Horrible… Obama Tells AIPAC He Supported Israel After Gaza Flotilla Interception …(Not True)

This was the winning photo of the year in Turkey in 2010 – a battered and bloody Israeli soldier aboard the Mavi Marmara.


Nine people were killed onboard the Gaza-bound Turkish ship after IDF troops who raided it encountered violent resistance by “peace activists” armed with an assortment of weapons. The “peace activists” threw stun grenades and beat the Israeli soldiers with pipes and chains.

In August 2011 the Obama Administration warned Israel to apologize to Turkey over its bloody interception of a Gaza aid flotilla in 2010, or risk strained ties with Washington. There were also reports that Barack Obama told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not to come to the White House to tell his side of the story after the bloody battle. Nearly two-thirds of Israelis were dissatisfied with Obama’s response to the Gaza Flotilla incident.

Today at AIPAC Obama told AIPAC that his administration supported Israel following the Gaza Flotilla interception.
It was just words.

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  • Joe College

    “The communications firm tied to the Occupy Wall Street movement recently spearheaded a major campaign to end Israel’s naval blockade of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.”


  • Dale

    Well, then it’s their fault if they’re going to be stupid and believe Dear Leader. Also, he recently compared himself to Nelson Mandela. Does that mean Obama is going to go and start blowing up train stations where there are lots of white people? That is how Nelson Mandela advanced his cause of black power and why he was in jail – don’t expect the American Media to ever report on that.

  • L.E. Liesner

    Obama has no shame, he tells one bald face lie after another and is never called on them. Owning the MSM has been good for him, but if the Jews at AIPAC believe him they are digging their own graves. When he told Israel that he had their back, it really means that’s where he will stick the knife. If the Jews in this country want to help Israel, their best bet is to stay as far away from Obama and his administration as possible.

  • I have a dream………

    Tomorrow when he goes to the AIPAC podium, PM Netanyahu says nothing, just keeps looking at his wristwatch and smiling serenely.

    The entire audience – including all television viewers – starts getting a bit antsy as to what’s going on.

    After about thirty-seconds to a minute, Bibi says to at about half-volume, “Okay, that’s it.”, then looks up and into the microphone simply says, “Shema Yisroel, Adonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad…… The Iranian problem has been solved.” & walks off.

  • Gordon

    This creature that has usurped our White House and shrouded this nation in darkness and evil is a demoniac, promoted and supported by the Demonrat party.

    Those responsible for this destructive endeavor must all be held accountable, to include mass imprisonment for all of those who were empowered to challenge this usurpation…..and didn’t …..including those mendacious fools in the Marxstream media, the corupt judiciary at all levels, and the Republicrat party who refused, and still refuse, to do their sworn duty and vet this evil monster. They all must be removed and prevented from ever entering government again….at any level…in any capacity whatsoever. With “NO Pensions”.

  • tocoloro

    Most cubans in Miami support Israel againts the musling pigs. Obama is one of them.

  • jonnot

    This douche bag ALWAYS lies! About everything.

  • saveus

    shameless pathological liar

    impeach now

  • democraps suck

    biggest POS in the world…liar in everything he says and does…dear god…please take him out

  • Carbon Pootprint

    He’s America’s best friend too bahahahhahaha

  • Bunni

    Actions speak louder than words.
    Anyone that believes anything o says every time he opens his ugly yap needs their head examined.

  • aeroguy48

    2% of the Nations voters are Jewish, they vote massively Democratic. That could be a nice chunk of voters to come to the Republican side. obama won 53%

  • reason2question

    Obama had an obligation to show the Catholics that they’re nothing special; he’ll lie to the evil Jews too.

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  • AbeBird

    Hope that Obama will attack the Iranian nuclear project and save the world !

    Enough with your faultillah… zibtillah or tachillah… the world is tiered of your shallow rhetoric!

  • StChuckMom

    Like Michelle Obama said, ” We’re going to have to change our traditions, our history,…” And they do all the time because no one in the media ever questions what they say. November can’t come fast enough!

  • zzzzzzzzzzz

    Obama told a lie? Get outta town!

  • SSDD. Another bag of lies and will the mainstream media call him on it? Hell no. They are complicit.

  • No Man

    The pharaoh is incapable of telling the truth.

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  • Paddy

    Saveus, you are correct, but he is a sociopath. Perpetual lying is part of its pathology.

  • Nanna

    Hoping the liar in chief gets caught up with before long, and pays the price.

    Also, did you notice that Sarah Palin said she hopes the nominee chooses Allan West as his running mate?
    He would really make Obama look like a failling schoolboy!

