TAKEDOWN ON THE TARMAC!… Brewer Blasts Barack in AZ (VIDEO!)

After Obama ambushes her on the tarmac…
Brewer chews out Obama!

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer points at President Barack Obama after he arrived at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2012, in Mesa, Ariz. Brewer greeted Obama and what she got was a book critique. Of her book. The two leaders engaged in an intense conversation at the base of Air Force One’s steps. Both could be seen smiling, but speaking at the same time. Asked moments later what the conversation was about, Brewer, a Republican, said: “He was a little disturbed about my book.” Brewer recently published a book, “Scorpions for Breakfast,” something of a memoir that describes her years growing up and defends her signing of Arizona’s controversial law cracking down on illegal immigrants, which Obama opposes. Brewer also handed Obama an envelope with a handwritten invitation for Obama to return to Arizona to meet her for lunch and to join her for a visit to the border. (AP /Haraz N. Ghanbari)

Here’s the video, via KPHO:

President Thin-Skin arrived in Phoenix, Arizona today and was greeted by Governor Jan Brewer.  With all the major problems facing our country and the state of Arizona he chose, instead, to complain about her book.  She had called him…gasp!…patronizing.
According to USA Today,

President Obama and Gov. Jan Brewer had a tense exchange Wednesday, sparring over the Arizona governor’s portrayal of Obama as “patronizing” in her memoir.  Obama was greeted by Brewer soon after Air Force One landed in Phoenix this afternoon. The president was handed a handwritten letter by Brewer and they spoke intensely for a few minutes, according to a White House pool report. At one point, she was pointing her finger at him and at another, they were talking at the same time, seemingly over each other, according to pooler Carrie Buddof Brown of Politico.

“He was a little disturbed about my book, Scorpions for Breakfast,” Brewer told reporters travelling with Obama. “I said to him that I have all the respect in the world for the office of the president. The book is what the book is. I asked him if he read the book. He said he read the excerpt. “

Obama did the same thing to Bobby Jindal.

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  • Steve

    “I asked him if he read the book. He said he read the excerpt. “

    Probably explains how he approaches the U.S Constitution as well.

  • retire05

    Looks like Governor Brewer is giving The One what-for. And he’s doing that power move by putting his hand on her arm.

    Someone needs to tell that bastard he is not King. At least not yet.

    And no surprise he read the Cliff Notes of her book. His whole life has been one big Cliff Note.

  • Saragosa

    The woman should learn a little respect. If not for the man, then for the office.

  • Saragosa

    She can write whatever she wants….but pointing in the presidents face on the tarmac is ridiculous.

  • Adi

    Like most (if not all) the Americans, Gov. Jan Brewer “gotten a little bit lazy” and failed to notice He is too busy to govern, instead of reading some book.

    The onus is on her. The Wohn is simply just too perfect.

  • valerie

    #3 January 25, 2012 at 8:17 pm
    Saragosa commented:

    You are willing to say that without knowing what he said to provoke her? You really assume a lot about his behavior that may not be true.

    “That woman” is the governor of the State of Arizona, and that man filed a lawsuit against her state for passing a law that neither he nor his Attorney General read nor understood. And he failed to fire that Attorney General.

  • bigL

    Good for her. Obama also has the Cliff’s notes for Americanism which left out a lot of exceptional stuff

  • Adi


    Are you implying He read the Obamacare word by word?

    Or just “excerpts”?

  • mackykam

    She should have kneed him when he put his paws on her.

  • 66chevelle

    Saragosa, at least she didn’t use her middle finger like Barry did with Hillary. And retire05 is right about that arm-grab–low class move, even for the JEF.

  • Voice of Reason

    Shes a Republican and hes a Democrat. That what those kind do. They point fingers at each other, complain, argue, , disagree, blame.

  • Adi


    she should have kneed Him when He put his paws on her.

    There, I have corrected your spelling.

  • Jim

    Good for Gov. Brewer.

    and 66chevelle is correct, when can we expect a passive aggressive middle finger against Gov. Brewer like he did with Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton?

