New Hampshire is not alone
South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson (R-SC) told Neil Cavuto today that the state has hundreds of people voting for dead people.

“We just recently learned that there are over 900 individuals died before the election and at least 600 of those individuals died outside window when absentee ballot could be sent. So we know for a fact that there are deceased people whoose identities are being use in South Carolina.”

And you wonder why democrats oppose voter ID laws?




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  1. and the AG is doing exactly what about it?

  2. WOW, Cavuto is popular here today.

  3. Who knew? sarc.

    Question is why, seriously why? Is this American or what. We do sign off on Cold Meds. We have to get a license and they need to have forms of ID.

    We are sometimes check for purchases. Our state using ID’S yet the are still illegal activities and some arrests.

    This is our main complaint in last election. And I have wonder just how many votes would have gone to McCain. I don’t think this would have change the outcome. But, we put faith in our elections and yet, I haven’t since I have become so aware of the illegal activities of ACORN, SEIU, BLACK PANTHERS.

    OFF TOPIC: Calvuto is off again on the Newt thing about Marriage. Get over yourself. It was explained and now please move on. Calvuto, who are you promoting, Romney?

    Get over it, please.

  4. We all know the reason the left opposes voter ID laws is to cheat.

  5. Clinton, now there is the real embarrassment. And Hillary…remember that. Oval Office. Personally, I am looking at what the candidate is going to do about Obama and win this thing so we can get out from under the corruption right under our nose.

  6. But I was always told that voter fraud was just a myth?

  7. yeah well I know for a fact that people in northwestern Indiana put in their wills to be buried in Chicago so they can stay active in democrat politics.

  8. I don’t pray that the next president will some how even though the states are making decisions on this, will begin to make sure that all states require voters to show a form of ID.

    I have never understood the reasoning these are important elections. This is America’s President and even in Local elections as there are way too many liberal judges and councilmen.

  9. correction: I do pray.

  10. Big Al


  11. Democratic voters don’t oppose voter id laws. Just sayin’.

  12. Absentee ballots are far to easy to obtain. These should be asked for well in advance, and those that ask for them should have a darn good reason for needing them, and then check it out. Or knock off the absentee ballots altogether.

  13. The big question left un-answered here is, of the 900 dead people that voted, how many voted for Democrats and how many voted for Republicans.

    Anyone want to guess what the ratio is?

  14. Dems can’t win if they don’t cheat. Says alot about what they have to offer, doesn’t it?

  15. It’s OK as long as they vote democrat.

  16. After living in IL all my life, it was a very pleasant surprise to be asked for ID when I voted in my first election Indiana. It was comforting to feel some semblance of sanity surrounding an electoral process. Of course there were Dems hovering right outside the polling place with their signs and subtle intimidation, but that seems to happen wherever you go.

  17. A feature,not a bug.

  18. South Carolina Attorney General: 900 Dead People Voted in Recent Elections

    But, but, this guy says there’s no benefit to this sort of activity!!

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