Good Grief… Valerie Jarrett Says Unemployment Stimulates the Economy (Video)

These people are shameless…
Speaking this week at North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina, White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said that folks getting and spending unemployment checks is a healthy thing . . . because it stimulates the economy.
The Weekly Standard reported:

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  • Economan

    This is the insanity that lives in the WH, and the reason nothing will get fixed.

  • Patty

    This is from Obama playbook, Pelosi says the same thing. It is the left’s problem when they say things enough times they will believe. They being the mindless sheep that voted for this.

  • Mark

    Well, actually she is right. If a benefits system takes away 100 dollars from a wealthy person and transfers it to a poor person, spending increases, as the poor person spends that money immediately, creating demand for goods and services and thereby jobs. The wealthy person, would just keep the money on a bank account, or worse yet, a swiss bank account.

  • Patty

    Hopefully, Americans will look at the CBO figures or websites like Zero edge.

    I do believe facts don’t lie and the more unemployment the more entitlements and the less productivity. And the longer Americans stay on unemployment they will have a harder time getting any job with school or training.

    It will take years to get these Americans back on track to being a productive individual.

    Jarrett has a job, hopefully she too will be standing in the unemployed line and very soon.

    Then let’s see her chickens come home to roost.

  • Spartan

    Perhaps its time to take our kids out of the elitist colleges and start building up the schools that promote Christian values and our founding principles? Our kids are getting dumber and dumber. Our taxes for these colleges hasn’t done squat in their education, and it shows.

    It’s time to cut off the source. If it’s a fight they want, then a fight they will have!!!!! It’s time to stop sacrificing our kids on the alter of their ‘marxist piety’.

  • jorgen

    The economy will be stimulated when Obnama and his friends become unemployed.

  • Patty


    any job without going back to school or some serious training and what employer can wait that long.

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  • Greg

    The wealth of the nation measured 10 years from now will be remarkably less as a result of the socialist policies of WON WTF. The indebtedness, taxation for redistribution, prohibiting us manufacturing, preventing Us production of energy, social justice and just plain thieving in the Solar panel and like activities will take years to unravel.

  • patman

    Soup lines cause people to stand up and not sit. So soup lines are a healthy alternative to sitting.

  • b pocoroba

    2012….up is down, wet is dry, left is right, white is black….

  • BurmaShave

    If we ever get out of this economic mess, it will be in spite of Obama and his administration.

    One big reason Democrats cannot run this country is that they never learn from their mistakes. And that is mainly because they never admit that they make mistakes — and how would they know? the Liberal media reports their mistakes extremely seldom, and never makes a fuss over them — so how can they learn from their mistakes? At least we can learn from our mistakes: never elect a Democrat, and don’t believe the Liberal media.

  • nano

    I have lost track of how many in the WH and the left side of congress have made the same claim.

    Truth,science and logic need not apply here they have stupidity to sell to a base they need to try to get reelected.

  • myohmy

    Does anybody has ever call out the lunacy coming out from the Obama administration? Valerie Jarret is a slum lord who thrives on mob mentality and welfare society.

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    #3 February 22, 2012 at 8:46 am
    Mark commented:

    I just love the smell of retards in the morning.

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    VJ has a lot going for her. She’s not only an ugly c*nt, she’s a stupid c*nt.


  • Valerie

    #3 February 22, 2012 at 8:46 am
    Mark commented:

    Except that it wasn’t 100 dollars, but 30K, and it meant that the kitchen project, which had been planned for 3 years, did not get done. This actually happened, and it tanked the housing construction market.

  • MustComment

    #5 Spartan: From your lips to God’s ear…


    Valerie “Polly” Jarrett wanna cracker? The unemployment check may stimulate the economy, China’s economy.

    Mzzz Jarrett go have a little chat with Varney. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself.

  • west1890

    Jarrett= ignorant Marxist slumlord, trusted confidante to ignorant Marxist usurper in the White House…… birds of a feather

  • Valerie

    #16 February 22, 2012 at 9:16 am
    Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense commented: