Al Gore Said North Pole Would Be Completely Melted This Year… Guess Not, Huh?

Junk scientist Al Gore predicted in 2009 that the North Polar Ice Cap would be completely ice free in five years.

From the video:

Former Vice President Al Gore references computer modeling to suggest that the north polar ice cap may lose virtually all of its ice within the next seven years. “Some of the models suggest that there is a 75 percent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during some of the summer months, could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years,” says Gore.

The Goracle made the same prediction to a German audience in 2008. He told them that “the entire North ‘polarized’ cap will disappear in 5 years.”

This wasn’t the first time Gore made his ice-free prediction. Gore’s been predicting this since 2007. That means that this year the North Pole should be completely melted.

Now for a little reality via Small Dead Animals

Jan. 6, 2012: The Coast Guard Cutter Healy breaks ice around the Russian-flagged tanker Renda 250 miles south of Nome. The Healy is the Coast Guard’s only currently operating polar icebreaker. The vessels are transiting through ice up to five-feet thick in this area. The 370-foot tanker Renda will have to go through more than 300 miles of sea ice to get to Nome, a city of about 3,500 people on the western Alaska coastline that did not get its last pre-winter fuel delivery because of a massive storm. (FOX News)

Guess Gore was wrong, huh?

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  • kato

    The biggest fraud in contemporary American politics.

    And that’s saying something.

  • Andreas K.

    The Alfred Wegener Institute, who do basically nothing else but observe and study the ice up there, has been reporting ice records for a few years now.

  • FurryGuy

    No matter what the weather, too hot or too cold, too much snow or not enough, too much rain or too little, the true believers declaiming it is evidence of man-caused climate change, all thanks to manipulated data and biased computer modeling.

    As if that big burning yellowish object in the sky has nothing to do with the climate at all.

    The religious fervor shown by the AGW cultists in unproven “science” fraud is as ominous as that shown by any Jihadi.

  • FurryGuy

    Al Gore, a failed politician, is revered as a true scientist.

    That should say it all, but sadly when faith over-rides reason this situation is the result.

  • Campfollower

    THANK YOU THANK YOU for highlighting this! Because of you bloggers, politicians aren’t going to feel quite as comfortable spewing their BS…keep up the good work!

  • You have done a service to the Republic, Mr. Hoft.

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  • Andreas K.

    Hey, Al Gore claimed in an “experiment” last year that an atmosphere with 100% CO2 is the same as one with 0.039%.

  • Rose

    Guess he figured by then that he would have made all the money he would need for the rest of his life, by now. He prolly has, if he took good care of his Armand Hammer Trust Account.

  • MN Jim

    Al Gore should be sharing a cell with Bernie Madoff for his part in perpetuating the Gorebull Warming scam to bilk the public out of $billions.

  • Ausonius

    The deplorable nature of the msm becoming political undermines the entire concept of self-government in that it intentionally fails to inform the voters of facts. It amazes me that many still look to them for “news.”
    The snake oil selling charliton should have been immediately discredited and scorned when it was revealed he had financial interests in selling carbon credits.
    The environmentalists are, except a few useful idiots, totallitarians and neo-marxists.
    I despise their movement and respect no one who aligns with it.
    Don’t forget that our current #1 repub hopeful stated at one point he supported this and believed global warming to be real and man-caused. While he may have denounced it since, it still draws into question his judgement and reliability in future matters. It seems his patern is to have a record on many issues of supporting something then changing his mind, for whatever reason.

  • Granny

    Please, please, PLEASE do not apply the title “scientist” to Al Gore, a man who obviously has never taken a basic biology or chemistry class. It demeans those of us who have truly earned it.

  • FurryGuy

    One little fact that is not reported much is that the vaunted computer models can’t be used to even “predict” past weather. The slightest deviation on inputs, on the order of 0.00001% difference, result in vastly different outcomes. It was precisely the results of meteorologists trying to computer model the Earth’s weather systems that led to the discovery of the science of chaotic systems.

