Is the Fix In? Virginia GOP Eliminates 4 of Top 6 Republican Candidates From Republican Primary …Update: VA Law Was Changed in October

Following Governor Chris Christie’s announcement in early October that he would not be running for president, top GOP official and bundler, Georgette Mosbacher told reporters, “We do not consider Perry a factor… We know who will be our nominee.”
Georgette was talking about Mitt “McRomneycare” Romney, of course.

Georgette Mosbacher. HarvardCPL, via flickr (Capital NY)

Maybe Georgette wasn’t kidding. The Virginia GOP effectively eliminated 4 of the top 6 candidates, including Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry, from qualifying for the Republican primary in March this past weekend. Only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul will be on the Virginia GOP primary ballot.

Charles C. Johnson at Big Government today discussed how difficult it was for candidates to qualify for the primary in Virginia.

Candidates are required not only to collect over 10,000 signatures to get on the ballot but have to have at least 400 from each of the state’s eleven congressional districts. Both Perry and Gingrich cleared the first hurdle by at least a thousand signatures, but it appears they may have stumbled on clearing the second. We don’t know this for certain — the Va. GOP hasn’t explained why Gingrich and Perry failed to qualify– but this seems likely.

Gathering enough signatures from enough of the different districts proved too tricky. In at least one district that’s a tall order. Virginia’s 3rd and 8th congressional district, for example, are among the most Democratic in the country, with a PVI score of D+20 and D+16, respectively. Woody Allen may be right when he said 90% of success is just showing up, but it is hard to show up when there is effectively no Republican party in some congressional districts.

Worse yet, Virginia’s House of Delegates complicated matters further when voters may not know which congressional district they live in thanks to an ongoing state-wide fight over redistricting. Virginia Republicans submitted a map in April 2011, but Virginia Democrats seemed insistent on pushing the matter to January 2012 and then to federal court if they don’t enough black–and therefore Democratic–congressional districts. They would sue the state under the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and toss the matter of redistricting over to the federal courts.

It’s the prerogative of any state party to set up the rules that govern its primary but it sure seems short-sighted to disqualify two candidates that fulfilled the 10,000 signatures requirement, especially given how much Virginia GOP could benefit from a renewed focus and all that earned media attention on the Old Dominion.

If the Republican Party wanted to rig the system for Mitt Romney then you might expect to see something like this pop up.
But the Republican Party elites would never do anything like that… Right?

UPDATE: According to Big Government and Ballot Access News the Virginia law was changed in October.

The only reason the Virginia Republican Party checked the signatures for validity for the current primary is that in October 2011, an independent candidate for the legislature, Michael Osborne, sued the Virginia Republican Party because it did not check petitions for its own members, when they submitted primary petitions. Osborne had no trouble getting the needed 125 valid signatures for his own independent candidacy, but he charged that his Republican opponent’s primary petition had never been checked, and that if it had been, that opponent would not have qualified. The lawsuit, Osborne v Boyles, cl 11-520-00, was filed in Bristol County Circuit Court.

And then there’s this:

The VA GOP published a letter that announced that any candidate who submitted a petition with more than 15,000 signatures would not be checked (’shall be deemed to have met the threshold for qualification and will be certified’).

The letter is at

Romney submitted 16,000 signatures. Newt submitted 12,000.

Both Newt and Rick Perry reportedly turned in over 10,000 signatures before the deadline. But it looks like the rules were changed mid-game. This doesn’t pass the smell test.

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  • Paul in N. AL

    The way this is being spread out over multiple states has the smell of large scale corruption.

  • Dan

    I’m not sure this is Constitutional.

    Prohibiting the consideration of a write-in candidate?

    So if a voter desires to write in somebody not on the ballot, when the party provides a vote and a count procedure, that a write-in candidate won’t be counted, ———- such a system allows insiders to rig the election results, and what’s more, allows for the preclusion ab initio of certain “candidates,” and these “candidates” are American citizens.

    Parties to be sure have powers over their primary process, but that power is not plenary.

  • It’s almost as though the Republicans really, really want to lose. Virginia GOP rigged the system to give us either the lunatic Ron Paul – no, I do not want to ‘be friends’ with Iran. Sorry, Paulbots – or the idiot who gave Massachusetts socialized medicine. Given Romney’s wonderful record, I don’t doubt for a moment that it will be a cold, cold day in hell before he overturns Obamacare. (Sorry Romney the Constitution doesn’t provide for free healthcare for everyone. Better luck next time.)

    Why do the Republicans even have the ‘GOP’ nomination? They’re not grand and I’m REALLY tired of these Democrat-lite nominees. Idiots. The only thing that keeps me from hoping that the R’s get decimated in the election is the realization that we’d be stuck with Obama again.