  • WillofLa

    I would like to know, which one of them was the most nervous? Obama, knowing full well that sueing the Governor’s state for following the Constitution on immigration was not only stupid, but criminal which would be grounds for empeachment in a heartbeat, or Brewer knowing that Obama brings with him his Executive Order pen in his pocket and could do all kinds of damage to her and her state in a second if he wanted. I’ll bet that it was Obama.

    I’ll bet that unless he really is totally ignorant and is a fake, and really doesn’t know that it is wrong to not follow the Constitution when it says that we are supposed to keep out all illegal alien’s with whatever means possible, and really doesn’t know you aren’t supposed to sue a state for doing what the Constitution says to do, and really dosen’t know that to sue a state who is being over run by illegal Mexican aliens, who have seized a small section of the Southwestern corner of the state in order to make it easier to run drugs into that state, but instead are supposed to activate the military in order to run out or kill the drug runner’s at any cost, and then assist in any way to seal up our entire border in order to keep anything like that from ever happening again, would be damn nervous meeting with the governor who he sued and committed a crime against that state.

    Gov. Brewer by all rights could have military MP’s waiting there to arrest the President as soon as he steps foot on Arizona soil, and he couldn’t do a damn thing about it, and would have to go peacefully to one of Gov. Brewer’s fine jails.

  • #12: He’s no democrat. Try again.

    Good for Brewer, she will stand her ground. IF we had a president that FOLLOWED the laws of our land, she would get along with him famously.

  • retire05

    #15, WillofLa, bet Sheriff Joe has a pair of pink underwear just in Obama’s size.

  • donh

    Jan is just behaving like Barak’s typical white grandmother.


    He’s suppose to be appearing before a Judge in Georgia Thursday Morning – http://www.BirtherReport.com

  • Patty

    Thou Shalt Not Write Bad Things About Obama

    The Republican governor was seeking a court order that would require the federal government to take extra steps, such as more border fencing, to protect Arizona until the border is controlled.

    Bolton said Brewer’s claim that Washington has failed to protect Arizona from an “invasion” of illegal immigrants was a political question that isn’t appropriate for the court to decide.

    “It is but the latest chapter in a story that Arizonans know all too well: The federal government ignores its constitutional and statutory duty to secure the border. Federal courts avert their eyes. American citizens pay the price,” Brewer said.


    I could only hope that every Governor would fight for the citizens the serve like the Heroic Gov. Brewer. She has hope for an audience that would like in the White House but she was ignored. Then took measure to sue. Pointing her finger is little compared to what Obama has done to her state.


    Obama the citizens of Arizona are no Laughing.

    He treated her like dog c#$P by this administration.

    Drudge has a story about Obama getting off of Air Force One in Arizona, greeting Republican governor Jan Brewer, and immediately giving her a piece of his mind. Evidently our president did not appreciate something Brewer wrote about him. According to the pool report, they had a testy exchange from which the president walked away as Brewer was still speaking.

    Sound familiar? Bobby Jindal got the same treatment when Obama came to visit Louisiana and the governor met him on the tarmac. Jindal would later recount in his book:

    I was expecting words of concern about the oil spill, worry about the pending ecological disaster, and words of confidence about how the federal government was here to help. Or perhaps he was going to vent about BP’s slow response. But no, the president was upset about something else. And he wanted to talk about, well, food stamps. Actually, he wanted to talk about a letter that my administration had sent to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack a day earlier.

    The letter was rudimentary, bureaucratic, and ordinary. .  .  . We were simply asking the federal government to authorize food stamps for those who were now unemployed because of the oil spill. Governors regularly make these sorts of requests to the federal government when facing disaster.

    But somehow, for some reason, President Obama had personalized this. And he was upset.

    There was not a word about the oil spill. He was concerned about looking bad because of the letter. “Careful,” he said to me, “this is going to get bad for everyone.”


    Obama is PATRONIZING.

  • TomI

    I guess that puts his theory of white people walking to the other side of the street to avoid the black guy.

