Hot-And-Bothered Coed Who Demanded Free Birth Control From Congress Responds to Critics – Insists She’s No Prostitute (Video)

On Thursday night, MSNBC’s Ed Schultz interviewed hot-and-bothered Georgetown coed Sandra Fluke, the woman who went before a Congressional panel and demanded free birth control for herself and her peers. Sandra Fluke, who was mocked by Rush Limbaugh on his radio show this week, insisted she was no prostitute for wanting government to pay for her sex at college.
Mediaite reported:

Schultz asked Fluke for her reaction to Limbaugh’s comments:

I guess my reaction is the reaction a lot of women have when they’ve been called these names. Initially you’re stunned but then, very quickly, you’re outraged because this is, historically, the kind of language that is used to silence women, especially women who stand up and say that these are their reproductive health care needs and this is what they need. And what’s been amazing to me today is the outpouring of support. Everyone from members of Congress to Georgetown faculty to so many women who’ve contacted me, and I think it’s clear from what they’ve said that they’re not going to be silenced by this.

Fight on, Sandra. Free birth control is a necessity. It’s a human right.

UPDATE: Hang in there, relief is on its way — A Save the Georgetown Sluts page was just created on Facebook.

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  • KornKing

    So Sandra-how about I pay for your pills and you pay for my cigarettes?

  • Militant Conservative

    Still a self decibed slut

  • Bogdan from Australia

    Along the infamous Betty the “moocher” this individual must be the most bizarre example of a PARASITIC MIND. One can only imagine how much damage to America and the humanity as a whole this little whore will cause when she becomes a fully fledged ideologe, apologist and at the some time an administrator of a PARASITIC SECTOR of America in the shape of a leftist “lawyer”.

    In her totally degenerated morality she resembles another legal whore, Gloria Alred famous for destroying the candidacy of Herman Cain.

  • Sickofobama

    Fluke is a flake and knows she will only be taken seriously on the dark side.

    I say screw her – oh wait – she is the one who wants to screw while someone else is paying for it.

    She is the worst actor ever – but not as bad as all the FemiNazis in Congress.

  • Ajenable

    Why doesn’t Sandra explain why $9 a month for birth control is out of reach for a Georgetown Law school student? Or explain where she came up with the $3000 for 3 years of contraception figure? No one has a right to free anything! Nothing is free!

  • Cee

    I don’t know why I should help pay for her – or any one else’s – birth control. If you cannot afford it, try abstaining. What man wants to marry someone who has slept around and announced it to the world. Having low moral standards is nothing to be proud of.

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  • Erik

    You know, I figure a law student are confident enough to get the guys to buy condoms every other time. That would mean the average co-ed law student uses up 10 condoms a day over three years. How on earth does she have time to be in front of a panel???

    Being pregnant is not a disease, so birth control in itself is not a health issue. If it’s truly a health issue, condoms is the only alternative since it protects against diseases. And since it’s usually guys that pay for condoms, it really shouldn’t be much of a problem for co-ed lawstudents with way too much time spent away from their studies.

  • regularguy

    PLEASE! I’m begging you, NEVER remain silenced about your ridiculous arguments, Sandra!

    Millions of disengaged but nevertheless hard-working Americans need to discover the depravity of the left and the lengths to which leftists will go to thieve their money.

  • Oldsailors Poet

    Her Parents must have been so proud as she sat in front of congress calling herself a communist whore. Too bad she wasn’t a fat slob, then she could have been part of a liberal lesbian group asking for us to pay for her strap on tools. That’s a sob story I would like to hear.

  • Joe Blow

    Funny, our daughter in law questioned me when I said times were much worse now about sex than they were in the 60’s sexual revolution. I certainly didn’t know anyone that was screwing that much. Reminds me of a song from that time named something like Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkel
    Making love in the afternoon
    With Cecilia
    Up in my bedroom
    (Making love in my bed)
    I got up to wash my face
    When I come back to bed
    Someone’s taken my place
    When do they study. I bet if they gave up their booze and fancy coffee they could afford birth control!

  • Rammer12

    Now this really is a shining example of “The Audacity of Hope”.

  • jorgen

    She is practising screwing clients already in law school!

  • This is liberalism

  • SteveM

    The only reason to pay for her birth control is to prevent another one of her being born. I hope her parents are very proud of her. If you can find where they are hiding right now.

