Lib Hero Sandra Fluke: Free Birth Control Is a Natural Human Right – I Won’t Be Silenced

Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi both called Sandra Fluke after her brave testimony.

Sandra Fluke, the far left activist who won’t give up two vanilla lattes a month to pay for her own birth control pills, promised today that she will not be silenced. In her CNN editorial Fluke also argued that free birth control was a natural human right.
CNN reported:

Last month, students from several Catholic universities gathered to send a message to the nation that contraception is basic health care. I was among them, and I was proud to share the stories of my friends at Georgetown Law who have suffered dire medical consequences because our student insurance does not cover contraception for the purpose of preventing pregnancy.

I joined these students in speaking at a media event because I believe that stories of how real women are affected are the most powerful argument for access to affordable, quality reproductive health care services.

I also joined these students because now is a critical time to raise this issue in our public consciousness.

Thanks to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, preventive care services, including contraception, will be covered by private insurance plans without co-pays or deductibles. If appropriately implemented, this important law will finally guarantee women access to contraception, regardless of the religious affiliation of their workplace or school.

By now, many have heard the stories I wanted to share thanks to the congressional leaders and members of the media who have supported me and millions of women in speaking out.

Because we spoke so loudly, opponents of reproductive health access demonized and smeared me and others on the public airwaves. These smears are obvious attempts to distract from meaningful policy discussions and to silence women’s voices regarding their own health care.

These attempts to silence women and the men who support them have clearly failed. I know this because I have received so many messages of support from across the country — women and men speaking out because they agree that contraception needs to be treated as a basic health care service…

…Restricting access to such a basic health care service, which 99% of sexually experienced American women have used and 62% of American women are using right now, is out of touch with public sentiment. In fact, more than 60% of Americans support this regulation and affordable access to contraception, according to the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation.

Attacking me and women who use contraception by calling us prostitutes and worse cannot silence us.

I am proud to stand with the millions of women and men who recognize that our government should legislate according to the reality of our lives — not for ideology.

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  • Carbon Pootprint

    She’s about 23 minutes into her 15, now go away you joke of a Socialist prop. America is sick of the Ivy League mafia types whining about what you think you’re entitled to.

  • JimmyT

    And I totally agree with her. As every one knows, abstinence is the best birth control known to man and it is free. Try it Sandra, it’s work every time.

  • Liz

    Yucky. Nothing like begging for…..pills.

  • But I don’t want to pay for her sexual activities. When did “basic health care” become a Right, and in which founding document would I find that? It would seem to me that food would be a priority before sexual activity. What do Feminists have to say about that? When will I be forced to buy Sandra lunch?

  • coolidgerules

    Keep the slut talking- the longer she’s out there making an ass out herself and her ridiculous cause, she will make a mistake. Just another communist suicide bomber. She’ll make speeches and decrees but will debate no one on this issue

  • Multitude

    “opponents of reproductive health access demonized and smeared me and others on the public airwaves”

    Couple of notes:

    1. “public airwaves” wordsmithing is particularly fascinating: You can tell throughout her speeches that she has a professional agency writing for her, setting up offense-garnering memes across the text. This one is a link to an upcoming FCC play where, if Limbaugh doesn’t quit or get fired (which is unlikely), Obama will give his fake grumble, roll up the sleeves on his $2500 shirt, and take “firm executive action” to make the FCC dispose of these people on the airwaves who just won’t self-police. (You just have to know that Anita “Let me show you 100 flowers!” Dunn is beyond overjoyed to be getting even with those in the independent media who were instrumental in exposing her Maoist death cult background).

    2. Being called names: I think Ms. Fluke is rather confused on whether these are bad or good names. A slut is a woman who has sex whenever she wants to, which is frequent and often, is not limited to the paternalistic dictates of a single male partner, and rejects other moralizing commands in her orientation and conduct. Is this not a description of the ideal progressive sexual norm? To be a slut is to be an individual liberated from moralities chains! (And no, slut does not disparage women; we all have male friends who are called “sluts” as well, often in a highly complimentary way). Being called a prostitute, while alarming Anita Dunn through its Capitalistic connections, is only correct in the current pre-Second Revolution society where capital is confiscated (by force if necessary) from individuals in order to buy Ms. Fluke her supply of thousands of condoms. But in Anita Dunn’s world, there won’t be prostitutes as there won’t be money to pay for them. Technically however, Ms. Fluke’s conduct does meet the definition today.

  • I am confused by the current feminist approach. Are we for choice~meaning we can choose to abort-choose not too, or are we for nanny to pay for us not to get pregnant-so then we don’t have choice?

    It is so hard to line up with folks that do not have a moral compass.

    Hmm. How about a few wise actions…choose responsibility. Your body~your choice to have sexual relations, your choice to abort. My choice is to not pay for your choice.

  • KR
  • Nobama2012

    She is just a left wing slut that needs to STFU and go away.

  • kato

    Of all the liberal idiots trotted out into the public eye over the years, this one is in a class by herself.

  • mackykam

    Time to “FLUKE OFF” girl, or just stop “FLUKING!”

  • Moonbat_One

    If she keeps this up and the Dims don’t see Obama’s numbers improve, she’s going to become radioactive like Cindy Sheehan.

  • Peckerwood

    Doubling down on pathetic…

    Pleeze mr government…. I needz me birth pills… Spent all me couch quarters at McDonalds dollar value meal after clubbing and Walmart wants to charge me $9 and some change…

    I am your slave for life mr government. Just give me ma birth pills. I demand it.

  • Lyle

    I do not think Ms. Fluke (aka: The Flukster) goes far enough. For instance, Ms. Fluke wants women to be paid to have sex, via free contraception, paid for by others. Thus abstinence is being disenfranchised. The disenfranchised among us need subsidy, I say. Ergo, Natural Human Rights are being violated.


