BREITBART VIDEO Shows Obama Urging Peers to Embrace Radical Crackpot Racist Prof (Video) Editor-in-Chief Joel Pollak and Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro appeared on The Sean Hannity Show tonight to discuss the Obama Harvard protest tape that was kept from the American public by the democrat-media complex back in 2008.

The complete footage from 1991 shows Barack Obama leading a protest at Harvard Law School in support of Professor Derrick Bell, a radical academic tied to Obama’s racist pastor Jeremiah Wright. The unedited tape also shows Barack Obama embracing this radical professor. In the unedited video Obama encourages students to “open up your hearts and minds” to this radical race-baiting professor.

The democrat-media complex purposely hid this tape from the American public in 2008.

For the record… Professor Derrick Bell was a hardcore Farrakhan supporter.

With Barack Obama, it’s always about the hate.
And you wonder why his radical policies are a complete failure?

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  • Hack

    You know what really irks me? Libs watch this and have absolutely no idea how it could possibly be controversial. Unreal.

  • Conservative Ken

    Why do I feel like this was NOT the video Breitbart was referring to at CPAC?

  • Ryan


    On the other hand, Rick Perry is obviously a racist because of a rock they found in Texas.

  • regularguy

    If this is not controversial, it’s because we have lost and must emphatically regain the narrative that leftist radicalism is anathema to our very way of life. The reality confronts us daily, but large segments of the population take in this radicalism and these people don’t begin to connect the dots about just how poisonous it is to all of us.

  • Big Wayne

    Now, I know the video seems like a big flop, but just keep repeating over and over “he’s super extremist! An extremist! A radical, anti-American Muslim extremist!”

    And if you think it will help, mention that his birth certificate is fake. Learn to say “radical associations!” over and over, everywhere you go.

    This stuff works!

    Oh, and bulge your eyes out when you scream about Obama. People will take you more seriously because your bulging eyes show them how seriously you love America and are afraid for her.

    Trust me, Patriots, this stuff works!!!

  • Big Wayne

    He’s so extreme! He’s a racist! He hates America!! OMG the Kenyan Usurper!!!

    People think he’s just this normal moderate politician, but he’s absolutely the total embodiment of evil and is seriously dedicated to destroying this country!!!

    I can’t believe more people don’t take us seriously when we scream uncontrollably about this stuff!!!

  • Lime Lite

    I wonder what would happen if Romney or Santorum was caught on video speaking up for a White supremacist – how do you think the media would react?

  • Peggy R

    Sean asked a good Q about how will this get through to the public when the Jer. Wright stuff didn’t knock sense into the people. Most people are wondering, who the hell is this prof? How can it be so bad for O to speak on his behalf? Look at all the students, white, black, etc., at the gathering. Then they’re all radical? Some might say it’s the typical lefty stuff at uni’s…but we know O never moved beyond that ideology.

    We need the words on tape to come out of O’s own mouth. It is true as another commenter said, the Dems/left are not impressed. That O spoke at a stage production memorializing Alinksy is a so-what. This is going to be too. I hope the tapes do get progressively more damning so that the weight of them over time this year sinks in to the voters and paints a clear picture of this anti-American radical.

  • Conservative to the Core

    This tape will be forgotten by tomorrow.

  • srdem65

    Was he playing pocket pool during this video?

  • Moonbat_One

    Al Capone’s vault.

  • Matt

    Wow, Derrick Bell had the audacity to suggest that the justice system may have treated blacks unfairly. How outlandish?

  • donh

    This is a bait and switch. Obama had media matter David Brock types high up inside Brietbart. Obama’s people provided them this released footage to mock up a fake Brietbart expose after Andrew’s murder grabbed the real project. How wonderful for Obama to change the national discussion to RACISM and bury Brietbart as a guy who wanted to hammer petty racial divisions March 1st…the day after black history month ends.

  • Blue Collar Todd

    Here is video of Bell saying racism will always exist and that white people have a sense of entitlement.

    Obama got his academic version of Jeremiah Wright in Bell.

  • Steve J.

    the Obama Harvard protest tape that was kept from the American public by the democrat-media complex back in 2008.

    It was aired by FRONTLINE (PBS) in 2008…

  • Chippy

    Author James Traub voiced this opinion in his  1993 piece on the professor:

    “That’s Derek Bell’s bottom line: if it comforts whites, it’s bad; if it comforts blacks–i.e., Farrakhan–it’s good. Bell, along with Farrakhan and so many others, offers victimization as a consolation.”

  • donh

    Brietbart worked with original footage not reruns from PBS…This is how the Soviets handled dissidents. Kill them and have state indoctrinated artists rewrite their political works.

  • Skandia Recluse

    Breitbart’s video is nothing.

    The video people need to see tells the story of Joseph Kony, an evil Christian despoiler of children. This video explains why our heroic Dear Leader had to send our noble warriors into the heart of darkness to save these poor children.

    It’s gone viral on Facebook. We love our Dear Leader, and his heroic efforts to save these children.

    It’s sustainable grass roots non profit activism, you see, so it’s all good.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    people that support obama know he is a racist and a marxist that is why they support him.

  • bg


    this is the video i recently discovered..

    sure looks like a remake with added polished narrative..

    one thing for certain is, we’ve known Obama has LIED about Ayers
    et al from the get go, and everyone has been covering up for him..

    oh yeah, how long did it take for this to be “discovered”.. /s/