Nuclear Expert: China Has Sold Iran Long Range Missile Technology (Video)

Nuclear expert Gordon Chang, author of “Nuclear Showdown”, told FOX News today that CIA operatives and defectors have reported that China has sold Iran the DF-31 missile which has a range of 4,300 miles and can reach Alaska and Europe.

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  • wanumba

    Was that our tech provided by Clinton?

  • Skandia Recluse

    Distance between Caracas Venezuela and Washington, D.C ~2,000 miles

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  • Sasja
  • http://. WillofLa

    I’m telling you people right now, that China has sold Iran nukes a long time ago. And if it wasn’t China it was Russia, or some other group from some other country, like Turkey, or maybe even Pakistan since they’ve already got missles ready to go. Kinda like Nukes-R-Us of the Middle East and Asia.

    You know I don’t like all this New World Order rearrangement of the world in what parts of the world that used to be called something are called something else, now. Like you don’t call Orientals people from Japan, China, Vietnamese, Korean, or the Pacific rim countries kinda is called the “Orient”, hence Orientals, not Asian. Asia is a totally different part of the world. Let me ask you New World Order liberals a geography question. Where is the Near East? Where is the Far East? Where is Asia Minor? And where do you think Asia is? Asia does not go all the way to the Eastern part of the continent that meets the Pacific coast. That is the Orient, NOT ASIA! So get you’re damn geography straight!! It’s just to damn bad that you people didn’t get a education when you were in the government run, liberal controled, Socialist indoctrinated public education system. That’s not my fault. You people need to go get a geography book that was written before 1970 when all that was changed and read up on what it called what in the REAL world!! Not the segmented New World Order World!!

    Now, back to the subject of whether or not China sold nuke missles to Iran. Yeah, they already have so we’re being jumped on for supporting Israel’s right to protect itself from a country that has nukes that is threatening their nation. I believe Israel should have bombed Iran two years ago when they saw Iran was building nuke plants underground. Israel wanted to bomb them before they finished it and covered it up making it harder to hit and destroy. Ohhhhhh, but America under Obama wouldn’t let them do it. Obama said Israel didn’t have enough proof the plants were going to be making nukes instead of electricity. Israel knew better, but couldn’t convince Penetta what proof they had was accurate enough to get America to back them if Israel did go in and bomb the plants. So Israel had to sit and watch Iran put centrifuges in those plants, Israel told Obama, he didn’t care, sit somemore and watch Iran put in more centrifuges, told Obama, he didn’t care. And now we’re at a point where Iran has thousands of centrifuges making refined Uranium into weapons grade material for a nuke. Iran will, very soon, will have enough enriched Uranium for nuke warheads. They’ve already got all the technology from China on how to finsih the warhead and the missle to get it on target…….Telavive!!

  • Sasja

    In coming across the above, I discovered: (this is OT but very interesting, I think). Maybe we have been looking in the wrong direction (DC) to stop this regime.

  • Buffalobob

    I wounder if that is the reason that Jimmy Carter is such a crab. Does he think that Clinton had a quid pro quo with China and the Arab nations and he missed out on the payoff despite all of his support. Then there’s Algore cashing in on junk environmental hokus pokus while poor Jimmy is left to build houses.

  • wanumba

    #4 March 10, 2012 at 12:44 pm
    Sasja commented:


    I think it was Lorel … the corporation.

  • democraps suck

    Things will get very interesting…but only if we get rid of the mooslum…go Israel you are our hope right now because Hussein will not bomb his brothers

  • me

    Right you are, Skandia. But it’s worse than that.

    German newspaper Die Welt covered a meeting between Chavez and Ahmadinejad and confirmed that “the bilateral agreement signed in October was for a missile installation to be built inside Venezuela.”

    The worse news? 4300 miles from Venezuela covers the entire continental US.

    This is a bad time to have a communist in the White House.

  • Sasja


    It was Loral Space. Didn’t they go bankrupt?

  • Reaganite Republican

    PRECISELY why those like Ron Paul -arguing how ‘backward’ Iran is- are blithering idiots

    They have cash and oil, and can get whatever they need eventually

    If their stated intention is to attack us and “wipe Israel off the map” that’s all any competent strategist needs to hear

  • Joanne

    #10 – very frightening.

    Let’s face it, what is the mentality of a country that sells long-range missiles to Iran? China obviously believes Iran is an ally and not a threat to them, or at least if Iran turned coats, China could militarily deal with them….the same goes for Russia. What is the purpose of selling long-range missiles to Iran, which repeatedly threatens the State of Israel and America? The U.S. is about to be taken down by all her natural enemies with a muslim usurper in the Whitehouse aiding and abetting them all the way.

  • Joanne

    With many of America’s providers of oil, her natural enemies, America will not have oil readily available to her to go to war…..planes, ships, tanks, all need oil. Why do you think Obama has made every effort to stop, not only America producing her own oil, but not allowing her closest ally to provide access to readily available oil – like oil on tap. The U.S. is being set up.

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  • Joanne


    Sheriff Joe has proof that Obama is an usurper, but there is silence in the media. Everyone has an internet, so the way to get this information out is through this avenue of communication.


  • owl

    I saw a picture (maybe 2002-2003) that made a lot of what was happening click for me. It was the leaders of China, Russia and France. One of those pictures worth a thousand words. These guys were close. Well, Chirac is gone but the other two are still the ones that block us at every turn and supplying our enemies. They intend to get us one way, or the other.

  • Litmus

    Gordon Chang is not a “Nuclear Expert”. He’s a lawyer and author.

    He also claimed that China was going to completely collapse
    by 2006. Grain of salt.

  • Joanne

    Be part of the solution – let as many people as you can know the truth that a usurper is in the Whitehouse. I just did. If you forward the information to a few people and they forward it to a few people, then it won’t be long before many people can be aware of the truth.

  • Patty

    We could only wish our economy was that of China. Yet, China economy, so they are reporting, is sluggish.
    That said, they need money for whatever reason and don’t care what radical dictator nation they receive it from.

    The main worry for me is Chemical Warfare. Biological Warfare and Syria has an arsenal of this very thing stored up and could get into the hands of anyone, again, anyone.