  • LarryM

    “Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz,
    my friends all drive Porches I must make amends
    worked hard all my life Lord no help from my friends,
    Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz…………”

    Janis Joplin

    Even Janis is laughing at you Sandra

  • Candy

    @Erik Good call; What kind of lawyer can’t convince the guy to get condoms.

    BTW, there used to be very few STDs before birth control, how many are there now?… and birth control pills don’t help with that.

    Let’s have a vote on how many more guys would buy/use a condom knowing the female was on birth control?

    It’s neither reproductive or health. I wonder how she would fair in a sharia law country?

    Such irony, coming up before men begging for her private, stay out of my bedroom ‘rights’, being paid for by our public, I didn’t have sex with you, it’s your responsibility tax dollars.

    Wake up girls, you are not men and you can’t walk away like sexual bulimics because you’re too clueless to value your body, (so much for feminist self-esteem), or use a brain cell before sex to think of possible consequences. Freedom and license are two different things.

    Where is her father?

  • theBuckWheat

    Socialism is the ideology that we can (and must) live at the expense of others and that we all will be better off for it. Of course, Christians know how this must, by definition, violate the Commandments that forbid coveting and theft. Since we now know how it destroys an economy, it is also a very big lie.

  • This is how women are silenced? What a load of nonsense! You do not *need* to be sleeping around. You do not *need* me to pay for your birth control pills.

    What you need is to close your legs.
    If you really want to be serious about gaining an education to place yourself equal with men, and continue to shatter the glass ceiling, then show that you are not an animal, and can withhold from jumping in bed with everyone…UNTIL you can either afford the birth control yourself, or pay for the child.

    PS. you seem to be able to afford college at a very nice university.

    So-the name stays. Sleeping around and wanting me to pay=equals prostitute.

  • donh

    The way Sanda Fluck looks like Sigourney Weaver …we should all be concerned what pops out of her stomach….>>

  • gastorgrab

    She wants to write off birth control as a ‘Work Expense’, but she’s “not a prostitute”?

    If her physical relationships are not a necessity, and whether or not to have sex at all is still under her control, then birth control falls under the category of ‘Recreational Supplies’.

    I suppose she also wants a set of taxpayer-funded knee pads so she can give better blow jobs?

  • iamsaved

    Not sure when birth control became a woman’s “healthcare” issue. Would eating dinner every day be considered healthcare? You need it to survive. How about drinking water? Another healthcare issue. I guess Uncle Sugar should pay for that too. But then again, he already does for many people. On a side note, I just went to the local BJs on the 1st of March and never saw it so busy. The clerk said it was food stamp day. It was amazing to watch Obama’s Food Stamp Army on the move. It was a sight to behold. My advice, don’t go to major stores that sell groceries on the first day of the month.

    Back to the subject, I always thought prostitution was when one party paid another for sex regardless of who the benefactor was. Santorum was correct. College these days does nothing but teach leftist, liberal idealogy. This woman has lost all sense of reason if she can make the statements she did before Congress with a straight face.

  • whitestone

    Sooo… let me get this straight: If contraceptives are part of a woman’s “reproductive health care” does that imply that sexual activity is a disease and should be treated as such? Perhaps she should buy a vibrator… cheaper and safer in the long run. Hell, I might even be willing to spring for the batteries…

  • MN Jim

    I don’t want to pay for it unless I’m getting some of it. From the numbers, it looks like one would have to take a number and stand in line.

  • gastorgrab

    Can someone please explain how birth control is a “womens-only” issue?

  • Sally T.

    Her parents must be so proud.
    Rush is right.

  • I’m surprised Fluke didn’t demand the Government pay for the hotel room, as well.

  • DaMav

    All this outrage over a woman who wants us to pay for her sex activities by the same hypocrites who stood silent as Palin was called even worse and even had porn movies made mocking her. Or Michelle Malkin, who takes far more abuse daily. Or Ann Coulter.

    Sorry libs, your piggy hooves are too filthy to squeal in self righteous indignation.

  • wanumba

    “I guess my reaction is the reaction a lot of women have when they’ve been called these names. Initially you’re stunned but then, very quickly, you’re outraged because this is, historically, the kind of language that is used to silence women, especially women who stand up and say that these are their reproductive health care needs and this is what they need.”


    OH, the violins!!!

