Divider in Chief… Obama Rushes to Blame GOP for Super Committee Failure (Video)

What a complete shock!
Barack Obama rushed to a microphone to blame Republicans today after the Congressional Super Committee could not come to agreement on reducing the US deficit. (Never mind the fact that Obama just celebrated his third straight year with a trillion dollar deficit. It was historic.) Obama blamed the greedy Republicans for not raising taxes on the evil rich people.

It should be clear that Obama has now settled on his campaign strategy – to divide the nation among economic lines. He has no intention of repairing the damage he’s wrought on America. He’s just hoping, in typical Alinsky fashion, that if he gets Americans frustrated enough they will support him in his reelection.

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  • Mick

    Is there anyone who doesn’t think this is getting old? This guy is a moron!


    Big surprise here. This guy is unbelievable. Every time his lips move…more lies. I could do nothing but laugh when he was speaking, because it is soooooo predictable. Hugo Obama wants the economy to fail. Dictatorship is just around the corner.

  • Highlander

    He’s wrong ….

  • bg





  • Alana

    You’d think even the Democrats would catch on to this by now.

  • patman

    I hope they hang him for treason after next November.

  • I turned it off as soon as he blamed the GOP…#5 The Dumbocrats will never catch on they are all part of this….Wake Up…..

  • joyo

    The Democrats cut Medicare by over $500 billion to get Obamacare passed so I cannot see why they are pretending they care so much about senior citizens! All they want to do is to Spend, Spend, Spend and have big government take over more and more power which means less and less freedom for Amerocans. The Socialists/Progressives have us $15 TRILLION IN DEBT AND THEY STILL WANT TO SPEND!

  • Path

    When a President of our Country used to say something, I used to believe them. Now, this man in his time in office has taught me not to do so. How many times is it now that he’s been proven to lie? I’ve lost count. Is it that he’s not aware – how is that even possible. One day black; one day white.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Witness your Little Big Horn, Mr. President.
    The Super-Committee fell aprart – Who would have guessed!?!
    You provided no encouragement, no leadership for them — NOTHING.
    (Too busy campaigning — we understand how it works for you)

    You were AWOL on the biggest issue facing the Country.
    Where’s the leadership Barry?

    Who do you think pulls the Congress together in situlations like this?
    Read your history, Mr. Soetoto (perhaps an abridged version will have to do for you).

    You are an absolute failure, and it will cost you an your Party.

    Where’s the Budget? How many years without a budget?
    How can you anchor any solution without a budget?

  • Mad Hatter

    Is it safe to finally call this guy The Failure in Chief?

  • StrangernFiction

    Anyone think Barky ever has a bad lie?

  • bg
  • bg
  • Ipso Facto

    Obama’s and Pelosi’s statements are nothing but school yard drivel.

    I say X, and you say Y, but our failure to agree is YOUR FAULT, and I blame you because you don’t want to agree with me. NEVERMIND the fact that I don’t want to agree with you. That’s not relevant. You are irrational because you don’t want to give up your principles. I’m not irrational for not wanting to give up my principles because I’m right and you’re wrong! You are selfish and I am generous.

    Our problem is that there are actually people who swallow this garbage.

  • bg
  • lynched1

    I’ve pretty much tuned him out as irrelevant. Doesn’t he have something to do – like golf?

  • Remco Kimber

    BO blames someone else?

    We wouldn’t have it any other way,

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  • Multitude

    Was in a Democratic Senator’s office last week (on business) and even their staffers are indicating they’re terrified of the disaster “Emperor Nero” is bringing upon them and the country. As hard as it can be to believe, the majority of the Democratic party in Congress is of the liberal tradition, not the radical progressive fascist movement.

    Watching this dandy President dither while he allows Trumka, Stern and the other Ernst Röhm’s of the day agitate America’s equivalent of the SA is quite painful for traditional liberals who understand that whether the nation becomes fully fascist or recovers from the brink, the liberal Democratic party tradition will be destroyed.

    This was the last chance for more modest minds to negotiate a compromise before the Reichstag burns. What a shame the greed of the obese bureaucracy and its ever-increasing demand for more of our money impeded the liberals last chance to save their party.

  • Truth teller

    F U Obama!

  • Neo

    We all knew that the Democrats in the Senate (and House) intended to make cuts in defense before this summer’s debt morass. So now there are cuts in place .. some that Democrats want and some that Republicans wanted and a President who says he will veto any changes. We also know that this isn’t enough.
    I say mark your calendar. Embrace Obama’s horror. The first cuts are on the way. Both sides have embraced them, backed up by a Presidential veto. Now, let’s see who blinks first.

  • Warthog

    Simple question to any trolls that show up blaming Republican intrangence, where was Obama’s leadership? What did he do to ensure that the Supercommittee, a plan he sponsored, succeeded?


  • Finncrisp

    Barry is who he is and always will be – Moslem, Marxist, and Community organizer.

    He has organized, educated, and now he is agitating his adopted country. I’ ve had enough of his crap a long time ago. OWS had crap , too. They are made for each other.

    Here is hoping he can retire to his native Kenya and take his organizing ways with him.

