Ann Coulter: I Would Prefer Ron Paul Over Newt Gingrich (Video)

What happened?
I leave the country for a week, and Ann Coulter loses her mind!

Appearing on Fox News Channel’s “Red Eye” last week, conservative firebrand and frequent courter of controversy, Ann Coulter told the panel that if the choice for the Republican presidential nominee came down to Texas Rep. Ron Paul or former House Speaker Newt Gingrich she would prefer Paul.
Really Ann?
Ology reported, via Free Republic:

Ann Coulter followed up that interview with another where she insulted tea partiers by claiming the tea party would prefer a candidate who would call Obama a Kenyan.

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  • Blue Collar Todd

    Coulter is losing it.

  • bg


    and we should give a bats guano why??

    shut Laura Ingraham off today as she had Ann as
    a guest, here’s what Laura should have told her..

    STFU & WRITE!!


  • exceller

    I used to be a big fan of Ann Coulter. It’s sad to see that she has either lost her mind or has been a fraud up til now.

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  • Sickofobama

    How’s this sound: The Beck-Coulter Comedy Hour.

  • Chris in N.Va.

    Yuppers — nothing says “sane foreign policy” like ignoring – yea encouraging – a bunch of fanatical, apocalyptic, Armageddon-pursuing, death-to-the-infidel, suicide/martyrdom-embracing whackos with access to nuclear weapons.

    Rest in pieces, indeed…

  • Multitude

    Ann’s MO is to throw out extreme thought experiments to foster greater understanding on the assumptions we’re making in the framing of the discussion. It’s a useful technique as it uncovers flawed assumptions, bias and other non-neutral centerings of thinking.

    In this particular thought experiment, Coulter does advance an interesting contrast: Newt and Ron Paul *are* at opposite ends of the governmental spectrum. For Paul, there’s almost no legitimacy in government, whereas Newt sees government as the sole solution for everything. His relationship of government to business is for a “freer” marketplace, but when you look at his policy actions, he prefers an interventionist, activist government that creates “free marketplaces” through trade action, stimulus, tax incentives, and other big government measures. Combine this with his “social program idea of the day” and his desire to have government partnership with business and the running of government like it was a business, and you have a curious inverted parallel to the fascism that Obama seeks (where business is run by and like the government).

    Both approaches demand huge, centralized imperial hierarchies where the individual is rendered little more than a cog in the machine and only differ with the site of the sovereign: Papal Corporatism in the Church of Big Capital, or Imperial Progressivism in the Castle of the Progressive State.

  • havok

    I use to enjoy Ann, but she has lost her mind or is now a heavy drug user. She use to say she would never support a Pro-Choice candidate, yet she is totally in love with Christie who not only is pro-choice, but a global warming alarmist, and beleives SHaria Law have a place in our constitutional gov’t/courts.

    She said if the GOP choose Romney that he will lose badly to Obama.. (Yet now she is acting like Romney was her guy from the start).

    As for Ron Paul??? I would vote for Obama before I voted for Paul…and since I wouldn’t vote for Obama even with a gun to my head….well that kinda tells ya Pauls chances.

  • averagemelon

    Newt is an Opportunist and Ron is a fanatic.

    It was always supposed to be Palin….the Tea Partier’s had it right in 2009.

  • eaglewingz08

    So Ann would support someone who claims to be the father of the Tea Party, Ron Paul, you know those people whom she just last week was claiming to all be birthers and seeking to support someone only if they call Obama a Kenyan, rather than the father of the Republican Revolution? Ann seems to be throwing a tantrum, if Chris Christie isn’t running I’ll make sure whoever runs will be defeated so that I can say Nyah,Nyah, Nyah, Nah, you didn’t pick my candidate, so you’re stuck with another four years of Obama. What petulance and arrogance. This is very sad. Maybe Ann is looking for a spot on MSLSD instead of Fox? I hear the pay and the audience is larger there. NOT.

  • don abernathy

    To Believe Newt is a small government conservative Republican ya gotta drink an awful lot of Kool-Aid. Don’t worry though …Barry’s crew don’t look like they drinkin’ as much as they used to.


  • Gary Gross

    Jim, Chill out. She didn’t lose her mind because you left. She lost her mind when she started stalking moderate Chris Christie.

    Some people talk because they have to say something. Others talk because they’ve got something to say. AC doesn’t fit into that last category.

  • BuddyG

    Ginning-up “controversy” to promote another book ?

  • RedBeard

    Coulter is only doing what she always does. Her style is to be as outrageous as possible, in order to get things stirred up. It’s a sort of sport, I believe.

    She has to be loud to get noticed, because she’s so skinny that when she turns sideways, she disappears. If she sticks out her tongue, she looks like a zipper. Probably has to run around in the shower in order to get wet. How’s that for substantive argument?

  • LRod

    Coulter has said several strange things over the past few months.

  • MN Jim

    I think Ann was being sarcastic, but sometimes she just needs to put a sandwich in her mouth.

  • gary gulrud

    I too used to think Coulter was sharp, perhaps the most agile mind on the Right, but I always knew her to be a gadfly, a bombthrower of agitprop.

    Now I see when pressed into service as an apologist she is utterly clueless. Romney the solid conservative, sworn to repeal Obamacare, TEA party are birthers, …

    A Jenny Rubin style journo-skank.

  • gee!

    Coulter gig is to sell-books……..nothing more …………I don’t look to Miss Coulter for advise on whom to vote for………just sayin

  • bg
  • James Hudnall

    In defense of Coulter, Paul is a small government conservative. His foreign policy is irrational at best. No argument. But he’s dead on correct about fiscal issues and NONE of the other candidates are being honest or serious when it comes to reducing the size of government. For all his great lines and clear intelligence, Newt is a big government guy and a beltway operator. All you had to do was see how he opposed the tea party candidate in that upstate NY race a few years ago for a RINO who supported the Democrats. He agreed with Pelosi on global warming. That’s why she said she’d support Paul, because whatever you think of Paul he has been consistent in his conservative principals and Newt has not. At all.

    She also said Paul is not her choice, She was talking about if she had to pick between the two. She has been a Romney supporter.