Confirmed: Scott Olsen’s Injuries Were NOT Caused By Sheriff’s Deputies

Call off the dogs – The protesters lied.
The cops are innocent.

Memorial for Marine-hater Scott Olsen at Occupy Oakland. (Reuters)

Confirmed: Leftist hero, Jew-basher and founder of “I Hate the” website Scott Olsen was not injured at the Oakland riots by local deputies. Olsen was hit by a projectile thrown by the protesters.

The Occupy Oakland protesters already admitted that they started throwing rocks and bottles at police before the police took action.

Today the the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department announced that it was not their deputies who injured Scott Olsen. Spokeswoman Eileen Hirst said 35 of the 37 Sheriff’s Department personnel on site for the raid were not carrying projectiles, and the two who were equipped with them did not fire.
Sorry libs.
The San Francisco Examiner reported:

Former Marine Scott Olsen suffered a skull fracture in the shutdown of the camp after it turned violent the night of Oct. 25 in downtown Oakland. More than 15 local public safety agencies were called in to assist the Oakland Police Department, including the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department.

Occupy activists and supporters claim to have identified at least three San Francisco deputies in video shot before and during the raid…

…Protesters identified the three deputies based on preraid video that showed them from a closer and less chaotic standpoint — near enough to make their nametags visible.

The head of the union that represents sheriff’s deputies said activists circulated one deputy’s home address online. The union has requested it be removed.

The Sheriff’s Department said an internal investigation unit is reviewing the incident, but it’s unlikely the identified deputies caused Olsen’s injury. Spokeswoman Eileen Hirst said 35 of the 37 Sheriff’s Department personnel on site for the raid were not carrying projectiles, and the two who were equipped with them did not fire.

Hirst also said the department has a policy against deputies using weapons for which they are not trained, or borrowing weapons from other law enforcement during a raid situation.

The Mercury News has more.

The only nonlethal weapons San Francisco sheriff deputies brought to Oakland were two Anti-Riot Weapon Enfield rifles that fire 37 mm nonlethal rounds, similar to a roll of quarters. However, no deputies shot those weapons Tuesday night, Hirst said. Asked if someone from another department could have fired a deputy’s weapon, Hirst said, “No, we can’t use equipment we’re not trained in.”

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  • Jeff

    You don’t know what “confirmed” means.

    “internal investigation unit is reviewing the incident, but it’s unlikely the identified deputies caused Olsen’s injury”

    The department hasn’t even said for sure whether or not it was them.

    Besides, there are clear videos of police firing projectiles and grenades at protesters. Just look here:

  • lynched1

    And protestors were throwing as well. With all the video you’d think if they had something the protestors would have had it posted world wide. No grabbed the alledged canister?
    Until I see proof tothe contrary cops get the benefit of the doubt.

  • lynched1

    ….And protestors were throwing as well. With all the video you’d think if they had something the protestors would have had it posted world wide. No one grabbed the alledged canister?
    Until I see proof to the contrary, cops get the benefit of the doubt.

  • Jim

    It should have been a bigger stone/rock/brick, oops, I’m sounding like a liberal.

  • Jeff

    Protesters were throwing garbage and paint balls. You guys can be opposed to the Occupy movement, think they’re a bunch of jackasses and still understand that police crossed the line in this circumstance.

  • I have no liking for ex-Marines who hate the Marines. Semper Fi.

    Here’s a livestream of the Oakland rabble

    via Michelle Malkin

  • Jeff

    We’re missing the point, though, which is that- as he does multiple times a day– Hoft has exaggerated or outright lied about a story to make it more sensational and to get all of you more upset than warranted. There’s plenty of sane conservatives that don’t spend their afternoons lying to their audiences so I’m not really sure why people come here (myself excluded).

  • valerie

    #1 November 2, 2011 at 10:21 pm
    Jeff commented:

    It sounds to me as though the police have eliminated the scenario claimed by the demonstrators.

    I’ve seen video of what happened before the police took any action. There were objects thrown by the protesters. Further, it’s easy enough to tell whether a launcher has been fired, and they should be able to say if they were not. So, if no launchers were used, the object HAD TO BE THROWN. That, or the guy slipped and fell on his own, or was hit with a weapon.

    We’ve already seen an injury faked by an Occupy Wall Street protester, who stuck his feet between the wheels of a motorcycle, and later claimed he had been run over. We have already seen that Mr. Olsen was busy texting while he was being treated for his injuries, and yet news reports said that he had been injured to the point of being “unresponsive.”