  • squeaky

    we need to start occupying golf courses.

  • Freddy

    Do not miss the KEY point in this Obama political rant.

    Obama is now calling for taxes on the top 2%! This a critical moment as every one of those 99% signs will now need to be updated.

    Obama has just doubled the size of the enemy he sees as the target for all scorn, derision, and outright HATE in America!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Obama Rushes to Blame GOP for Super Committee Failure

    I can’t remember the last a U.S. president blamed his opposition as many times as Obie. Republicans this, Republicans that. Blah, blah, blah.

    It’s almost as if this is all he’s good for – blaming someone else.

  • aprilnovember811

    I blame the GOP as well, and mostly the GOP so called leadership, for agreeing to go along with that politboro. They got what they deserve.
    They need to be removed. They aren’t doing their jobs in stopping the son of Malcolm X.

    Bâri′, Barry, Barack
    by Martha Trowbridge

    Barack Hussein Obama and Malcolm X Like Father Like Son?

    Is Putative President Barack Hussein Obama II Really Bari Shabazz, Fugitive from Justice For 21 Years Following An Auto Accident in Honolulu County, Hawaii on March 12, 1982?

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  • #11 November 21, 2011 at 5:43 pm
    Mad Hatter commented:

    Is it safe to finally call this guy The Failure in Chief?

    Little Lord Faultleroy.

  • RickS

    I’m still amazed that anyone could have possibly voted for this SCOAMF. How could you not see this coming?

  • Alana

    Obama: “The Democrats had even agreed to do some of the horrible things the Republicans wanted, like pushing Granny off a cliff and killing science, if only the Republicans would do the wonderful, reasonable things the Democrats wanted, like ‘asking’ people to ‘pay their fair share, the pikers.’

    “Even though we were willing to do those awful things they wanted, the Republicans stood in the way of agreement by refusing to do the wonderful things we wanted.”

  • Jaimo

    He only said “pay their fair share” twice. Gutfeld had him at 6 times and Bolling was 5 in the pool.

  • Top One Percent

    You all sound like the top 1% of wealthy America! You all sound like a bunch of get nothing done whiners. What is there to worry about if 1.5 trillion dollars will be cut anyway since no one believed 12 congressmen (6 republicans/6 democrats) would get any work done on tough financial decisions. They were hired to make tough decisions! That’s the real news here. Instead of whining, where is the jobs package for my fellow citizens?? Why hasn’t that been approve by both houses of congress and sent to the president for signing into law?? Is it because it doesn’t help the wealthy 1% of America you all wish to protect?? Warren Buffett and other millionaires have already admitted to the world they don’t need more tax cuts. Stay informed and come to your senses.

  • Freddy

    #34 November 21, 2011 at 8:50 pm
    Top One Percent commented:

    … sorry, you need to listen to the Obama video.

    This is now about taxing the top 2%.

    Please update your name and rhetoric as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

  • Molon Labe

    Before piling on Commissar Zero I suggest that the readers here consider the incredible mistake the GOP leadership made agreeing to this joke in the first place. Worse Mr. Hoff hasn’t bothered to make clear what concessions the GOP had offered including an end to State tax; mortgage and charitable deductions.

    We are dealing with different factions of the same ruling class weho have no object other than protecting their priviledges. Wake up people. Do you believe the GOP is any less bankrupt than the dhimmies. Is Romney that different from Obama? Are Cantor, and the other RINOs so far from the positions of the Reids and Pelosies?

    Wake up.

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  • gus

    I don’t remember reading about this NOT SO SUPER Committee in my copy of the U.S. CONSTITUTION. Can someone tell me which page I shall find this “committee” on? Where did the AMERICAN PEOPLE cede power to this “committee”?

  • Rock

    He!!, he blames Bush for everything already, so I have to ask, when Moose One back in the day said she was with child, did Bush have to declare another dependent?

    Now I will admit I have never held such contempt, or uttered such language for any sitting President, but this one has made it perfectly clear that unless your union,anarchist, or Socialist he has no respect or use for you or your convictions.

  • Patty

    A REAL BROKEN RECORD. So draining and disgraceful. A little less than a year to go and America can get back on track. We are so over this guy.

  • Rock

    In the Speech WTF said (to their credit many Democrats in Congress where willing to put their Politics aside and commit to reasonable adjustments that would have reduced the cost of Medicare), so I guess until that moment those Democrats where not willing to make reasonable adjustments if it went against the Party line. What a putz.

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  • My2cents

    It’s all falling into place. Blame the repubs and the “do nothing congress”. The people will rise up and demand that the affirmative action Boy King act without congress. Throw out the constitution! Throw out the laws! Thus a dictatorship is born. Which is what he has always dreamed of ever since he was a wee lad and the son of a goat herder from Kenya. Yeah! Long live the boy king, master of all!

    Just watch your feet and hands…. Mooochelle is hungry!!!

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  • “where is the jobs package for my fellow citizens?”

    The House has passed numerous bills that would create real jobs. Every one of them has died in the Senate. Thank you, Dingy Harry.