    Condoms are a form of birth control: Free Condoms are a Natural Human Right.!

    Food is a thing people desire more than sex: Free food for all is a Natural Human Right.!

    Alcohol is often a thing related to sex: Free booze is a Natural Human Right.!

    Coffee has been shown to be beneficial to one’s sex life: Free Coffee is a Natural Human Right.!

    Some people like to have sex in cars: Free back seats are a Natural Human Right.!

    Some people like to have sex in different climates: Free World Travel is a Natural Human Right.!

    People often have sex inside buildings: Free buildings for all is a Natural Human Right.!


  • Rob Crawford

    She gets free pills, why shouldn’t other people get free sex?

  • 2centsworth

    Abstinance is free (and a choice- a twofer, yes?)… Fluke’s problem solved!

  • Fuquay Steve

    We want more Fluke!!! Keep her talking – by the time the left realizes she is a negative, they will have elevated her to Joan of Arc status.

  • Nick

    What the fluke! She must be psychotic. That is crazy, her friends have suffered dire health consequences due to not being able to get free contraception? Baffling. We are going off the rails on a crazy train.

  • Patty

    She is a no body who was thrown into the mix by I believe Pelosi. And for Pelosi if this awful Obama care is repeal I do believe her face will start melting.

    You see, this is a revolution of sorts and it propagator are those who follow the radical views that all people must have birth control and be at the feet of government owned health care.

    Fluke take expensive trips and she is not a poor child. She has unfortunately been in the public eye for the Liberal Propaganda movement that is part of the many inventions of Obama administration. For instance the players of Occupied are Van Jones and Ayers.

    The mission is to destroy our faith, hold others accountable who are dismantling Obama care. And this goes beyond bias.

    Read this, it is so appropriate and it does speak to Clinton and his escapades and Hillary. So much like Fluke. Using others to make themselves more powerful but for all the wrong reasons.

    Time will catch up to Fluke, she will forever be know as “That Slut”.

  • thescribbler

    An aspirin held between your knees Sandra, you’ll find it very cost effective. Just saying…..

  • Nick

    Comming soon; a “free contraception pride parade”

  • no2liberals


    If you weren’t aware of one simple fact, you are very prescient. Ms. Fluke is being handled by the PR firm SKDKnickerbocker, where Anita Dunn is the managing director.
    Just another tool in the tool box.

  • Indiana

    Hey Sandra…..try placing a couple of aspirin between your knees. It works every time! I for one am not going to anti up so you can lay on your back. What’s next…..I pay for your AIDS medicine? How about you send me a bill for your satin sheets and candles? After that, you’ll be demanding that I pay for dinner, a movie, and sexy teddies? Where does this stop? Rush was right…’re a who**!

  • Fuquay Steve

    I want this young lady to be hired by MSNBC and really show the world what she is made of. The truth will undoubtably hurt.

  • sistrum

    Hey, I got a right to bear arms! Does the Government owe me a Glock?

  • vityas

    Sandra Fluke–“It’s in the Magna Carta!… Or Hammurabi’s Code!…Somewhere.”

  • Abelard

    Bentham concludes, therefore, that the term “natural rights” is “simple nonsense: natural and imprescriptible rights, rhetorical nonsense,—nonsense upon stilts.”

  • RKae

    When did the word “right” come to mean “something I get for free”?

    A right is something you’re allowed to go out and get for yourself.

  • Patty

    Damaged goods has been seen in a greater and in our face way. When? Clinton, in the Oval Office and then Hillary.

    Hillary demoralized women, when she never divorced Bill, why for her own personal and Political career. She use him, almost worse than he did her. For years she stayed with this womanizer. And who is one of Obama most go to Campaigners, Bill. How can we expect a moral and respectful nation that has respectful attitudes towards women. Then who do they parade out, a liberal activists to tell American Women she is fighting for a $9.00 birth control that needs to be paid for by Catholics, Jewish, Whites and Blacks by what, their paychecks, their hard earned money is to by for this little tart’s sexapades.

    Really, our nation has come to this? Where Fluke gets apologies from a President for Rush. Obama is attacking Palin. Where else but America can a nobody sit at a hearing and then become the reason for Obama advancement for the Woman Vote.

    This doesn’t speak to the Conservative and other women who have more intelligence and respect for their bodies than the triviality of where their birth control comes from and who pays for it. There are so many distractions Obama is hoping that we focus on.

    More important issue is Debt and you all know the DRILL. This all revolves on Obama and his Campaign, his victory flying into 2013 and Obama care becoming the Universal standard mandate on each of us. Period.

  • valerie

    All this idiot will do, if she is successful, is drive up the price of birth control.

    Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

  • Patty

    that has respectful attitudes towards women.
    correction: No respect for women.

  • cal rifkin

    I wonder how this will break along women and party lines. It really seems like a reach to me.

  • Patty

    And btw she said birth control cost the student 1,ooo a year or 3,000. Wow!

  • Patty

    $9.00 birth control this was being sarcastic. (IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW)

  • Hangtown Bob

    Free birth control is a natural human right.


    Just don’t spread your legs!!!!!!

  • shibumi

    “Are we for choice~meaning we can choose to abort-choose not too, or are we for nanny to pay for us not to get pregnant-so then we don’t have choice?”

    The liberal answer is : yes.

  • wtd

    This morning, Ann Barnhart reposted two videos she prepared last year, which discusses the path this health care entitlement takes is the Gateway to Communist Totalitarianism .

