As Obama Dithers… Canadian PM Harper to Travel to China to Sell Oil

China’s ambassador to Canada Zhang Junsai (L) meets with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Ottawa January 11, 2012. (REUTERS/Patrick Doyle)

The Keystone Pipeline project was expected to create tens of thousands of high paying jobs in the oil industry. The project itself would create 20,000 construction jobs.

But it was just a big pipe dream.

(Bob McCarty)

Barack Obama refused to approve the Keystone project in 2011 despite record unemployment and record gas prices last year in the United States.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced this week that he is traveling to China to discuss selling oil to the nation’s second largest trading partner. reported:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is heading to China next month for his second official visit, as his government looks to boost bilateral trade and ship more energy products to the Asian powerhouse.

Business leaders and political observers say the China trip is important for future trade deals, demonstrates a warming in Sino-Canadian relations and could allow Harper to meet with the new, incoming Chinese leadership…

…Harper responded: “that’s our mutual wish,” adding that he’s looking forward to the visit and that he has always had “good, vigorous conversations” with the Chinese president and premier.

China is Canada’s second-largest trading partner, behind only the United States, and a key customer for Canadian natural resources and agricultural products.

State-owned Chinese oil and gas companies already have invested billions of dollars in Alberta’s oilsands to help feed the country’s insatiable energy appetite.

The Harper government is looking to increase petroleum exports to China, but those hopes are very much pinned on the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline project currently under review by the National Energy Board.

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  • FurryGuy

    Selling and shipping oil to China is going to increase the carbon footprint of the resulting energy multi-fold. But do the enviro-nazis ever consider that simple point? HA!

  • mg4us

    We can have cheap gas again once Obama and the DemocRAT green leftists are removed from office. . .

    Obama out in 2012. . a change we can ALL hope for!

  • bg


    NWO, not talking the Alex Jones version,
    but the real odeal, we are in “transition”..

    Obama is the “transitioner”..


  • Redwine

    What a SCOAMF. The GOP candidates need to stop sniping at each other and focus on bringing down the America-hating Traitor-in-Chief.

  • Patty

    Good for Canada. Brilliant move as China economy is soaring and stocks are in the green. Now, many are buying China.

    China has Passed the US as the World’s Largest Economy

    another success for Obama elimination of America

  • Earthmover

    Hang on Canada, we need a year to rid ourselves of our idiot!

  • bg


    re: #3 January 15, 2012 at 7:24 pm bg

    odeal = deal

    Freudian slip.. /s/

    NWO, bit more here..


  • Duke Chesnut

    Nice going Barry, you were not happy destroying 60,000 jobs in the auto industry, 100K in the military, now all these pipeline jobs, what are you going to do next, disappear the Bill of Rights? Oh yea, did that with NADA 2012.
    Wednesday 18Jan2011 the Internet protest to SOPA, prepare for a daylong blackout if Google signs on to this. Wonder if Gateway Pundit will participate?

  • exceller

    who needs their stinking oil. what with our big strategic investments in windmills, electric cars solar panels and flourescent bulbs.

  • Wm T Sherman

    Besides the absolute economic necessity of of transporting the oil production to a market somewhere to sell it, for domestic political reasons the Canadian PM can’t very well take a gratuitous snub like this lying down. If he’s seen as letting himself get pushed around by the colossus to the south, he will not be PM of Canada for long.

    That’s our Obama- always playing twelve-dimensional chess.

  • Molon Labe

    Unicorns and rainbows anyone?

  • Ausonius

    The goal is to reduce freedom in a real way. If few can afford to drive, then few can afford the freedom which driving creates and affords. The left needs to herd the sheeple and direct them as to where they can live, work, etc. Population centers being divested of sheeple in their herds frustrates their ability to manipulate us (control us actually, manipulate implies we have some say in it). When people have the choice and ability, they flee the cess pools called metropolitian areas in droves. It is by no coincident that they have become cess pools due to the decades long entrenchment of socialist policies.
    Green politics just creates cover so this insidious exploitation looks benevolent, big-brother looking out for us (which I find equally detestable).
    Remember, barry has repeatedly stated he is in favor of much higher gasoline prices because of the change in behavior that causes. When he first said that, I truly thought he was finished. Boy, was I wrong; there really was no shortage of moronic imbeciles voting their own demise.
    Shocker, gas prices have stayed very high for the duration of this fellow’s occupation (oops, I meant term of office).
    Every policy has the desired effect of limiting oil production and exploration.

