Harper Tells Obama Canada Will Sell Oil to Asia Since His Administration Delayed Pipeline (Obama Loses Another 20,000 US Jobs)

The Keystone Pipeline project was expected to create up to 1,000,000 high-paying US jobs in the oil manufacturing and associated industries. The project itself would create 20,000 construction jobs.

But it was just a big pipe dream.

(Bob McCarty)

Obama refused to sign the Keystone agreement last week. Today Canadian Prime Minister Harper told Obama that he would look to Asia to sell its oil.
The Republic reporteed, via Free Republic:

Canada’s prime minister says he made it clear in a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama that Canada will step up its efforts to sell oil to Asia since the Obama administration delayed a decision on an oil pipeline.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada will continue to push the U.S. to approve the $7-billion Keystone XL project.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canada will continue to push the U.S. to approve the $7-billion Keystone XL project. Last week the U.S. State Department ordered that the pipeline be rerouted and subject to further environmental review, delaying a decision until 2013.

Harper says the U.S. move highlights why Canada must increase its efforts to diversify its exports to Asia. He says he communicated that clearly to Obama.

Nice work, Barack.

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  • obfuscatenot

    The enemy is within.

  • PJ

    I see there was no pipeline even planned for California. The Air Resources Board has already stated (in the bill signed by RINO Arnold) that conservation over new sources of energy is the plan!

  • NorthernX

    “Sorry, buying oil from allies and creating a million jobs contrasts with my principle of being a Stuttering Clusterphuck of a Miserable Failure..”

  • bg


    as he merrily rolls along and we the people biotch..

    sad state at both ends of the spectrum, not to mention in between…

    witness how dictatorships are formed: 21st century style


  • Maria

    Great, thanks Mr. President. Once again you showed us your true colors. We the people are paying high fuel prices, while you do nothing once again.

  • flyoverland

    What an idiot. I don’t blame Canada one bit. take off, Obama.

  • Chris

    People in the U.S. should be livid. The policies of this idiot are beyond stupid.

  • Stuart

    Don’t bother the president. He’s lining up a putt.

  • Patty

    Call for His impeachment. Write Congress now.

  • Patty


    Click on your state. Or find another site. Please do this now.

  • GotFreedom

    BHO–playing election year politics to try and cover his @$$ with his base as well as his intentional destruction of the US economy!

    Good for Canadian PM–doing what is in the best interest of his country–wish we had a leader like that!!!

  • bg


    hear the OUTRAGE from CONGRESS??

    oh wait,


    satan & his accomplices swear to it..

    aka: the MSM mind control squad..

    have a nice day..


  • dunce

    This is the result obama wanted, harm our future and make us weaker economically and unable to finance our military defense while helping a communist country.

  • JDubya

    Idiot. Impeachment.

  • Patty

    #12 November 14, 2011 at 1:42 pm
    bg commented:

    other thread posted something there.

  • Patty

    We are saddle with a real Dilemma. A person who is COLLAPSING AMERICA. This is the PLAN.

    And it is working Beautifully, and killing our nation.

  • Patty

    Get you name on record.

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  • Patty

    Are we afraid the Obama machine will come after us for protesting. It didn’t matter for the Occupiers so, I say we protest and write our leaders. Tell them how you feel, express your protest.
    Obama loves hims protest.
    now doesn’t he.

  • King Berry of Stupid

    (Obama Loses Another 1 Million US Jobs)

    But …. uh …. er … the US would have … uh … lost … er … 27,982,432.114 jobs if that pipeline had been built, so I’ve actually saved or created something like 25,718,662.004 jobs. You should be thanking me, you despicable western pig-dogs.

  • Patty

    I think Canada was hoping for Obama do what he did. To prove to all what a Socialist and incompetent person Obama truly is.

  • Militant Conservative

    Patty I agree but we do not have the players in

    Place to to facilitate Obama’s removal. Best to

    Kick him to the curb via election.

    My brother would have been a recipient of the

    pipeline. He makes 200k/ year as a welder.

