St. Louis Mayor First One on Scene After “Youth” Mob Nearly Beats Man to Death in ‘Knock Out Game’ (Video)

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay was the first person on the scene on Monday after a local man was beat unconscious by a mob of teens. The mayor believes this was another incident of the “knock out” game.

The victim’s jaw was shattered and wired shut. There were several broken bones on his face.
The thugs beat the victim with bricks on a busy St. Louis street.

The local media would not release the race of the teens but the “knock out game” is popular with black youth mobs in St. Louis.
KSDK reported:

St. Louis police are looking for a group of 10 to 15 people who brutally beat a 51-year-old man.

It happened near the public library in the 3300 block of South Grand around 11:40 p.m. on October 21.

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay was the first person to spot the victim. He tells NewsChannel 5 he was driving along Grand with his security officer when they saw the crowd from a distance.

Slay says when they got closer the crowd ran off, leaving the bloody and unconscious victim and a friend.

The friend said he and the victim were walking from a nearby grocery store when the man was punched in the face and knocked out cold for no reason.

Because the victim wasn’t robbed, Mayor Slay believes this was another case of the “knockout game,” a game played by teenagers where they attack unsuspecting victims with the goal of knocking that person unconscious.

It’s been an on-going problem in St. Louis and actually lead to a death earlier this year.

The mayor called the attackers “thugs” and warned they won’t be allowed to rule the streets.

In April an elderly man was attacked by a mob of black youths playing “the knock out game” while walking home from the grocery store with his wife. They killed him.

In June a group of black youths beat a gay man bloody playing “the knock out game.”

In August black teen mobs targeted St. Louis cyclists in the knock out game.

In September, a 73-year-old man was knocked unconscious just outside of Tower Grove Park.

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  • Truth Teller

    Shoot to kill these scum. Time for vigilante justic.

  • forest

    And the mayor should be the first on the scene.

    This crap will kill a city quicker than public housing.

  • Sarge

    Let the citizens arm, and thusly, defend themselves!

  • dnb

    One word only: animals; mindless, dumb animals. Find the thugs, arrest them and charge their parents.

  • Truth Teller

    Prisons are already full of them…why pay taxes to feed these f#$ks? They need to be removed from the public payroll…permanently.

  • Saddened for St. Louis

    Jim, unfortunately, St. Louis is now suffering from the cancer of having Democrats lead it for generations. I remember when South Grand was a clean, most German area where kids were safe playing out on the sidewalks. It wasn’t fancy, even back then, but it was safe and neighbors sat on on the front steps in the summer visiting with each other.

    I grew up at Landsdowne and Wherry. Ted Drews, Steak N’ Shake, great Italian and German bakeries where you could buy fresh bread and gooey butter cakes. Taking the bus to go watch the Cardinals, and making all the parish festivals every year. What a wonderful place to grow up.

    The last time I was back, I promised I would never return. The city was dirty, I had to drive through terrible neighborhoods just to eat at Rigassi’s on the Hill. The population of St. Louis had decreased from when I was a kid, and it just reminded me of Detroit.

  • Gman

    This is the part where some Liberal comes in and comments that skin color has nothing to do with it and all races have groups of thugs but fails to provide many links to illustrate the case.

  • Sasja

    Visited St Louis recently. Never again.

  • Multitude

    The spirit of these youngsters is admirable. Why, many a German progressive of yesteryear would recall the joyful tirades of playful games like “Smash the Jew’s Window” or “Burn Books that Disagree with Progressive Theology” and so on. American progressives had their games too, like “Sterilize the Single Black Breeder and the Retards” and “Burn a Cross on the Black’s Lawn.” All good fun for a tan-shirted progressive.

    The uniform of the contemporary OWS storm detachments is of course much more diverse these days; instead of the monochromatic tan shirts and black boots, piercings, slogan-enriched t-shirts and tattoos are in fashion. But you can always spot a true progressive by their spirited games that advance the cause of the people’s movement!

  • Patty

    You know the ads for Visit some city or the other.

    New Ad. Come see St. Louis entertainment, great dining, museums and knock outs are free.

  • Libs Suck

    They’re just young black youths beating up on old white people, why is everyone all upset? They’re just having fun.

  • befuddled

    In South Korea, they actually have raiding parties to prevent kids from studying too much.While in St. Louis,mobs of kids are participating in the “knockout game”.