    Not as outraged as we are she wants us to pay for her lesbian girlfriend’s birth control pills. Exactly what “reproductive needs” do two lesbians actually have?
    They aren’t “reproducing.”

    Sorry, Missy Susie, you look pretty well-fed, well-dressed and you are attending a top top top expensive lawschool, which means you have afforded already a bachelors. How come your girlfriend is not speaking up for herself? SHe’s a graduate student, too, right? Cat got her tongue?

    I want to send my money to a poor woman in Africa who cannot afford prenatal care or life-saving vaccinations for her baby. Can we weight the merits of her need on $230 a year income versus your fabulous personal wealth? Or do you ALSO expect us to pay for your worthless law degree after graduation?

    It’s getting pretty tight disposable income wise with OBama and the Democrats stripping us of our own money, so it’s pay for:
    spoiled rich brats or
    health care for dirt poor Third World women.

    Normally, it’d be an easy call, but the racist Democrats so ‘love’ black Africans they want them “reproduction righted” OUT OF EXISTENCE.

  • Jenny

    Right, go ahead and fight back, whiner. Your argument doesn’t make sense and to a majority in this country, you and your liberal democrat friends look PATHETIC. Keep pushing for more free stuff. We are going to fight, too. And I am not going to pay for yours or anyone else’s birth control OR health care. That is a promise.

  • Jeffery

    Sandra, Sandra, Sandra…

    You’re upset because Rush Limbaugh criticized your morals?!? Mr. Limbaugh is the prototype for conservative self control: obese, married 4 times, no children (so we must assume his slut wives use birth control or he shoots blanks), and a junkie who sent the hired help out to get his fixed. In 2006, while between wives, he was detained returning from a Caribbean nation known for their child sex trade packing an illegal erectile dysfunction drug.

    Yesterday, this brave patriot was pissing his panties because a fan sent him a package, calling in the local government bomb squad. I hope he paid the total expenses for this false alarm.

    The current future ex Mrs Limbaugh is former prostitute Kathryn Rogers (they “dated” for years before they married and had no children so we must assume the use of birth control or multiple abortions).

    So Sandra, please do not be bothered when the head of the conservative movement in America questions your morality, as it’s hard to find a less moral person in the US.

  • Luddite

    Article points out that the nearby Target store sells birth control pills for $9 a month. Someone who is paying $23432.50 per semester for law school can’t pay $9 a month more?

    So is she a lying prostitute or just a liar.

  • Marie

    Does this woman realize that she has stigmatized herself for the rest of her life? She isn’t smart enough to realize the damage she has brought on herself.

  • Fuquay Steve

    She puts the ho in hoya!

  • Stella Baskomb

    “these are their reproductive health care needs and this is what they need.”

    Contraception is now a reproductive need?

    Today George Orwell would be SO proud.

  • Ura Dumbass

    Limbaugh pays his own way. Clearly, that’s concept the Jeffries of America don’t understand. Now go to the clinic for your Methodone hit and then crawl back into your tent.

  • Jerry C

    @ #31 Jeffery-“Mr. Limbaugh is the prototype for conservative self control: obese, married 4 times, no children (so we must assume his slut wives use birth control or he shoots blanks), and a junkie who sent the hired help out to get his fixed.”

    Typical libturd for brains. Attack the messanger but not the message since you have no facts to support your position. Read #36 response to educate yourself. But then again, it takes a brain to do that so I’m not waiting.

    Liberalism is a mental disease.

  • Multitude

    Some of the rich progressive men pay for their girlfriends college, subsidize their apartments and pay for things like their birth control. But in exchange, they’re able to get some action from the girlfriends. In that respect, Ms. Fluke is somewhat correct that society doesn’t call girls like her a prostitute, since that tends to suggest a woman available for sex paid by the incident or the hour.

    Ms. Fluke is more like a paid whore, except she’s presumably not sleeping with her sugar daddy (all of us) but rather cheating on him. This does present somewhat of a language dilemma: do we call Ms. Fluke a cheating whore? An unfaithful mistress?

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  • 66chevelle

    “…this is, historically, the kind of language that is used to silence women, especially women who stand up…”

    Stand up? When does she have the time to get off her back?

  • Rev. Wright ain’t right upstairs

    No offense, but who would want to tap this gal?