    Powder is dry

  • Mark1957

    The reason Obama chose the enviromentalist’ over the labor unions is that the unions will still vote demoncrat, where the enviromentalists would vote Green party and cost him votes in a close election. It is all about him.

  • Buffalobob

    obama, “but my energy czar Chu said we will develop a perpetual motion machine in just five short years and will never need oil again”. Oh and just look at all of the OWS protesters I supported, they didn’t’ need oil to survive.

  • HadEnough

    All part of the plan….Soros will then shift funds and purchase a percentage from China and nothing can be done about Mr. Spooky Dude as he uses Odumbo to destroy this great nation…..for both of them it is a win win and all part of their plan……


    another accomplishment for the mooslime in charge…doing exactly what he set out to do…destroy america…

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  • Son of Walden

    Am I to understand that you support the Federal government spending seven billion dollars of taxes?

  • S of W is getting desperate in his futile attempts to defend the indefensible.

  • MrGoodWench

    Finally Hussain can make the price of energy necessarily skyrocket .
    Plus now with Canada out of the way, USA will become Brazil’s best customer.
    Hissain is just protecting his investment of $ 2 Billion taxpayer dollars in Soros and that Brazilian
    commie -in- a- skirt .

  • progressoverpeace

    “Harper says the U.S. move highlights why Canada must increase its efforts to diversify its exports to Asia.”

    But, the Indonesian Imbecile is from Indonesia. That ought to count for something.

  • Eden

    SCOAMF…should be on his tombstone someday

  • Greg

    Go to Cameron Louisana and just offshore are 20 jack up oil rigs in storage waiting on permits. The US problem with jobs and energy is political not rational. While there are 12 months till the next election to do an orderly change, the House of Representatives ought to be issuing indictments on a daily basis to stop the Obama destruction

  • myohmy

    Either Obama descend to lunacy or he just want to downgrade the US even more while he presides just to complete it.

  • monroe

    Off the subject but this was on 60 minutes last night.


  • Voice of Reason

    Let’s keep in real, Obama is in over his head to be POTUS while the media perpetuates a cult of personality.

  • KR

    If Obama thinks this is going to please the environmentalists, they are all short-sighted.

    Canada is going to get the oil out of the ground whether the U.S. buys it or Asia. There will be a larger carbon footprint though shipping the oil to Asia, if that is how it is done.

  • Wow they really saved the environment there huh? Great work, President Obama. Idiot.

  • Dave-O

    #28 S of W — it’s a private pipeline you freakin’ moron. The Keystone pipeline would be a $20 billion private investment by an American corporation, TransCanada, that would bring oil from Canada, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Texas to U.S. refineries for use by the American market.

    It would create a LOT of AMERICAN jobs and help build a LOT of American infrastructure. These would be good-paying middle class jobs – jobs that Americans sorely need.

    It would generate a huge amount of taxes paid to the American treasury – not pilfered out like most other Obama “energy” related loans and subsidies. There would be NO subsidies granted in this case. All they are looking for is assistance in obtaining necessary permits, rights of way, etc. —

  • Finncrisp

    Job assassin strikes again. Now he won’t even try and hide his hatred for the American worker. The Marxist Moslem in the White House is doing EVERYTHING he can to tie us up in knots. If he gets 10% in 2012 election it would be too many votes. Hey union thugs, is this what you wanted? Lots of union labour would have built that pipeline. Where the heck is your outrage? Or are your bosses in the $1600.00 suits still sucking the teat?

    Plans are in place to steal this upcoming election. You think the lies about Issue #2 in Ohio were bad, wait until Barry’s smear machine fed by laundered taxpayer money gets into full gear. Organize, educate, agitate…
    Lap dog media silent, except for agonizing about whether Hermain Cain can survive their attacks.

  • why does anybody still think the myth wants to create jobs? everything he does has the complete approval of the entire democratic party.

    you won’t find this story anywhere in american tass.

  • ohiochili

    Walden, if we can spend tax money here


    and here


    we can afford the pipeline. Who knows? You might even get a job and get out of the basement.