  • Major Kong

    1) Absence of snow and ice is proof positive of AGW.
    2) Abundance of snow and ice is proof positive of AGW.
    3) Oceania Has Always Been At War with Eurasia

  • coolidgerules

    I am simply amazed at the amount of people in this country that have no sort of intellectual curiousity whatsoever. Hopefully the tide is starting to turn.
    I take some of that back. I am simply amazed at the amount of “intellectuals” in this country that have no curiousity whatsoever. My grandfather who was a an eighth-grade dropout had more common sense and curiousity than these idiots.

  • FurryGuy

    Guess Gore was wrong, huh?

    Is water wet?

  • exceller

    another epic fail for AlGore. fortunately the world seems to have largely caught on to the fact that Gore and his hysterical climate alarmist friends were simply trying to run the biggest con in the history of the world.

  • Ariel

    He prolly has, if he took good care of his Armand Hammer Trust Account. Rose #9 January 13, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    Ruh- Roh! Looks like Rose has been snooping around into St. Albert’s shady benefactors. Can you spell “Occidental Petroleum”? I think you can! Keep following Al’s trail of crumbs and see where they lead. Here’s a hint: Try looking across the pond for the biggest fish.

  • Adirondack Patriot

    And all those chumps in Europe and North America who paid “carbon credits.” Fools. Absolute rubes.

  • Algore

    The science is settled, people. Has been for years. Polar bears are walking endless miles in search of open water, and there’s no more time for argument. Climate change/global warming deniers should not be given any voice any more. You stupid backwards anti-scientific neo-climes can keep on counting sunspots and studying your magic charts and radar and historical data mumbo-jumbo, but expect to be mocked by the real masters of climate science with our hockey sticks and tree ring data.
    Oh, and there’s still time to get your carbon credits before the price goes up.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Look on the bright side – if the ice ever disappears from the polar area, traversing the Northwest Passage becomes a LOT easier.

  • RedBeard

    Al is not wrong. He just… er… got the date wrong. Yeah, that’s it. Just like those end-of-the-world wackos who just holler “Do over!” when their predictions fail.

    Al Gore, the cultish end-of-the-world nuts, and Chicago Cubs fans are all in the same boat, and they all have about the same amount of time to wait. 😉

  • charlie

    Isnt Al Gore that fictional writer from the 70’s?

  • Zim

    I like a warm planet.

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  • Thomas

    This might be beside the point, but I think a valid point indicating that Al Gore is full of hot air; because, even if AGW were true and CO2 a “destructive pollutant” raising temperatures that the entire North Pole were to melt free of ice and turn into water – then the whole theory contradicts its very self based on physics alone.

    You can do this at home, put a few ice cubes in a glass of water, then fill the glass with water to the top, so it stops at the very brim of the glass. Let it sit out and room temperature until the ice eventually melts, then come back to observe the effect. The melted ice will have turned back into water – and the water level in the glass will have gone down. It will not have increased in volume and overflowed the glass. It will have decreased in volume and the water level subsided.

    Take that fact of physics and apply it to the situation of the North Pole being entirely made of ocean with the top parts of it frozen solid into ice. If as Al Gore claimed that were to melt entirely, then the water level in the oceans would have gone DOWN, NOT up – and therefore there would be NO coastal flooding and raising sea levels – as Al Gore proclaimed. It would IN FACT, be just the opposite effect.

    So that alone shows how Al Gore knows little about physical science but a whole lot about political science and how to con people into believing whatever lies he makes up in order to benefit him, his family, friends and associates financially and politically – that he is no great intellectual in the physical sciences department, but a very good propaganda artist.

  • RedBeard

    Fat Albert can’t prove global warming, but he can prove that he’s an ignoramus:

  • mercador

    Just a lying business man. He may be an idiot, but there are many, many that are worst idiots that belived him and now he is a multimillonaire. The world takes care of it’s own.