  • RedBeard

    If crazy old Ron Paul and Mitt Romney could each get the required signatures, there’s no logical reason why Perry and Gingrich could not do the same thing. Finding 400 Republican signatures for Perry or Gingrich, even in a heavily democrat district, just doesn’t seem very difficult. There are nearly 700,000 people in each district. One person going door to door could get 400 signatures each for Earl Pitts, Pat Paulsen, and Harold Stassen.

    This just doesn’t make sense as a conspiracy, but it does make sense as the result of totally incompetent campaign coordination.

  • Multitude

    Apparently they don’t study history or philosophy in the elite prep schools. History is rife with events where the elites eliminated the moderate reform options for the people, thinking it’d force the people to be stuck with the elite’s corrupt option by default. Instead, the most radical option emerged.

    Ron Paul may be that option in Virginia. I don’t like Paul, think he’s a foreign policy disaster, and have a strong hunch he consults with aliens, unicorns and talking animals on a regular basis. He’s a quirky, strange man who would probably be unable to work with both political parties if elected.

    And he may be just what they get. We’ve seen this phenomenon repeated so often that I’m shocked the elites don’t change their radical-encouraging behavior. Curiously, they seem utterly incapable of recognizing the problem is them, and the threshold has been exceeded now. Egypt, East Germany, Philippines and so many other examples are there for them to see.

    The United States is there and has critical mass: a tea party middle class exhausted by excess taxation, diminishing wages and upper class elites shifting the middle class jobs overseas. Retirement pensions and social security have been bankrupted by the elites and in its stead are more than a hundred trillion of debt obligations, to which the elites signed to the middle class to pay, while they attend special forums documented by Jamie Johnson on setting up trusts to avoid all the taxes they claim to support.

    The United States also has a rising college radical class, and an unsettled lower class that doesn’t know it but will soon face 20% or greater unemployment as the middle class exhausts its capacity to sustain the majority of its lifestyle, ceasing purchases in the services sector.

    Revolution appears structurally inevitable when the elites rig the system to prevent meaningful reform, essentially requiring revolution by their refusal to permit a moderating release of such energies through actual meaningful reforms.

  • tadcf

    I’ve never heard of candidates being so disorganized. Would you want one of these becoming president?

  • These rules have been in place for the past three presidential elections. No other major candidate has missed it before. Fred Thompson, who was sleep walking through his campaign, and Alan Keyes both managed to get on.

    This is about a lack of organization, not the rules. I say this as a person living in Virginia who planned on voting for Perry. He turned in sheets that were not notarized; meaning no one bothered to check.

    Yes, I am being cheated by the lack of choice, but the people who cheated me are the candidates.

  • ruready?

    Read the instructions!! Good grief. This is not an unreasonable expectation set forth by Virginia. I have a fundamental problem with the ability of the candidates that failed to qualify (and, quite frankly, those that did qualify). All republicans should be proud slate of their slate of candidates.

  • gary gulrud

    Romney had 16000 and everyone falling short of his number was disqualified.

    And Newt polling at 41%.

    This means war.

  • Gini

    The petitioning process requires a dedicated team and they must know what they are doing. The rules were not written this year, they are long standing. If Romney and Paul could organise and do it, what was wrong with the other campaigns? To blame it on anything but lack of organisation is childish. I work during the petitioning season here in NYC. It’s not easy finding enough signatures, but one is supplied with a listing of those eligible to sign the petitions in each district and if the candidates team doesn’t follow the rules – well then, the candidate simply does not qualify. It’s simply, straight forward, and easy – – if one follows rules.

  • Multitude

    I’m not certain if those claiming “all the other kids who didn’t turn in their homework were lazy and you wouldn’t want them” are trolls or just naive. My first cousin in Richmond knows of their local RNC issues and said the apparatus is so structured in the state as to only work for and recognize the party elite’s designate that it’s nearly impossible for Virginia to be anything but an insider election.

    Think of the former USSR and how you could have anybody run, but the system was guaranteed to ensure the people were not confused with anything other than that which the elites had already deemed safe, resulting in (of course) a single candidate each time.

    If one or two didn’t make the numbers, that’d be one thing. Perry got in later, but many others did not. Dig deep enough into the RNC rules and you’ll find they created this structure to effectuate this very outcome. To blame the candidates just indicates you’re a naive rube, particularly when the structure repeatedly allows for either the party elite’s designate, or a nationally funded and persistent, recurring election threat like Ron Paul (an apparent Ralph Nader of the right).

  • Davidb

    Both Gingrich and Perry collected enough signatures. Over 2000 names were thrown out by the VA GOP. For the first time ever if the address provided did not match the name it was tossed. Paul and Romney’s signatures were not scrutinized in the same manner.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Since this race will be long over before we even get to the Virginia Primary, the only way this hurts Newt is if it makes him look like a bad manager by not being able to get the signatures. The fact that most of the current candidates did not qualify helps Newt with this as well as the onerous rules.