    BTW, check out this bit of satire that has the Lefty women in a uproar. It was referred to by James Taranto from the WSJ:

    Check the outrageously funny comment section where many of the lefty women don’t recognize it as satire.

  • retire05

    #31, Jeffrey, someone at DailyKos is going to get upset that you are stealing their material. Remember, Ms. Fluke is just one of the brain dead people who become tort lawyers who would be more than happy to sue you on the basis of copyright infringement because you pilphered their stupid remarks.

    But you see, Ms. Fluke seems, like you, to think that everything in life should be a free ride. She is already getting a free ride at Georgetown University, i.e. she’s not picking up the tab for the over $60K/yr in costs to go to Georgetown. She’s a scholarship student, but not an academic scholarship student.

    Now, my local CVS says they offer generic birth control pills for $9.00/month. My local factory of death, Planned Parenthood, tells me that the cost of birth control pills are on a sliding income scale, so if this whiner has no income, the pills are free with a doctor’s perscription. And it just so happens, there is a PP office less than a mile from Georgetown University. Think about her health and how much healthier she would be if she simply walked that mile.

    Ms. Fluke will screw her way through law school, and then, if she tests HIV positive, will think that the rest of us should cover the cost of her [then very expensive] health care, because what the hell, why should people ever be held responsible for their own actions?

    She is a disgrace to every young woman who is trying to get a degree in something worthwhile (at least she is not majoring in Nigerian Women’s Basket Weaving or some other stupid major), because she is more concerned with her ability to use her body for a pleasure vessel than her mind for a learning vessel.

    I, and the rest of the people in this nation, don’t owe her a damn thing. If she wants to screw her way through law school, fine, just not on my dime.

  • Jeffery

    jerry c… What did Mr. Limbaugh do but attack the messenger? Can you understand my point?

    Ms. Fluke was not asking for the government to pay. She was not asking for something for nothing. She pays health care premiums (as we all do) and is asking that the company cover contraception in addition to covering Limbaugh’s Viagra and Methadone.

    It’s a policy discussion and the leader of the your American conservative movement calls a college student trying to discuss this issue a slut and a prostitute. And not one conservative points out that this not proper. In fact, Jim Hoft celebrates it!

    Over half of private health insurance plans cover contraception. Are all the women covered sluts or prostitutes?

    Over half the states require private insurance to cover contraception. Are the women of these states sluts or prostitutes?

    Is there not one conservative with the courage to stand up to Mr. Limbaugh? He is leading you into the sewer.

    Mr. Limbaugh. You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

  • John

    Remember ‘homeless advocate’ Mitch Snyder, who was the go-o guy for the big media to portray Reagan and GHWB as hartless fascists in the 1980s? Before he killed himself in 1990, Rush got into it with him over the numbers of homless people he was claiming there were in America. Snyder’s totals were wildly inflated, because none of the big media outlets would run the numbers themselves and call him on it.

    That’s kind of the same thing that just happened to Ms. Fluke, but with the new media, in a far more sped up fashion. If you’re going to go to Congress and demand free birth control because people can’t afford it, you can’t go there and then admit the contraceptives cost as little as 30 cents a day if you get the $9-a-month stuff from Walmart or Target. So she and her handlers came up with the $3,000 number under the idea that nobody would run the numbers and confirm that was the number, and that the actual figure wasn’t up to 90 percent below that.

  • myohmy

    You do not speak for all women. You are just the idiot tool for the democratic party who wants to enhance your resume to get a gig in DC. Somebody from DC thinks we needs another Monica Lewinsky, right?

  • Jeffery


    Let me repeat. Contrary to the right-wing narrative, this is not about getting something for nothing. People pay insurance premiums and in return the costs of healthcare services are shared across a larger population. At one time these plans did NOT cover prenatal care, but after discussion they now universally do.

    The question is whether private insurance plans should cover contraception. There are serious economic, health, social and moral components to the discussion to consider. Mr. Limbaugh ignored these issues and instead called a college student vile names.

    College students can actually make the case that they are getting cheated since as a group they make very few claims on health insurance compared to older folks (being healthier as a group compared to older Americans).

    The elderly American paying under-market price for government subsidized Medicare and drugs while consuming vast amounts of health services are actually getting something for nothing! But that is how insurance works.

    By the way, if the horrible Mr. Limbaugh called my daughter a slut or a prostitute my sons and I would take turns kicking his fat ass up and down his gold plated driveway.