    For all we know right now, the guy tripped and fell. We do, however, know he wasn’t hit by a gas canister fired by police, because the police have said no launchers were fired, and it is straightforward to tell whether such launchers have been fired.

  • valerie


    It’s obvious you haven’t been looking at the videos.

  • MrGoodWench

    Just returned from Berkeley, which is surprisingly rioting free because all their anarchists+vandals+rioters are currently leased out to Oakland.
    Those small businesses around the 14XBroadway area ( which is G-0 for marxist revolutionaries) are now supporting the occupiers by going ” cash only “, i e they will not be accepting credit cards /ATM cards as their way to hurt the big banks.
    Don’t feel sorry for those ” small businesses”
    remember, this is Oakland

  • Black Sabbath

    No, Jeff. I don’t understand that police crossed the line. I understand that OWS, which has become a crime wave, was told repeatedly to get out of there and did everything they could to start a fight. On top of that, the cops were told by the very Left wing mayor to clear the area of OWS people. If you want to go mess with the cops in a riot setting, don’t come crying to us when you get your skull cracked.


    Jeff, you’re a fvcking idiot. The COPS didn’t shoot any projectiles. The FRUITCAKES. (you) WERE throwing projectiles. Connect the dots dimwit.

  • Sky
  • cody

    The SF Sheriff’s Department might not have shot anything but there were fourteen other LEAs there, several of which have admitted to using projectile weapons.

  • The Elector of Saxony

    Jeff, almost no one supports you or your cause. Most Americans want you guys gone, and they support their police more than a bunch of lazy, whiny, entitled Communist little b@!%hs who start a fight and then run crying that the big bully hit you BACK! Don’t riot and no one will bother you.

    Why not try out one of your Socialist paradises like North Korea or Cuba? I honestly don’t understand why there isn’t a larger emigration movement to those countries among our disenchanted liberal artist class. Socialism in full effect! You could have it tomorrow! We could probably get the money together for one-way tickets for each one of you Occupiers. You’d be happy in paradise, we’d be sad and crying because we had to stay behind in stupid old unfair mean Amerikkka. It’ll serve us right, Jeff, when you’re all gone.

  • gus

    I want the border secured. Neither Romney nor Perry has impressed me.
    I want Obama care sh!tcanned NOW!! Perry wins that one.
    I want America to have more jobs. Perry has the edge. Romney not bad.
    I want less taxes and less of the CRADLE to GRAVE welfare state. Perry wins. I think.
    I want a strong Military. Perry wins.

    Most of all, I want Obama GONE. He’s a fvcking commie, and he is a blight on this country

  • gus

    Cody, you and douchebag. Synonyms.

  • raddave9

    Jeff said: “We’re missing the point, though, which is that- as he does multiple times a day– Hoft has exaggerated or outright lied about a story to make it more sensational and to get all of you more upset than warranted. ”

    NO Jeff, he didn’t lie…YOU DID. You deliberately shortened your quote to leave off the part that Mr. Hoft is using to support his “confirmed” statement. His quote is: “The Sheriff’s Department said an internal investigation unit is reviewing the incident, but it’s unlikely the identified deputies caused Olsen’s injury. Spokeswoman Eileen Hirst said 35 of the 37 Sheriff’s Department personnel on site for the raid were not carrying projectiles, and the two who were equipped with them did not fire.” You (in an obvious attempt to deceive and defame Mr. Hoft) left off the Spokeswoman’s quote about only two deputies carrying projectiles and neither were fired. To me this is confirmation that they didn’t cause the injury.

    Also, If you think he lies multiple times a day then you are an idiot to keep coming back here for your news. Either that or you’re a troll pretending to a conservative ideology by saying “I think they’re a bunch of jackasses” just so that you’ll have some credibility to criticize someone exposing your people for what they are. Your lie gives you away though.

  • progressoverpeace

    Jeff commented:

    You guys can be opposed to the Occupy movement, think they’re a bunch of jackasses and still understand that police crossed the line in this circumstance.

    The only line the police crossed was in not arresting all of these occupy dregs. We had a small Tea Party rally canceled in Philly because they wouldn’t issue us the permits (for a 2 hour rally), but the occupy slugs just set up haousing right outside City Hall and cook and serve food (which is another area that Philly will shut any legal business down for doing). Heck, we’ve all seen the stories of friggin 6 year old girls having their lemonade stands shut down for lack of permitting, but the occupy slugs can just set up home anywhere they want and do anything they want and riot and cause problems and no one bothers to clean the streets of them. Guiliani understood that the fabric of civil society was helped just by getting rid of the homeless windshield washers.