  • Stan25

    How many think that if George Soros had an interest in this pipeline, it would have been built? Seems to look that way

  • Rachelle

    Face it! This seditious president does not want to help this country.

  • Son of Walden

    Drinking and studying for the bar on your dime is a full time job.

  • raybojabo

    Just think, all those good union jobs went bye-bye. Good thing the union goons aren’t stupid enough to vote for Odumbo. Oh, wait a minute.

  • Son of Walden

    So you support the use of eminent domain?

  • Ipso Facto

    Why does this decision fall exclusively within the executive branch? Isn’t there anything congress can do to kick back on this?

  • Ipso Facto

    Why does this decision fall executively within the executive branch. Can Congress do anything to push this issue? Write your congressional representatives!

  • conservation=extermination

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    MSucker! And we are just lazy? Another insult…Get out and take the Arabia Media & Hollywood Billionaires with you!!! I feel sick…all those jobs…all the families that Americans needed the money to pay their way…he screwed South Carolina, he screwed Florida with shutting down NASA..he screwed the GULF shores..he screwed NAFTA–he is a real evil MSucker! He crawled out with his boyfriends and commies Van Jones, Sandusky, Jennings, Lisa Jackson, Ayers, Jarrett, and Axelrod from the depths of HELL!

    I heard that when we get rid of this administration it will be the year of unbelievable innovation–nothing like it before, invention after invention! We are are just waiting at the starting line with engines roaring–we will make a BIG come back and I hope we ALL NEVER EVER forget when the communists were in the white house!

    Demon rats should pay for all our gas! Send all of them along with PENN STATE perverts to IRAN!

  • Path

    Okay, so are we still to wonder whether he has any clue or, perhaps, he’s continuing to do things like this on purpose?

  • StrangernFiction

    He means well. Just ask Mitt.

  • Bubba

    Obama hates jobs.
    Obama hates prosperity.
    Obama hates labor.
    Obama hates business.
    Obama hates profit.
    Obama hates the private sector.
    Obama hates capitalism.
    Obama hates individual initiative.
    Obama hates Israel.
    Obama hates wealth.
    Obama is an un-American paper container of feces.

  • Gus

    Son of a bitch Walden is a LIBTARD. He doesn’t understand anything except govt. dependence.
    In short. He is retarded.

  • ExExZonie

    But Julia Loius Dreyfus would be upset if they built the pipeline!

  • Son of Walden

    Not really a liberal. I just like provoking people.


    This is insanity…

  • S of W, don’t give yourself so much credit. You provoke about like a buzzing mosquito provokes. And with as much erudition, I might add.

  • Tjexcite

    Bering Strait-Pacific Pipeline will began construction in about 6-8 months all 10,000 miles of it.

  • PL

    The impression in Canada is that the project will go through…..after the next election.Time will tell.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Last week the U.S. State Department ordered that the pipeline be rerouted and subject to further environmental review, delaying a decision until 2013.

    Was there ever a more obvious reason for putting this off?

    The Stupid Party really needs to take advantage of all the off-speed pitches that Obie and his lackeys constantly throw right down the middle. When the chance is presented to knock his approval ratings down even lower, don’t waste any time mulling it over.

    Hit him hard, hit him where it hurts, and don’t apologize for it.

  • Ulua

    Hey, why not….TransCanada is taking Eminent Domain actions against landowners who object to
    having the pipeline on their property.

    Ask those Texas landowners how they feel about it.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Is anyone surprised that an enterprising Canadian Government is going to sit on its thumbs while it waits for a brain-dead American Administration to pull it indifferent head out of it hindquarters to take action on an obvious win-win for both economies?

    Personally, I’d go with the sure thing.

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  • Ulua

    Anyway, the pipeline will be approved after rerouting and environmental assessment.

    Canada is already our biggest supplier of oil, at over 2.2 million barrels per day.
    That’s double what we get from the Saudis.

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  • Adi

    HE thinks Canada and Mr. Harper will wait for Saint Barack to make a decision after election time.

    Well done, Stephen Harper.

  • big Al

    We Don’t No Stinking Jobs. I’m In Charge !!!