    This issue may fire up the 23%ers but will not help the Repubs in Nov.

  • KornKing

    Well Jeffy-“Mr Limbaugh” has actually framed the issue at hand quite well, but I’m sure that doesn’t matter since you’ve been able to delve to the depths of the issue with your brilliant observation that “he’s a big fat idiot”.
    States do have the right (too bad) to put mandates in their health insurance laws, of course, when this is done the cost of the plans soar. Then you and your unicorn and rainbow brigade somehow think you can point to the insurer as the villain of the higher costs.
    Too bad you have no knowledge of basic economics or basic insurance principles. Might I suggest you begin putting your money where your mouth is and giving your entire income to Planned Parenthood.

  • Chris in N.Va.

    As someone on another blog has noted:

    When you demand that *I* pay for *your* contraception, especially because *you* don’t want to pay for it, then indeed *your* sex life *does* become my business.

    Keep on protesting (methinks the lady doth protest too much) so everyone can observe the whiny I’m-entitled-to-everything-including-someone-else-wiping-my-butt Liberal entitlement mentality.

  • retire05

    Jeffrey, NO, this bimbo doesn’t have the right to try to tell the University she attends, for free, I might add, how to run their university once she gets there.

    If Sandra Fluke did not like the insurance plan provided by the university because it did not cover birth control, she was more than FREE to attend another university that does. But you see, she thinks she has the right to tell the university what she wants and it should jump through all the hoops to provide what she wants because, after all, like all liberals, she is soooooo special.

    As a free citizen of a still somewhat free nation, she has the right to attend another university, and pay for it herself. You may not want to call her a slut (which she most certainly is acting like one) but she is definately a leech who thinks that she has the right to conduct herself in any manner she chooses (screwing her way through law school) but wants others to be responsible for the cost of her choices.

    If Sandra Fluke maintains the right to have sex, she needs to accept the responsibility of paying for her own contraception. Rights with responsibility; a concept you seem to not understand.

  • tj

    Sandra should use the old fashioned method of birth control. It’s very inexpensive.. it involves just one aspirin!

    Place the aspirin between your knees and hold tightly!

    You can even reuse the aspirin!

  • retire05

    Jeffrey, when you buy an health insurance policy, you are engaging in contractual commerce. You purchase a plan based on the cost of the plan and the benefits the plan provides. Ms. Fluke attends a Catholic university which offers a health care plan, minus contraceptives, for approx. $1,700/per year. If Ms. Fluke, who portends to want to be an attorney, purchased the health care plan offered by the university, without reading the contract, what kind of piss poor lawyer is she going to make?

    There are other insurance plans on the market for her to choose from. She should have done her homework (instead of worrying about the ramifications of her loose life-style) and purchased a plan that met her needs.

    Like all spoiled, whining liberals, she accepts something then wants to change it because she doesn’t agree with it. She wants the university to accomodate her life style. This is exactly what I told you yesterday. You want to be able to dictate to employers what benefits they provide. If you don’t like the benefits an employer provides, get another job where those benefits are provided.

    Liberals are always saying that the government has no business in their personal life, yet you support this woman who is trying to tell government to get involved in her personal life. It is hypocracy, pure and simple.

  • contessa1

    Free birth control is available and paid for by taxpayers. Go and visit your local planned parenthood and pick up some wraps…quit begging for more handouts.

  • Jeffery


    So it is unacceptable for a customer to ask an insurance company to change their coverages?

    And if you do so, you deserve to be called a slut and a prostitute by the most powerful leader of the Conservative movement in America. Got it.

    If I were Mr. Limbaugh I’d be concerned that Ms. Fluke’s dad may show up to kick his fat butt.

  • TigerEyes

    If you ever take a break from screwing around Ms. Fluke, send the money you owe me for gas in my car as you and your greedy Liberals are interfering with our energy production and with the outrageous price of gas these days my Dog can’t get as many rides as she is “entitled to”. I also need extra money for electricity as your Liberal idea’s for “Smart Meters” have increased my electric bill by 30%. I also need more ammunition for my gun so I can go to target practice because it is my “Right” to protect myself from idiots like you.

  • Jeffery



    Mr. Limbaugh’s framing was to call a college girl with whom he disagreed a slut and a prostitute.

    What words are left to describe someone as depraved as Limbaugh?

