Vlad Putin shed a few tears after winning his unprecendented third term as president of Russia.

Russians fear Putin will be in office longer than communist mass-murderer Joseph Stalin.
Sky News reported:

Mr Putin has remained Russia’s dominant leader and its most popular politician since stepping aside in 2008 to make way for his ally, Dmitry Medvedev, because he was barred from a third straight term by the constitution.

But some voters are tired of his macho antics – such as horse riding bare-chested – and a system that concentrates power in his hands.

They fear he could win another term in six years and rule until 2024 – almost as long as Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.

There were reports of widespread voting violations during the election, including allegations people were being bussed around to cast their ballots several times.

The claims of so-called “carousel voting” were being received by independent monitoring group Golos, according to spokeswoman Lilia Shibanova.




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  1. Someone must have been peeling onions nearby.

  2. Lol, I dare the press over there to call Putin a crybaby like we did over here with Biden. Putin would have them skinned alive, literally. He is not a nice man and the world just got a bunch more dangerous, but the chances of Russia emerging out the other side of what is about to go down just went way up with a decisive leader at the helm, unlike us.

  3. We have a lot of those in Congress, congressman, senators for life. If the dem commies have their wish Robert Byrd and Ted Kennedy will still be voting for their utopian wish lists up until now.

  4. Put on your big girl panties and stop crying, Czarina Putin.

    BTW, Spetnaz are wusses.

  5. But it’s ok… Putin cries tiger tears.

  6. I wonder if Obama will weep when he gets his 3rd term?

  7. Was there ever any question as to whether Putin would become President once again of Russia? Hah! Once KGB, always KGB. Was Putin so humbled that he shed a few tears? The guy is black straight to his soul, and we should never forget it.

  8. Crocodile tears.

    Parenthetical/historical note: In the former USSR, there was an “unofficial” Russian political humor magazine (no doubt decades-defunct by now) called the “Crocodile” which was marginally tolerated by the government even though it often poked fun (within limits, of course!) at Russian and other countries’ policies.

    I think the Terminator is simply leaking a little lubricant…

  9. Putin sends his thanks to comrade Obama for advice on how to run an election…

  10. There were reports of widespread voting violations during the election, including allegations people were being bussed around to cast their ballots several times

    sounds just like the plan odumbo will be using come november

  11. How does one say, “El Presidente-for-life,” in Russian?

    (In Soviet-Russia, ballot box stuff you …)

  12. Awwww…And here I’ve always thought one had to be an unfeeling, heartless, murdering bastard to be a KGB official.

  13. I fear that this is will be our fate if Comrade Barry Hussein gets his way.

    America needs to wake up – FAST!

  14. If we do not get out there and vote for whoever the Repubs put up this November. And I will vote for Levin’s orange juice can, this could be us in 2016. Think about it.
    Jose Serrano already wanted to repeal the 26th amendment a couple of years ago.

  15. More Proof that speaker Boehner is a communist taking his orders from Russian agents.

  16. When has Russia ever not been ruled by some kind of authoritarian government? Except with a few hiccups between the czars and the Bolsheviks or the Soviets and Putin, there’s always been some guy with an iron fist.

  17. Jim,

    Voters here need information not covered in the main stream media, now, more than ever. We need to remain focused.

    Please, Jim, will you cover/post:

    1. Vetting, part I – Breitbart (and the vetting process to follow)

    2. The sherriff’s committee findings.

    3. the work of a brilliant woman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDyDtYy2I0M

    4. The work and warnings of another brilliant woman, who has been unmercifully attacked,

    Thanks for all you do.

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