  • #9 Democrap,

    That is what most people would pray, and I agree, I wish He would do this for us to relieve us of this evil man. But, see that is where most people don’t understand what they are to do to get God to bless us, or otherwise let us know what we’re to do. The misunderstanding is, what is OUR part in living on this world? Our part in living on this world is, it is OUR job to get rid of evil, not God’s job to do it for us. It is usually our fear to do these things that keeps us on our knees praying that God would do what is our job to do. We are afraid that we’ll get arrested or something else bad will happen. What is going on now with all the people who have these cases against Obama, about his birth certificate, and his disloyalty, and his illegality to hold the office due to not failing to pass the FBI background check, and not having a legal Social Security number that is real, and many other things about Obama which will include the video that Andrew Breitbart is supposed to have that we will get to see soon. I’m sure some very important people have already seen it and are prepared to deal with it’s contents right away as soon as it becomes public.

    But this is what WE are to do, and that is to bring these evil people out into the light of day and expose what they are doing, and who they really are, and tell the truth about the evil that they do, like Obama. He may be some scary man who holds sway over alot of people, but he doesn’t hold sway over everyone in America, especially most Christian’s. Look at the hell he got when he tried to take our religious freedom away from us with this contraception scam he is pulling. This contraception issue is not about health. It is about control over our religious freedom and what the Constitution says about it, and what the government cannot do about it.

    If you hear about something that you know is a liberal lie, contact the local TV station if that is where you heard it, contact the newspaper, or the TV network people, or the reporter who wrote the article and tell them that what they are putting out is a lie and that you have information which will enlighten them as to what the truth is about that subject. There is no guarantee that who you are sending your information to will get it and read it and change their minds about what it is that you are telling them. But somebody will read what you’ve sent them. As in the case of emails, their operating system may be set to dump all emails that aren’t on a list of people who the user doesn’t want to hear from. But in most cases somebody will get your information and their minds may change. And that is one more on our side! And hopefully they will accept Jesus as their savior and that will be one more on God’s side.

  • mackykam

    Enough already!

    Can anyone name for me two countries anywhere in the world that has been led successfully by a black man? One country?

  • Valerie

    #24 March 4, 2012 at 2:27 pm
    mackykam commented:

    You racist stinkwad, go back to KOS.

  • Obama will pay for his support of his Muslim buddies, who we know he is in contact with because he still has that Blackberry he refused to turn over to the FBI. He is not a Christian, and didn’t join Jeromiah Wright’s church because of their preacher’s bringing the word of God to the congregation. Wright has a long history of White hate, anti-American organization associations, and along with Obama, has a desire to change America into some big government that takes care of people who don’t need anyone taking care of them. Wright is a White hater from way back.

    Obama does all he can to conceal the fact that he is not a Christian like when he covered the Christian cross on the podium when he gave that speech, where was he? at Notredame or somewhere like that? Anyway, he does the opposite of what a Christian is supposed to be doing, like running the country according to the Constitution which establishes our Christian foundation of why this nation was created to begin with. And also to Obama’s trying to remove the protection we are entitled to under the Constitution by trying to force our churches to give contraception to it’s members who are on it’s insurance policies, and now he changed that to just the insurance companies giving contraception away free to it’s policy holders, which is both wrong either way you look at it. It has nothing to do with contraception, it’s a control issue.

    Obama is said to be a Muslim. He may not be a practicing Muslim, but he definately supports Islamic organizations and not Jewish. He supports Muslims who have demands to make the Sharia the law of the land. He supports Muslims who want to build a mosque across the street from where the Twin Towers were. Obama will not support Israel, but instead supports Muslims in Iran by stalling his support of Iran’s demand that Israel not destroy it’s nuke plants, and conceal that desire by saying he is not taking anything off the table in dealing with Iran’s demand to nuke power plants disguised as power producing plants but they are really making nuke bombs. Obama wants to making it look like he just wants sanctions to be given enough time “to work”. He’s a liar.

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  • David Kramer

    #24, Name me one leftist that has led a country to prosperity, just one!

  • Sarah

    His confidence that the media has his back, his confidence that enough members of our society have been dumbed down to the point of uselessness, and his habit of lying were on full display.

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  • sablegsd

    He is an insane psychopath and anyone that believes a word he says or supports him in any way is also insane.

    And, look at that inbred sub human twisting that Israelis wrist. Pure evil. That’s what koranimals are, drones for satan.

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  • mackykam

    #25: Call me names but give me an answer.

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