    Barnhardt-HealthCareSolution Part1 (addresses health insurance and the overall healthcare services market
    Barnhardt-HealthCareSolution Part2 This second topic addresses social security and medicare entitlements

    “The primary reason that the cost of health care insurance is going through the roof, is because the paradigm of insurance (risk management/pooling) itself has been completely corrupted . . .”

    Here’s yet another recent example of she is getting at:

    ICE guidelines call for taxpayer-funded transgender hormone treatments for some detainees

    Transgender illegal immigrants would in some cases receive taxpayer-funded hormone therapy while in federal custody, under new guidelines put out by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
    The transgender provision was one of many in the latest “national detention standards” manual released by ICE. It has already drawn complaints from one Republican congressman, who described it as a “hospitality guideline for illegal immigrants.”

    The 2011 manual calls for detainees to be screened shortly after their arrival. That screening is supposed to examine everything from dental history to tobacco history to infections — the last item on the checklist urges officers to ask about a detainee’s “gender self-identification and history of transition-related care.”

  • wanumba

    Pimp we much!

  • Patty

    Personally, I wish her 15 mins. would just go away but the White House won’t left that happen.

    For them this is a Big Win. Couldn’t be better if scripted. And when Rush said what he did but apologized the poll taken by republicans is high in Rush’s favor. Words and all.

  • Jim W

    Her 15 minutes of fame as long passed.

  • Skandia Recluse

    *Everything* is a ‘human right’; food, shelter, transportation, employment, water, air, sunlight, heat/cooling (climate control), education, HEALTH CARE, dog and pony, goldfish and hampsters.

    Well, even SEX is a human right. It would have to be rationed, of course, and provided by government. (People have to work ya know?) So there would be employment for the service providers, employment for the government workers doing ‘oversight’, rationing, quality control.

    Ya, it could work. Wouldn’t you want your son or daughter to grow up to be a ‘service provider’ in the sex industry?

    /clues for the clueless. . . .if you need one…

  • BurmaShave

    The only reason free birth control is a natural human right, is because any responsible woman can keep her legs together.

    As for artificial birth control measures, they are not natural.

    Get it? Artificial = not natural. Natural = not artificial.

    Are you sure, Sandra, that you are a college student, and not just a s**t?

  • Militant Conservative

    Nastier than a public bathroom door knob.

    Everyone gets a turn.

  • L.E. Liesner

    Since when is irresponsible behavior a natural right. Was it not to long ago that these same women were telling us that what they did to their body was their business, Now they want the taxpayers to pay for what they do to their bodies and that now makes it our business. If they don’t want criticism, they should pay for their own sexual activities.

  • SturJen

    Fluke’s Ideology

    No no no. Keep her talking. The more she talks, the more she highlights what is horribly wrong with 40 years of Feminist Education. Women have been indoctrinated in this mind-set for so long that it is actually a GOOD thing to point out their falsehoods.

    It would be so nice to slap down these myths and get relationships back to where they need to be.

  • LDW

    The argument is not about birth control or the morning after pill, it is about the government forcing private, religious institutions to violate their conscience by trampling on the first amendment and our liberties. This is the twisted sickness that pervades the progressive (communist) mind. The progressive believes that birth control pills, condoms, and RU 486 are basic rights that should be provided for by others who disagree morally and ethically with the unchaste behavior of the sexually promiscuous and the resultant consequences. There is no constitutional authority for the president to impose his ideology on others with whom he is at odds because he has a difference in opinion regarding what is moral and ethical behavior. He is acting as a intolerant, bigoted tyrant by imposing his views on others. If he is not stopped now, how much more tyrannical will be become in his second term?

  • dba…vagabond trader

    Give her a one way ticket to Cuba. I’m sure everything she needs will be provided.

  • democraps suck

    and everyone has the RIGHT to call you a slut…YOU SLUT


    If she were really concerned about women’s health, she would be asking for free condoms. Birth control pills only protect against pregnancy. What about STD’s and AIDS? Condoms protect against all of them so her position that free birth control pills is all about women’s health is totally bogus!

  • Beef

    It is completely obvious Fluke is part of coordinated campaign to try to sell Obamacare to women by highlighting the special freebies coming their way. Everything with democrats is theater and sleight of hand. A word of truth is never uttered from this administration. Only somehting evil needs to hide its intent.

  • Sally
  • Jackson

    Her rich liberal lefty boyfriend can provide her birth control.

  • SeniorD

    Fortunately, neither Nancy’s or Sandra’s mothers believed what their daughters are spewing now.

  • Not with my tax dollar – you want the government to stay out of your bedroom and your womb so that you can have abortions and live whatever lifestyle you want behind closed doors (you want your ‘choice’), fine – but don’t come to the tax payer (who is the ultimate authority and government) and tell them you want them to fit the bill for your choices. You want abortions, they are available, you want birth control, Wal-Mart has it for $9 a month and again… available. No one is suppressing your access to these ‘choices’; however, the moment you take my tax dollar you put my voice into to those choices. Forcing me to pay for your choices infringes on my choices and my rights and on that Ms. Fluke I Won’t Be Silenced either!

  • Joe College

    What is it with the Obama Democrats and Georgetown University?

    Remember this?

    Jesus Missing From Obama’s Georgetown Speech

    “The White House asked Georgetown to cover a monogram symbolizing Jesus’ name in Gaston Hall, which Obama used for his speech…”

    * * * * *

    Obama and the Democrats seem to use Georgetown University as their local whipping boy.

  • David Kramer

    When anyone says human rights, that is code word for collectivism aka marxism. We have individual rights, not human rights.

    Human rights always come with qualifiers. Plus they usually cost something.

  • wanumba

    “I am proud to stand with the millions of women and men who recognize that our government should legislate according to the reality of our lives — not for ideology.”


    She don’t want for chutzpah, that’s a fact.

  • BuckOfama

    #5 Hit the nail on the head. Keep her in the media.

