Socialist Rep. Jan Schakowsky wants you to believe that the Obama Administration’s attack on the Catholic Church is really about women’s health. Of course, Schakowsky believes that free abortion drugs and contraceptives are a natural human right. Schakowsky also says that no Americans actually follow their Christian faith.

Breitbart TV reported:

The United States Conference on Catholic Bishops called on Congress to push legislative action on religious freedom following Obama’s latest assault on Catholic organizations.




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  1. ++

    seriously, WTH are they on?? *sigh*


  2. A moron who has never ventured beyond the beltway, or her television set.
    how pathetic that these idiots are making decisions for the good and decent folks who make this country work. she’s right up there with Pelosi and the puke factor. despicable.

  3. What a thoroughly repugnant woman.

  4. Evil #itch!

  5. So… she acknowledges that some Americans believe a certain way, then in the same breath says that none of the American people believe that way.


    Who elects these crazies?

  6. no Americans actually follow their Christian faith.

    Yep, she should know.

  7. #3 February 13, 2012 at 11:00 pm
    Redwine commented:

    What a thoroughly repugnant woman.

    You sure about the woman part?

  8. Is she an atheist? Or ignorant? Evil? Possessed by the devil?

    Or all of the above?

    /geez, there’s no shortage of crazy in the democrat camp.

  9. This was not an attack on the Catholic Church! It was an attack on the Bill of Rights of all Americans. It is idiocy to frame it as an attack on one denomination, you are dividing your own side.

  10. ++

    February 13, 2012

    Figure That 98% of Catholic Women Use Birth Control Debunked

    [“So, what do we know from the start: We aren’t dealing with practicing Catholics. In fact, a two-thirds majority of the Catholics in the survey are not eligible to receive communion, according to the U.S. bishops (see page 9), since they skip their Sunday obligation,” Hoopes continues.

    “The most shocking news, though, is that the White House is spreading false information about Catholicism in order to provide cover as it removes religious liberties for Catholic organizations,” he concludes. “White House: Retract this statement and correct the record. Stop misinforming the public about my religion for your purposes.”]

    there is a God, and we are the people, Amen..


  11. ++

    Floyd #11 February 13, 2012 at 11:30 pm

    true, but Obama et al are targeting Catholics..

    but it would be 100% better if everyone, including
    Atheists, tackled Obama’s “mandated” policies..

    “first Obama came for”.. *sigh*


  12. I’m not a religious person but I would never dare speak for anyone who is, nor would I try to tell anyone how to worship their chosen God. Well, except for muslims who don’t worship a God, just a barbaric woman-hating pedophile.

    How dare the Demonrats impose the will of a few upon the many. And free, subsidized contraception? How about a big fat NO. It’s past time to vote not just at the polls but with our actions. They can pass whatever law they want, it doesn’t mean I will recognize or follow it. If their jackbooted thugs have a problem with it, then I will gladly give them free lead and brass.

  13. ++

    February 10, 2012

    Critical Shortage of Children’s Leukemia Drug

    please try Googling: Drug Shortage Prevention Act.: Stop
    Drug Companies From Haulting On Life Saving Medications

    and sign the petition, thanks..


  14. If she believes this then why is going to the Salvation Army in Norridge, Illinois on Feb. 22nd, Ash Wednesday? A volunteer wrote her and asked her to come to see the people who need help and help them get help in DC. What the heck. The Salvation Army should have no part of this. This commie doesn’t want any faith based org to help the community. She doesn’t belong in this town. The last time she was there was at Ridgewood HS when she answered a student’s question about a parade for our vets and she said, there’s no clear cut winners anymore, so the vets wouldn’t get a parade. Think the SA needs to know how people feel about this hag’s war on religion.

  15. She is obnoxious but do any of you really know any women (Catholic or other) who are of childbearing age and not totally celibate – married or not – who do not use contraception unless actively trying to conceive? I don’t.

  16. Not providing free birth control to women is throwing them under the bus?


  17. Where has been been hiding… certifiably not in reality. What a piece of immortality confusion. May God rest her soul.

  18. #15 February 13, 2012 at 11:56 pm
    bg commented:


    February 10, 2012

    Critical Shortage of Children’s Leukemia Drug

    please try Googling: Drug Shortage Prevention Act.: Stop
    Drug Companies From Haulting On Life Saving Medications
    and sign the petition, thanks..

    I really find all these “critical shortages” of drugs for everything from strep throat and diabetes to cancer all of the sudden out of the clear blue sky in the last couple of years to be decidedly ODD . . you would really almost have to believe that the shortages are deliberate.

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