    And we wonder why we can’t complete in the global market place.

  • Libs Suck

    re: “The mayor called the attackers “thugs” and warned they won’t be allowed to rule the streets.”

    Ooooo…. Mayor, you called them a name! How impressive. They’re frightened now; O Boy, they’re probably peeing their panties!

  • Uncle Monkey

    Yes, I’d like to play the ever popular “bullet in the brain” game with these kids.

    It works like this – I spend a couple of bucks on a .44 mag bullet, Federal Ammunition wins, the kids lose.

    Whee fun!

  • Patty

    Infrastructure. Obama’s fav word to say. Take some of the money that you have wasted on green and help these bored out of their mind youth do something constructive with their life.

    Occupiers need to clean up their filthy mess, too. Obama is the most hypocritical and pathetic liars. Obviously, MO is obsessed with fat. What about the blacks who have been abused and ignored by their parent. No parents as many of the baby daddies leave the wife and kids to fend for themselves. Take some of that garden money and use it for something good. The black and white kids who have been abandoned by their parents.

  • Callipygian1

    These gutless pricks are never alone… gotta have witnesses for the knockout game.

  • Nelle

    No one should use these punks’ terminology “knockout game”. There is no game. Call it what it is. Mindless violence, viscious mob attacks, racist brutality. Call them what they are. Roving thugs, savage criminals. Don’t let them think for a minute that anyone thinks they are kids playing games. Let them know without a doubt they are wanted criminals, and will be treated like anyone guilty of violent assault. I’m talking to you, Post-Dispatch, and to the national media. It’s no game, and these thugs will be getting serious adult punishment. That’s what the message should be, if you want to discourage these idle dropouts from killing people and throwing their lives away.

  • Patty

    These kids are the future? The occupiers are the future? I would love to see some youth that love God and Country start something. Not what the occupiers or the knock out kids are doing.

    But start something greater then themselves. Organize For America Future and for The Best for America. Just a thought. The youth need to recognize what our Nation’s goal are and drown the hate out once and for all.

  • Estragon

    If someone from your household commits a violent crime, no more public benefits for the household (except for SS and Medicare). Out of public housing, no food stamps, no welfare, no Medicaid, no federal student loans, no nothing. Enforce it strictly, and see how fast the problem is resolved.

  • Fen

    local media would not release the race of the teens but –


  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The solution is to pack heat. The bigger the capacity, the better.

    If you come across more of them than you feel you can handle, make sure your hand is at the ready on the trigger.

  • Son of Walden

    Talk is cheap. You rightwing cowards won’t do anything.
    That being said, this “game” is a problem.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    I agree with Nelle above: Calling it a “game” does a disservice to the innocents attacked by these rabid animals, and makes the would-be thrill-killers sound less culpable. And as for the clueless mayor warning that “they won’t be allowed to rule the streets”, he obviously hasn’t stopped to notice that they ALREADY DO “own the streets”. They can, and do, target anyone they like, any time they like. In this particular case only the mere accident of the mayor coming upon the pack of human hyenas kept this beating from being a murder.

    The mayor SHOULD (but won’t) encourage whites to carry loaded weapons when they enter the “zoo” (= the parts of town where the animals live), and to travel in groups of at least 4. (At least 2 with guns, and at least one to film the attacks and provide proof in court that the resulting deaths were completely justified as self-defense — despite their mommas’ earnest claims that they were sweet little angels returning home from Bible study.)

  • Studious Citizen

    Anyone who tries to play the knock-out game should be subject to a losing round of the “cranial evacuation” game.

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  • I thought the next move for Team Leftie after #OccupyFAIL was to release the union thugs on the streets. It’s starting to look like I was wrong. Maybe they are going straight to race war. In a way that’s good – it will be uglier sooner but over faster.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • maxx

    More TNB,.shoot these animals.

  • obfuscatenot

    Isn’t St. Louis in Missouri?

    Can a citizen not “conceal and carry” in Missouri?

    Mayor Slay? How does one protect oneself in the jungle?

  • ron paul is a neocon


    the demoniac demoncrat mob

  • The word game is a euphemism for race war. If we cannot call it by it’s right name, we cannot address it. And the “players” will keep on playing.