    I am expecting a Newt surge in Iowa as Conservative support consolidates in order to prevent a Paul win. My point being that who will vote for Bachmann or Perry knowing that by doing so they are guaranteeing a Paul win thus making Iowa even more irrelevant that it already is in future election cycles?

    My prediction? Newt wins 3 out of the first 4 contests then cruises to the nomination.

  • Davidb

    Why It’s Time to Change Virginia’s Unreasonable Ballot Access Law: For all candidates who have met the statutory requirement, I think the Party’s plan to scrutinize some candidates’ signatures and not others, based upon the arbitrary standard of whether the candidates submitted a full 50% more than the statutory requirement, violates the Equal Protection Clause under Bush v. Gore. It seems to me that all candidates who facially meet the statutory requirement should have their petitions and signatures adjudged according to the same standard. More on that here if it becomes an issue.

  • Bill Mitchell

    As a sidenote, did Georgette Mosbacher go to the Tammy Faye Baker School of Cosmetology? Why does our Republican Leader in VA insist on looking like a $3 whore?

  • Old One

    In reality the “repubican” establisment has committed seppuku for the party with its base. The reality is that ordinary republican voters have a gag reflex when they see the cucumber & mayonaise sandwich man Mittens.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Also, do not forget that until just recently, Newt was in single digits and had no money. The fact that he wasn’t able to get this done is unsurprising. I am pretty sure Newt had no intent of actually making it to VA before dropping out.

  • jeremiah lloyd

    I thought it was a man.

    My post got lost or something. Anyway this is no big loss. By March this should be a winner take all state.

    They’re idiots. Paul wins Iowa at best. Vote for Paul in Virginia if your candidate doesn’t appear on the ballot, then he wins Virginia and Romney gets nothing. Plus it gives guys like Newt a chance to endorse Paul and pick up some votes.

  • Sickofobama

    I don’t know or care who that TransDyke is but I ain’t voting for Romneycare.

    The GOP doesn’t need any votes.

    They will proclaim Romneycare the nominee and Obama will win – something John Bonehead wants.

    All I have to say to the GOP is F*CK OFF!

  • Multitude

    Bill, I don’t think you’re going to see the Newt surge. From the southwest part of Iowa, many of us active in preparation for our caucus have seen the dynamic behind his lift collapse as people began to understand he’s a big government, fiscally liberal, somewhat socially conservative egocentric individual. Both he and Romney are terribly unlikeable; the polling data for Newt on women’s support must be dismal from what I’ve seen.

    I have a lot of friends who are so fired up in rage at the corrupt RNC and their game playing here and elsewhere that has stood by while good candidates get assassinated that they’re going to go give the Ron Paul protest vote. Talked to one friend and business owner that employs 90 in the Omaha area and he’s convinced that lacking an outsider, the nation will collapse. The party has eliminated all but one outsider; by default, he’ll get that support (which is growing).

    I don’t know if I can pull the trigger for Paul, given the extent I work internationally and cannot imagine the extent of disaster he’d be if successful. However, I’m quite confident that he’d be ignored by both parties, which also has its consequences.

  • Conservative to the Core

    Sorry the riff raff threatened to stink up your ballot, Mizz Mosbacher. It won’t happen again.

  • MikeSilver

    “But the Republican Party elites would never do anything like that… Right?”


    This is just one example of how the system has been rigged for the Socialist-Lite Mitt by the Republicans.

    If one assumes that the Republicans in a state that Obama won are less Conservative than states that supported the Republican nominee in the General election, you can see the over-weighted impact of dems and socialist-Lite Republicans on who gets nominated:

    1) IA and NH both went with Obama. Why do states that didn’t support the Republican Nominee get to go first and essentially drive which candidates are eliminated?

    2) NH and SC are both OPEN PRIMARY states so Obama lovers and Socialist-lite Democrats can pick the Republican who gets the most press coverage going into Super Tuesday.

    3) Of the 11 primaries and caucuses prior to Super Tuesday, 6 were won by Obama and are OPEN primaries where Dems can vote for the Republican nominees. Once again, Dems and socialist-lite voters can drive what candidate gets the press coverage and implied victory momentum.

    4) If you think Super Tuesday counters the Socialist-lite advantages, think again. Of the 10 Super Tuesday primaries, 4 were won by Obama BUT 7 are open primaries where Dems can help choose our Socialist Lite nominee.

    The delegate count is equally bleak for anyone that is Conservative. In a race between Obama vs McCain state delegates, the Obama state count achieves the needed nomination number long before the McCain states.

    Frankly, the leadership of the Republican party is so Socialist-lite that they are willing to reward states that do NOT support the Republican nominee with advantages in delegate counts and scheduling.

    Its a rigged system and I’m not sure if any of us can change it.