    These occupy scum have been trying to provoke the cops. They deserve everything they get, and then some. And those in power who have allowed the occupy slugs to take over the streets dserve the same.

  • gus

    Hey Jeff. Are you posting from your piss stained tent? The Library? Or Mommy and Mommy’s house??
    You’re a clown. The OCCUPY stunt is a clown convention. Clowns, Commies, Hippies, Misfits and criminals. And GOOOOOONIONS.

  • gus

    Progressoverpeace!! Clowns like Jeffie boy, have never been told NO, nor held accountable for their actions. TIME’S UP. This is a make believe world to the Junior Achievement misfit wannabee 60’s style revolutionaries. The more WE as SOCIETY allow this crap, the more we get.


  • donh

    Workers of the world DIVIDE…Obama has divided america…now he is dividing police unions from other organized labor . Police are being sold out and stabbed in the back by the OWS supporting Mayors in the pocket of SEIU and Teamster thugs who demand an open lseason to break laws.

  • Randy

    This wall street crap is getting way out of hand, I don’t. Feel sorry for the dude & feel the cops where doing the right thing.

  • WillofLa

    At the page that has the video of the Occupiers trashing a bank in Oakland, the first thing I noticed was, there were no police protection for the bank property or personel inside in case the protesters decided to go into the bank. The protesters painted the outside of the bank with can’s of paint or spray or something because there was a lot of paint, then they moved down to what looked like a outside area of chairs and small tables where people looked like they could sit and eat lunch or something. The protesters started to grab chairs and throw them and toss table’s out into the street. Where were the cops who should be keeping the protesters out in the street and off the sidewalks and from anywhere near the businesses? The bank looked like they had fixed somehow a picket fence in front where there were somemore picnic table’s with square umbrella’s over them. The protesters were trying to pull down the picket fence, but didn’t have much luck and only pulled loose some fence boards. The cops should be blasting these people with fire hose trucks and dogs and everything else the cops have for crowd dispersement that we keep seeing every once inawhile on TV, all the so-called “nonlethal weapons” they are trying to scare us with that are designed to be used on the American public! We know they’ve got water cannons, microwave weapons that make you feel like you are on fire inside your body, if you actually are on fire inside your body and those weapons are designed to kill American’s don’t think for a second they aren’t.

    Where are those things, people? Why don’t we see them? Who are the cops going to use those weapons on, Tea Party activists? Republican conservatives? Christian’s? Just exactly are those weapons being reserved for any damn way, damn it I want to know!!! I strongly suppose that those kinds of weapon systems were designed to be used on American’s and some were tested in Iraq, but not to any large extent because our government didn’t want the press to get any pictures of them in use because of “war crimes” charges that might be brought against our forces by the liberals, “Amnesty International” and other groups we know just hate US forces and not the enemy of the world, Islam!!! They are always eager to jump on us but not the Muslims who are killing our soldiers from windows of some mosque, which is a crime because no church is supposed to be use as a place of attack due to the fact that it’s ourlawed by the UN, and has been for many years. Ohhhhh, but let the damn Muslims do that and we don’t hear anything but crickets from liberals. But let one damn bullet hit a mosque from our soldiers and the liberals are ready to charge our troops with war crimes on the spot!!

  • gus

    The OCCU-STINK-OAKLAND losers, are honouring a Marine photo, of a Marine who HATES the MARINES.

    It’s GOEBBELS. It’s scary in it’s twisted PROPAGANDA DISHONESTY and SIMPLICITY.

  • WillofLa

    Where are the cops in Oakland? What’s the matter with them, afraid of getting hurt? But if some unarmed person is having an arguement with their wife inside their house and what do we see, heavily armed, body armored SWAT troops with Kevlar helmets on, bauklava’s, goggles, no less than three handguns on them, triple layer body armor, and fully automatic submachine guns, black uniforms and combat boots, knives, gas grenades, gas masks, the whole damn nine yards. And that was to bring down some guy in a pair of blue jeans, no shirt, bare footed, and was yelling at his wife the neighbors called the cops on. Gee, if they get that geared up for some half naked guy bare footed, what would they do for some big crowd of people throwing rocks, bricks, boards, wearing motorcycle helmets, and layers of clothes, and kerchiefs over their faces as was seen in riots in Oakland and other cities in various parts of the country? We see in New York no police at all doing any protecting of the public. We see them clash with protesters in Oakland and then the cops run off and don’t return for a second dose of violence. What’s the matter with the cops are they afraid they might get hurt? Why don’t we see all this SWAT gear on all these cops hit these protesters dressed in Black and destroying private property and harrassing private citizen’s who are not causing any trouble and are just trying to get to the bank to do some business and get caught in the middle of rioters throwing metal chairs. Where are these brave cops who attack the half naked guy yelling at his wife, but we don’t see hide nor hair of all these bad ass cop’s dressed to kill when it’s going up agaisnt people who are prepared to deal right back at them??