  • Robby

    Sent by a friend to his rep’s and the President.

    Bruce Braley 202-225-6666 Chuck Grassley 202-224-6020

    Tom Harkin 202-224-9369 Barack Obama (via email)

    Subject: Thoughtful Input on Gov’t Incompetence –

    I have intentionally omitted all titles because it has become increasingly apparent that Washington is no longer listening to, or capable of, ‘representing’ the citizens that sent you there to ‘perform’ and actually Lead the United States of America forward.

    Today, if the US Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch were a multi-national corporation, the CEO would be fired and Board would be be FIRED. Period.

    The performance metrics and track records of the US Federal Government are beyond deplorable….are embarrassing and are completely unacceptable to any thinking citizen.

    The idea of a “Super Committee” immediately was a farce, because before you can be ‘super’, one must first pass the ‘basically competent’ test. Most folks on the ‘Super Partisan Committee’ repeatedly said “failure is not an option”. More DC BS rhetoric.

    To no one’s surprise, it failed, because the aggregate Congress today, and of the past 25 years, has miserably failed the US populace. The aggregate Congress is a cesspool of abrasiveness, corruptness, ego, greed, ineptitude and ignorance . . . and many other negative measures that are literally destroying the greatest country on EARTH.

    No known entity consistently spends more than it EARNS, borrows 40% of what it spends, buries its shareholders in 14 TRILLION of debt,and survives. Any such entity is a glaring, inarguable, bankrupt Failure. Can that be the preferred legacy of Congress? This is not a kind communiqué, because Congress has earned no applause.

    The citizen-invoked Term Limits begin November 2012 and will continue until we completely clean up the cesspool you collective, self-serving _____________have created. We want less, but smarter government. We want intelligent leadership in the form of ‘old style’ statesmen/women’ who demonstrate true leadership. We don’t accept you morons continuing to jeopardize our hard-earned nest-eggs. We don’t trust you with OUR money. We don’t trust you to intelligently manage any facet of government! The USPS, SS, Medicare/Medicaid, government contracts, TARP & the ’stimulus’ are but a few examples prohibiting any further involvement in Government “health”. Your very personal, and thoughtful, responses are welcomed.

  • Steven

    He’s blaming them because they ARE the ones who are against the American people.

  • bg


    Molon Labe #36 November 21, 2011 at 9:06 pm

    hate to tell you this, but i’ve been Paul
    Revering since 9/11 myself, and where
    are we??

    ergo, we’re never going to “wake up”..

    future generations, however, will have no choice, as they will be
    stuck in the middle of the nightmare Obama et al have crated for

    i mean, what do they care..

    they can’t take it with them, so they’re getting theirs now..


  • bg


    re: #51 November 22, 2011 at 8:41 am bg

    crated = created

    eh, samo samo in the end.. *sigh*


  • bg


    Congress et al to “we the people”..

    we’re busy..

    President Obama..

    so am i..

    (j$st $ s$mpl$ $f m$ch m$ch m$r$)


  • bg



    re: #53 November 22, 2011 at 8:49 am bg

    re: so am i..


  • bg


    Steven #50 November 22, 2011 at 8:14 am

    then who ARE these people??


  • daryl

    Ah yes, bg. Wherevuh would we be without you’re brave Paul Revering? *sigh*
    We thank you so much, deah.

  • bg
  • GateWay Mirror

    Hey daryl!
    think bg could even ride a horse, let alone make some of the horseback trips ol’Paul did?

  • daryl

    Naw Mirror
    Doubt seriously bg could even ride side-saddle.

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  • Tom

    He ‘borrowed’ that scheme from Hugo Chávez.

  • Rock

    So daryl and GateWay Mirror do you have some useful suggestions, or maybe some enlightened links, or are you here for no other reason than to dump ridicule on others here. Just asking.

  • bg


    Rock #63 November 22, 2011 at 12:11 pm

    irony is, their obsession to demean & belittle me says more
    about them than anything they could ever say about me..


  • Questionman

    Obama a marxist? please go get an education before you write nonsense!

    It is absolutely clear, especially with those that do not watch Fox News or are clouded with predetermined (hateful) positions, that the Republicans are destroying this country.

    They continue to push back on ANY proposed solutions by the administration in order to ensure Obama’s failure. It is a political tactic that will backfire on them as voters will know who really is responsible for the current state of this country.

    I’m sick and tired of these racist, bigoted scumbags calling the President a divider! What the Hell have YOU scumbags done to unite this country? NOTHING! You’ve done nothing but name-call, distort, lie, and smear this president and this THAT will bring this country together! Anyone who isn’t a racist knows the head racist who said “I hope he fails” caused this divide and his racist followers here are furthering it!

  • bg


    We are a guerilla organization. We are communist women and
    men, underground in the United States for more than four years.

    We need a revolutionary communist party in order to lead the
    struggle, give coherence and direction to the fight, size power
    and build a new society.

    Bernadine Dohrn
    Jeff Jones
    Billy Ayers
    Celia Sojourn

    “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic
    system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair
    salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to
    wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and
    we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.”

    –Adolf Hitler


  • bg