    Here is a brief summary of each state and the calendar through Super Tuesday:

    January 3, 2012
    Iowa (caucus) – Obama Won – Only went Republican once in the last 6 General Elections

    January 10, 2012
    New Hampshire (primary) – Obama Won – OPEN PRIMARY – Only went Republican twice in the last 6 General Elections

    January 21, 2012
    South Carolina (primary) – McCain Won – OPEN PRIMARY

    January 31, 2012
    Florida (primary) – McCain Won

    February 4, 2012
    Nevada (caucus) – Obama Won – Went Republican three times out of the last six

    February 4–11, 2012
    Maine (caucus) – McCain Won – Hasn’t been won by a republican since 1988

    February 7, 2012
    Colorado (caucus) – Obama Won
    Minnesota (caucus) – Obama Won – OPEN CAUCUS – Hasn’t voted Republican since 1972
    Missouri (primary) – McCain Won – OPEN PRIMARY

    February 28, 2012
    Arizona (primary) – McCain Won – SEMI OPEN PRIMARY
    Michigan (primary) – Obama Won – OPEN PRMARY – Hasn’t been won by a republican since 1988

    March 3, 2012
    Washington (caucus) – Obama Won – Hasn’t been won by a republican since 1984

    March 6, 2012 (Super Tuesday)
    Alaska (caucus) – McCain Won
    Georgia (primary) – McCain Won – OPEN PRIMARY
    Idaho (caucus) – McCain Won – OPEN PRIMARY
    Massachusetts (primary) – Obama Won – OPEN PRIMARY – Hasn’t been won by a republican since 1984
    North Dakota (caucus) – McCain Won – OPEN PRIMARY
    Ohio (primary) – Obama Won
    Oklahoma (primary) – McCain Won
    Tennessee (primary) – McCain Won – OPEN PRIMARY
    Vermont (primary) – Obama Won – OPEN PRIMARY
    Virginia (primary) – Obama Won – OPEN PRIMARY

  • no man

    No way, man! Mutt sells us out and he is “reasonable.” The others stand by us and they are “unelectable bomb-throwers.” Did not we show them in 2010?

    I,m an independent. I will not vote for Romney. I will go deer hunting that day.

    Why don,t they run McCain again?

  • Bill Mitchell

    Multitude commented:

    Bill, I don’t think you’re going to see the Newt surge. From the southwest part of Iowa, many of us active in preparation for our caucus have seen the dynamic behind his lift collapse as people began to understand he’s a big government, fiscally liberal, somewhat socially conservative egocentric individual. Both he and Romney are terribly unlikeable; the polling data for Newt on women’s support must be dismal from what I’ve seen.


    Don’t fall into the “everyone I know agrees with me” fallacy. Of course everyone you know agrees with you since you naturally gravitate towards people who share your views.

    TPTB in Iowa DO NOT want a Paul win. In order to prevent that, they must consolidate conservative support behind one candidate. New wins by default.

  • Mark

    I have never heard of this woman and I never forget a face (yikes). Is Ringling Bros. missing a clown?

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    After the Republican Establishment Elites gave us Juan McLame as a presidential candidate in 2008 and then forced him to NOT attack his opponent (thereby ensuring his loss to Obama), I’ve been wondering whether these Elites are Manchurian Leftist Infiltrators who’ve managed to work themselves into those leadership positions by stealth and a lifetime of pretending to be somebody they’re not.

    Heck, it’s not far fetched as these same type people took over the Democrat Party in such a manner, only in recent years coming fully out of the closet and adopting the Communist Manifesto as the Dem Party Platform and running a full blown unashamed Marxist Socialist for President (and succeeding!).

    Now that I see this stuff going on, I’m beginning to believe it! The Republican Elites are actively pushing Mr. Squishy (Romney) on the Republicans as the “preferred” candidate for President. And they’re doing this despite the fact that Romney, at one point in his political career, was ideologically left of Ted Kennedy!

    It seems that the Republican Elites want to ensure that either Obama retains the White House OR the next President is ideologicaly left of center (although maybe not as far left as Obama but a devout Leftist none the less).

    I think BOTH parties have been co-opted by the Left. In fact, we KNOW the Dem Party has been completely taken over by Radical Leftists.

    It seems that the Republican Elites are finally poking their heads out of the closet after all these years of stealth operations and are finally showing us who they really are. More and more we’re learning that they’re NOT small gov’t fiscal conservatives which, at least one point in time, was the ideological core of the Republican Party.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Guess what I just learned? This Georgette Mosbacher was Co-Chair of John McCain’s Presidential Campaign! An now she’s put back in charge of picking another “winner” for the Republicans?