  • Patty

    But no, the president was upset about something else. And he wanted to talk about, well, food stamps. Actually, he wanted to talk about a letter that my administration had sent to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack a day earlier.


    Food stamp President. They have ridicule Bush. If Bush was half as belligerent as Obama. He would be kicked to [email protected] and back.

  • Redlite

    When mom ‘aint happy ‘aint no body happy!
    Barry has treated many moslem countries far better than some of the 57 states that he took an oath “To protect and defend”.
    I say good for her for standin up for herself and the State of Arizona!

  • Patty

    #3 January 25, 2012 at 8:17 pm
    Saragosa commented:

    The woman should learn a little respect. If not for the man, then for the office.
    You have got to be kidding me.

  • TomI

    He should know better than to get in her face and try to intimidate her.

  • JB

    He will not be appearing court tommrrow. Too much golfing and campaigning to do.

  • Patty

    In an interview with Fox News this morning, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer said Attorney General Eric Holder must be held accountable for Operation Fast and Furious.

    Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer came out this week claiming he didn’t tell Holder about gun walking techniques being used in Fast and Furious, but Brewer isn’t buying it and said Holder is responsible for every program that comes out of the Department of Justice.

    “The buck stops with Eric Holder,” She said.

    At this point, 30 members of Congress have called for Holder’s resignation.


  • Patty

    I have to respect woman like Governor Brewer and Sarah Palin. Both extraordinary Governors. With heart and with courage, that is something refreshing when Obama administration acts like wimps.

  • KornKing

    Saragosa-I like that-he’s the president and she shouldn’t point her finger at him? He’s been lifting his middle finger at the productive people of the USA the past 3 years and you have the gonads to say something like that?

  • Talk about “thin-skinned”! What a crybaby.

  • retire05

    Sam Rayburn, former Speaker of the House, is reported to have taken FDR to task when he thought FDR was ignoring him:

    “Looky here, Mr. President. By God, I’m taking to you and you better listen.”

    Seems Jan Brewer showed the man who thinks he is the reincarnation of FDR the respect he deserves.

    Jan Brewer is the governor of her state. Perhaps Obama should himself, show respect to the Office of Governor of Arizona.

  • Adi



    NOT campaigning.


    Some proles just don’t get their memo, don’t they? *sigh*

  • Redlite

    Gov Brewer would be a better president than Barry. I believe there are many other women in the country that if given the opportunity could be a good President some day.

  • KLD

    #3, she has respect—for the Office of the President. That doesn’t mean she has to roll belly up for the man currently in it. The man in it shows no respect for what that Office represents (us), or what this country represents for that matter.

  • 66chevelle

    You know, this guy Obama has a real problem with women, especially powerful women. It doesn’t matter if they’re Democrat or Republican. I guarantee you Hillary, Pelosi and Feinstein all can’t stand him. I don’t even think Michelle likes him very much. Mommy Jarrett may be the only woman in his life whom he truly respects.

    In spite of “Obama Girl”, all of the adolescent lust in 2008, all of the swooning and fainting at his events, most women have by now sensed the passionless nothingness he exudes where women are concerned. Many women may also be uneasy about his obsequious fawning over islam, and wonder if he secretly admires the way muslim men treat their women.

    When he is finally brought low–and he will be–it will be at the hand of some woman he has scorned and dismissed, and he will never see it coming until it is too late.

  • Governor Brewer,

    You GO girl!

  • StrangernFiction
  • succotash

    Expect another lawsuit from Holder in 3….2..1

  • bg


    wrong finger, but good for her!!


  • valerie

    #32 January 25, 2012 at 9:00 pm
    Adi commented:

    They used the word they intended. His favorables are very poor precisely because his ability to govern is poor.

  • Bunni

    Good for Gov. Brewer! That weaselly little man, no make that crybaby in diapers. He’s such a petty tyrant. Can’t wait until we’re rid of this mental.

  • gus

    Obama is a prick.

    I sure hope he reads my little excerpt.

