Obama-endorsed #Occupy goons hope to shut down West Coast ports tomorrow.

In this Nov. 2, 2011 file photo, occupy Oakland protesters march through the Port of Oakland in Oakland, Calif. Protesters want to shut down ports up and down the U.S. West Coast on Monday, Dec.12,2011, to gum up the engines of global commerce. But organizers who are partly billing this effort as a show of solidarity with longshoremen have not won the support of the powerful union representing thousands of dock workers. (AP/Noah Berger)

Reuters reported:

Anti-Wall Street protesters, hoping to briefly cripple a key supply chain of American commerce and re-energize their movement, plan to attempt to block major West Coast ports on Monday.

By marching on U.S. ports from California to Alaska, organizers look to call attention to economic inequalities in the country and a financial system they complain is unfairly tilted toward the wealthy.

The planned action comes after the Occupy movement that began in New York in September has seen its tent camps in most big West Coast cities dismantled in police raids, leaving the movement looking for new avenues to voice its discontent.

But a plan to shutter multiple ports simultaneously could prove difficult because some of the facilities are in massive complexes with multiple entrances that would be tough to fully block, even if large numbers of demonstrators turn out.

Activists aligned with the Occupy Wall Street movement did briefly succeed in shuttering Oakland’s port, the fifth busiest in the nation, for hours on November 2 after police kept their distance.

Obama’s former Green Czar called for the closing of the western US ports on Monday.



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  1. The progs , obama & the dems. own this. They allowed it to start and fester into an infected wound on society.


    I’m trying to find a common link. I just can’t find a common link there. Maybe NBC could look into this.

  3. These people are nothing more than domestic terrorists and should be dealt with as such.

  4. The degree of success of these Occupy mobs will hinge on the same thing it always has — how much the Democrat city governments and unionized police forces have been instructed to let them get away with. If the word has gone out from the top Democrat party leaders that the ports are to be shut down, then they will be shut down.

    Did you notice how all the Occupy encampments were cleared out across the country at the same time? It’s all arranged behind the scenes. When to let them stay, when to force them out

    This is same MO as a creature like Hugo Chavez — secretly orders out his mobs of goons to occupy and assault, secretly tells the police to stand aside and let it happen, and calls the whole orchestrated travesty a spontaneous action of the people.

  5. Merry F’in Christmas, thanks to Imam Obama and his union goons

  6. I hope those dope smoking imbeciles find a bunch of longshoreman in their typical Monday morning “mood”…………..

    They might get the bath they so sorely need!!!

  7. Okay, folks, here’s the chant,

    We’re No. 1,
    We’re No. 1,
    We’re No. 1,
    We’re No. 1,

    in the World History Hall of A__Hole Fame for having elected this shiittehead to the presidency.

    Ain’t public education great?

  8. To all Port of Oakland spectators!!
    Step right up and enjoy tomorrow’s free Monkey Show!

    The first one hundred spectators will receive free banana treats to help move the action along – feel free to toss one to your favorite performer!

    Please remember to thank your Democratic Congressmen, City Officials and of course all of the participating Union sponsors.

    [These admission-free performances are brought to you by continuing publicly-funded grants of the Obama Administration, and co-sponsored by the world-renown Pelosi-Boxer Circus. Enjoy!]

  9. They can make a new Christmas special about the President who organized a black muslim gay communist gang banger to blockade shipments of Christmas gifts.

  10. Non event. They don’t have the manpower and the

    Educated masses it would take. MSM will do their

    Part and toot it up. The market is a massive beast

    To try and obstruct, when you do another

    Entrepreneur steps in to fill the vacuum. Nasty

    Ole capitalism! LOL

    Come get some, powder is dry

  11. Combining text from two previous posts… (thanks)

    These people are nothing more than domestic terrorists and should be dealt with as such.

  12. Just like the Tea Party?

  13. And the left keeps accusing Republicans of wanting to damage the economy or to have it fail…

    It’s the left that’s projecting. They would love nothing more than to destroy this country and their actions betray their intentions.

  14. I read a couple of days ago that the Longshoreman’s union in Oakland was refusing to participate in this and that they would absolutely cross any picket lines in order to go to work. If so, we can expect to see an abject fail. Who, really, would blame them? It is one thing to strike for wages. . . . to strike for this BS endangers their jobs and they know that.

  15. blocking the ports should help with the unemployment picture.

    unless the longshoremen are told by their union leaders to let the OWSers close the ports the OWS people are in for the shock of their life.

  16. Hmmmm, how is disrupting business free speech? It is not, it is criminal.

    I say round them all up and throw away the key. It would not hurt the economy at all, these are the folks that are a drain on the economy.

    Oh well, calling for communism, who would of thought that 20 years ago?

    Manchurian candidate.

  17. If all these #OWS turds were rounded up, place on a leaky old engine-less freighter and towed out into the middle of the Pacific and cut free to drift aimlessly until it sinks, would any notice and more importantly, would anyone notice?

    OWS = Obama’s Worthless Shipmates

  18. The West Coast Longshoremen,unlike their ILA cousins in the East have long been marxist and communist dominated. They caused shipping problems in both the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Obama’s Hawaiian mentor was a prime player in the Longshoremen’s union in Honolulu and Pearl City. As today’s AFL/CIO is far more left leaning than the days when George Meany fought communism at home and abroad,I’d expect much support for the #OWS protest.

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