  • donh

    Take the face of Moosebacher, mix it with one part Romney and one part Giuliani, and you get klaus Nomi shooting you with his rubber band lazer…>>

  • Sam Stone

    Obama cheated with forged signatures in Indiana and nothing will happen because of that fraud so why is the lack of signatures for a repub an issue?

  • Seth

    Look, it was this simple, longstanding rules required potential candidates to get at least 10,000 valid signatures, if your turned in 15,000 or more signatures–and 400 of them from each electorial district–you were automatically qualified. if you turned in between 10 and 15K each signature would be scrutinized, and if you turned in only a little above 10K –as the Gingrich campaign did–you might get disqualified. How hard was that to understand or accomplish?

    The deadline was last Thursday, i got a canned message about signing the petition just two days earlier, on Tuesday, with signup locations a 40 mile round trip or more away, and the time window of only a few hours at each location.

    Searching the Web, although I found lots of pictures of Gingrich opening his VA Campaign HQ in November, there was no actual website for that HQ that I could find, and I couldn’t even find a telephone number, so I could ask about other signup times and locations. I even called Gingrich’s main national HQ, and they didn’t have a telephone number for his VA HQ!

    Seems to me that the chaotic and ineffective Gingrich campaign organization has only itself to blame.

  • Let’s be honest about why this has happened.

    Gingrich and Perry have run incompetent campaigns up to this point — indeed, there have even been personnel overlaps between the two campaigns that may account for that.

    The rules in Virginia are clear and have been in place for a long time. that two so-called major candidates could not meet these basic requirements tells us all we need to know about their competence and readiness for the Presidency.

  • mg4us

    Whatever the reason that some are off the ballot, let’s list all the candidates. .the ones that were on the debates. . .In the sake of fairness and democracy, The Virginia Republican party should list all the GOP nominees. .Romney should demand it. . .Paul should demand it. .unless too scared of the outcome

  • BarbaAZ

    If you cannot tell from the over made up face and the fake forehead hairline (look carefully folks!) that this “George”ette person is not a woman, then you are blind and dhimmied. GOP Bundler my A$$. It’s a man dressed up like a woman. Even the bustline looks fake. THIS GOP faker is a gender bender and he’s giving orders? Good Grief!! The GOP in Virginia has become a feeding black hole!! Georgette looks like something out of a Stephen King horror novel. Sorry, this Virginia election, with nary a prime candidate, appears to have been rigged and bought by the highest bidder. Who let the dogs out?

  • Freddy

    Virginia changed their rules mid-stream this election cycle due to an unresolved pending lawsuit.

    The big losers in this mess are all of the media outlets that could have made money selling advertisements to the various candidates. Now, there will be no reason for any advertising in Virginia, and no one will care what the results there actually is.

    Virginia is the big loser in this.

  • Orangeblossom Sandybanks
  • retire05

    The Va GOP is rapidly turning into the grinch of public opinion.

    Mitt Romney seemingly had an inside track. Bill Bolling, the current Va Lt. Governor, is running against Ken Cucinelli for the office of Governor. Bolling, who had already set up his campaign headquarters and lined up a staff, became state campaign chair for Mitt Romney and allowed Romney to roll in and operate out of Bollings campaign headquarters.

    Romney garnered 16,000 signatures, but the rule that the signatures of candidates would not be verified if they obtained 15K, or more, was just decided on in November, last month. Also, Ron Paul, who only obtained 14,361 signatures, did NOT have those signatures verified prior to being certified to appear on the primary ballot, although he did not reach the 15K mark.

    The loser here is not Newt, Perry or the other candidates. It is the Virginia voter who has basically been told by the Va GOP who they can vote for and had their choice deluted. And none of us should be happy that voters in Virginia have been so manipulated by the state GOP. Voters should, in a primary, be given choices. After all that is the reason for a primary in the first place.

    One other thing that bothers me: Romney and Paul were both allowed to solicit for signatures at Virginia polling places in August. Knowing how strict the rules are about campaigning at polling places, allowing two candidates to do that brings up the question: where federal campaign rules violated by Romney and Paul?

    It saddens me that Virginia voters have basically been disenfranchised. I highly recommend reading the link in #14 if you want to know how archaic the rules are in Virginia. To say that the rules in Virginia have been standing for a decade is wrong; the 15K signature threshold is new, and just ruled on last month. Did the Va GOP hiarchy know that Romney had obtained that many signatures when they imposed the rule to not verify his signatures? And why were Paul’s signatures not verified prior to certification when he had less than the 15K.

    If you don’t smell a rat, better have your nose checked.

  • donh

    There is hope if people come to understand the Boner bend over back step dance. Set up an Obama/Romney choice…legislate poorly on purpose …pander by reading the constitution on the floor…pass insincere bills you know have no chance of becoming law so that is builds an appearance of working on behalf of a conservative agenda……and then take a dive on every vote where the is substance to move the country in a conservative direction. Then 2012 will have such a level of disappointment the quality conservative reps will be the ones fired on a throw them all out mentality. People like Scott Walker will be the ones lost. The ones with the power to enforce this age old corrupt game plan of false front repulbicanism will stay in office to be sure you always LOSE.

