Rush Limbaugh: The Real Target of Obama’s HHS Birth Control Mandate Is the Constitution (Video)

Rush Limbaugh told his audience today that the real target of the Obama Administration’s birth control mandate is the US Constitution.
The Blaze reported:

“It‘s not the government’s business to make any church or any religion ‘modernize’ …there is no permissible way the government can do this, according to our Constitution,” Rush Limbaugh said during his Tuesday radio broadcast.

Limbaugh, who believes the real target of the Obama administrations contraceptives mandate is in fact, the U.S. Constitution, “pure and simple.”

The Catholic Church, according to Limbaugh, “is just the latest springboard.”

“But the Constitution doesn’t matter here, which is really what this is all about,” he added.

“The Constitution doesn’t matter to the [Obama] regime. The regime is simply saying,’To hell with the Constitution. We’re gonna implement this regardless what the Constitution says!‘ But if you don’t like the Catholic Church view on abortion, if you don’t like their view on contraception, don’t be Catholic. If you don‘t like what the Methodist Church says or if you don’t like what you hear in synagogue, don’t go. It’s as simple as that.”

Listen to Limbaugh’s thought-provoking remarks below, courtesy of DailyRushbo. A partial transcript follows and can also be found in full at Rush Limbaugh

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  • Anyone who listen to Obama when he answer a question about the Constitution when he was a state senator knows he doesn’t care about it. This seems to heading to a civil war with the division whether we want to continue to use The Constitution to govern us or start over. I chose the old ways in my worship to God and my devotion to my country!

  • Mad Hatter

    Remember what Obama said during an interview on a Chicago NPR station in 2001.

    “The Constitution is a charter of negative liberties.” From the 50 second mark on.

    Email that link to everyone you know so they can hear Obama in his own words.

  • Retro

    showing respect for obama is showing no respect for America

    obama is a LIAR. Remember that muslims believe it is alright to lie in order to
    further their agenda and Islam. He is no more a Christian than Lucifer. In fact
    obama has a prearranged date with the devil. Don’t believe a word out
    of his lying mouth. He is only saying these things because he wants to
    be reelected. Just remember all the lies he told during the 2008 campaign.

  • Granny

    I think Rush is wrong here. The target is the take-over of the entire Catholic Church owned health care system when they refuse to comply and shut their doors. That will be Obama’s excuse to confiscate the hospitals and clinics, putting a full 20% of our nation’s health care facilities under direct government ownership. Read “socialized medicine.”

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  • Ghost

    Sheds new light on George Stephanopolous’ absurd. awkward and embarrassingly relentless questioning about contraception during one of the last debates… doesn’t it? The Democrat hack, partisan, operative, and exposed ‘journolist’ knew what was coming and (obvious now) tried to gain unwitting support from Republicans.

    So, next time something puzzling comes from the Democrat side that seems just silly, expect Dark Forces to be revealed later. Just another lesson- not the first, not the last. Gotta get smart, gang.

  • Multitude

    Rush makes a decent observation but he’s not fully evaluating it from the progressive framework. This is the game of “Heads I win, Tails you lose.”

    If it passes constitutional challenges, they’ve just blown a massive hole into the side of the few negative rights remaining. The First Amendment is now subordinate to executive decree.

    If they lose the challenge, they also win, providing compelling proof that remarkably follows the President’s warning Sunday that the Constitution greatly hampers his executive power. It provides rationale for the suspension and removal of the Constitution given it denies the sovereign of his right to rule as he deems fit.

    I’m betting he’d rather lose than win on the challenge, but he’ll take either. The point is this: he already won. You already lost.

    That’s how Progressives play. Still think lil’ Mittens can take these people on? You’re looking at a bunch of slow Prussians who believe in rules of civil warfare, no battles before breakfast, agreed upon battlefields, who are getting their asses handed to them by a ruthless “death is my only rule” Napoleon. So far, there’s nobody in the Republican establishment that has a chance in hell in stopping the progressive charge.

  • burt

    Obama and Ruth Bader Ginburg have been at war with the Constitution since day one.

  • 11B40


    Having been the beneficiary of 13 continuous years of Catholic education, I have often thought that the Church has given our somewhat less civil society too good of a deal as to it and its members assuming all those costs, the vast majority of which would more appropriately be those of government. I see it as a kind of “reverse voucher” system in which the clingy believers meet their individual tax burdens for providing public education but relieve the state of the actual expenses for their own progeny.

    I see little chance of it happening, but what if the Church, not in retribution, of course, but as, let’s say, a new 21st Century business plan, decided to close all its schools and let their students show up at the local public schools for their education for a year or so. If that showed any promise, perhaps the idea could be amended to include Catholic hospitals.

    Now, I’ll certainly admit that coming from the Bronx has often affected both my emotions and my behavior. But, I do know this, some people are incapable of understanding on which side their bread is buttered and sharing that information is something that I see as an essential part of Christian education.

  • burt

    The ACLU was founded by Roger Nash Baldwin. Read his writings and much becomes obvious.

  • burt

    Had George Bush been a Christian, the Constitution of Iraq would have included religious freedom garantees. It does not. Islam continues to kill anyone who disagrees with them.

