Obama...the Wrong-Way-Sheriff

Thanks to the Obama administration’s halt on deportations to Haiti last year three people are now dead, including a 15 year old girl.
According to the Miami Herald,

When burglar Kesler Dufrene became a twice-convicted felon in 2006, a Bradenton judge shipped him to prison for five years. And because of his convictions, an immigration judge ordered Dufrene deported to his native Haiti.

That never happened.

Instead, when Dufrene’s state prison term was up, Miami immigration authorities in October 2010 released him from custody. Two months later, North Miami police say, he slaughtered three people, including a 15-year-old girl in a murder case that remains as baffling today as it did the afternoon the bodies were discovered.

The episode is a black eye for U.S. authorities, who by law could not detain Dufrene indefinitely after the Obama administration ordered a temporary halt of deportations to the island nation.

Can you say Willie Horton?




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  1. I wish some Republican millionaire would buy one of the mansions near Obama in Chicago and allow illegal immigrants to fill it. If Obama wants other people’s daughters to be exposed to murderers his family should have the same opportunity.

  2. This should be brought up during the campaign definitely but I doubt the GOP leadership has the stones to do it.

  3. A person has to be quite stupid or evil, or both, to vote for any Democrat.


  4. The only things keeping that western hat above his eyes are his jug ears.

  5. More Innocent AMERICAN Citizens Killed by the Invasion – http://www.ojjpac.org/memorial.asp

  6. More democrat voters on the way – http://www.BorderInvasionPics.com

  7. One can only hope that the stoopid ‘pubs will have the sense to make some hay out of this.

    One can hope, anyway.

  8. Perfect! Deportable felons getting preferential treatment. This DOJ is really on top of thier game. ACLU? ACLU? They must not be answering today.

  9. There is virtually no country in the world that will allow criminal aliens to stay…Is this what Obama meant by winning the future…WTF?

  10. I really don’t understand why politicians of all stripes think it is part of their job to give our land away to foreign invaders…GW Bush, John McCain, Obama, Newt. Remember Newt’s laughable idea of civic boards deciding who can stay.

  11. And I thought he couldn’t look more stupid.

  12. ++


    Assad’s fall could solve Iraqi weapons mystery

    heck, i’m still awaiting answers as to what these Barack
    Obama/Saddam Hussein pals may have to do with it.. :mad:

    i dunno, but the timing sure makes me wonder..


  13. the colonization means more to the democrats than the safety of the american people. always has, always will.

  14. Let’s just call them “very late term abortions”..the “ONE” doesn’t seem to have a problem with that..

  15. The comancharo in chief should replace the stetson with a sombrero…..

    It’s hard to wear a hat when you’re so used to a nice tight turbin….

  16. Blazing Saddles?


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