  • aprilnovember811




    We aren’t this stupid. I pray someone who is beyond reproach step in and take a look at this. That would be State Attorney Ken Cucinelli.

    The Washington Post by Anita KumarDecember 20, 2011
    Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney became the first Republican presidential candidate Tuesday to submit signatures for Virginia’s primary election ballot.

    Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (R), who heads up Romney’s Virginia campaign, and a handful of volunteers delivered 16,026 signatures to the state Wednesday afternoon to get Romney’s name on the March 6, 2012 ballot.

    “It is clear that Mitt Romney is the strongest Republican candidate in a general election campaign,’’ Bolling told reporters as he walked to the State Board of Elections. “I happen to think he’s the only Republican candidate who has a chance of defeating President Obama.”

    Candidates have until Dec. 22 to collect 10,000 signatures from across the state and another 400 from each congressional district.

    Bolling said he expects some GOP candidates to miss the deadline for signatures in Virginia, whose certification process he called the toughest in the nation.

    Romney’s campaign sent staff to Virginia to help volunteers collect the thousands of signatures.

    Former House speaker Newt Gingrich will appear at a rally in Northern Virginia on Wednesday as he tries to get the necessary signatures for the state ballot.

    Bolling, in response to a question from a reporter, said he thinks a victory by Romney would help his chances in 2013 when he faces Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) in the race for governor.

    “I don’t think there’s any question that having a Republican president would help improve our chances in 2013 in Virginia, and having a Republican president who is a friend would help improve my chances in 2013.”

    President Obama became the first presidential candidate to submit his signatures Dec. 2.

    The Democratic Party of Virginia is expected to begin certifying those signatures Thursday afternoon, and finish the task by 5 p.m. Friday.

    Follow me on Twitter: anitakumar01

  • aprilnovember811



    Office of the Attorney General
    900 East Main Street
    Richmond, VA 23219
    (804) 786-2071

  • Han Solo

    What we are really seeing is the fact that high poll numbers have ZERO to do with organization or a candidates strength of their team.

    The fact is that everyone knew that Cain didn’t have a prayer because he had nearly zero ground game.

    Ron Paul and Romney have strong organizations, millions in campaign funds to use and they have experience doing this.

    Gingrich is broke and a million in debt, has very little ground game to speak of and a very weak organization.

    This is what happens to separate those with real dedicated support and committed volunteers to those who are just flash and no substance of support behind them.

  • aprilnovember811

    Han Solo,
    What you said it ridiculous. Did you not understand that this is corruption. This has nothing to do with having an organized campaign. WAKE UP!

  • Helen

    #11, I am a Newt supporter and commented Saturday morning about the VA primary being rigged. I commented on 2 websites and then followed the comments afterwards. There were a large amount of comments (on both websites) saying how disorganized the Newt and Perry campaigns must be. Very non-presidential, blah, blah, blah.

    I, like you, suspected the commenters were trolls. I thought, at first, that they might be Ron Paul supporters because Ron Paul supporters do that. I have seen Ron Paul supporters overwhelm comment sections. I am sure most people reading this blog have. However, the comments were more polite than the usual Ron Paul suppporters and didn’t mention the Fed, Bankers, etc.

    Therefore, I believe the Romney campaign is behind these comments. Look at comments 7 through 10. One after another spouting rhetoric to tear down all candidates but Romney and Paul. They are trying to spin a narrative.

    Not buying it Rombots!

  • retire05

    April, I had forgotten that Bolling turned in the signatures for Romney.

    Bolling, being Lt. Governor of Virginia, would have access to the names, and addresses, of all registered voters in Virginia, as well as voter records showing which primary they voted in. But it would not matter because even if a Va voter voted in the Democrat primary, I believe the Va primary is open, and not party specific. I will check on that. And with the signatures for Romney not being validated because of a change in rules just last month, who knows who signed Romney’s petitions. The question remains; why were Paul’s signatures not validated when he was under the 15K mark? Why was Paul certified before those signatures were validated?

    I think the Va GOP thinks Romney can easily defeat Ron Paul. So they have tried to stack the deck to favor Romney. Bolling is honest in that he thinks his chances are better in the primary if Romney is the nominee.

    What Virginia has done is shut out the conservative fraction of the GOP by arcane rules that seem to have been made up as they go along.

  • Helen

    #39, here is Ken Cuccinelli’s web address: There is a comments section.

  • aprilnovember811

    Lt. Governor Bill Bolling Facebook Page. I urge you to let him know we are not going to stand for our election being stolen from us this way. Everyone needs to be treated equally. If other candidates were given special consideration, this will not stand.

