Knock-Out Game Case Dismissed After Witness Skips Court – 7 Teens Celebrate Outside Court (Video)

Seven St. Louis teens are now free after viciously beating a local man in the knock-out game. A key witness did not show up for court on Wednesday.
KMOV reported:

Seven teens all between the ages of 12 and 14 are now free after they were accused of beating a 52-year-old man as part of the so-called “knock-out game.”

The attack happened on October 21st, leaving Matt Quain with a broken jaw, several stitches and a black eye.

Prosecutors had no choice but to drop the case when the key witness, a 13-year-old girl, failed to show up for court Monday.

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay was the first person on the scene in late October after a local man was beat unconscious by the teen mob.

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  • MAJ Mike

    If your state allows concealed handgun carry and you haven’t gotten your permit, why not? This situation highlights why you can’t depend on the police for protection.

  • Joe Blow

    I’m sure the parents of the 13 year old witness knew what would happen to her if she testified against the group of brutal thugs. Their friends would take care of her for sure!

  • Atlanta Media Guy

    It’s an Obama world. I guess they taught the perps a lesson. Get caught you better take care of any witnesses before you head to court. Sounds like their plan worked. Black Panther thug apprentices, I guess.

  • SSBN 627(B)

    Gosh, what great fun. What’s next, kids? Maybe go to the VA Home? Naw, those guys might fight back. How about the local Senior Center? Easy pickings there.

    Lowlife. Scumbag. Punks.

  • squeaky

    that used to be considered the action of cowards now it’s something to pat yourself on the back about? 7 vs 1 and a sneak attack i’m sure.

  • Conservative Ken

    Channeling Bernard Goetz anyone?

  • Andreas K.

    This has nothing to do with Obama or a perceived Obama World. This is how the justice system works. You need evidence and witnesses. If you don’t have them, you don’t have a case. Simple as that.

    And by the way, stuff like that happens in the EU on a daily basis. Without Obama. It has happened here long before Obama was even in office. It’s not Obama’s fault. It’s the fault of the parents.

  • Granny

    I have to agree with Andreas K. This has nothing to do with Obama. No witnesses or other evidence, no case. And frankly, I wouldn’t let my 13 year old daughter go to court over something like this either unless we were guaranteed the witness protection program. That girl’s life wouldn’t be worth a plug nickel – if something untoward hasn’t already happened to her.

  • You are correct Andreas Obama isn’t the problem in this story, nor the cause, he is as much a symptom of the disease. Yes it takes evidence and in a case that didn’t threaten to bring down so much political correctness anger or reinforce a stereotype law enforcement would have been all over collecting evidence for a conviction. Out of seven perps not one of them had a weak spot to turn on the others? My bet it wasn’t even attempted and the system from the cop who took the report to the prosecutor sighed in relief that a way out of the mess presented itself.

    With more social engineering like this we will see a new reaction appear and if you think things are ugly now.

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  • Larkin

    What this country needs is a good super-hero.

  • guy haman

    Are there any boondock saints in St Louis? Let’s hope so.

  • oldguy

    This is one of the reasons why Obama will lose. Actions like this will provide the guilt ridden cover to vote against him, or at least to stay home on election day.

  • J

    I live in a middle-class, predominantly white community here in MA. Tshirts are printed with the purpose of intimidating witnesses to gang crimes. They actually sit in the courtroom during the trial. And they appear, freely, in my town. Liberal areas seem to tolerate portions of our society that they consider underprivileged, great freedoms….to the detriment of a civilized society.

  • Fen

    When Justice is thwarted the only remedy is a bullet to the brain.

  • Jim

    Wise up buddy, get a gun and use it!

  • Empirefalls

    I live in the neighborhood in which these savages are roaming. The man was lynched across from my church. Yes—the perps are black. I have asked that the mayor and St Louis Pd to allow white people to openly carry fire arms since it is open season on white people in the city, but have not (shocker) recieved a response. I also asked it the Justice department was going to look into this matter–and —-No response. I CCW—even taking out the trash.

  • avery

    Yes, it is Obama and Eric Holder flault they bring EU. to America.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Some great society huh

  • Granny

    #20 January 12, 2012 at 8:38 am
    avery commented:

    Yes, it is Obama and Eric Holder flault they bring EU. to America.

    Oh for pity’s sake! Yes, Obama and Eric Holder are responsible for a huge number of bad things, but this crime is not one of them. As far as bringing the EU to America, that has been happening at a snail’s pace for quite some few years now. You’re just getting around to noticing.

  • lsufan

    were the bad guys black or white in this story?

  • A Desert Rat

    The ‘defendents’ high fived each other in the courtroom when the judge dismissed the charges, free to continue their ‘game’ on St. Louis streets.

  • Sam Stone

    This is the change Obama brings!

  • Rob Crawford


    How could they? I bet there are tapes of each of them celebrating them. Probably in “church”.

  • Missy8s

    My bet is that Holder got hold of the girl because they didn’t like the direction of the case.

    Seven black teen thugs against one white man runs counter to dear leader’s hopey changey narrative…

    This is happening in every city and state in America people, not just in St. Louis, MO and it is no accident.

  • Granny

    #23 January 12, 2012 at 8:46 am
    lsufan commented:

    were the bad guys black or white in this story?

