Confirmed: Obama’s Policies Have Contributed to Record High Gas Prices

Irrational policy has consequences.
Energy Tomorrow Blog explained how the president’s policies in oil and natural gas development have contributed to higher gas prices.

This infographic shows how the administration’s oil policy has contributed to record high US gas prices.
Administration Oil Strategy Contributes to Price Increases
And you wonder why prices are rising?

Energy Tomorrow added:

As the graphic shows, the president basically is pursuing an off-oil policy: delaying or canceling development on federal areas onshore and offshore, proposing punitive tax increases on America’s energy producers, threatening new layers of unnecessary regulation and rejecting key components like the Keystone XL pipeline. The president claims credit for oil and gas production (that belongs to others), while pursuing policies that actually put a drag on future oil and gas development, potentially jeopardizing America’s overall security.

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  • RealMc


  • FurryGuy

    Reality and facts won’t do diddly to convince the “True Believers”. The MFM spake GW was totally responsible for high gas prices, and the masses believed. The MFM has spake Barry has no power to affect prices, and again the masses believed.

  • wanumba

    There are two kinds of people in the world.
    Those who listened to Obama’s proclamations about jacking everything as high as he could, and those who didn’t.

  • mg4us

    It is not only Obama’s energy policies that drive up the cost of gas. . .his ban to drill and open up new fields, his decision not to build new pipeline from Canada, his demonizing Big oil and offshore drilling. . .

    But also his monetary policy that deflates the value of the dollar buy printing more and more dollars (Quantitative Easing) which causes oil produces to demand more and more to have constant purchasing power for the oil they trade. . .

    And also his Foreign policy that weakens middle east allies, support radicals like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and most importantly, cow-tows to Iran. . .

    And when Iran gets THE BOMB. .the whole middle East geo-political balance will shift and Iran will drive the price up further. . .all to the pleasure and support of Russia too who benefits disproportionately from high oil prices to fund their government and economy.

    When gas goes up to $6 and $7 or more. . you can say “Thanks Obama”

    Remember The Obama “O” is the setting sun. . .
    and as the sun sets on this great nation we enter the twilight zone!!!

  • Michael Collins, Esq

    If one of your many commenters has the time, I recently watched a youtube video of Nancy Pelosi {Aug 2007} blaming GW Bush for high gas prices. Behind her was the ‘High’ price of $3.05/ per gallon her poor constituents had to pay in her district of San Francisco, CA. This Video should be replayed again and again in the RNC campaign. I wish it were only $3.05/gal today!

  • lizzy84

    Recall Maxine Waters, in the 2009 hearing said, “We will sociali….uh take over your oil company…to the oil guy on the hot seat:

    The ‘oBama Plan’ may just well be to nationalize the Oil Industry–sure looks like that.

  • J

    Look, when he was campaigning for potus he was asked about the high gas prices and said he wanted them higher, just not suddenly. Sort of sneak them up on us and then he could force us to do what he wanted done about energy. And changing the most successful country in the world. All that hope and changey stuff.

  • bg
  • democraps suck

    Impeach throw away the key…nothing but a Chicago ghetto thug Marxist hell bent on destroying america

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  • Limousine Barry

    So, what is the big deal?

    Sky high gas prices don’t bother me. I have my own limousine which is paid for by the taxpayer.

    We, affectionately call the limo “The Pig” after Barney Frank who shares the back seat with me. And, whether it costs $1000 or $2000 to gas up, the Pig still runs from fund raiser to fund raiser with the tax payer’s money.

    Every once and a while we have to load The Pig aboard my Jumbo Jet. Now that is a whole different cost level. So, whether it is $2,000 for The Pig or $129,000 for the Jumbo Jet the tax payers pick up the tab. I don’t care. It doesn’t cost me a dime.

    The Pig is running and Barney and I have a fund raiser to attend. I can’t answer any more questions. Good day.

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  • mg4us

    Here is the Pelosi youtube link. .pass it on

    We need to remind the viewer that the prop of the gas pumps showing prices should now read $1.65 when Obama was elected and $3.85 now!!


    ….posted this on Mitt Romney’s fb timeline – OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS – Mitt’s one chance to win the presidency .. capitalize on illegal immigration .. it’s the difference maker,, educate Americans .. Obama is handing Mitt the election on a silver platter, but only if, … we, the people, are almost there with the tutorial, which will be condensed, in due time, to Cliff notes … we have the internet tool to deliver the goods .. this is the first step in a progressive series, between now, and the election … strap yourself in, we, the people, don’t want any whiplash injuries ..

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