  • retire05

    I was right; Virginia is an open primary. That means that Democrats are allowed to vote in a Republican primary. So, knowing that Obama will be the candidate for the Democrats, will Virginia Dems vote in the Republican primary? Why not? It will skew the results for the GOP primary.

    Virginia is also a winner-take-all primary with delegates being awarded to the winner. In the event, there is no clear winner (50+%) the delegats then become proportional. But with only two candidates on the primary ballot, it will be winner take all.

  • donh

    Let me break it down to a simple analogy. You catch you wife cheating and file for divorce…The lawyer you hire promises to represent you and work hard for your interest in the case….but your lawyer happened to share a dorm room in law school with your wife’s attourney….While your lawyer is billing fake hours to your acount, he is actually meeting with your wife and her lawyer in a motel room for a threesome orogy. When your case finally comes to court you lose your house , and your life savings. These are who your republican politicians are…crooked lawyers.

  • Helen
  • Gandalf

    If Georgette is for it I am against it! She he it obviously has very poor judgement.

  • Fionnagh

    Wasn’t it Virginia that tossed out our overseas military ballots for the 2008 election, due to “mail delays?” My recollection is, the VA ballots were not mailed out in time, hence, our military wasn’t given sufficient time to complete and return them. Is there a pattern here?

  • aprilnovember811
  • L.E. Liesner

    To get the establishment Republicans out of picking out their candidate there should be a national primary election day. Everybody votes on the same day and let the chips fall. Here our primary is in June and by that time all that’s left is the one or two you hold your nose when you vote. This nation on the whole is conservative and the one day election just might give us a candidate worth having.

  • Did the VA GOP change the rules on primary ballot access in November 2011?

  • Seth

    The more I dig into the “verification process” for these signatures, the more suspicious things I find. A major rule change last month, bumping the number of signatures required to bypass any verification process from 10K to 15K, the involvement in VA lieutenant governor Bolling in collecting/delivering Romney ‘s petitions to the VA Republican party. Allegations that Gingrich signatures were disqualified on an arbitrary basis that is arguably not in accordance with VA law.

    It seems to me that Gingrich–and perhaps all the other potential candidates as well–have a very understandable and legitimate right to request a hearing in a court of law as to just how this whole verification and qualifying process was carried out, by who, and according to what rules.

  • retire05

    April and WildThing, this brings up the question: were the VA GOP rules changed because Bill Bolling knew that Romney had reached the 15K threshold? Was Romney turning in his signatures to Bolling as they were collected so Bolling, being a big-wig in the Va GOP, knew that by making the 15K threshold, Romney’s signatures would NOT be verified?

    And what about Paul with his under 15K signatures and who did not have to have them verified? Was Paul allowed to be certified without meeting the new threshold while Gingrich and Perry were not?

    This whole thing stinks and has basically disenfranchised Virginia voters. It also provided a winner-take-all senario since there are only two candidates, and reduces the chance that Gingrich, Perry or any other candidate could split the delegates proportionally.

  • Friendly

    Well if they can’t understand and meet the requirements of each state, I’m not sure they have the capacity to be president. Get with it, people.

  • retire05

    Friendly, since the Virginia GOP changed the rules in November regarding the 15K threshold, you should be asking yourself “Why did they do that?” when Romney was basically having Bolling canvass for him.

    I suggest you inform yourself a bit better about what is really going on, like the Virginia GOP trying to avoid a primary that is proportional, not winner-take-all.

  • MaxTruth

    This is BS. Perry and Gingrich had 5 months to get the signatures. They could have hired me to do it for them and it would have gotten done right and they would be on the ballot. And I work cheap.

    The only people to blame are the incompetent candidates that couldn’t follow the rules. If this was Palin, her supporters would probably have turned in 50,000 signatures. It just shows that Gingrich and Perry don’t have a lot of support.

  • Its hard to avoid the suspicion that this was a deliberate job, particularly since President Obama has shown a pattern of winning by eliminating opponents rather than defeating them, and the Secretary of State project is in place to stop Republicans.

  • Eden

    Even scarier, Georgette is a CEO of a major cosmetic group, Borghese. Wait, is this the Twilight Zone? Have I fallen through some sort of voter black hole?

  • Duke C

    It is time to melt the server at the VA GOP Headquarters, contact these people and let them know how you REALLY feel:

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    [email protected]

    If enough TEA Party patriots get involved, this dirty politics as usual might be reversed.
    So don’t just comment, get invloved, e-mail these RINO operatives and tell them not to force ‘Mittens’ down our throats. The days of marching [unarmed] are over. Tell them to let Newt, Rick, and Mitchell on the ballot or come Nov 2012 you will leave the choice for president BLANK. Romney and Obama are mostly the same, I want a REAL choice.