  • Ladue Pundit

    Obama’s Fast and Furious gun running program cost the life of border patrol agent Brian Terry. Yes, it was his program, he and Holder both knew about it (or they’re stupid).

    Gov. Brewer is being sued by Obama’s DOJ for FOLLOWING Federal law. If this governor is mad, she has a reason.

    Obama just stands there and smiles. He doesn’t care about Brian Terry, unborn babies, or people losing their jobs or houses. How this imposter even has a chance at re-election is sad.

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  • gus

    LaDue, you said that Obama and Holder knew about Fast and Furious or that they are stupid.


    It is most definitely a cover up.

  • wtd

    Perhaps it’s a distortion in the video, but the secret service /security fella appears to be holding back a pestering giggle or flatulence as he witnesses the exchange.

  • DaMav

    I LOVE that image!!! lol TY Governor!

    Make a nice addition to the Gateway Pundit banner… 🙂

  • gus

    Wtd. I have it on EXCELLENT authority, that Obama’s Secret Service detail thinks he’s an ass.
    Of course that detail has been selected because of their competence and they’ve had their College grades looked at!!

  • SpideyTerry

    Good for Brewer. Maybe Obama was just disturbed by the concept of someone writing their own book.

  • gus

    I didn’t like the part in Obama’s book, where he is snorting cocaine. Maybe he and I should have a talk with Bill Ayers about that.

  • sablegsd

    “#4 January 25, 2012 at 8:19 pm
    Saragosa commented:

    She can write whatever she wants….but pointing in the presidents face on the tarmac is ridiculous.”

    Seriously? After all the damn finger pointing and poking in the chest that comrade downgrade has done? He’s a putz. A bully. A clump of smegma.

    At least he is consistent with his stupid prancing show pony routine down the stairs. What a clown.

  • WillofLa

    Knowing that the far Southwest portion of the state is being held by Mexican dope dealers in order to make crossing the border with dope easier. I’m sure if Gov. Brewer was to call out the Arizona National Guard, Obama would blow a gasket and order the Marines down there to stop the Guard from attacking an invasion, and legally an act of war on the part of Mexico whether be it Mexican military forces or by permission of Calderon or not, and since it is an act of war Obama is in violation of the Constitution to protect the nation from invasion and acts of war. Obama should have his Presidency nullified immideately. But who has the guts to oppose this little dictator and will not cause a Constitutional crisis that no one knows what or how to do anything about it.

    Gov. Brewer has the legal right to have Obama arrested as soon as he stepped off the plane. She could have two Army MP’s standing by her and order them to take him into custody right then and there, and no one could do a damn thing about it. But how much guts does it take? I don’t know but I think I would like to see someone do it no matter. They have the legal right because the nation is under invasion, and acts of war have been committed against the U.S. by Mexico. Let’s see what the liberals would say about amnesty then.

  • Rock


    She should have kneed the thug when he put his paws on her.

    There, I have corrected your spelling.

  • Rick Perry hand delivered a letter to Obama at the airport the same way and Obama turned away from him. Obama is the most vile evil person we ever had in Washington.

  • Rock

    Nothing more than his value system slipping out from the vale of secrecy the media hides him behind, spoiled, rude, and a bully. Well done democraps. Wish he’d learn to respect the office he holds, and the Nation he calls home.

  • bg


    huh?? the still pic & the vid do not match up..


  • Adi


    The correct sentence (from my distorted point of view):

    She should have knelt the thug when He put His paws on her.

  • bg


    re: #56 January 25, 2012 at 11:03 pm bg

    oh okay, Greta has a better footage..


  • Rock



    She should have nailed the thug when he put his paws on her. 🙂

  • Dunce

    Remember when obama was telling his supporters to get in the face of people who disagreed with his policies which was before he he was calling on everybody to be civil. he is leading by example by getting in these republican governors faces, but they are not from Chicago and democrats did not elect them. Of course he got an excerpt in a briefing because he is much to busy golfing, taking vacations, and campaigning to actually read any books besides what could the smartest man in the world learn from a republican.

