Breaking: Islamic Terrorist Groups Plot Attacks on US From Mexico & Latin America (Video)

A new documentary by the Spanish Univision television channel titled “La Amenaza Irani” (The Iranian Threat) uses undercover, never-before-seen footage to illustrate how the Iranian regime’s growing ties to Latin America that threaten U.S. national security.

From the video:

Documentaries Univision and Univision News investigative unit presents “The Iranian threat,” a revealing documentary that examines the growing political, economic and military of Iran in Latin America and the threat this attack mean for the region and the U.S. Production reveals exclusive findings, including audio recordings and video secret that provide a rare window to the alleged cyber attack perpetrated against the United States from Mexico.

The Examiner reported, via Orbusmax:

Terrorists from several Middle Eastern groups have infiltrated Latin American countries — especially Mexico — in order to plot and carry out attacks against the United States, according to an alarming exposé broadcast this week by the world’s largest Spanish news network.

While the news media in Latin American countries are covering this ongoing story, the U.S. media is delivering scant coverage — or no coverage at all — a U.S. law enforcement commander told the Law Enforcement Examiner.

Univision, a multi-national Spanish-language TV network, this week aired a disturbing documentary titled, “La Amenaza Irani,” (Iranian Threat), The documentary uses undercover, never-before-seen video footage to illustrate how Iran’s growing political, economic and military ties to Latin America threaten U.S. security, according to a blog published by the Washington, DC-based watchdog group Judicial Watch.

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  • cnredd

    I just talked to every Liberal…This is CLEARLY racist talk…

    Political Wrinkles

  • Skandia Recluse

    Ah..mah dine jhad arm in arm with Hugo Chavez was NOT your first clue?
    dots……connect …the…

  • MrGoodWench

    See , THAT’s why Hussein wants to keep our borders unsecured.
    Plus he has been running guns into that region .
    He practically gifted a drone to the mullahs just last week …must be that pesky coincidence thingy the lapdog media keeps telling us about 😉

  • shibumi

    This is surprising? They were talking about Islamic terrorists in South America at least a decade ago. Plus, they have found jihad manuals on the roads into the US from Mexico.

  • Eubulides

    This has all the credibility of a History Channel special about how Hitler was a secret Aztec ghost alien.

  • paul52

    #5, why don’t you sneak into Mexico and get to the bottom of this. You probably know a lot about bottoms. You can convince Nerobama to keep the border W-I-D-E open, baby troll.

  • The Underground Conservative

    Meanwhile Sir Golfs-a-lot hits the links again. Fore!

  • squeaky

    back in april the interest was focus on air routes from iran to venezuela…and you have to wonder about the status of operation castaway which focused on central america…

  • Jayne on Left Coast

    Color me surprised. Can I still use the word color, is that on the racist list?

  • mercador

    We better at least fix the border, but that may be too late.

  • listingstarboard

    Obama doesn’t give a crap about the Continental U.S. Obama plans to retreat to his beloved Island, Hawaii where he is isolated from all the chaos and destruction he has facilitated on the mainland.

  • BuddyG

    Enough with the foreplay.

    Just have the damn war already.

  • Granny

    #2 December 10, 2011 at 2:21 pm
    Skandia Recluse commented:

    Ah..mah dine jhad arm in arm with Hugo Chavez was NOT your first clue?
    dots……connect …the…

    There has been a weekly flight from Tehran to Venezuela for some time now.

  • vityas

    Would that wake anyone up?

  • MrGoodWench

    This is an MSNBC+Telemundo report , so I can’t vouch for it’s credibility, and it is from 2007, so get a few grains of salt and read :

  • bg


    been warning about this coming since 9/11..

    yet “we the dumbed down” select an “in your face”
    IslaMarxuist to lead US to the promised land.. sigh

    oh btw, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”.. B Hussein O


  • John03

    I have zero confidence in our current government to protect me from an attack. On the upside though, this should do wonders for Christmas gun and ammo sales.

  • schmenz


    Surely you can do better than this, swallowing whole a ridiculous piece of propaganda the source of which is decidedly murky, to say the least. In light of what is going on in our world we need to be diligent, prudent and have a healthy skepticism when it comes to things like this.

    With all due respect, a wider reading of many points of view would be helpful.

  • bg
  • squeaky

    where there’s smoke there’s usually fire. “..ridiculous piece of propaganda the source of which is decidedly murky, to say the..” that they are there is a known. 60 minutes also did a segment on the area years back.