  • Nanna

    The so called scientists, and the ever popular Al Gore, didn’t bother to take notice of the fact that as ice pack melted in areas of countries, they found whole villages that for centuries had been covered with ice and snow, but had one time been warm and green. Even in the Arctic, they found a Mastadon, with poppies still in his mouth. This proved that “Climate Change” has always gone on.
    And what about the cities they have found under the ocean? That shows that change has always gone on also.
    But poor deluded people don’t use their heads, they just lissten to all kinds of ignorat rantings just because someone is supposed to be a scientist.
    We see scientists always saying something causes cancer, then a few years later, it doesn’t , and something else does.
    I’m sick of the whole shootin’ match. Use our heads, not scientists.

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  • Rock

    If the fraud would shut his trap for a while, there would be a lot less hot air to contend with.

  • Gus

    On a ighter note, Al Gore apprently only has 1 tie.

  • FurryGuy

    #26 January 13, 2012 at 1:08 pm
    Thomas commented:

    Your “experiment” is flawed. Approximately 90% of the world’s ice coverage is in the Antarctic, a large chuck of that ice is NOT floating in water.

    Still doesn’t mean the even more flawed appeals to authority or rigged computer modeling programs of the global climate change cultists are accurate either.

  • Dianne

    Al Gore’s cheese has slid off his cracker. He lost it when he didn’t get elected president. I don’t know if he chose this route because he’s crazy or because he’s trying to get revenge.

  • injunjoe

    its marine piss causing the global warming


    “Junk scientist Al Gore…”

    You meant “Junk pseudo-scientist…” didn’t you?

  • dba…vagabond trader


  • Craigski (the only real commissaron this site)

    The photos are a lie of evil capitalists who are slaves to the rich warmongers and non Stalinists. All enlightened peoples know that there is no ice in the polar regions.

    Comrade Goreski, holder of the order of Lennin, could not lie.

  • Robb

    If Algore told me todays date and gave me 20 calendars and fifty news papers as proof, I would not believe him.

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  • L.E. Liesner

    The Flim-flam man bilked a lot of people out of their money with this con game. In the old days they used to tar and feather guys like this and run them out of town on a rail. Today this jerk is still running off at the mouth and nobody is doing anything about it. Typical liberal SOB that needs to be in prison.

  • DaChew

    James Hansen an actual scientist from NASA and friend of Gore and John Kerry, predicted that much of New York would be under water by now too.

  • No Man

    NY would be under water except one day in January 2009, Obama stopped the seas from rising . . .

  • squeaky
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  • Texas_Treeroach

    The rest of us wish that Al Gore had completely melted this year.

    I guess everyone’s disappointed.

  • ESRI


    I can’t tell you exactly how much ice their is at the North Pole at the very moment,
    but your examply is pretty poor.

    The article shows an icebreaker helping a ship 250 miles south of Nome.

    The North Pole is 1800 miles NORTH of Nome.

    If you want to know the current conditions in the arctic, I’d check this page, rather than
    drawing your own conclusions about it from what it going on in Nome, AK.

  • ESRI
  • FurryGuy

    #49 January 13, 2012 at 5:22 pm
    ESRI commented:

    And the very fact from the link you provided that there IS ice in the Arctic shows that Al Gore is a liar, pure and simple. It has been 5 years since he falsely prophesied there would be no ice, and yet there is. Ice near Nome this year just highlights and accentuates the lie uttered by the failed politician.

    Going to nitpick how many angels can dance on the head of a pin next?

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  • Bonanza driver

    Per the above link, there were 5.12 million square miles of arctice ice on Dec 31, 2011. Al only missed it by five million square miles…So much for a politician masquerading as a scientist…IIRC Gore dropped out of divinity school and later law school…Why anyone would take him seriously is a mystery…

  • regularguy

    What the hell is the matter with all of you, can’t you see the Coast Guard cutter photo is staged with fake ice??? This is a right wing conspiracy to convince the world there is plenty of ice in the Arctic region, when we know for a fact the oceans have been ice-free for years.