    Rush just used the wrong word. He should have used the word “parasite”. Get back on track then wind her up and let her go.

    The more she talks, the worse it looks, not only for her but Odumbo as well.

  • Joanne

    Her only human right is the choice to not have sex. It isn’t her right to have her neighbors, fellow taxpayers, pay to stop her from procreating. This woman is a mental midget.

  • Paul in N. AL

    Why won’t this nympho get off the airwaves? As a famous playwright once said, “Everyone ought to bear patiently the results of his own conduct.” I have no doubt the Georgetown Whore would end up with a TV show like Kate & Eight.

  • wanumba

    #39 March 13, 2012 at 10:29 am
    Patty commented:
    Personally, I wish her 15 mins. would just go away but the White House won’t left that happen.
    For them this is a Big Win.


    They are frantically blanketing the airways with rebuttals, spending all sort of time and money with hyperventilating disclaimers, excuses, reinterpretations …

    Not really the acts of “win,” but “panic.”

    There are a lot more pictures and videos of Democrat Leftie women and their nasty men-ish associates spewing filth like they needed exorcisms. Only happy to put them up to remind us all that in their rancid culture, “slut” is MILD compared to what they usually say.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Come One; Come all!!!

    It’s show time beneath the DNC Big Top, now featuring the latest addition to its Primate Parade – Flukey — starring in a hilarious production of “Circus Monkeys Gone Wild!” (Better leave the little tikes at home for this one)

    Courtesy of the Government, there’s a free KY assortment pack for the first 500 suckers to make it into the tent!

    (Don’t be late folks; this show just got better)

  • Gary

    TXCPA 49, Beef 50


  • Rhinestone Suderman

    She has the right to live her life as she pleases.

    I have the right not to pay for it. (Hey, I don’t ask her, or any taxpayer, to foot the bill for my books, or trips to sci-fi conventions or my favorite coffee drinks! Why are we supposed to foot the bill for her?)

  • Patty

    I just think many of the aforementioned politicians on Capitol Hill are spineless and couldn’t pick a direction to lead a political movement if the lives of their children depended on it.

    Here lies the biggest problem our nation sees. Obama approval ratings are falling because of Gas Prices. This is something that hits all of us in our pocket books.

    But Fluke, she should be secondary or for that matter a means to an end. The end of Obama care. And for our leaders who take Rush as someone they fear, I say Bologna. They have no SPINE, for a choice of a better words. Seriously, Congress has been insulted, eliminated and even the Libya war by Obama. He doesn’t give a flying leap what they say. And they aren’t saying much. Their approval ratings are worse than Obama’s.

    Shameful, it takes Sarah and Rush and Breitbart to say what America is feeling and this little twit, Fluke, is the spoke person for Women. And the proprietor of women issue? Really, this nation has come to this. Grow a spine or I hope these do nothing leaders are all voted out of office.

  • bigkahuna

    She has the right to shove it up her @ss…She wouldnt need birth control then.

    What a twit this chick is

  • Mo

    I’m all for birth control so the country is not infested with more numbnuts like Fluke!! Just pay for it yourself you parasitic HO!!!!

  • greenfairie

    Oh, Fluke off, ya moocher.

  • Bad Actor

    I, along with millions of other conservatives, have no problem if people want to avail themselves of birth control methods – both men and women. Our problem with Ms Fluke’s stance is that birth control is a matter of personal responsibility – a choice one makes. A choice, like whether to use sunscreen or not when you go outside – a choice the individual makes – and therefore should pay for out of pocket. This is not something that is a ‘right’ – it is also not something that one would expect others to pay for. “Gee, I really like lattes. It is my right to have lattes. The government should pay for my lattes.” Yeah, right.

    Also, to put contraceptives under the umbrella of ‘preventive services’ (like vaccinations, flu shots, pap smears, PSA tests, etc) is simply wrong. Pregnancy is not a disease!

  • Patty

    #61 March 13, 2012 at 11:15 am
    wanumba commented:

    You cannot tell me Pelosi had everything to do with this. She has known who Flukey is for sometime. Pelosi has been the prime reason for the passing of Obama care. It started with Komen but ends with Fluke and Pelosi. Again, I will love to see the look on Obama’s and Pelosi’s face when the Supreme Court votes the Obama care DOWN.

    It will have death panels and for Fluke she will be a fleeting memory in the biggest war against Socialism and Takeover of our life, when Obama care is defeated.

  • retire05

    I want free food. After all, food is required for human existance, and without it, I would die. Therefore, food is a human “right” and I see no reason that my local HEB should not be required to provide me with enough free food to maintain my existance.

    I want free water. Water is required for human existance, and without it, I would die. Therefore, water is a human “right” and I see no reason why my town should not be required to provide me with enough free water to maintain my existance. Charging me a monthly water bill is a violation of my human “right” to life sustaining water.

    I need free natural gas. Heating is required to prevent me from freezing to death, and therefore ending my life. I have a human “right” to life, and that means providing me with the means to prevent freezing to death. My gas company should be required to provide me with enough natural gas to prevent my death from freezing.

    Sandra Fluke is a joke. She thinks that she has the right to bang her brains out on a regular basis, but is not required to assume any responsibility for that action. Also, her real goal is not to provide free contraceptives, as they are available at Planned Parenthood for those who cannot afford them, but to attack the Catholic Church. Let us not forget that she specifically took the student position at Georgetown for that very reason.

    Notice to Sandra: at one point, Cindy Sheehan was the darling of the left. But she used up her usefulness, and now she couldn’t get invited to an out house opening. She is history, just as you will be, and in five years, no one will remember your name or purpose. You are the “useful idiot” that has been played by your leftist handlers for generations.