    The most powerful Conservative in history verbally abuses a college girl for having a different opinion.

    I shouldn’t be surprised, but yet I am, that no Conservatives has had the courage to criticize Limbaugh’s outrageous behavior. Do you find his abuse of this girl acceptable yet are upset when his past behaviors are truthfully recited?

  • Michel

    We have already established what you are Ms Fluke. We are now only haggling over the price.

  • retired05

    Comment deleted and user banned for impersonating a fellow commenter. This was not written by retire05.

    Gateway Pundit Administrator

  • Jeffery



    You’re off topic but US oil and gas production is at an all time high under Obama. Your gas prices are currently high (but still below the 2008 peak iunder Republicans) because crude oil prices are over $100 a barrel because of supply threats (US/Israel threats against Iran), speculation, off line refineries, and increased demand. This is a short-term blip but a long-term issue.

    Contrary to the misinformation you get from the likes of Rush, Hoft, Newt and Mitt, US production has little impact on world oil prices.

  • CV1

    Hey, birth control isn’t just for women. It’s for men too! Certainly, the guy does not want her to get pregnant. If she does, she will either kill it or he’s in deep s**t for the next 18 years.

    I know a cheaper way to keep from getting pregnant, but everyone seems to want to abstain from mentioning it.

  • Jeffery


    I hear you! I am decades past my prime and sinking fast and the need for “protection” is a distant and vague memory. 🙂

    Best wishes!

  • Stephen Andrachek

    I believe the slut is getting her tuition paid for by the “government” too as an article on another site said. So on top of the taxpayers paying for her tuition at over $20,000 per semester (not year) and $10,000 per semester for a dorm room and food, she wants us to pay for her sexual habits too. What a professional moocher. Too bad she wasn’t aborted and I don’t even believe in abortion.

  • retire05

    #57, I see you are, once again, pumping up your miserable, useless life by pretending to be someone else.

    How pathetic your life must be that you have to pretend not to be yourself.

  • #58 Jeffery commented:



    Your gas prices are currently high (but still below the 2008 peak iunder Republicans) because crude oil prices are over $100 a barrel because of supply threats (US/Israel threats against Iran), speculation, off line refineries, and increased demand. This is a short-term blip but a long-term issue.

    Oil is based in dollars and our dollar has taken a severe hit under Owebama’s and Geithner’s tender mercies. You do remember the US’ AAA rating being downdgraded for the first time in our history (another first for Barry!)? When the value of the dollar plummets, the price of oil to us increases. Some of the factors you list are true, but it is the value of the dollar which is causing the most heartache at the gas pump.

    /Econ 101, or maybe 102. Try it, you’ll like it. On top of that, you study Econ 101 and 102 and you’ll have a serious leg up on our historically and economically illiterate P(OS)OTUS.

  • Dittogirl

    When the government dictates that an insurance company has to pay for birth control, everyone has to pay for it, whether they are in child bearing years or not. Whether they have had a vasectomy or tubes tied, they will have to pay for it.

    That would be like a man having to pay for pregnancy, abortion, or birth control pills even though he would never use the procedures/products. This is what she wants! And then everyones rates would go up! Everyone!

  • HeavyDee

    Jeffery commented:
    “So it is unacceptable for a customer to ask an insurance company to change their coverages?”

    I’m sorry Jeffery, but she’s not asking an insurance company to change their coverages. She’s demanding the Government force the insurance company to change its coverages.

    There’s a big, big difference between the two.

  • DavidC

    I was out walking and listening to Rush while he was riffing on the Georgetown coed. I was laughing away. The neighbors were looking at me and wondering. At one point, I had a moment of concern for the woman. But then Rush made another quip that had me in a full belly laugh. I decided that the she put herself out there by going before congress to make her case. She was open to whatever Rush had for her. Then another one from Rush. I went back to laughing away. It made the walk much more enjoyable.

  • KornKing

    She asked for it-if someone is stupid enough to piss on an electric fence….
    To try and hold this young women up as some sort of paragon of virtue explains a lot about the future of our country.

  • Voice of Reason

    Probably, if not a certainty, a Democrat plant. Condoms are cheaper.

  • Keith in Seattle

    There are two reasons for s e x, to make a baby OR for enjoyment. We all know that enjoyment = recreation. Why on God’s earth do I have to pay for someone else’s recreation? If that’s the case then when can I expect everyone to pay for a trip to Disneyland with my family?????????