  • David

    Which part of ‘during some of the summer months’ did you not understand while posting a picture of the North Pole in the winter?

  • BarbaraS

    Give the guy a break. He thought he would have squeezed all the cash he could in five years. I’ll bet he never thought that this hoax would last as long as it has. He underestimated the “screw me” ideology of not only Americans but the rest of the world.

    Whenever GW comes up, I think about that poor baby whose parents refused to buy comfortable diapers for him/her but opted for boiled wool diapers in the name GW. Talk about reverting to the stone ages.

  • BarbaraS

    You people just don’t understand. Gore lost the presidency. He had to find an alternate route to mega wealth. He invented the internet too so be grateful he didn’t figure out how to make money on this too. The mind boggles at what he could have come up with if he really had the smarts to invent this.

  • BarbaraS

    L.E. Liesner commented:

    The Flim-flam man bilked a lot of people out of their money with this con game. In the old days they used to tar and feather guys like this and run them out of town on a rail. Today this jerk is still running off at the mouth and nobody is doing anything about it. Typical liberal SOB that needs to be in prison.

    In the famous words of people with no ax to grind: Why do you hate capitalism?

  • Kind of like Ted Dansons 1988 prediction that the oceans would be dead by 1998. Usefull idiots will say anything.

  • Buffalobob

    While we can blame manbearpig for the lies and junk science we must also place blame on all of the useful idiots that believe this nitwit. How many paid to see his documentary? How many more paid to see Michael Moore’s fake documentaries? If there are people stupid enough to send money to a Nigerian prince in response to an e mail they received then there will always be flim flam men. What logic did the investors use to buy carbon credits? Think about that. I burn old tires to heat my house but as long as I by a carbon credit from my uncle Fred who plants grass, all is in balance with mother earth. Brilliant.

  • Liz

    His ill-gotten gains should be redistributed IMMEDIATELY.

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  • bobdog

    But Gore has indisputable trooth that Global Warming (TM) is real. It’s all explained on Current TV.

    Or so I hear. Can anybody confirm this? Anyone? Anyone? …Beuhler?

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    And since the MSM won’t report any of this on their nightly news programs, it’s not really happening and the polar caps are STILL MELTING away.

  • wanumba

    It’s even sleazier – showing AL knows EXACTLY what’s he’s doing…look at it closely:

    “that the north polar ice cap may lose virtually all of its ice within the next seven years. “Some of the models suggest that there is a 75 percent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during some of the summer months, could be completely ice-free within the next five to seven years,” says Gore.


    That’s 100% correct. See? He ran it by the lawyers to be sure he couldn’t be sued.

    YES. 1) some of the models… sure some of the models don’t, too but AL Gore threw those out of course.
    The north pole ice cap is USUALLY nearly or entirely ice-free during the SUMMER months. DUH !!! EVERY year. Without FAIL. That’s what happens with a 24/7 DAY when the sun doesn’t set for two-three months.

    The rest of the time it’s evening or NIGHT 24/7 so it refreezes and sits at -50 F the rest of the year. Gore doesn’t want to mention that 2/3 of the year winter.

    Second step: what is presented is the REDACTED version: north pole ice cap disappear within 5-7 years,
    but quickly dumped when Gore gets pressed and then it’s back to the original CWA statement.

    That totally misrepresents the situation. Gore is chicken-littling about a 2-3 increase in global temps. THat would make at best the north pole -48 F most of the year, applying not physics but paper math averaging the numbers… woopee. It needs a whopping impossible 80 degree swing in temps to even approach being habitable, and still doesn’t solve the no light problem. Plants need light. This is nonsense.

    THe sun don’t shine there for literally 3 months of night. No heat. No photosynthesis. Ever.

    Gore gonna start marketing for investment in his “Earth Axis Re-Alingment Project?” That’s the ONLY way the north pole cap is going to melt and stay melted. But Equador won’t like it, not one little bit, and kiss those nice island vacation spots good bye.