  • valerie

    I am sure that there are some dumbsh!t enviros cheering this “decision,” just like there would be some “civil rights activists” cheering if BO signed the 1963 Civil Rights Act all over again. Some people do not bother to educate themselves.

    Neither these jobs nor the industries associated with them have to be “dirty” — that is, polluting. We spent one h3ll of a lot of time and money over the last 4 decades developing methods of cleaner manufacture and industrial waste treatment. I have worked in more than one chemical plant, and I’ve seen the difference. Industry can be clean.

  • I would say this would be great time for Harper to release those papers he has under lock and key …………………that would shed some light on who this man that calls himself Obama really is……………just saying

  • NorthernX

    If Harper had any such documents under lock & key, I’m sure they would have seen the light of day long ago–probably even before the coronation of King Stupid.

  • KOW

    Need to start a count of Lost or Prevented jobs for his 4 years.

  • befuddled

    What Obama may have lost with a million jobs, he has brought back the sweet unicorn farts that power the dreams of a million little fascist libbers tonite.

  • Simsalabim

    Something doesn’t make any sense here. I was just working on a $4 billion project at the Conoco-Phillips refinery in Wood River, IL. The project was a joint venture between CP and Cenovus Energy. The project was a huge coker and is scheduled to go on line in the very near future. The project is using oil sands oil from Alberta, Canada and the pipeline is filled with oil. The pipeline oriiginates in Canada and comes south and branches off somewhere to go to Wood River, IL and then down to Oklahoma. It is called the Keystone Pipeline. There may just be some other part that the Community Organizer doesn’t want built.

  • Mon

    If we can only survive Obama and his administration of effite intellectuals who pander to the environmental lobby. The environmentalists will vote for him no matter what…but they may not contribute dollars to his campaign if he doesn’t placate them.
    Screw jobs for americans and screw the economy and screw having a stable supply of oil. Thank you, Obama, for being a Presidernt of all of the people. For those of you who might be a little thick, that “thank you” means “screw you too Obama and screw all your lies you gave to get elected in the first place”. If we’d just known you then like we know you now.

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  • KR

    “Why does this decision fall executively within the executive branch. Can Congress do anything to push this issue? Write your congressional representatives!”

    Congress is busy looking into which stocks to buy first before they affect the market.

    Or congress is probably invested in Brazilian Oil already knowing the deals Soros has made and the fix is in.

  • Prosoldier

    I couldn’t help but notice that pipeline ran straight through the common areas where Bigfoot purportedly frequents. How would it look for the president during an election year to possibly be the one man responsible for the complete genocide of Bigfoot by allowing this pipeline to be built. Surely the labor unions can understand that, and this gives the Bigfoot a couple more years to find a mate and potentially reestablish the population of this almost extinct creature which will make the environmentalists very happy. It’s a win-win for everybody. Bigfoot gets saved, the labor unions won’t have to live with the burden of killing off the few remaining Bigfoots on their consciences (which could produce symptoms similar to PTSD over time), and the “save the Earth” people will feel good about themselves knowing they had a major hand in prolonging Bigfoot’s life and legacy.

    Sheesh, you people! Don’t you get the big picture? It’s all about saving the life of an innocent species!

  • Faye

    I can’t really blame most of the negative comments against the environmental impact for the original proposed route for the pipeline. Very few news medias has reported this story from the Nebraska Sandhills rancher\farmers point.
    Most of us have not been against the pipeline being build, we have objected to it being built in an extremely fragile environmental area. The water table in large portions of the proposed route is just feet below the surface. You could sink a pipe down 5 -10 feet and have an artisan well.
    Now I am seeing the importance of looking at both sides of a story and not just having one source for news.
    Many of the comments on this thread have disappointed me because I know the other side of this story. I am a Sandhills rancher\farmer. I am not a tree hugger but a good steward of the property that God has blessed me with.

  • Prosoldier


    The thing is, you can plan and figure out work-arounds for those kinds of things. We have engineers who do those sorts of things all the time. Secondly, it’s not like Canada said “Hey America, we wanna sell oil to you guys via a pipeline starting TOMORROW. We’re giving you dibs since you’re right next door. All you gotta do is sign the order TONIGHT before close of business!”

    Obama was gonna p.o. one major group or another if he signed or didn’t sign, so he took the establishment politician’s way out. Find or create some sort of “insurmountable” problem with the whole thing so you can scrap it until after elections. That way he can blame someone or something else for the problem and the labor heads won’t be so ticked off at you over it. After all, he still has congress (particularly republicans) to fall back on as an excuse for people not having jobs. None of congresses job plans have seen the light of day since they were passed in the House and forwarded to the Senate, so there’s no real proof that they even exist, so people will continue to believe they have been doing nothing and he’ll be in the clear.

    Are we expected to believe that it’s going to take at least two years to figure out a new plan for how to route the pipeline or figure out a different means of delivery? Give me a break. Nothing but a re-election campaign move here. We’ll worry about jobs, energy, and the people after I’m re-elected.

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  • Faye

    #83 Prosoldier much of your last comment is true.
    However until the snafu happened from State to delay the proposed route of the pipeline, TransCanada was not budging from the route through the Sandhills. Claimed that was the only route the pipeline could take.
    Yesterday in Lincoln TransCanada and some leaders of the Unicameral held a press meeting to announce the moving of the pipeline AWAY from the Sandhills.
    Another fact that was never reported is that TransCanada was going to use a much lighter weight of pipe through the Sandhills because of it’s low population. This type of pipe still met the regulation requirement,barely, but with their history of leaks from their pipeline through the eastern part of the state, we were not assured that this history of leaks would not continue. We really don’t want the toxin Benzine to be leaking into our water supply.
    So I will be standing by my first comment about looking at both sides of a story and to never rely on only one source for my news.

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  • Prosoldier


    I very much concur with getting the information from more than 1 source : )

    My point was, this project has been in the works since early 2005. In well over 6 years everyone involved has been moving toward making it happen. Now all of a sudden in an election year, after major protests in D.C., and when it’s ready to be built, we’re only just now looking at the environmental aspects of the whole thing and finding flaws with the route and materials that will be used to implement the project?

    It doesn’t take someone with a PhD in environmental studies or engineering (or even a degree in constitutional law) to ask the basic questions who, what, when, where and how. We had the answers to these questions long ago and probably already knew the risks involved, but hoped that the environmentalist complaining would be minimal. I think the crunch time for this was probably deliberately set for this time-frame way back when, thinking of how great it would make the POTUS look in an election year to bring in all these jobs and a new “friendly” source of oil without drilling on our own land. What wasn’t necessarily expected from such a downtrodden nation who desperately wants to be working and people who want to be free from middle east oil was that people were still going to do their homework and find out these details on their own, thereby leading to the protests we saw around the white house, which threw a major wrench into the plan. This is just speculation of course, but if I can think of this from my computer desk, don’t you think it’s possible or even likely that a bunch of high paid folks in Washington that analyze these things for the president for their paychecks could think of this?

  • Barakulous

    But getting all our energy from oil is the lazy way of doing it. Talk about been there, done that. We need to trick it up! Be bold! Go Green! Cover the desert with solar panels. Build more urine powered homes. Watch PBS by the light of a wind mill powered flat panel TV. We need to live up to the innovations the likes of the U.S.S.R and make our Sputnik moment! Seize the day — by voting present!

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  • Faye

    # 89 Prosoldier
    We here in the Sandhills have been fighting this for a long time. Our county zoning board has been busy with this as have been other counties in which the pipeline was going through.
    Just because no news media was reporting our concerns does not mean we have been silent all these years.
    We had pretty much lost all hope of getting TransCanada to move the pipeline out of the Sandhills till finally that White House demonstration seem to finally get some attention. Even our own governor had refused to call a special session of the legislator to address this issue till he finally heard our concerns in just the past couple of weeks.
    Guess that happens when entire counties that are larger that Rhode Island but have less than 2000 in population get treated. We simply don’t count because…. well we don’t amount to that many votes.

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  • LWB_Sr

    Another stupid decision by Obama, as usual!

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