    The standard operating procedure of the MSM these days appears to be that if the race of the offender is not mentioned, that offender is black.

  • patman

    I’ve given up on big cities and urban causes. I used to give thousands to charities that support inner city school kids, but stopped when I saw my city get worse and worse.

    It’s the parents, or lack there of… They breed badly and run away from their obligations.

    Now I conceal carry anytime business takes me downtown. I’ll have no problem eradicating a young urban threat that I probably bought school supplies for in the years past.

    I, white America, tried… And I see no black leaders trying to fix the real problem. They just bitch and demand equal justice.

  • RedBeard

    Of course Obama didn’t cause this incident. Leftie policies, generated over the decades since LBJ’s grotesquely misnamed Great Society was implemented, are to blame. But there is no doubt that Obama’s political and social agenda will take an already degenerating society and make it decline even faster.

  • Goatweed

    Is there a material witness law in Missouri? If the victim was attacked because of his race, why isn’t a civil rights case being made?

  • #10 bing………..

  • olm

    This is not Obama’s fault, I agree with that.
    However, this plays into what will be used to continue the reign in November. Listen to Van Jones, watch Eric Holder. Race/class war all the way, baby. And it just might work.
    OT but only slightly. In Portland two days ago two girls beat up a third on a MAX train. The beating was filmed and no one helped the victim. I think the story has changed now but the victim didn’t want to come forward. Not sure what the outcome will be on this one but in this liberal utopia gang violence is on the rise and now we have this MAX beating. What is a liberal community to do?

  • Valerie

    If I were the prosecutor, and I had to rely on testimony from a kid, I’d let the case go, too. They probably went forward in hopes of developing other witnesses and evidence, or even other cases. Granny, above, is right. Not only is the testimony of a thirteen-year-old somewhat suspect because she is a minor, but she is also vulnerable to attack, moreso than an adult, because she has to go to school.

    I hope that Empirefalls is wrong. I hope that the local, prominent blacks are taking action. Depending on his news sources, he would not necessarily hear of it. He wouldn’t, for example, hear a sermon in a church he didn’t attend, or comments on a radio station he never selects.

    The problem of “not speaking out” is a double-bind common to a lot of different isolated pockets in society. For example, in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, one of the local mosques published some kind of letter, which the Washington Post saw fit to turn into a two column-inch item in its “local” section. I caught it only by accident, because I rarely open the “local” section. At the same time, they were also publishing letters to the editor from people who wondered why Muslims didn’t speak out against this heinous act.

  • Rock

    #29 January 12, 2012 at 9:20 am
    patman………. They just bitch and demand equal justice.
    No they are seeking revenge pure and simple, and WTF and holder demonstrated early on blacks would be given a pass.

    #31 January 12, 2012 at 9:51 am
    Goatweed…….. why isn’t a civil rights case being made,
    Same reason starting with the voter intimidation case when Holder’s corrupt non-Justice Department announced they would not pursue civil right case against minorities.

    Bottom line like it or not this is on the rise because WTF and crew have given a clear message, it is now open season for such conduct.

  • olm
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  • Tator

    If I were the victim I would quietly find each punk one-at-a-time over the next few years and provide my own justice…

  • Rock

    Clean up in aisle 39.

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  • RedBeard

    Coon Hunter, just go away. Your game isn’t working. Go tell the kiddies at KOS that you tried, but failed.

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    One question: Was this group of seven all black kids?

  • valerie

    Clean up at aisle 39; sock puppet at 44

  • Kelly

    TNB. Let us all celebrate diversity. I mean the death of the White race. Isn’t multiculturalism wonderful?

  • If the victim was black and the punks who did this were white the judge would have found some way to prolong the case.

    The judge should be called on the carpet by his peers.

  • Matthew Hollister

    The trial should have been adjourned — not dismissed.

  • J Craigski (the only true Commissar here)

    I am not clear on this. Didn’t the DA have a written statement on file. Were there no other witnesses. How about the victim, could he not identify any of the attackers? There is something very wrong here.

  • Miker54

    Another illustration of the necessity for “law abiding” citizens to embrace the concealed carry authorization. A sad state of affairs when it is logically necessary to carry a weapon in your pocket with your finger on the trigger but at the end of the day it is either you or the gutter monkeys that are at risk – time to reverse the calculation.

  • Hardy Magna

    I just heard about this on a talk show in San Francisco, and this occured to me: people called in, saying well what can the good guys do? If the good people don’t stand up, then the idiots can run the madhouse; but we can also understand the 13 year old witness. Will she be protected by the school and police? Not even likely 50%.

    Here’s my solution : create a “Bond Law” — where the perp is legally connected to the victim and / or witnesses. If ANYTHING of a violent nature happens to the victim / witnessess, the perp is immediately slapped with a 10 year sentence without parole; depending on the severity of the injury or to death, sentence should be increased. So, the perps then have a very strong incentive to keep the victim / witness safe. Even if the victim / witness dies in an auto accident, the perps are held accountable. Whether real accident or intentional ‘accident’ the perps are treated the same. BOND them for life. On the talk show, a lady called who had lived in the inner city. People are threatened or worse all the time from being witnesses, so they don’t talk. But if the punks are BONDED for life, then a good case can be put forth that crime will actually go down, because it hits them where it really hurts.