the nation in job creation for each of the last three years by a Gallup poll study. We have created a friendly business climate in North Dakota, where taxes and insurance rates are low, the regulatory environment is very reasonable, and we have the most responsive state government anywhere. Companies want to expand in North Dakota because of the ease of doing business and because of our well educated, well trained workforce. Why do Fortune 500 companies like Caterpillar,, and John Deere choose to expand in North Dakota when they could go anywhere in the world? They do it because they know that North Dakotans are friendly toward business and will work hard to help their employers be successful.

“Our economic success is broad-based. We have thousands of job openings in North Dakota today, but almost every day the national media asks me if it isn’t all due to the oil boom in Northwestern North Dakota. I enjoy telling them the county with the most job openings is not among western oil counties but is the county surrounding Fargo, our largest city and on the opposite side of the state. Our technology parks around our research universities create great jobs by the thousands. Advanced manufacturing adds jobs in North Dakota while most of the nation has lost manufacturing jobs. Over the last 10 years North Dakota has been #1 in the nation in income and job growth, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Why is our national economic policy on the wrong track?

“There are two main reasons. First, the Federal government is unnecessarily adding to the cost of living and the cost of doing business in America. Just one example is our cost of energy. The price of gasoline is rising rapidly because we continue to depend on foreign oil. It is now within our reach to become energy independent in North America if we simply develop the resources we already have available in places like the Gulf of Mexico, non-sensitive public lands across America, and in our friendly bordering countries.

“The second reason we are on the wrong track is that the Federal government is killing energy development with overly burdensome regulations. The best example of this is the Keystone XL pipeline which the Obama Administration will not allow to be built. The State of North Dakota is currently experiencing an oil boom in the Bakken formation. We have doubled our oil production in the last four years and are about to become the second largest oil producing state behind only Texas. But we cannot effectively market our crude oil domestically without a large North-South pipeline. North Dakota oil producers were scheduled to feed the Keystone pipeline with 100,000 barrels of crude oil per day. Now we will not be able to supply the choice American markets because President Obama says he needs more time to study Keystone. The fact is he has had over three years to study this issue. Congress should step in and pass Senator Hoeven’s measure which would authorize the Keystone project. It’s the common sense thing to do.

“The other key to North American energy independence is the rapid development of natural gas production from shale. The EPA is threatening to regulate this production out of existence by forcing rules that end hydraulic fracturing. In our part of the country, hydraulic fracturing takes place two miles below the surface of the earth and nowhere near any water supplies. It is time for this Administration to stop using phony excuses.

America needs to return to a government based on common sense. Three Presidential candidates have visited North Dakota, and I have told them all the same thing: Build America back on the same blueprint that North Dakota has adopted and our country will surely be rewarded with the same great economy our state is enjoying.

“Thank you for listening.”

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  • Highlander

    What? Follow a tried and proven plan that makes sense and isn’t riddled with fraud, deficit spending, and ridiculous, economically unsound policies? That’s insane!!!

    Sarc Off

  • Sanmon

    To bad Jack Dalrymple, Governor of North Dakota is not running for President. In 7 minutes he made more concise points than I have herd any of the candidates make in 7 months. It is amazing what you can get across when one stays on point.

  • democraps suck

    The mmoslum in charge and his illegal administration don’t give a rats a$$ about high energy costs…they have one goal…the destruction of America…they are laughing all the way to the next election with all the bickering and mud slinging the idiot repubs are doing…time to $hit and get off the pot and direct all energy against the mooslime

  • coolidgerules


    You’re correct. We have many fine, upstanding, and grounded individuals in this great nation of ours. And we have Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul to select from? It is a travesty. All these clowns are damaged goods to say the least. But…..