  • Ipso Facto

    This is mostly PR.

    There is a plan in the works to take all of the oil that would have gone into the XL pipeline and bring it on down to OK and TX by rail. Tanker cars can move just as much crude if not more than a pipeline and if we bring it in by rail, we don’t have to pacify the Native American parasites for crossing “their” land, we don’t have to do anymore environmental studies and we don’t have to wait for Obama to get off his socialist ass.

    If we move the oil by rail there wouldn’t be as many jobs created, however, wouldn’t that be great if we can circumvent Obama’s political posturing and stick it to him at the same time!

    I think the deal is with Warren Buffet’s Burlington Northern Railroad.

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  • Little Orenthal

    I always thought liberals big thing was ‘no blood for oil!!! derrrr’ .. well, here’s a perfectly good source from Canada. This is oil we wont be buying from Saudi Arabia.

    What is Obama doing? Why does he intentionally want to weaken us, and strengthen the Saudis?

    This man is a disaster. For all the people out of work for the last 3 years, this is the person responsible. He’s causing such disaster and pain, I think impeachment is the only way America will survive. If the Adults don’t win in ’12, I think its time for some states to declare independence. What a disaster this man is! Anyone who voted for him in ’08 should be shunned for all time. In the new independent states, these people should be deported. I’m sure they’re already being written out of wills and erased from address books. How many friendships died because of the last election? Its probably in the millions

  • olm

    #13, really?
    I hope so, we ssure have the rails and the ability to move it without the pipeline and with the enviro freaks.

  • Ipso Facto


    I did some research on-line and the deal to move the oil by rail is being reported by one source as yet another Obama venture in crony capitalism. It seems if Obama kills the pipeline, Warren Buffet (a big friend of Obama’s) will get the deal to move it with his railroad.

    Thus, the railroad deal is NOT to stick it to Obama. It’s a deal where Obama is sticking it to the unions and the labor market in favor of having his pal, Warren Buffet, cash in big time. We’re talking yet another incidence of corruption by Obama as opposed to a scheme to stick it to Obama.

    Surprise, surprise, right?

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  • Sasja

    I thought Congress was going to do whatever it was to bypass Zero to get the pipline going? There are 3 separate, but equal, branches of government. It is just wrong to let any president have so much power as to decide if a pipeline will or will not be built.

    I’m going to watch “Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man.” I need to laugh.

  • Kermit

    Still no surprise here, Obama made it quite clear during his first presidential campaign that he intended to he intended to destroy America’s energy market and scatter the ashes of our economy (“prices will necessarily skyrocket” and “spread the wealth”).

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  • Atlas Shrugged

    # 13 – “There is a plan in the works to take all of the oil that would have gone into the XL pipeline and bring it on down to OK and TX by rail…”

    Boy that sounds kinda familiar ……

  • Highlander

    Obama will find some way to block that rail plan …

  • UpChuck.Liberals

    I had the displeasure of listening to Hairy Reid today. According to him, we have the most productive Congress EVER goes along with Barry saying he’s on, or in his warped mind above, Lincoln & Reagan, but still below Carter. If destroying this country and making themselves richer is productive then I’d guess they’re raging successes.

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  • Buffalobob

    We don’t need no sticken pipe line from Canada. obama’s energy Czar Stephen Chu assured him that a break through in perpetual motion is eminant.

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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Should gasoline zoom past $4 a gallon this upcoming spring, Obie will almost surely pay at the ballot box.

    As he should.

  • FurryGuy

    #4 January 15, 2012 at 7:25 pm
    Redwine commented:

    What a SCOAMF. The GOP candidates need to stop sniping at each other and focus on bringing down the America-hating Traitor-in-Chief.