  • min

    Who are those two babes in the pictures you have up? Do you think a regular guy like me would have a shot with the hotter one?

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  • Jennifer

    Practice abstinence – it’s FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hugh

    And neither will we be silenced, Ms. Fluke. The left started this little charade with Stephi Stephanopoulos’ disingenuous question to Mitt Romney in the debate that tried to imply that the states were going to ban birth control. The lob to start things percolating. The left must think women (and everyone for that matter) are stupid. Then the phony Fluke plant by the left to deflect from the actual issue–and then perfectly timing this thing to coincide with International Women’s Day–too much! The cherry on top was seeing the International Women’s Day Google graphic! It was a delicious fumble–so overtly contrived and phony–in perfect keeping with most of what the left does. The left doesn’t have a hold on women–at least not informed women with personal dignity. Their tactics belie who they really are. Their take on women is insulting and that is why it is backfiring among other things. Suck it phonies.

  • MADgirl91

    I think it was Laura Ingraham who said that the starting salary for a Georgetown Law grad is something like $160K/yr. So this gal couldn’t take out a $3000 student loan to cover her BC pills? And why doesn’t the boyfriend need to contribute?

    And what about AIDS? Did someone develop a vaccine against it so now no one worries about promiscuity?

    I hope she does stay in the media so people can hear things like this.

  • The Def Leprecon

    I would like to know what dire consequences her friends suffered for not having insurance/taxpayer provided contraception. She NEEDS to speak up and list them and back them up with proof. And I don’t want to hear about it being ovatian cysts or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I have both. Have for 30+ years. Never used meds. My drs. never suggested the pill as a treatment. Was told I might not have kids due to that and treatment and radiation from when I was a young child for a different medical condition. I have 6 “Consequences”…they are called the greatest blessings of my life!!

  • Patty

    MEGYN KELLY, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Well, we both went to law school, and that’s about where it ends.

    This story jumped out at me in a significant way, and our viewers reacted to it immediately when we aired the sound bite of her testifying. This is before the whole controversy really erupted. Because I, like Ms. Fluke, went to law school. I also didn’t have a lot of money to pay; didn’t look like her parents are paying for her. She’s got a scholarship. I don’t know where she gets the rest of the money. But we have very, very different attitudes about what it meant to be in law school.

    Let me tell you… I didn’t go to Georgetown; I went to Albany. Georgetown is a top 14 law school. Ms. Fluke would have the world believe that she is somehow a victim because she is at Georgetown Law School and is not getting her contraception paid for by the law school.

    When I went to law school, which I put myself through for $100,000 dollars of debt, I didn’t expect anybody to pay for my health insurance, which I had none of. No health insurance. And I’m sure a lot of your viewers can relate right now, because they, too, didn’t have health insurance. They too didn’t have anybody paying their way through college or for… or through professional school.

    So, I put myself $100,000 dollars into debt. Didn’t have health insurance at all, never mind contraception coverage. And never once did I think of myself as a victim who needed somebody else to step in and pay for those things for me.

    O’REILLY: But you went to law school in the 1930s, right?

    KELLY: Starting to feel that way. Early ’90s.

    O’REILLY: Aren’t we… aren’t we getting more benevolent in this country now that we’re extending the government largess to people to make their lives better? I mean, isn’t that the theme of the Obama administration?

    KELLY: Ironically, I think that Sandra Fluke has done more to undermine support for that type of program for the President’s health-care law than anybody else in recent memory. Because listen…

    O’REILLY: But the polls show… the latest polls show that President Obama, his support among American women has gone up seven points. All right? Because, I guess women think that he’s sticking up for them.

    Read more:


  • Patty

    And look at Kelly now. She is a real woman. Very enlightening.

  • Patty

    We have many challenges ahead of us. We are facing some of the biggest debt in our History. We are fighting for the next generation and those beyond. This is not being addressed enough. This distraction and whether birth control should be covered by Health care is on of the most ridiculous issue and a waste of time.

    Priorities first is to get rid of Obama care and vote them all out of office. Radicals and Activist do not defined America. The waste of time at this hearing was a dog and pony show. Nothing more and nothing less.

  • burt

    How did grandma survive for 90 years without free birth control?

  • JoyO

    SOCIALISM at work but what can we expect when our 60’s Underground Weathermen are training our teachers!

  • Melissa USA

    If “birth control” is a “natural human right” then I want Sandra to pay for my ammo!

    Stupid donkey.

  • dnb

    Could someone remind me of the dire consequences inflicted upon Ms. Fluke and her friends? I thought the president said a baby is a mistake, not a dire consequence. And when is “How to raise a responsible child by Mr. and Mrs. (the proud parents of Sandra) Fluke” coming out? Maybe it could include tips from the parents of Lindsey Lohan and Bill Ayers.

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  • Noovuss

    I would guess that Ms. Fluck could get at least half of the GOP in the Senate to agree with her stance.
    After all, it was the GOP that helped get Elena Kagan into the Supreme Court and I know she agrees……………….

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  • Marco

    I never in my life saw this type of give me give me give me. I have an idea get a job Fluke just like your 1% dad did and maybe you will understand that there is more to life than going to college for the last 12 years. I can’t believe that all you lib’s want everything for free except the ability to think for your self. When the lib’s are done with you they will say Fluke who!!!

  • This is all a Democratic Party red herring issue meant to distract all of you from the central issues of the 2012 presidential race.

    Apparently, the Democratic Party has outsmarted the conservatives… once again.

  • Neck Beard

    How come no one is asking her what condition her “friend” has, and what the medication is that’s being denied by the insurance plan? This anecdotal evidence let’s her make claims that are probably false. Some of my medication was paid for that wasn’t an approved drug on my insurance companies formulary due to a medical condition. Many drugs can be used for more than one purpose.

