It figures. Barack Obama called Vlad Putin today to congratulate him for stealing winning the president for life election this week.
Mark Knoller reported from Air Force One, via The Right Scoop:




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  1. Calls to congratulate him… and to ask how best to pull off the same thing here.

  2. Please explain the term, ‘president for life.’

  3. As Barry congratulates Putin, Vladimir laughs in his face for being such a wimpy putz. Putin will steamroll over our Fraud in Chief, and all Barry will do is whine and whimper, “please sir, may I have some more?”

  4. the myth is happy to see a fellow communist acorn his way into office.

  5. …from one wannabe dick-tater to another.

  6. Did he also remind him that he gets a cut of any oil money earned from the Aleutian islands.

  7. Barry and Vlad are as thick as thieves… because they ARE thieves.
    MUST SEE – Obama Selective Service Registration

  8. #6 March 9, 2012 at 1:43 pm
    Buffalobob commented:

    Did he also remind him that he gets a cut of any oil money earned from the Aleutian islands.

    Vladimir would probably more than happy to make that promise. What’s Barry going to do when Putin reneges on the deal and laughs at him for being so stupid to trust a former KGB officer?

  9. Obama will make Putin look like a boy scout in the fall, but perhaps is picking up a few tips from the KGB guy, sure

  10. I am sure he asking old VP to give him some tips on vote rigging and election fraud!

  11. Ballot-box-stuffing envy…..

  12. I heard that Putin was a little upset because the election advisers Obama sent to Russia failed to secure 100% of the vote for Putin as was promised…

  13. Now the Kenyan fraud is trying to figure out how not to hold elections so he can be emperor for life…..disgusting little marxist

  14. Mark Knoller tweets Obama’s Congratulations from inside Obama’s Rectum.

  15. Putin already arrested two members of the Russian girl’s punk band that didn’t have anything good to sing about him.

  16. Naw……………Obama probably called to have Putin erase one of the Must Reads over at

    Pravda reporting by Dianna Cotter over Sherriff Joe.

    She even talks about the biggie used by the MSM Poop Scoopers. The Silence. She says you can ‘feel it’. I agree.

    Anyone remember a press conference by the largest group of national heroes(Swifties) ever? They stood up and put their mouth and person in the line of fire. One of the biggest of The Silence that ever happened.

    If Mr Bill O’Reilly was really ‘looking out for the folks’ he would follow this up and break that Silence. He won’t. Or if he does, he will tell you there is nothing to see. No evidence, blah, blah, blah. He is only a mouth when it is easy.

    Mr Bill O’Reilly followed Fluke to the WH. Okay. Good. So obvious that it was like a wart on the end of your nose. NYT printed the first ‘facts’. Then the production began.

    I double dog dare Mr O’Reilly to seriously read the news from Pravda.

    You do not have to do anything except quit covering up the FACTS from the folks.

  17. The FACTS are criminal. Much more so than a Watergate.

    You will never see a big media person report and talk about this with FACTS.

    This is why you should really think about the power of The Silence.

    The President of the USA fought tooth and nail showing the birth cert.

    If The Silence was not the biggest tool of the MSM, someone would have seriously vetted this question and Obama besides Hannity.

    Breitbart said ‘prove it’ and Mr Bill O’Reilly said it was true because honorable Congressmen said it. That’s the news folks.

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