    Doubtful it will happen. Anyone with even a jot of conservative credentials has been shown the door and given the boot, all we have left is the grade school Establishment Elites doing their level best they can out-McCain McCain.

  • FurryGuy

    #28 January 16, 2012 at 3:00 am
    Blacque Jacques Shellacque commented:

    Should gasoline zoom past $4 a gallon this upcoming spring, Obie will almost surely pay at the ballot box.

    As he should.

    $4 a gallon won’t even be a speed bump as prices skyrocket when Barry’s energy policy and the EPA stranglehold really takes effect.

    Barry will make a lot of populist noises about how concerned he is about high energy prices affecting the average American, and like Congress doing their annual witch-hunt of the EVILLLLLLLLL! oil companies nothing concrete will come of all the rarefied political rhetoric.

  • squeaky

    3 years ago if you told people they would be paying well over $3. a gallon for gas on a long term basis they would have gone ballistic. now they get all excited when it drops a few cents.
    yesterday there was a small news item out of nigeria about a possible strike by oil workers and that we get 8% [give or take] of our oil from there.

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  • Eden

    Yep, they got us used to over $3 gas so that $3 seems like a good deal. Doubtful it will ever go down below $2 again. Just like health insurance. Now that its all jacked up because of Obamacare fears, even if its repealed/replaced, doubtful premiums will go back down. Zero has done serious long term damage. That’s why he’s so pleased with himself.

  • Ipso Facto

    Look for gas prices to skyrocket starting in late spring or early summer. The gas and oil businesses, which clearly have no love for Obama, will engage in collusion to hike up gas prices in order to lessen the chances Obama get reelected.

    Of course, they will come up with some baloney logic as to why the hike is necessary. The impending conflict with Iran will be one of the reasons.

    From my perspective, I’d gladly pay $4.50 per gallon through the summer if it keeps Obama from getting re-elected.

    Also, look for other businesses and industries to increase prices in order to have the same effect.

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  • 8675309

    No one seems to be listening, but I will keep crying in the wilderness. The environmental angle is only a cover. Keystone said that they would reroute the pipeline wherever Nebraska wanted. Nebraska held a special session of the Legislature to make a show of getting Keystone to do what Keystone already said they were willing to do. In the mean time Obama cancelled it. The man leading the “environmental” charge in Nebraska is named Holland. Holland was with Warren Buffet at the beginning of Buffet’s company, Berkshire Hathaway. On December 11, 2009, it was reported that Warren Buffet bought the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, BNSF. Formerly, he owned less that a controlling share. For some reason he decided that the future of the railroad was brighter, so he bought all of it. As you’ve seen on TV, he is a good friend and donor to Obama. If the pipeline is not built, whatever oil is shipped to the refineries along the Gulf Coast will be shipped by rail. Only one railroad serves that route in it’s entirety, the BNSF. This is nothing but another payoff to a BIG donor. Always, FOLLOW THE MONEY!

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  • anthony

    The construction of the Keystone pipeline is clearly advantageous for both countries and if the US doesn’t support it other countries will most certainly avail themselves of such a great opportunity. And I don’t think that the Chinese government would succomb to the protests of some enviromentalist organizations. The latest studies reveal that the energy sector in Canada has recently been on the rise and it may contribute a great deal to the economic recovery of the country in upcoming years so there’s no reason to pass up this very first chance and let others make a profit.

  • That was a great read, thanks for the info, looking forward to reading more about Obama Dithers and the Canadian PM Harper to Travel to China to Sell Oil.

  • Questionman

    “This is not the end of the fight. Republicans in Congress will continue to push this because it’s good for our country and it’s good for our economy and it’s good for the American people,” What he really means by that is that it will be good for big oil whose dick the republicans suck.

    But wouldn’t you know. Almost every racist right losers are attacking him for putting health over jobs! I want you to read the despicable, racist comments on the rightscoop, I’ve been banned from that website because I’m not a racist like most of those commentators are!

    As far as “vile” groups are concerned, one need look no further than a blog wherein the term “SCOAMF” is used in reference to the President of the United States. There’s this FoxNewsPundit-induced haze that has Republicans thinking that the whole country thinks Obama is a complete failure.