  • The fix is in, but they let Ron Paul on the ballot? Yeah, that makes sense.

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  • Sandy

    It appears the fix is in for Romney but what really worries me is — are these Republicans really working to put Obama back in?

  • Sandy

    Ms. Mosbacher — CEO of a Cosmetics Company heal thyself.

  • Sandy

    #60 December 26, 2011 at 1:29 pm
    Eden commented:

    Even scarier, Georgette is a CEO of a major cosmetic group, Borghese. Wait, is this the Twilight Zone? Have I fallen through some sort of voter black hole?

    Reminds me of the Twilight Zone where this beautiful girl has an operation to make her look more like the ugly people. Kind of like what Republicans are doing — trying to make us all dumb and poor because they know better than the voters.

  • Eden

    I hear ya, Sandy.

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  • lizzy84

    Put simply, Willard’s ambition is getting just about as creepy as he is.

  • Sha Sene

    That woman could play a villian in a Batman movie.

  • Sha Sene

    The RULES are not longstanding. The Rules were changed last May .

  • Sha Sene

    Ron Paul is a whacko and could never win against anyone. With that said , it might be wise in VA to have Gingrich’s supporters vote for Ron Paul.
    That would rob Romney of delegates. Gingrich can then forget Va and concentrate more other states.

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    there are a lot of big rats in virginia like vicki williams who during the last election who didnt send 17K military voter forms…her and this bashir lamar. Lots of demo rats in virginia –one of them was Kaine.

  • burt

    Republican and Democrats – it’s your choice the Dalton gang or the James Brothers.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    I am no fan of Romney or of Paul, but if Newt couldn’t get it together in his home state, then he really doesn’t have the orgaizational skills to manage a 7-11, let alone be president. Perry is a non-starter so, except for the principle involved, I couldn’t care less.

  • USMC Thomas

    She looks like a hideous Mexican tranny, all her money still can’t buy youthful beauty.

  • midusdew

    The looks of Gorgette Mosbacher doesn’t pass the smell test.

    It’s obvious our election system is corrupt.

  • kittyhumphrey

    The rules are the rules. If some can follow the rules, why can’t they all follow the rules? Newt thinks he does not have to follow rules. Remember several weeks ago when he said “I will win the nomination”? Everyone says they are for the nonRomney because he is part of the establishment. Newt is part of the establishment, too!!! He is too bombastic and egotistical to be our leader. He should have been getting signatures but instead of doing that he was at book signings – a serious candidate – NO!!!!

  • Molon Labe

    This just is a bad joke. The Virginia GOP has been on the wrong track for quite awhile.

  • BunnyOlesen

    Is that REALLY a woman?

  • Teddy

    Does anyone think there will be a fair election next year?

    Do you think your vote will really be counted?

  • Estragon

    Very misleading, bordering on yellow journalism.

    The ONLY change this year was passed in March and finalized in May’s rules, that being that 15,000 was the new threshold to be “deemed” enough. This was a Party rule; the state always checks all signatures for the general election ballot. 10,000 valid registered voter signatures is state law, the parties have to do the checking for primaries, though, and in the past have “deemed” 10,000 enough.

    But all candidates knew the new rule well before the signing period began in July, so what is the whining about? Gingrich, who has lived in Virginia for years, suddenly doesn’t look so smart, does he?

    He didn’t make tenure at Georgia Western College, folks, he isn’t all that. Newt’s more the average person’s idea of what an intelligent person sounds like.

  • Estragon

    If you object to a rule change, wouldn’t the proper time to object be while the change is on the table for discussion, or when it is first passed? Or when the filing period BEGINS?

    It’s not that tough. Kucinich qualified in 2008, six Republicans made the ballot that year, and Alan Keyes qualified in 2000 – all under the older, stricter pre-2010 rules where Social Security numbers’ last 4 digits were required, which made many people hesitate to sign.

    The candidates who didn’t make it clearly aren’t qualified even to run a national campaign, much less the nation itself, and they and their conspiracy-nut fan-boys are a bunch of incompetent LOSERS.

  • RedBeard

    Again, as Estragon indicates, let’s focus on the real problem here. It’s not the hideous Tammy Fay wannabee. It’s not the change from 10,000 to 15,000 signatures. It’s the stunning lack of coordination by the Gingrich and Perry campaign staff.

    There are 8,000,000 people in Virginia. Getting 10,000 or 15,000 signatures from a pool that size should be a walk in the park.

    The required 400 signatures from each congressional district is also an easy task. With 700,000 people in each district, are we to believe that it’s difficult to find 400 to sign off on this? I live near a town of 560 people. I’ll wager I could take a clipboard, walk the streets alone for one day, and come up with 100 signatures for John Galt.

    Unless there’s much more to the story that we do not know, this is simply a case of bumbling and bungling on the part of two campaign staffs.


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