CPAC 2012: Sarah Palin Keeps Her “Crosshairs” Squarely on Obama…As It Should Be (Video)

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin gave a fiery keynote speech this evening at the CPAC 2012 Conference.  She began her speech honoring America’s veterans and exalted the virtues of the Conservative movement.  Here are some highlights of her speech:

Our movement is bigger than one person…bigger than one candidate…bigger than one party.  It’s about one country united under one God.  We’re red, white, and blue, and President Obama, we are through with you.

Obama is transforming a shining city on a hill into a sinking ship.  He has piled on trillions more in debt and has no plan to stop it.  No budget for over 1,000 days.

This government is not too big to fail.  It’s too big to succeed.

She listed the failures of Obama’s spending spree:

  • 8 1/2% unemployment
  • 13 Million Americans who can’t find work
  • 46 Million living in poverty
  • Government dependency has gone up 23%

1st time in our history folks are fearing our future will be worse than our past

Obama thinks we’re headed in the right direction.  7 out of 10 Americans think we’re headed in the absolute wrong direction.

President wants to raise taxes so he can redistribute the wealth.  We want to cut taxes so we can create more wealth.

We know what to do with that debt…cut it, gut it, get rid of it.

Obama says he has a jobs plan to win the future…WTF.  Obama’s WTF Plan.

We have a better jobs plan.  It’s called the free market.

Keep your change.  We’ll keep our God, our guns, our Constitution.

We must replace Obama at the ballot box!  When the ship is going down the last thing we need is a community organizer reorganizing the deck chairs while singing ‘Let’s Stay Together’.

Sarah Palin also said the divide between Washington and the rest of the country has never been greater nor more dangerous.  It’s a “playground for the government rich” who are “content and immune to the realities of the rest of us”.  There is a permanent political class, arriving as people of modest means, and becoming plutocrats.  It is not the Washington of our Founders.  It is a government of “crony capitalism and corruption…not the capitalism of free men and free markets”.  Then she toasted the new TEA Party members of Congress who are working to restore Washington.

The last part of the speech emphasized the importance of unifying behind our candidate.  That competition is a good thing and helps improve the person for the Presidential race.  But our candidate must be someone who can “instinctively turn right to our Constitutional principles”.  And the candidate’s true intentions can be found in that candidate’s view of government.  It is about our “Charters of Liberty.  They assert that all political power is inherent in the people.  It is founded on their will only and instituted solely for the good of the people.  The candidate who believes that is who I want to be our nominee.”  And together we must stand behind our candidate to “get him over the finish line”.

Palin ended her speech honoring our troops who are sacrificing “so we at home can enjoy the blessings of liberty”.  We mustn’t squander what they are defending.  “We are the heirs of patriots who cast off the chains of tyranny.”

You can watch her inspiring speech below:

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  • mg4us

    Sarah Palin is AMAZING. . .A true Patriot. .A TEA Party Patriot!!

    She speaks from the Heart . . & Soul. . . A real American. . . who loves her Country

    She brings up so many common sense and truisms about the destruction Obama has inflicted on our great country. .

    My biggest regret is that Palin will not be the one on the stage debating Obama. . what a sight that would have been.

    2012. . Time to Restore Our Country & Our Constitution!!

    Run Sarah Run

  • BS61

    So glad that she stuck it to Obama’s singing! I heard that same song in 3 commercials since – gotta love the Pravda media!

  • Bluebay

    This is what a true constitutional conservative President would sound like. gop cannibalized Gov. Palin and mucked this up big time. The door is still open she says.

  • Jenny

    Love Sarah, If Romney send up the nominee, I’m seriously considering writing her name on my ballot.

  • Bluebay

    #3 Skinner

    WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Didn’t Ron Paul win last two years? Means absolutely nothing to conservatives.

  • FurryGuy

    #3 February 11, 2012 at 7:30 pm
    Skinner commented:

    Romney “won” the 2008 CPAC straw poll, remind me again who was the eventual GOP candidate in 2008. I sure doubt it was Romney.