  • Multitude

    I loved the spin today by the administration, its sycophants, and the ACLU that accused Catholics of being the evil bastards who have been violating women’s rights, cramming their hateful religion down other peoples throats.

    Who would have figured that it’d be Catholics that get the first Obama armband. I’m sure American Jews are feeling quite relieved right now, knowing there’s a whole lot of Catholics to be dealt with before they work down the list.

    It’s fun asking your Catholic friends who voted for Obama why they choose to hate so much.

  • Nanna

    Obama thinks himself to be a king, wanna be dictator. He wants, and expects people to jump through hoops for his royal hiney. When he gives an order, constitution doesn’t matter, I am the big cahoona, teh won, everyone loves me, I am infallable,DO NOT question ME, or My ideas.
    He showed all of this before he was elected. He was a rock star, and he still thinks he is. He has even said he Deserves A Second Term. If it was possible he would make love to himself.
    He will say anything or do anything to get his way. He is a very very dangerous man. I promise you this. He would pull something like is going on in Syria if he thought for a minute he could get away with it. And he is looking for a way right now..Maybe through the Occupiers, and their sympathizers. Who knows. But we must not let him have his way in even the smallest thing any more!!

  • bg


    welcome to the NWO Rush..

    yes, Breaking Free from the Constitution is high on Obama’s things
    to do list, ergo, implementation Sharia Law will be a piece a cake..

    Islam & Black Liberation Theology & Marxism
    are all about “redistribution” & “social justice”


  • stimma

    Remember President Bush said the constitution is nothing but a piece of paper that he would wipe his ass with LOL . People are just tring to find ways to make the new health care law not work.

  • bg


    stimma #16 February 7, 2012 at 9:06 pm

    Did President Bush call the Constitution a
    “goddamned piece of paper”? 12/12/07

    [The report that Bush “screamed” those words at Republican
    congressional leaders in November 2005 is unsubstantiated,
    to put it charitably.

    We judge that the odds that the report is accurate hover near zero. It
    comes from Capitol Hill Blue, a Web site that has a history of relying on
    phony sources, retracting stories and apologizing to its readers.]

    more @ link.. 😀

    [FC is associated with Ayers & Obama,
    ergo, they aren’t exactly Bush friendly]


  • Sandy

    Freedom of Religion is under assault. The reason our parents and grandparents came to this great nation was to have the freedom to worship as they chose without interference from Government. If we stand for nothing we will fall for anything. Obama will not be content until this nation is under his complete control. I think he is on a loser here.

  • Sandy

    BG #15 — Scary isn’t it? The most powerful nation on earth is in Obama’s crosshairs.

  • Sandy

    multitude #13 — you forget Obama’s pals believe that Israel is the cause of all the problems in the Middle East and these problems would magically disappear if Israel didn’t exist.

  • Multitude

    Sandy #20 – So true. Religion is always an exciting target for communists/progressives. They can’t stand the thought that others have such passions and intensities as they do in their communitarian faith.

  • Beaglebabe


    This issue merely highlights what is wrong with government mandated health care. By allowing the government to control our health insurance, we are giving up our freedom to choose the kind of health care we want. We are all paying for abortions and sterilization, not just the Catholic Church. If my employer is forced to include it in my plan, then I am paying for it. On the other side of the coin, the government decides what procedures or prescriptions will not be covered. The end result is going to be less choice for everyone, and a degraded health care system.
    And it won’t be cheap. Big Pharma, Tort Lawyers, and the Insurance Companies have their $’s to spend on lobbyists. Anyone else on this board noticed premiums and deductibles going up? We are all going to pay dearly for the medical care that our corrupt, bungling politicians decide on.

  • Obama’s Magic Elixir


    You’d better ask comrade Barrack why he meddles in Israel’s internal affairs. The politburo is not amused.

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  • squeaky

    the beacon of enlightment is not obama. he may be a light at the end of the tunnel but only as an on-coming train.

  • I agree with Mr. Limbaugh’s assessment of this Obama intrusion through health care into the rights of Americans.

    To me it’s even worse. If you consider the Obamacare fiasco it’s worse. Because that crap eliminates the right of people to be left alone – that is to opt out. I don’t want any government telling me I have to have health insurance and/or giving me a limited selection of “choices” and telling me I have to pick – and pay for – one of them. No thanks I opt out.

  • Winston Smith 1984

    Several States Now Actively Resisting The Indefinite Detention Of US Citizens

    Just Say NO To The Violation Of Your Constitutional Rights

  • Holder’s AK-47s kill Mexicans

    But Obama went to Harvard. And Obama lectured (he claims he was a professor) on Constitutional Law. And Obama was a community organizer. Obama knows better than the silly church.
    In reality, Obama’s transformation of America is a transformation of the Constitution. Obama views the Constitution as having “negative” rights – it tells government what it cannot do. Obama “thinks” the Constitution should ensure “positive” rights – identifying what the government must do for the people.
    This is no joke. He has stated this. Now, put the dictate to the Catholic church in this framework. The government is ensuring a positive right to all citizens for free contraception and abortion.
    You might ask about “balancing” the free exercise of religion against the “right” to free abortion. Ha, tricked you. A positive right is always more important than a negative right.
    End of story. End of lesson in Marxist stupidity for today.

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