  • Keith in Seattle

    #55 March 2, 2012 at 9:37 am
    Jeffery commented:



    Mr. Limbaugh’s framing was to call a college girl with whom he disagreed a slut and a prostitute.

    What words are left to describe someone as depraved as Limbaugh?

    The most powerful Conservative in history verbally abuses a college girl for having a different opinion.

    I shouldn’t be surprised, but yet I am, that no Conservatives has had the courage to criticize Limbaugh’s outrageous behavior. Do you find his abuse of this girl acceptable yet are upset when his past behaviors are truthfully recited?

    Really? We have to put up with this when you clearly have OlberRat, Madcow, Matthews, Maher and the list goes on and on? POT, MEET KETTLE…

  • olm

    Oh for Pete’s sake. That co ed either a. asked for taxpayer money to pay for her sexual escapades to be protected d or b. she is a willing accomplice to the DNC for this ridiculoous new entitlement.
    Either way she is getting paid to speak about slutty behavior.
    Sounds like a slut to me
    Keith, prove me wrong.

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  • Robert

    To Jeffery:

    Read #65 HeavyDee.

    I would add that the federal government has NO Constitutional power whatsoever to order private insurance companies how to run their business. According to the tenth amendment, she should be crying to her respective state legislature.

  • Robert

    Never mind everybody.

    As Sebilius said, “The reduction in the number of pregnancies compensates for cost of contraception.”

    Our owners have figured out how to run the business.

  • Highlander

    Exactly right Robert. This isn’t about what insurance companies cover … that’s between them, and their customers. It’s about the unconstitutional government intrusion into our lives, and into private business. Is there ANYTHING liberals don’t want the government to control?

  • Bill Thompson

    If she wants to spread her legs that often, that is her decision. However, she does not have the right to pick my pocket to pay for her sex supplies or the resultant bastard children that she eventually will have.

  • Singularity

    Why don’t the schools just come up with a rebate system? Why isn’t she petitioning the school to have them offset the cost of her contraception to her tuition? Because in that context, the audacity and stupidity of the endeavor becomes even more obvious. Calling her a slut misses the mark of the real issue, and really only serves to give her cause some traction. Fluke and her “never to be silenced” sisterhood can certainly say and do what they want freely, but to expect the government to pay for her personal life choices that do not provide a tangible contribution to society is just asinine. It is her decision to have sex, and no-one should have to fund her to make that choice. Abstinence should be the solution to that problem. Maybe a fund to pay for the psychological counseling for such inclined peoples who cannot control themselves would be where money would better be put to use. And even that is farcical.

  • Jeffery


    You are right. I should have also included the exchange rate as part of the reason for the increased cost of crude. As the dollar goes down (and US exports go up!!), import prices, including oil, also rise.

  • Jackson

    Bet she made Mom and Dad real proud of their sex craving daughter.

  • Patrick Cunningham

    As a liberal Democrat, I see the misogyny in this thread as another hopeful sign that the Republican right has gone so far off the tracks that our side is likely to win — and win big — in the November elections. Keep it up, folks.

  • Stella Baskomb

    Jeffery #46 “this is not about getting something for nothing”

    On the contrary, that – and then whining about it – is exactly what this is about.

    If it were not, Ms. Fluke would simply pay for her contraceptives.

  • Gary

    I haven’t seen anybody post this.

    Ed Schultz recently called Laura Ingraham a right wing slut.

    And Laura never said anything that could even be joked as slutty.

    Where is backlash?

    Facts. We answer their crap with the facts.
    We are all Breitbart now!

  • Gary

    Stella #81

    Jeffery is a libtroll who was recently assgned to this blog.
    Best just to ignore him. He has enough to do learning spell his fake name correctly.

  • bigkahuna

    I would tell that B*tch she is a slut and to shove it up her @ss…That way she wouldnt need contraception . Who is this skank banging so often anyway ? Desperate people there I see.

    She screws her way through college so she can screw us all after college?
    Is she on scholarship? Paying for college ? Go to cheaper school slut or get a job
    You have the right to close your legs and not be raped Thats all.
    Food is needed to live…Want us to pay for it too ? Water? Beer ?

    Why doesnt Obama and his left wing liberal jerkoffs start there own Insurance companies, car companies, solar companies and wind mill factories. They obviously think they can run everything better than those who have invested their own money to do so.