  • Economan

    This little *itch whines because she wants us to pay for her having sex… she is a whore. And no, I’m not paying for it.

  • Economan

    It’s not a “right” if it violates someone else’s right, in this case our money. Our money is our property and she is demanding I lose my right to retain it so she can have a made-up one.


  • micro

    Interesting how the democrats and leftists want the government to intervene to force insurance companies and employers to pay for BCPs but claim to want the government and others out of the “bedroom” in the interest of privacy rights. It’s a rather schizophrenic view.

  • Political prick

    So she can afford to go to a $45,000 a year law school, but the slut can’t pay $1,000 a year for birth control. You whore, you were probably giving it away in high school for free. Now go on the street corner and earn that rubber money!!!!!

  • valerie

    For me, the really dangerous aspect of this controversy is that it will eventually lead to rule making that essentially requires abortion.

    The reason why Roe v. Wade is still the law of this land is due to, among other things, a discussion about a grant of power to the government. If you grant the power to intervene in a decision to the government, you cannot control which way that decision will go.

    Once you get government-paid contraception, you also can get consequences (such as denial of benefits) for failure to use that contraception, or for a bad test result, or for somebody’s idea of too many babies…..

    This is a power grab that will have serious consequences indeed, oh, for the parents of children with Down syndrome, for example.

  • Jeremy

    This slut needs to be sentenced to death for all the people she has killed and all the people that she wants to kill worldwide.

  • wanumba

    #96 March 13, 2012 at 2:02 pm
    Jeremy commented:
    This slut needs to be sentenced to death for all the people she has killed and all the people that she wants to kill worldwide.

    Planting nasty things here?

  • wanumba

    #70 March 13, 2012 at 11:44 am
    Patty commented:
    You cannot tell me Pelosi had everything to do with this. She has known who Flukey is for sometime.

    Every time I see those two names together, the question always comes unbidden … “Who approved and recommended the fat scholarship Fuke is riding on at Georgetown?”

  • Lyman G.

    Too bad we cannot check the accuracy of Fluke’s assertion that a friend requires contraceptives for a painful medical condition. A contraceptive medically needed for an actual disorder should be covered by existing health insurance.

    This “story” is probably as true as her $3000 estimate for contraceptive costs

  • Ella

    If I must pay myself for my asthma medication which runs over $100 per MONTH which I need in order to breathe and LIVE, this woman should pay for her own recreational activities. There is no comparison.

  • i wonder how she feels about a person’s right to the fruits of their labor, the right that makes people free. if she has a right to things that other people have to work to provide they she has the power to make people her slaves. which is the whole purpose of marxism.

  • wanumba

    “Because we spoke so loudly, opponents of reproductive health access demonized and smeared me and others on the public airwaves. These smears are obvious attempts to distract from meaningful policy discussions and to silence women’s voices regarding their own health care”


    Fluke’s a real piece of work. Everything she says here is HER suppressing meaningful policy discussions and smearing thousands of graduate women for needing so much birth control to decorate her attack on Georgetown’s 1st Amendment rights. Rush Limbaugh has also been horribly smeared and his words twisted wildly out of context, and attacked through a uber partisan ambush to bring his entire show down, all also to distract from meaningful policy discussions.

    She admitted she’s planned this for years, and entered Georgetown under false pretenses.
    Speaking of:

    “I joined these students in speaking at a media event ”

    See? Fluke admits NO TESTIMONY only a “media event.”

  • Mad Hatter

    Am I the only one asking if this chic is on a payroll, or working with any of the anti American, Communist front groups? She pops up from out of nowhere, and the Dems are trying to make her the poster child of “Republican war on women”.

  • JustSaying

    Please ignore this activist……pretty sad when she has to beg – give her enough rope, she will eventually do herself in…fighting back with her is exactly what she is after, if she gets no feed back, the little 23 oh wait, 31 year old twerp will go away….keep it up and the next thing we will know, she will be on “Nancy with the laughing eyes, held up by botox – payroll…Please ignore!

  • She means I won’t be silent. She won’t be silent about something that is a nonstory, is a nonissue. Women have been able to obtain contraceptives for decades regarless of who they worked for, or what religion they were. It’s a private matter between a woman and her doctor. What the slut is saying is, she picked this university to go to because she found out that it didn’t have contraceptives or abortion covered by it’s student insurance. That’s the only reason why she went there. Other than that, she knows damn well that women can buy whatever they want, and they can pay for whatever they want. And have been able to for decades. She is saying that since she believes it a “natural right”, whatever that means, it’s not the same thing as a “God given right” because if it were a God given right it would be about life, not the death of human being. And if she doesn’t know the difference between the two then she not only a slut, but she’s a dumb slut!

    Besides this is all nothing but Saul Alinsky Rules For Radicals that says in it’s rules to make your opponent live by their own rule book. We’re always talking about “natural rights” an all, then she’s challenging what we believe should be natural rights and why it’s only certain rights that we believe are natural and the others are not natural rights at all. She wants us to be made to live by our rule book, and what would that be? We live by the Holy Bible that says anyone who does what she is doing is a slut, what is her rule book, and what does it say about what she’s demanding? Her book of rules is “Rules For Radicals” and it’s the same rule book that Nancy Pelosi uses to. She lives by Rules For Radicals in everything she says and does. So does Obama.

    Silence her? Why isn’t she having babies and in the kitchen cooking, and cleaning house for her husband who should be working his butt off in order to provide her with a home, food, clothing, transportation, and money to make their life enjoyable for both of them and their children. In other words she should be enjoying the benefits of being an American.