  • Ariel

    Palin rocked the Casbah. In a way, she reminded me of Rush as she effortlessly iterated conservative principles while at the same time zeroing on Obama’s failed policies. A brilliant and inspiring speech by all accounts. although some Romney supporters don’t seem too pleased, perhaps because Palin sucked all the air out of Romney’s straw poll win at CPAC. Bwaahaahaahaa!

  • A Gryphon

    best speech i’ve heard from sarah

    Øbama 2Ø12

  • Sparky

    Too bad the GOP long knives finished her off as the Republican nominee. And, people wonder why they are promoting Charlatan Romney.

    The Good Old Boys are terrified of Sarah and what she stands for. Hope she can really energize the Tea Party and steal the vote from Romney.

    I would love to see a brokered convention with Sarah as a contender and then winner.

  • Oh Noes!

    Sarah is God given to us for a time as this, may we all stop the bashing of each other and join arms and help elect those who work for the people, in Congress, the Senate and the Executive Branch. Pray to God, that he hears us this November to make the difference for our children and grandchildren and future generations. This is the breaking point to go either direction.

  • USMC Thomas

    SØBama WTF2012

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  • Doc Sewell

    Sarah sounds more like a candidate than the candidates do. Stick it to ’em Momma Grizzly

  • Patty

    She is right about standing with who ever the nominee is but these candidates are what I had hoped for but I will vote for our candidate.

    One candidate wins there then one win here. Seems that no one candidate has the staying power to get a real rally going. Sad.

  • Terry in GA

    I just had to go back and listen again because I had overlooked something. TWICE she said (at about 36: and 37:) THE DOOR IS OPEN. Could it be that if there is no one to fill the role, she will plow through that OPEN DOOR?

    Maybe just my wishful thinking, but she did say it twice.

  • Gandalf

    Sarah is awesome. I would follow her lead anywhere anytime. Go back through the past 3 years and see what she has said. Then check out how things have turned out. Bullseye time after time. She knows how we feel because she is one of us. I so wish she were running.

  • a former dem

    thank you for posting. I’ve been looking for this online.

  • Patty

    Palin On Obama: “WTF”

    Palin and an adoring audience chanted “USA, USA” at a couple occupiers trying to mic-check her big keynote speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. This crowd loves her.

    Washington, D.C. — A few protesters mic-checked Sarah Palin’s keynote speech at CPAC today but didn’t last long. Nothing could touch Palin, who had the crowd on their feet for large portions of her speech.

    The protesters in the back of the room yelled “Mic-check!” and were immediately greeted with a standing crowd — and Palin herself — chanting “USA, USA.” Security quickly whisked them out of the room.

    “We just won — see how easy that is,” Palin said after they’d gone.

    And at least in terms of reception, she did win today. Palin’s speech got the biggest reaction of any at CPAC — much more so than any of the presidential candidates. The audience gave her standing ovation after standing ovation and some even yelled “Run Sarah run!” — more telling of the GOP field’s inability to connect with voters than any poll.

    Palin zeroed in on President Obama. The current state of the economy “is not a failure of the American people,” she said. “It is the failure of leadership. We know how to change that, oh yes we do. Oh yes we can,” she said, echoing Obama’s campaign line.

    “Hope and change – yeah, you gotta hope things change.”

    “He says he has a jobs plan to win the future. WTF, I know,” Palin said, spelling out W-T-F.

    Palin hasn’t endorsed any candidates and didn’t do so today, telling the crowd that “For the sake of our country we must stand united, whoever our nominee is.”

    Palin left the stage to an extended ovation, having managed to do what none of the candidates except Santorum could: get social conservatives truly fired up.

  • Liz

    Mrs. Palin has been a little erratic lately. I hope CPAC is the start of her getting back on her game.

  • Liz

    Palin endorsed Gingrich. Hasn’t endorsed any candidates, she says. She already blew her shots.