Daily Kos Posts This Year’s Top Anti-Christian Rant: “Silent F*cking Night”

It looks like the far left Daily Kos blog has outdone itself.
The blog decided to get into the season this year with an anti-Christian post titled “Silent F*cking Night.”
It’s their way of mocking the season and Christians everywhere.

Daily Kos: Silent F*cking Night

This is the fifth annual posting of the Christmas Story, from a mother’s point of view

As I’ve wallowed in Christmas music the last couple of weeks, I’ve pondered the traditions of the Christmas story; and I’ve come to a conclusion.

Mary was shafted.

There she is, 8+ months pregnant, having been dragged all over Israel on the back of a fucking donkey. I know that when I was 8 months pregnant, I had a hard time riding for two hours in a car to attend my father-in-law’s funeral…

…And let’s think about that for a little bit, shall we? Mary was a first-time mother. Her labor would have lasted a long, long time. I went for 23 hours between my water breaking and the delivery of my eldest child, so I’m guessing Mary was in labor for 12 hours at least — with no option for an epidural.

Yeah, I suppose God could have given Mary a short and pain-free labor. After all, she was doing him a pretty damned big favor, being a surrogate mother and all. But were that the case, I’m pretty sure that would have been mentioned as one of the miracles of the miraculous birth. Besides, this is a male God. He wouldn’t have thought of giving Mary a break. You know, it’s one of those “wimmin things”.

And speaking of “wimmin things”, who helped deliver Baby Jesus? There’s no mention of any women being around…

There’s more.
What screwed up people.

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  • Steve

    If they want to be edgy, let’s see them try this stuff with Allah and his prophet for a change.

  • maria

    what a poor soul, if there is any

  • maria

    what kind of person doesn’t believe in anything? no good- no bad, no god – no evil, no cold – no hot, no black – no white and much more…. does that person has any feeling, any life at all?

  • Tyranny’s Bain

    Even God Almighty recognizes there is a point where some of his children are bereft of any virtue or goodness. Hence, Sodom and Gomorrah.

  • alsj

    People like this are dead and don’t even realize it, but their stench pollutes the environment.

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  • Freedm_Fighter

    Remember, these are the same folks that will call others “religious bigots” for writing the same thing about Islam. Go figure.

  • theBuckWheat

    Out of the heart, a person speaks and makes their values plain for the rest to see.

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  • http://ap-dp.blogspot.com Mark Adams

    Well based on her complaints that Mary who had been “dragged all over Israel on the back of a ***** donkey, (they admit it, it’s not Palestine, but Israel) vs. riding in a car, no option for an epidural, etc” That Mary with stood the rigors of bringing forth life….. WITHOUT complaining. Mary was more of tougher woman than this leftist windbag.

  • NorthernX

    Ha ha. Very funny.

    You know, even if I was a flaming leftie, I would likely wonder if I’m on the right and normal side of the aisle after reading that…

    Hopefully KOS has served the purpose of making at least part of his readership re-evaluate their moral compasses.

  • no man

    This Christmas, we’re giving ammunition the perfect stocking stuffer!

  • bg


    “one can lead Daily Kos to the light, but
    one can’t force Daily Kos to see it” – bg


  • Catherine

    And you think this is bad the holder DOJ just turned over the eastern seaboard power supply to the commies.

    DOJ approves Exelon deal, with conditions
    Dec 21

    OH the shinny things.


    Really long read but worth it looks like b. Aryers daddy and a few other commies.

    The utility’s ambitious plans called for 40 percent of its entire generating capacity to be supplied by seven nuclear-fueled plants by 1973. By 1969, however, the company’s nuclear program was experiencing technical difficulties, falling behind schedule, and suffering rapidly escalating costs. ComEd was forced to begin building a $160 million coal-fired unit at its Powerton plant in Pekin, Illinois. “The delays forced us to double-build,” Ward was quoted as stating in the September 15, 1969 issue of Forbes. This adjustment in ComEd’s nuclear program was only one in a long line of costly setbacks.

    The company’s commitment to nuclear-generated power was due, in part, to nuclear power’s potential as a cleaner fuel. The problems associated with burning fossil fuels came to a head in 1970 when the Chicago Department of Environmental Control named ComEd the worst polluter in Chicago, accusing the electric company’s fossil-fuel plants of causing more sulfur pollution than all other companies in the city combined. Thomas G. Ayers, president of ComEd, began bringing in low-sulfur coal from Montana, cutting sulfur emissions by 60 percent by 1973. That same year, he was elected chairman and CEO of ComEd. By 1972, ComEd was using nuclear power to generate 22 percent of its capacity, more than any other investor-owned utility in the nation. In the interest of assuring a uranium supply, ComEd acquired Cotter Corporation, a uranium mining and milling company in 1974.

    OH my and billy hanging out with the arabs???


    President Barack Obama’s environmental record has prompted eco-minded groups to call his policies “disastrous,” a “nightmare,” and a “sell-out.” Less well-known, however, is the fact that Obama himself has long been allied with Chicago-area pro-nuclear-energy leaders and that several people in his core council have professionally benefited from their association with Exelon

    Another long read but to be informed is to be forewarned.

    Just another Hobbit

  • Downer

    Love all the unanimous thumbs up (+) comments by the sheeple of the left. What a sick rant. Maybe I should write a similar article about the birth of Mohammad, Allah et. al., but then that would be insensitive of me, and un-Christian.

  • JDStone

    Anybody who reads and believes anything this filthy communist rag produces has a serious mental disorder.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Some “Mom”.

    We get it—pregnancy is bad for you, babies are eeeeeeeeeevil and it’s all an evil plot hatched by the patriarchy to be mean to women.

    What a dumb female—-assuming, it’s a female who actually wrote this, and not Mr. Kos himself, or some other metrosexual, sensitive lib male, getting in touch with what he thinks is his feminine side.

  • Peggy R

    Nasty and dumb stuff. Women (and women) in general were much more sturdier before the 20C. People “sucked up” a lot more physical aches and pains that we are willing to today. Farm women didn’t have nannies or cooks. They sometimes got up the next day and did their house keeping and whatever other labor was required. All in a day’s work. Women are wondrous creations of God. Mary should give us cause for praising God and His works!

    And, as a matter of fact, some Catholic theologians have discussed whether the labor was difficult for Mary. Did God give her a pain free, miraculous, labor? There’s no dogma on it, but some think it is possible. So, that is an interesting question, when asked with respect and sincere interest and concern.

  • srdem65

    Every people, in every continent, for as long as scientists can determine, have worshipped a Deity. It is a human emotion that must be built into our DNA.
    To deny the existance of any Deity, is un-natural and contrary.