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  • The “environmental impact study” that Obama is talking about waiting on findings from is a bogus study that was done years ago, finished, and the findings were that the pipeline would not in any way harm the environment. This was the findings of the Committee on Environmental Studies under the Bush administration. But, see there’s the problem, it was done by the Bush administration, and Obama believes that Bush couldn’t possibly care about the environment as much as he does. Of course that’s bull crap, because Obama doesn’t give a crap about the environment. The environmental issues are just a continueation of a means to an end, that end being the shut down of the fossil fuel industry in America, and put it under control of the U.N. IPCC, International Panel on Climate Control, get it, climate control? Control, like, as in man controling the climate through restrictive and over burdensom regulations on such things as electric power plant heat output couldn’t exceed a certain amount of BTU’s in order to keep from putting to much unnatural heat into the atmosphere which is causing man made global warming.

    Got all of that? BOGUS! BOGUS!! Obama asks the question last week, “Do you think a sitting president would want gas prices to go up in a election year?” This President does want gas prices to go up, and go up so high that he accomplishes his agenda of stopping our use of fossil fuels. What did he say to another group before he was talking about a sitting President not wanting gas prices to go up, he was talking to a group that he told that the use of oil was dead, post-oil America sort of thing. Obama is beholding to the environmental activist groups run by Maurice Strong. Look him up, please!! HE is the man who is controling Obama and our EPA, the “Environmental Protection Agency”. When did the environment need protecting?? Does it need protecting from volcano’s when they erupt? Does it need protecting from sunami’s? Does it need protecting from all the “tons of Carbon Dioxide” that is released from the ocean’s every hour of every day? So it’s pretty obvious that there is nothing we can really do to protect the environment from that natural things that happen to it that are thousands of times more damaging than anything man has ever done to it, and those things happen all the time much more often than anything man is currently doing.

    So who is the environment need protecting from? Industry, manufacturing, business, MAN AND THE THINGS MAN DOES!!!! That is what the EPA was created to protect the environment from…….MAN!!!

    Do you think the environment needs protecting from what man does that it doesn’t have protection from what happens every day from the Earth itself? Environmentalists claim that man “ADD’S” to the stuff that is already there, and that is what needs to be stopped, that it’s bad enough let alone what man add’s to it everyday. So let’s stop what we can in order to keep from adding to the stuff that is already there the Earth has to deal with, and then anything that…..might…..happen from what man is adding to the stuff won’t have any more of a adverse affect on the environment.

    REALLY???? So in otherwords if man didn’t exist the Earth would be better off because it’s bad enough that the Earth has to deal with what happens to it just from the Earth itself. So let’s get rid of man, and what man does.

    We need to get rid of the EPA, and everyone who works for the U.N. like Maurice Strong who is in control of whether or not we can access our own resources so that we can drive to work for penney’s on the dollar instead of dollars per gallon which will cause us to loose our job!!

  • Patty

    They better get of their Chicken Pots and start acting and explain slowly to the Americans who are having a hard time understanding that this person in the White House is a Socialist Radical.

    Chew doesn’t drive a car. Head of Energy dept. and he doesn’t think gas prices are high enough.

    For these two radicals the love Americans who are struggling to pay for food and gas. They want Americans to use alternatives means of transportation.

    This nation will never go green, or use other sources of energy for years to comes. Some say 2030 and we are far from there. We are in a Crisis situation and Obama’s failed Solyndras, Volt and the destruction of the Coal industry. Lost jobs and irresponsible policies.

    The republicans in Washington must think one step ahead of the sad and pathetic person in the White House and Quick. Ads and more ads on his horrible handling of everything he touches. IT IS ABOUT TIME.

  • Sanmon

    -coolidgerules commented:-


    Yes I know I will pull the lever for the R. I will campaign for the R. I will even send the R money if money has value by then. My heart and most my time will be local and Congress wins in the house and senate.

  • valerie

    Thank you for the long quote instead of one or more sound bites. That’s how we win, but including the supporting information that leads to the conclusion.

  • God

    I don’t exist.

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  • chuck in st paul

    And why is it that we do not have many (any?) candidates on the presidential level that talk and act like this? Reagan talked like this and not got elected, his 49 state landslide reelection will be tough to top. Newt talks a good energy game, but is still a big government type.

    I consider that the gutless a-holes in the national parties are so invested in bribing votes from the leeches and bottom feeders that they have abandoned us working, tax paying citizens.

  • chuck in st paul

    “not got elected…” —> not only got elected

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