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  • saragosa…it sems like the myth started the altercation, maybe he should learn a little respect.

  • Billy

    Like Juan Williams another ‘uppity’ man needs to be put in his place.

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  • Beagle

    Oh – I see – dissenting opinions are deleted here.

  • squeaky

    #6 January 25, 2012 at 8:25 pm
    matt commented:
    I wish the secret service would have tackled her. She could call the sequel to her book “tarmac for breakfast.”
    God knows that finger could have been loaded.

  • squeaky

    “Oh – I see – dissenting opinions are deleted here.” not quite as my scrolling finger will atest.
    it might be stuck in the filter.

  • mg4us

    First, Obama read an excerpt . . . when? Between golf swings? What a Liar & Thief!

    Also, what lack of class Obama brings to the Office of the President.

    In industry we would call an overpowering leader berating an lower level person
    Creating Hostile Work Environment

    But then this is Obama remember
    “get-in-their-Face” Obama
    “They Bring a knife we Bring a gun” Obama (or was it bring guns as in Fast & Furious?)

  • bg


    Beagle #68 January 26, 2012 at 2:50 am

    been coming here for years, and guess
    what, sometimes i make mistakes.. 😯

    check for “curse words” .. as they won’t get past the filter so to speak (nothing to do with a moderator – don’t think GP has one, but alas i digress).. and the limit is 6 links, but for some reason i don’t think you use them..


  • Give the man a break- he thinks he is the King and that she is a royal provincial governor, and in his mind (which was formed in former colonies), it’s natural for the King to berate royal governor’s.

    As usual though, this is not reality- he isn’t King, she’s not a provincial governor, they’re both heads of soverign states, and it is not usual or natural for a President to lecture a Governor. I think every day he slips farther from reality.

  • Militant Conservative

    Respect must be earned. Obama has earned the

    Scorn and disrespect of America. Pathetic little

    worm of a human. Obama is just plain evil.

  • W3bgrrl

    Caption: President Obama criticizes Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s characterization of him as patronizing while patonizingly patting her arm.

    So, he read the excerpt of her memoir… the part about himself. Surprise!

  • GrayRider

    She let the narcissistic bastard have it. GOOD FOR HER.

  • Vercingetorix


    Caption: President Obama criticizes Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s characterization of him as patronizing while patronizingly patting her arm.

    Nice catch!

  • Big Al

    Brewer may be dumb as a bag of hammers but she’s got guts and guts is enough!

  • Adirondack Patriot

    The only reason she was pointing her finger at him was because the skinny little weasel cae down those stairs and ran his mouth.

    Good for her. He has the grace and poise of a subway rat.

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  • ExExZonie

    His idea of reading someone else’s book is to look in the index (or do a search if it’s an eBook) and read anything pertaining to himself.

  • doc

    Well, her name is certainly on the list for re-education camp when Zero finally achieves his entire agenda.

  • Kathi

    Jan Brewer’s actions were incredibly disrespectful. In what universe is treating the President of the United States this badly, in public, considered acceptable behavior??? First the McConell announces the Republican agenda for the next 4 years as “Defeating Obama”, then some bozo calls him a liar from the house floor, Newt “the nastiest man in politics” Gingrich sets the tone of the 2012 election by calling him “The Foodstamp President”… now Jan Brewer thinks she can sass Obama and you dipsticks brag about this as if it is the greatest thing ever.

    You couldn’t be any clearer that you hate Obama for being black if you tried.

    Nobody treated your idiot Boy George like this, despite the fact that he cost our country trillions of dollars and has the blood of countless people on his hands. NOBODY ever treated him this way.

    The Republican method of showing their opposition to Obama is repugnant and NOT what American should look like in the year 2012

  • Rock

    Damn Kathi, being a little selective in your rant, seems you have forgotten all the hate Piglosi spewed at Bush, but hey whats a little memory lapse, when elitist get their panties in a knot.

  • Adi


    I agree. (With the addendum no nail guns were harmed in due process).