  • mg4us

    Slay says when they got closer the crowd ran off, leaving the bloody and unconscious victim and a friend. . . .
    Because the victim wasn’t robbed, Mayor Slay believes this was another case of the “knockout game,” a game played by teenagers where they attack unsuspecting victims with the goal of knocking that person unconscious.


    Mayor Slay. . .I know games. . . I play games. . . This was NO GAME!!! And by the way, who were the players? Black youths?

    To call this a “game” is beside stupidity. . it is outright lying and deception!

    This is a savage pre-meditated attack. And you have a pattern of these attacks which you and your police seem to ignore and fail to manage!

    You have failed in keeping the peace. . . and bad things will come your way and to your city. . . it is only a matter of time before those that are preyed upon unleash their wrath on the evil perpetrators!

    Don’t be surprised when that day comes sooner than you think. . you encouraged it!


    CARRY CONCEAL …. that is your friend

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  • Talk is cheap. You rightwing cowards won’t do anything.

    You left-wing cowards will tell the thugs how special they are and how much you care and understand their rage.

    Hoping, of course, that they instead attack the “right-wing cowards”.

  • jimboster

    According to the reporter, Mayor Slay advised, “If you have a similar encounter in the city, go the other way and call police.” Am I reading this right. Did the mayor just say it was okay to be afraid, to be very afraid, when you see groups of Black kids?

  • Arch

    It’s sad to hear that St Louis is turning into East St Louis. It’s an urban plague sweeping all the cities. White flight, entitlement mentality, eroding tax base, awful schools, political corruption, teen pregnancy, planned parenthood, breakdown of families, sale of illegal drugs, gang violence.

    It won’t end well.

  • Ladue Pundit

    Talk is cheap. You rightwing cowards won’t do anything.

    Au contraire, dipstick. The population of St. Louis has been steadily declining since 1958. What a coincidence, Democrats have controlled it since then!

    People have let their feet do the voting, and all that’s left is a cesspool of taxpayer funded graft and wasteful programs.

    This is the rightwing containment policy. Cross into Ladue, MO and see how quickly the police would be onto this crap. Just try it.

  • Arch


    “Owning a handgun doesn’t make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.”

    – Lt Col Jeff Cooper. USMC retired

  • KC

    I was working the phones for the local Republican Party during the elections just 3yrs ago. I was calling in the St. Louis area, North to be exact.

    Q) If the election were held today who would you vote for?
    A) Oh, Obama for sure!

    Q) Are you pro-life or pro-choice?
    A) What’s that?

    I kid you not!! Only one and I mean one new what I was asking them. This is serious. I agree that this is not a game but a group of dangerous bullies that need to be stopped. Agree, that we need to cut off their “welfare” when they commit a dangerous crime. Period. Starv’em out!

    As for me and my household, beware! You’ve been warned, we will shoot to kill to protect our lives and home.

  • STL Tix

    We saw this on last nights news only because it was “Mayor Slay” first on the scene and still no comment on the race of the “kids” involved. Stl news hasn’t commented on what happened in Peoria, IL over the weekend. The MSM in STL would rather cover our baseball team. Powder & primers are dry

  • Free Speech Rules
  • Basil Duke

    St. Louis City is Chicago-Lite. 28 alderman and nary a one of ’em Republicans. Not one! Leftwing whites and racist, radical blacks all tearing at each other for the last remaining strips of edible meat on the carcass. Population plummeting by the year. Two-thirds of the city a no-go zone because of feral black youths. School district uncredited. More than 50 percent of high school seniors drop out before graduation. And on and on.

  • Valerie

    #36 October 26, 2011 at 8:53 am
    Arch commented:

    It isn’t just white flight. The good black families moved out of DC to Prince George’s County, MD. They have plenty of police who are of the dark persuasion, and a low tolerance of loitering.

  • Thank you for posting this story. It needs to be circulated. The mainstream media ignores this madness.

  • Goatweed

    Was the mayor travelling with a police escort?

  • Basil Duke

    St. Louis’ mayor typically travels with at least one bodyguard.

  • Mannie

    This is why I carry a .45, but you need to practice situational awareness. These days, when confronted by a pack of [COUGH] youths, it’s hand on the grip and ready to draw.

    It’s also why I’m putting [COUGH] bull bars on my SUV; in case I have to blast out of a riot and run down a couple of [COUGH] bulls. I don’t want to take out my radiator.