    How about not being silent about Americanism, and the benefit of being a woman in America. Would she rather be Islamic? Under Sharia? Wearing a birka? She should be more grateful that she lives in this country and not so angry about not getting something for nothing. She wants something that she doesn’t have a right to have for free.

  • JustSaying

    #105 – personally, she would look better in a birka…..

  • Pictured above…A Mutt and a Slut…….

  • Mairin7

    Two words: Humana Vitae
    We were warned what would happen to morality and society as a whole, should “birth control” be introduced. into our lives. Nowe we are paying for it, dearly. Abortion was a natural consequence of the thought process of, pregnancy is a disease to be avoided at all costs”. The natural purpose of human sexuality-progation-was denied, and the resultant Baby became a “tumor” to be cut out. Now we see a society where Pornography-mass produced ejaculatory aids to forego intimacy, true love and commitment altogether. We have sterilized women trying to imitate the false goddesses of porn, playing a part their hearts will never be able to live honestly. They play at slut and whore, still hoping to find a real man who wants a real relationship. Instead, they find men who now need Viagra just to “keep it up” because they’ve damaged their brain from all that sterile masturbation.

    We should have listened.

  • Pete Seeger

    Fluke looks like Joan baez. I can’t understand how she’s having too much sex… or any.

  • glitchus

    I wonder if the democrat’s slide in the polls was a Fluke? EPIC FAIL! I like this anonymous comment I saw on Instapundit; “Georgetown law students who want free contraception are really not as awesome of a victim group as it might seem on first look.” (HEH.)

  • squeaky

    follow the breadcrumbs straight back to the dnc. if the crumbs were dollars we could probably balance the budget.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    If a person is sufficiently mature to legally engage in sexual activities, he/she is sufficiently mature to obtain all the props/ aids/ embellishments/ necessities that go along with such behaviors. It’s called “personal responsibility”. Let me suggest that Ms. Fluke should familiarize herself with the concept. It may come in handy in other areas of her life.

    That said, I wish the barking dingos of the Left would just shut up about what they claim society “owes” to addle-pated moonbats who choose to flaunt their dysfunctional behavior in public. They keep demanding not only that I “tolerate” it, but heck, they want me to SUBSIDIZE it. What goes on in somebody else’s bedroom is none of my business. I don’t need to know about it. I don’t *want* to know about it. And I *REALLY* don’t want to be forced to pay for it.

    Ms. Fluke, Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Obama — and all your sycophant newsrags — this includes ALL of you.



  • Wayne

    “I won’t be silenced!”

    Neither will I Sandra.

    A natural human right? Is that a joke?

    No Sandra. The 50 million aborted babies had a natural human right that was ignored. Buy your own damn pills.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “…the stories of my friends at Georgetown Law who have suffered dire medical consequences because our student insurance does not cover contraception for the purpose of preventing pregnancy.”

    If the student insurance (that she doesn’t pay for herself, I would presume) doesn’t cover it, why can’t she go out and get it on her own?

  • ploome

    Think of it this way…..maybe this idiot will not reproduce?

  • Charlie

    Oh, she’ll be silenced ok, soon as the dems figure out what it’s doing to their chances for re-election.



  • RonF

    Access to contraception is a right. But it is not an entitlement. You have every right to walk into a pharmacy and buy BC pills. You are not entitled to take money out of my pocket to do so. My refusal to buy your BC pills does not equal me denying you access to them.

  • Carlos

    Hmmmm. Under WHICH constitutional amendment is free birth control guaranteed? The 69th?

  • a perfect example of the basic bone of contention in american life; who should pay for what liberal america wants. should the liberal pay for it themselves or should the liberals be able to get the government to force someone else to pay for it.

    remember the government was suppose to serve you. it is not suppose to a weapon to force you to do what liberal america wants.

  • donh

    The price of GAS must have gone up another 10c. Obama’s answer to rising prices is fewer babies…So he drags out this Mother Flucker when prices tick up.

  • RonF

    I suggested on a leftist site that celibacy was one option for people who couldn’t afford BC. I was treated as a complete nut and not to be taken seriously. Sex apparently must not even be considered as something to be controlled within one’s own ability to support the consequences.

  • InOhio

    No one I know of plans to ‘shut her up’. Let her rave- she sounds dumber and more desperate every time she opens her mouth.

    She is going to make a great lib lawyer. SHe has proven she can babble nonsense with the best of them!

    Backfired! So sad. (I love Rush.)

  • Ma

    Like Maggie’s Farm suggestion that we all mail Ms Fluke and/or her PR firm condoms to show her how much we care.

  • myohmy

    Nobody is silencing you, Miss Busybody. You just don’t speak for all women.

  • Laura

    According to an article in the Daily Rash, Sandra Fluke says that former congressman Anthony Weiner told her that her that the Constitution guarantees free contraception.

  • mrt
  • a former dem

    I’m pro-choice, and I think this woman is NUTS!

    Buy your own damn contraceptions, PP is giving them for free!

    omg, these people are making themselves look stupider every single day, and the DNC can’t figure out why women voters, even pro-choice women voters, have figured out the DNC’s herding tactics.

    My view of Georgetown has completely changed, for the worse.

  • Ma

    Unfortunately this free stuff is the law of the land and it’s starts in August 2012 unless the Supremes who will be hearing arguments on March 26th put a stop to this train wreck.

  • Sandy

    When the Libs run out of ideas — all they have left is sex. They bore the heck out of me.

  • bg
  • Charles Cheek

    Is there some special place where the Left goes to dredge up these morons? Doesn’t this woman/child understand just how foolish she appears. And to think she was accepted to Georgetown Law. The thought of her becoming an attorney is absolutely nauseating.