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  • Fern

    Strange how the reasoning goes from “unlikely that…” to CONFIRMED!!!. I remember when people were calling the tea party racist because of the actions of a few people. Now conservatives want to label all Occupy protesters thugs. I wonder if any partisan on any side is capable of experiencing empathy about others mislabeling them.

  • Rose

    Didn’t we all know it? The Character of the actors tells us the true tale even when we do NOT see it first hand!

  • HAHA you’re all hilarious. The video clearly shows canisters being fired. It is impossible to verify that none were fired when some were fired.

    Can any of you explain that? Ya’ll look to me like a bunch of people jumping on bad evidence to support an unsupportable conclusion.

    I’m ashamed to call myself conservative with the likes of you all around.

  • MrGoodWench

    Fern commented:
    …. Now conservatives want to label all Occupy protesters thugs. I wonder if any partisan on any side is capable of experiencing empathy about others mislabeling them.
    That is because all Occupy protesters ARE THUGS.
    They are thugs , following a thug ideology, their leaders are thugs like Van Jones and their lord is the biggest thug of all –Hussein Obama.
    Just because a minority of the minority of the smelly stinkers of OWS are too doped up to be violent, doesn’t mean that the whole movement is non-violent . They are parasitic vandals and there is more evidence is coming in the next few minutes when Oakland + Berkeley anarchists break into buildings @ 15th & 16th X Telegraph.

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  • kevin

    Yeah Shawn, let me help you with that rudimentary thought process.

    Where there some canisters fired? It appears that there where. However from the video there is no way to confirm when they were fired, was it before or after this “Marine” was hit?

    OWS is trying to pin his injuries on the only LEO’s they can name, i.e. several deputies from the SFSO. Well, sorry there chuck, SFSO says only two deputies were equipped with the weapons and that all issued rounds were returned.

    Apparently there were members of multiple agencies on scene via mutual aid agreements. People need to understand the difference between a Sheriff’s Deputy and a Police Officer. To these OWS numbnuts, a cop is a cop is a cop. They do not apparently possess the intelligence to differentiate between one agency and another. So they just went with the names of a couple they caught on film and could read their name badges apparently, otherwise their whole tale of woe and abuse was going to unravel. Oh, for the old days when we all had the sense to remove our name plates before working a riot.

    See how easy that was??

  • gus

    SHAWN. You aren’t Conservative. You’re a Libtard. Btw. It’s spelled. SEAN.

  • Kant feel Pietzsche

    I don’t feel that much sympathy for the protesters. They wanted a conflict that they could propagandize. That said, there are TONS of statements by police “spokesmen” that have turned out to be complete bullsh*t. CONFIRMED is a bit of a risky position at this point.

  • gus

    Kevin. Why do LIBTARDS think and believe that TEAR GAS CANNISTERS are shot out of FIRE-ARMS or RIFLES?


  • MrGoodWench

    Shawn commented:
    ….I’m ashamed to call myself conservative with the likes of you all around.
    The feeling is mutual

  • Candy

    Anyone who saw the video of his compadre with the object in his hand, light tossing by his head, their small crew running before it went off… then the outer part of the crowd running later. Note: Said person’s hand was empty.

    You see, they tried to huddle per the plan ahead of time, which was whack and produced a tell. Maybe they should have practiced more.

    Anyway, best of healing wishes to Scott regardless; Maybe he’ll get his head straight one day.

  • gus

    Candy. Scott and his FREAKISH FRIENDS, endangered many many others. The FREAK PATROL, was oh so, WILLING and ABLE to blame INNOCENTS for what happened to SCOTT.

    This will not end NICELY.

  • The police did the right thing, thank God for our police.The Occupy idiots are pushing and pushing and asking for trouble then they complain and the police do what they have to do.

