Yup. They’re just like the tea party…
Police made an arrest in the shooting death of 25-year-old Kayode Ola Foster, who was staying at the Occupy Oakland camp.

Norris Devis Terrell, 21, was arrested by the U.S. Marshals Service at an apartment on Lakeshore Drive in Lexington, Kentucky. (Kentucky.com)

The New York Post reported, via Orbusmax:

Authorities have made an arrest in the shooting death of a man near the former Occupy Oakland encampment outside City Hall.

Police say 20-year-old Norris Terrell, of Oakland, was picked up last week in Louisville, Ky. Prosecutors have charged him with murder in the Nov. 10 slaying of 25-year-old Kayode Ola Foster, who was staying at the camp.

Police say Terrell also wounded a credit union teller with an errant bullet meant for Foster.

Three other people have also been arrested for assault in connection with the shooting. Police say 32-year-old Joseph Anthony Gholston, 20-year-old Excell McKinley and 18-year-old Carleon Roberson beat Foster before Terrell shot him.

Authorities say the shooting occurred after one of the suspects got into a dispute at the camp that might not have involved Foster.

At least six people died at the Occupy camps in the last two months including Kayode Ola Foster who was murdered. Four of the protesters were found dead in tents.



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  1. Holders people.

  2. OWSers eating their own… YAWN!

  3. Again… if it’s not reported on the nightly news by the Democrat Party Propaganda Machine (dba Mainstream Media) then the event never happened in real life.

  4. Yup……..

  5. Typical obama supporter…

  6. feral animals created out of the Dhimmeroid welfare plantation’s Lord of the Flies culture

  7. “. . . 18-year-old Carleon Roberson beat Foster before Terrell shot him.”


  8. In the article they state that the shooting was “near the former Occupy Oakland encampment”. While this is technically true, it gives the impression that the shooting was some reasonable distance from the encampment. In reality, the shooting was less than 40 feet from the grass, and still within Ogawa Plaza.

    Foster was shot while running from the camp to the Plaza entrance of the 12th St/Civic Center Bart Station, and collapsed near the stairs that go down to the station.

    In the Google map image at the following link, the encampment was on the grass on the left, the station entrance is in the lower right, and the victim collapsed approximately at the place marked “Oakland Economic Development”.


    The altercation probably started within the camp (or on the fringe), and the articles should reflect that. A running man could easily have traversed the 40 feet from the grass in much less than two seconds.

  9. Awesome names!!! Simply awesome!

  10. Looks like Obama’s culture czar.

  11. His plea should be “George Bush made me do it because of his illegal war for oil! Oh, the HUMANITY!!!” The dimrats blame everything else on Bush. Why not murder, too? Sheesh! Yeah, I know GWB ‘killed’ all those Iraqis…

  12. #9 patman

    “Settle down, Devis!” — Dutthead.

  13. #MostlyPeaceful!

  14. CBC member?


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