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  • Kevin

    Climate change and the environment has been used in politics for a long time–there was over-population during the French Revolution. The Communist Program of 1928 called for an environmental crisis to create their totalitarian communities worldwide (under communism, the instrument of totalitarian control is “community” governance). There was the Eco-fascism in Nazi Germany. And, of course, now we have an environmental crisis that is being used as the excuse to create UN “sustainable communities” worldwide that look a lot like the communist communities called for in 1928.

  • John Christian Lønningdal

    Most likely the north pole will be ice free for some days/weeks in the summer in about 2-5 years. There is clear evidence of the accelerating decline in ice mass.

  • Abbie Hoffman

    John Christian Lønningdal

    8 months ago

    QUOTE: Most likely the north pole will
    be ice free for some days/weeks in the summer in about 2-5 years. There
    is clear evidence of the accelerating decline in ice mass.

    Sir you are a idiot!


    Yet here we are with record breaking ice

  • John Christian Lønningdal

    “Record breaking?” – where did you get that? The trend is still ice free around 2020 looking at Arctic Ice mass:

    Admittedly, the IPCC AT5 report still talk about ice free conditions as late as 2050. I highly doubt it will take that long for the first weeks of no ice at peak of melting.

  • John Christian Lønningdal

    Here is an updated graph including the last 3 years as well. A small rebound in 2013 and 2014 and then down again in 2015.


    Seems someone has been stuck with Lefty Loony Lies “media.”

    “Sea ice surrounding Antarctica hit a record high in August and is on
    track for another record-breaking month in September. Clocking in at a
    stunning 7.2 million square miles (18.7 million square kilometers), last
    month’s sea ice extent was 4.5 percent above the 1981 to 2010 average
    and the largest extent since record-keeping started in 1979, according
    to data released today from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
    Administration in its monthly State of the Climate Report.” -Live Science September 17, 2013

  • John Christian Lønningdal

    You do know Antarctica is on the opposite side of the planet right? What does that have to do with ice in the Arctic? Do you also know that practically all the sea ice in Antarctica melts away every warm season in the southern hemisphere? So the amount of ice has no global effect there. The Arctic however does not have land ice and for each bit that melts away we get more energy absorbed in the ocean during the time when the sun is on 24/7 in the northern hemisphere summer.

    If looking at Antarctica I’d be more concerned about the rate of melting from the land ice which is steadily increasing.


    You do know they both are getting the same amount of sunlight, and heat ?

  • John Christian Lønningdal

    But you are missing the point – the ice in the Arctic works as a reflector of sunlight even during the peak of warm season – that isn’t the case in Antarctica. So the amount of ice in the Arctic affects sunlight absorption more than Antarctica.


    So the same white ice at the poles work differently. LOL!!

    Cites, proofs, evidences?

  • John Christian Lønningdal

    Of course they are different. Antarctica is a landmass with sea ice around it while the Arctic is only sea ice that persists even when the sun is on 24/7. This is totally unlike the ice around Antarctica which disappears almost completely every warm season there. It does not have any multi-year sea ice. This is why the ice mass of the Arctic is of importance (and shown very well in the videos I have linked above). Eventually there will be parts of the year when there is no ice and the oceans will absorb the energy that previously had been reflected out into space.

    Here is a video explaining the difference and how the amount of sea ice in the Arctic matters, while the amount around the Antarctic continent doesn’t matter with regards to the peak of sunlight hitting each of our planets poles.

    To clarify this further, when there is peak ice, its in a period of the year with very little sunlight hitting the respective pole. This is true for both poles – so what matters is how much sea ice there is a the peak of melting. And as I have repeated a number of times, the sea ice around Antarctica practically melts away completely every year, while the Arctic traditionally didn’t (but is about to).

  • John Christian Lønningdal

    And here is a video by NASA explaining the difference between the poles:

  • John Christian Lønningdal

    And here is yet another video showing the minimum in Antarctica when there is maximum sunlight coming in. The amount of sea ice there has practically no impact on the albedo (whitneness) of the planet: