A group of female Iranian students attend a gathering to show their support of US Wall Street protestors, in front of the Swiss Embassy in Tehran, which handles US interests in Iran, Saturday, Oct. 22, 2011. (AP)

Iranian students held a protest in support of the anti-capitalist Occupy Wall Street protesters. The Iranians collected blankets to donate to the #OWS squatters.
Fars News reported:

A large number of Iranian university students congregated in front of the Swiss embassy in Tehran – which hosts the US interests section in Iran – last night to show support for anti-capitalism protests in the West, specially the US.

The students congregated in front of the embassy complex at 9:00pm on Monday night and lit candles in a show of support for the anti-capitalism rallies and to protest at the suppression of demonstrators by the police and security forces in the US and Europe.

The students also condemned the US police for taking heaters away from the Wall Street protesters under the pretext of precautionary measures, and stockpiled their blankets in front of the embassy complex to gift them to the American protestors.

Iranian officials and people have on various occasions voiced their strong support for both the popular uprisings in the Middle-East and anti-capitalism protests in Europe and the US.

Iranian students have thus far staged several protest rallies in support of the anti-capitalism uprising in the West. In a last case, the Iranian students gathered in front of the Swiss Embassy on October 22 to condemn the brutal clampdown on peaceful demonstrations by the US police.




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  1. How I want to use some profanities here but won’t.

    The only thing I can say about this is, just like Obama and Holdrer, these people seem to have a real hate on for the Police and the United States of America.

    I am getting pretty tired of them treading on me.

  2. right and we’re supposed to believe that these are natural, spontaneous protests in Iran, where they risk being shot if they protest their own government? and those aren’t women who were told to “stand here and hold this sign while we take your picture”

  3. Hey, maybe Iran has done us a favor. Perhaps those blankets will have been doused with anthrax bacteria and the OWS folks can get a taste of how Iraqi and Irani Muslims have dealt with their Muslim “brothers” known as the Kurds.

    Islam, an excuse to kill anyone Muslim or otherwise who doesn’t worship the moon god as you think it should be worshiped;

  4. These “blankets” they are referring to, are probably the same horse blankets they wear around all day and night. Never understood why one would want to prance around in public in a horse blanket, black no less. At least be a little more creative ladies(?)

  5. I think perhaps they are really the revolutionary guard enjoying themselves in the off duty hours!!!

  6. The blankets were made by political prisoners.

  7. The actual Iranians protesting for democracy included women whose hair was at least partially uncovered wearing fashionable clothes and makeup, not fat hags in black sacks ordered to stand in a group for the photographers.

  8. Haven’t we been seeing that the Muslims are saying the exact same thing that the liberals are saying? Didn’t Al Quaeda support Obama in his campaign? Didn’t Osama Bin Laden almost quoate what Democrats were saying about how Republican’s are ruining the country? It sure is funny that everytime the Democrats come out in support of something, we get the same support from Islamist terrorists and their Muslim followers, many right here in America.

    Gee, is there some kind of connection we need to look into, here?

  9. This smells of code-pink………………..code pink co-founder visit Tehran in 2008 for two weeks……………….rememeber Code-Pink is Obama’s water carriers……………….

  10. At least the ladies in black are getting to voice their opinion. How’s it feel ladies?

  11. If the OWS people went to iran to protest the people sending them blankets would be shooting them.

  12. Muslims want the same thing that liberals want and that is the downfall of America. Muslims want America to be weakened financially so that is another step closer to Islam taking it over from all American’s, not just conservative Christian’s, Hippies, Socialists, Communists, all of them. Islam wants to conquer the world and are committed to seeing that end brought about by any means possible. They encourage the use of liberals and Socialists to do the dirty work for them, that way liberals who believe that Muslims are our friends and the only reason why people don’t like them is because they don’t understand them. Yeah, right. Muslims just want us to understand them. What is there to understand when all Muslims want is for us to die to they don’t have to kill to many of us to take the country from us. If they can get us to kill ourselves it’s just that much easier for them.

  13. What exactly were the 3 Berkeley morons complaining about while they were held hostage for ransom , in Iran ?
    They have so much in common :D with the fascist mullahs

  14. I hope the blankets are infested with camel fleas and desert spiders.

  15. Hags in bags. I can smell the sweat all the way here.

  16. These people are certainly qualified to speak about FREEDOM. Ask Amajhinidad (sorry spelling)
    about their rights to free speech, let alone a free country. More useful iodiots.

  17. blankets to donate to the #OWS squatters

    What the heck are those women going to wear then?

  18. Probably the same Iranian students the Hussein regime will give visas to so they can come to the U.S.

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