    They can pay high union wages, pay for all benefits they want, and make no profit. They will surely be successful like no other company and will become heros and rich.

  • bigkahuna

    Patrick Cunningham…you are a clueless D bag…Keep it up

  • Gary

    Patrick Cunningham

    Yes we will keep it up crybaby.
    And we’d love to be there to see your scowling lib face when Obama loses on November 6.

    Score one for Breitbart!
    We are all Breitbart now!

  • bigkahuna

    I bet this tramp has a smart phone, cable tv, car, nice clothes, eats well, internet, a house phone and parties like a rock star.

  • Gary

    I wish the congressional Republicans present had passed her a bottle of aspirin.
    Thanks to Santorum’s donor, the aspirin might become a new icon for combating this silly condom nonsense. Take the issue head on.
    When somebody demonstrates condoms, we demonstrate the aspirin technique.
    When they give out condoms at schools, we give out aspirins.

    They complain the kids might swallow the aspirins, we counter that he might well swallow the condom!


  • Gary


    I bet you’re right.
    It’s always the case.

    Show me somebody on tv complaining about having to choose between X and groceries. Then we should have a look inside their homes. Flatscreen TV, Blu-ray player, gaming consoles, nice furniture.

    Once upon a time, people would sell their stuff for money before asking for a handout to buy needed groceries.
    This chick isn’t broke and she’s demanding a handout for something she doesn’t even need.

    And the whole point of all this is to have us talking about condoms instead of the economy.

    Let’s get back on track.

  • an observer

    I see that Obama’s “fluffer” (Jay Carney) is coming to the defense of Sandra. I suspect that Obama wants to know if she’s a good lay.

  • Stuart

    Hey, you men out there. Remember the condom dispensing machines that were ubiquitous in the men’s rooms of a lot of the seedier bars and road houses? Here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor of a sure to be successful business venture. As condom machine service vendors we can demand a $3000 subsidy from the government for every customer, or potential customer serviced by our machines. I tell ya success is a sure thing. IT COULD BE BIGGER THAN SOLYNDRA! And provide a real service to boot.

  • SturJen

    I don’t understand why Ms. Fluke doesn’t just go pro and be done with it. I mean, if she’s going to quack like a duck, and waddle like a duck…then just be a duck.

    She’s a decently built female: Not skanky to look at, clean, keeps fit – I bet she can get a few hundred bucks a pop for her services. That would solve the problem of her being unable to afford her bc pills. She can deduct them on her taxes as a ‘business expense’.

    Heck, she’s openly admitting to something like 3 – 9 times a day…why not get paid to be on her back that much. I’m still wondering how a woman who is getting plucked up to nine times per day has time to get to her classes.

    And misogyny? It’s a made-up word meaning something so obtuse and general to be rendered meaningless. It’s like any other Lib-Created word, sounds really smart, but has no meaning.

  • Jess

    It’s interesting that the, ahem, “commenters from the other side” here refuse (so far) to address their own assertion, so I will rephrase it in simpler terms: why can’t people buy health insurance without assorted mandates?
    I can purchase car insurance & select coverage for glass breakage, breakdown assistance, towing, varying deductables, coverage limits, different types of coverage, billing options, and tie ins w/other products.
    I (do) buy my own health insurance, but I can’t pick & choose the coverage. Due to the various “mandates” I have to pay for insurance coverage for pediatrics (???), acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathic, alternative care, midwifery, prenatal care, reproductive care, and more – and I’m an (ahem) older man.
    Some here now support a move that would force (the definition of mandate) insurers to add various types of birth control to their plans… remind me again how progressive that is?

  • an observer


    Yes! She can become America’s “Belle de Jure.” Hooking her way through law school.

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  • CarmichaelPatriot

    I want my health insurance to cover red wine and dark chocolate, since both help to lower blood pressure. Can we get that, too? Please?? Pretty please??

    Hey Sandra, how much of the $3000 was used to buy drink for your “dates” so they’d develop beer goggles? I’m pretty sure they’d need them.

  • If Little Miss Liver Fluke can’t get her johns (oops, I meant paramours) to pay for her birth control, then maybe she isn’t attractive enough for “horizontal work” and should consider learning to do something more respectable.

    And yes, that would mean dropping out of law school and learning an honest trade.

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