As Promised, Newt Releases Romney Attack Ad: “Timid vs. Bold” (Video)

After weathering a full-on assault by his rivals in Iowa, Newt Gingrich released a Romney attack ad today as promised, “Timid vs. Bold.”

This follows a full page “comparison” ad in the New Hampshire Union Journal on Wednesday.
The Caucus reported:

As promised, Newt Gingrich released a new television ad Thursday calling out Mitt Romney by name – a first – and painting the former Massachusetts governor’s economic plans as timid compared with his own.

The ad is not a slashing attack similar to the anti-Gingrich ads run by a “super PAC” financed by Mr. Romney’s supporters. But it goes further than any previous effort by Mr. Gingrich, who has been struggling to win over New Hampshire voters, to undercut an opponent.

As quotes critical of Mr. Romney from The Wall Street Journal and Forbes appear on screen, a narrator says: “Romney’s economic plan? Timid. Parts of it virtually identical to Obama’s failed policy. Timid won’t create jobs and timid certainly won’t defeat Barack Obama.

“Newt Gingrich’s bold leadership balanced the budget, reformed welfare, helped create millions of new jobs. The Gingrich jobs plan: a powerful plan for growing our economy and creating new jobs.’’

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  • Vero

    When did Newt go to work for Obama re-election 2012? – I must of missed that memo

  • Gini

    Newt will create new jobs? Interesting – I thought individuals created new jobs, not government entities.

  • Valerie

    So, this is the “temper tantrum”?

    If Newt gets the nomination, I will happily vote for him, with expectation of a great campaign, and a win for him at the end.

    I got to looking at Newt in the long interim after he left the House and his career since then has been very interesting. This guy is not the demon portrayed by professional liars such as Rachel Maddow.

    He’s a genuine bridge-builder. He knows how to handle the House, and the Press, stupid questions and abrasive competitors. He’s been spanked by the voters (fairly and unfairly), and he gives every indication of having learned from it. He loves the legislative process, and knows how to use it.

    He is a formidable problem-solver, the kind of guy perfectly capable of turning a problem on it’s side to get to a workable solution.

    He doesn’t blink at unintended consequences, but sets out to limit them.

    He’d be an energetic President, and a respected representative our our great country abroad.

  • Valerie

    And, he would nominate an Attorney General who can read.

  • Pete_Bondurant

    Bitter Gingrich is now making a point of Romney’s wealth. Surely a guy as smart as Gingrich could have made more money in the private sector if he chose to do so. However, Gingrich chose to work in Washington and serve. That is admirable. However, he should not criticize others for having wealth. That is Obama’s game.

    But this is to be expected from a bitter, whiner like Gingrich. Somebody get Gingrich a box of Pampers. He is acting like a baby again.


    Another endorsement for Romney today. This one from Thume. Let me guess- another yawn.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    I just can’t decide which progressive I want this time around mmmmmmmm
    Wonder which one would do more to destroy the ones who’ve been screwing us the last 3 years (more really) that might be the best we can “hope” for.

  • ShaSene

    Romney IS a liberal……….. Romneycare is 100 percent liberal and no different other than scale than Obamacare

    Romneys economic plan is LIBERAL , Part 2 of which is VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL TO OBAMAS FAILED POLICIES

  • ShaSene

    Gingrich was endorsed this week by famed CONSERVATIVE Economist Prof Thomas Sowell, Reagan’s won economic advisor Art Laffer AND Reagans own conservative son, Michael Reagan.

    Romney endorsements……..brilliant GOP strategist Megyn McCain and her daddy

  • Sasja

    And Romney is a global warming, climate change, nut.

  • Bill Mitchell

    How is this an “attack” ad? It is not in the least belligerent. Are all “contrast” ads such as this one to be called “attack” ads?

    Great ad. Go Newt.

  • Finncrisp

    Newt the pouter will not stop until he has savaged Romney. Just because his baggage will not go away, he will take our best shot at beating Barry with him. What a selfish, small man he is.

  • aprilnovember811

    Very good. Romney’s plan is written by the lobbyists, of which Trent Lott is one of them. Romney would be a President of the lobbyists, for the lobbyists, by the lobbyists.

    Perry of Newt.

  • aprilnovember811

    Perry or Newt, sorry. Jim, I wish you had an edit button on here.

  • Big Al

    who the hell sat with Nancy Pelosi sounding the alarm bells on global warming???

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  • MustComment

    Newt vs. Obama in debate! I’d pay to see it…

  • Nanna

    I’m with Gingrich. I remember what he did for this country before. He got the situration set up to cause millions of jobs to bse created.
    He is smart, and he is able. He can make Obama look like the Alensky schlub that he is.

    His baggage??? He is human, of course he has some baggage, everyone does. He can overcome the ‘baggage” and the Obama machine, if we get behind him.

    Goooo Newt!!!!

  • RedBeard

    Bad strategy. This will backfire on Newt. And it most certainly gives ammo to the Obama camp.

  • Joanne

    Attack ad? Hardly!

  • Agathon

    Gingrich’s problem is that he has alienated so many republicans (forget about Dems) that that there are quite a few who would rather see 4 more years of Obama if it means they can screw Newt. There are lots of people waiting for their chance at payback.