  • DeeDee

    For all the liberals saying that they are the “smart ones” and conservatives are uneducated and dumb, it seems that even though Ms. Fluke was accepted to Georgetown University her elevator does not go all the way to the top. No one wants to take birth control away from anyone else, the issue here is not mandating Catholic insitutions to provide something that goes against their religious beliefs. Weren’t Mulims waived out of Obamacare because it was against their religious beliefs? Then why can’t the same courtesy be extended to Catholics?

  • SRG
  • GGMac

    She obviously doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together…so let’s take up a collection and buy her a bottle of aspirin: 325 mg the perfect size to hold between her knees. Inexpensive, and effective, in spite of the thought of it driving libs bonkers. The last thing the country needs is for her to reproduce.

  • Bob

    “promised today that she will not be silenced. ”

    Yes, you will. As soon as Obama makes a few phone calls to his toadies in the press your ugly butt will vanish from the airwaves. You’re nothing but a tool. Have fun on the scrap heap!

  • snyderart

    “Fluke” Definintion [fluhk]
    Perhaps we can make this one of the most interesting and colorful words in the English language today: It is the word “fluke”. It is the one magical word which, just by its sound, can describe the democrats vision of redistribution, social justice, and pain. In language, “fluke” falls into many grammatical categories. It can be used as a verb, both transitive (Obama fluked the country) and intransitive (The oil industry was fluked by Obama’s administration). It can be a passive verb (Obama really doesn’t give a fluke about religion), an adverb (Obama is fluking interested in destroying out Constitution), or as a noun (Sandra is a terrific, leftist fluke). It can also be used as an adjective (Food stamps are fluking stupid) or an interjection (Fluke! I voted for Obama in 2008!).

  • Shawn

    Pay for it yourself. Otherwise don’t have sex.

  • usamopatriot

    Reminds me of an old Elton John song……”The Bitch Is Back”……

  • rosie

    who have suffered dire medical consequences because our student insurance does not cover contraception for the purpose of preventing pregnancy.
    No, any “dire medical consequences” would be due to the decision made by the “adults” involved in the activity after using any adjacent brain cells that may exist in their heads…..or perhaps by the years of putting unnecessary chemicals that can also cause embolisms in women (nurses stating they see one out of three embolisms caused that innocent little cheap “pill”)….or perhaps by people who end human life within such women…now those are “dire” consequences. Then again, Georgetown genius, you do know that that innocent “little pill” also can act as an abortifacient without you and your CINO brainiacs even being aware. It can act to make the uterine lining inhospitable to the conceived life so that it can’t implant and find its natural home. After all, that scary “morning after pill”/recognized abortifacient, is just a stronger version of your ordinary, everyday “pill”. And you’re asking good human beings to be complicit with all of that to other people’s bodies? Nope, that’s on you and your ilk.

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  • rosie

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to call in another type of Cesar Millan to just go “shhht” whenever these annoying “pets” of the left start their relentless mindless barking. They’re such lemming types they’d probably be susceptible to such basic conditioning. And it would be a nicer world in which to live by the sensible.

  • vangrungy

    why isn’t Fluke on a slut march like all the other uncovered meat for muslim rapists?

  • Jeffery

    What is so suprizing is they are not promoting “safe sex”. They are promoting “sex, not to make a baby”.

    Poor old Sandra got “Fluked” (new word).

    It’s not a 4 letter word anymore.

    That’s something she will have to live with the rest of her life.

  • line

    How humiliating for women. Are we not responsible enough to figure out our birth control without Big Daddy Government? Oh how helpless.

  • Jeffery

    Keep taking the free stuff honey so you dont have kids that will be made fun of in later years.

    Poor old gal. She has made her bed.

  • RS

    No, No, No!

    Free big screen ultra HD 3D NFL and Major League Baseball games with free beer is a human right.

    So birth control isn’t even required much of the time.

    Let’s get our priorities straight, shall we?

  • Liberal Woman aka Whore

    Birth Control pills do more than prevent pregnancy. What other health ailments aside from erectile dysfunction do Viagra and Cialis treat other than impotence? This is where the disparity lies…I don’t mind my money paying for men to get a hard on as long as I can get the quality of life medicine I need so that I don’t bleed for 3 weeks out of every 4.

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  • Thomas

    LOL A new Nancy Pelosi in the making. Get the botox needles ready.
    Crazy woman in the house, please turn out the lights when she finally leaves.

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  • “opponents of reproductive health access demonized and smeared me and others on the public airwaves.”

    Really? Maybe you should ask the millions of TEA Party activists who were called “teabaggers” in a vulgar attempt to denigrate them by everyone in the Mainstream Media (always with a little giggle because weren’t they so effing clever?) because they were opponents of big government. They were called racists, extremists, terrorists, too.

    No one tried to silence you – you trotted your activist ass to Capitol Hill for a fake TV hearing and have been going from microphone to microphone ever since. No one’s silencing you, and at least Rush apologized. Sarah Palin’s still waiting for her call from Maher and LouisCK.

  • Jack

    In that sense, men deserve govt sponsored free sex because that’s a health issue. Good sex keeps men healthy in body and mind. This is a fact. So if the women get free cotraceptives, then men should get free clean prostitutes that can be called over through the health clinics. I think that is where we are headed to.

  • Jack

    American women are totally out of control. The truth spoken is always like a bitter pill that is hard to swallow. Rush hit the nail on the head.

  • gaohfawdaowdihaoiwdhaowidhaowidhawoihdawodihaw

  • As soon as I detected this internet internet site I went on reddit to share some with the really like with them.

  • John Doman

    Wow. Free birth control is a natural human right.
    Freedom to not violate your religion when you hire someone, apparently, is not.

  • Brigadon

    free expensive chemical pills for entertainment purposes is a natural human right?

    Cool, I want some free cocaine. where do I sign up?