    Shoot down a couple of rabid [COUGH] youths, and see how quickly the Liberals, Enemy Press and other criminals start to scream. Still, it’s better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    One problem is this sort of crap is most prevalent in cities where only the criminals are allowed to be armed.

    Keep it dry.

  • Meg

    Our fearless leader has yet to speak out against this violence.

  • moriah

    Here is Obama’s civilian security force. All they need are uniforms. I’m surprised they don’t sign them up at the OWS protests…

  • Patrick

    This is supposed to be one of the “good” areas of South St. Louis.

    If this wasn’t so serious and sad, it would almost be comical how difficult it is for the white liberals, alternative lifestyle adherents living in these areas to come to grips with the fact that the historical “victim” oppressed class is engaging in racially motivated violence directed towards whites/gays/asians.

  • GRU58

    I grew up across from St Louis in East St Louis IL. If there were an idyllic place we could go back to I’d choose the STL area late 50’s early 60’s. It sickens me to see the termite activity that STL city has become.

    Visit STL cyber-wise and stay safe at:

    North St Louis city has an awful lot of commonality with South St Louis city and that’s not a compliment.

    Neither the Mayor nor the police can protect you if you visit in-person.

  • Joanne

    If the teens were white, it would be all over the news, so it is pretty clear why the race of the teens was withheld – they were all black. Many black youths in America are out of control, because no one is stopping them. Blacks will just cry racism if white people protect themselves, but who cares….it is better to be called false names than to be beaten to a pulp or worse. These black teens are all bullies and cowards.

  • Interesting how the deterioration of race relations has accelerated since The Messiah was elected to the presidency. This country is seeing an escalation in black on white violence that the lamestream media deliberately and conveniently ignores. This incident goes beyond gangsta’ thuggery, this is nothing less than black terrorism. Wake up America, don’t put yourself in a ‘victim’ situation. And if you find yourself in one, consider that you’ve already done five things wrong and BE PREPARED to defend yourself.

  • averagemelon

    This is not a game.
    It’s COWARDICE. A GANG of people beating elderly men who are not aware of any danger is cowardice.

  • jimg

    Talk is cheap. You rightwing cowards won’t do anything. – Son of Walden

    Try me, boy.

    Just try me.

  • Redpillpatriot

    So if this were a gang of white “youths” beating blacks half to death,randomly, would they still call it a game?

    I rest my case….

    It’s almost time….. To play the shootout game or the hanging game!

  • Tony

    Meg you miss spoke by calling a leader!!!!!

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  • these kids are the product of american socialism. most of them grew up in the welfare state without a parent as a result of the american civil-rights leaders endorsement of the cloward-piven strategy in the 1960’s. what you see happening here is what all of america will look like if the left has its way, moralless, valueless, vicious violent people with no regard for human life. sixty years ago i was one of those kids. today these kids will kill you like we would steal an apple. i attribute the difference to our having a family, even though we were poor we had parents and men in the neighborhood. today these kids have neither, that is what liberalism has done for poor people in the last sixty years, stolen their family.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    Francis Slay and his troglodyte father before him have pandered to the black, criminal element in St. Louis for 40 years.

    In a civilized state like Texas, those sub-human rat-apes would have been ventilated with several hundred rounds of lead…

  • (G)

    JeffersonDavus WAS right but most of you kind abandoned him in 1865.

  • midnight

    What a good excuse to shoot someone with my 9mm. Streets are dangerous and a gun is your best protection.

  • Mark N Starla Traina




    These LIBTURD GROUPS actually have U.S. believing that if a BLACK PERSON KNOCKS one of U.S. OUT and then RAPES, ROBS or KILLS U.S. it’s not a “HATE CRIME”!

    … the NAAWP calls “BULLSHYT”,

    FACT: Whenever a CRIME occurs between PEOPLE of different RACES occur, it’s ALWAYS a “HATE CRIME”!


    WHITE MEN don’t want to get “INVOLVED” they are tooOOOOOO EFIN CHICKEN $HYT!

    In 2012, over 30,000 WHITE WOMEN were RAPED by BLACK MEN and during that same TIME PERIOD 8 BLACK WOMEN were RAPED by WHITE MEN!

    … but don’t tell ANYBODY, let it be our DIRTY LITTLE SECRET!



    [email protected]


    mark a. traina/certified school psychologist/civil rights activist/504-231-3056