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  • ohiochili

    Hey Shawn…you can call a mosquito a butterfly, but that doesn’t make it so.

  • jimg

    I’ve said from the start, have the cops stand down.

    And let the citizenry hash it out.

    It’ll be over inside of 36 hours.

  • smokey joe46

    The cops were obviously firing tear gas canisters. You can see the clouds of it and one canister was fired directly into the group that went to get Olsen and take him for medical help. The story at the top here is from the San Francisco Examiner, a right wing newspaper, and we all know you can’t believe right wing press ’cause just like Fox News they “LIE”.

  • Fen

    “The cops were obviously firing tear gas canisters. You can see the clouds of it and one canister was fired directly into the group that went to get Olsen and take him for medical help.”

    No. It was thrown, not fired. You are aware that CS gas can be thrown, yes?

  • Fen

    And it doesn’t matter anyway. If you’re going to throw rocks and bottles at riot police, you are going to get gassed. And if you’re out there in front, there’s a chance you’ll be accidentily hit by cannisters. Its not rocket science.

    Olsens wounds are self-inflicted. He chose to put himself in that position. Like robbing a bank: if someone gets killed, it doesn’t matter that all you did was drive the getaway car – you’re done.

    Your faux outrage about Olsen is pathetic. Do you put your hand on the stove and then whine about the “unfairness” of getting burned?

  • Molon Labe


    Jeff you dimwitted Marxist, you lie. Its clear who the lawbreakers and criminals are here. Its clear who the savages are. Its clear who are trying to destroy society. Its cklear who is a fake Marine. Finally its clear why you have to lie and lie, and lie.

  • Roy Rogers

    Liberals lie. No surprise there. How many more must suffer while they push there hate agenda?

  • jorgen

    Why does it matter? They was told to leave and they didn’t, thus taking a risk.

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  • jony101

    everyone knows the liberals hate the military, of course they took him out. He might have been on there side “a useful idiot”, but he served his purpose, he took one for the team. With freind like this who needs enemies.
    For the injured ex-marine tryiing to make the police look bad was a victory, but a couple more of these victorys and it will be the ed for him.

  • Rusty

    To everyone who seems to be ignorantly against these movements (which seems to be most of you), certainly you can see that there are some inequalities that need to dealt with and at least these people are trying. That is more than most of you can say. Surely you would agree that you shouldn’t be taxed more than someone earning millions a year and yet you are. The most disturbing part is you seem to be ok with that as long as it means your not being a “liberal”. Get out of the us against them mindset and take an objective look at the world. Then ask yourself if something’s aren’t worth fighting for. Power is never given, it has to be taken.

  • John Fembup

    53: “at least these people are trying. That is more than most of you can say.”

    Trying? To accomplish what, exactly? Just look at the streets. THAT is what you are accomplishing. One can only conclude that is exactly your objective. Otherwise, you would be “trying” something different.

    Instead, having swallowed illogic like yours, it’s no wonder that naive, credulous people with an arguably legitimate complaint have seen their cause – such as it is – co-opted and overwhelmed by violent revolutionaries holding entirely different objectives.

    If I were one of the people there to complain about banks I would get as far away as I could, and as fast as I could, from the violent America-hating cretins who have totally co-opted the entire situation. But that would take common sense–and so far we have not witnessed much of that from the protesters.

  • KC

    @Shawn, Kevin, Jeff

    Here are the supporters of the OWS protesters:

    The American Nazi Party
    The Communist Movement
    Socialist Action
    President Obama
    Ayatollah Khomeini
    North Korea

    And were left scratching our heads over an injuried ex-marine that bashes the very institution HE volunteered to sign up for because someone threw a canister???

    How does that go? “Don’t bring a sling shot to a gun fight?

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  • Go ahead, review all the videos again. But this time? Look for the vapor trail from the ‘projectile’ that struck Olsen. The smoke and vapor trials of all of the flash bangs and tear gas grenades are clearly visible during the melee, but not one can be traced back to Olsen, either before or after he was struck by a projectile.

    There is absolutely nothing seen on the ground in proximity to him and there is absolutely no evidence of either a gas grenade, flash bang or other device ricocheting off his head. Each of which would have been clearly visible.

  • Scott M

    Does anyone think that the protestors or anyone sympathizing with them are going to be swayed by a confirmation that the police didn’t fire anything…from the police?

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  • Dedicated Moonbat

    Hey Rusty, you illiterate @$$hat. The people being hurt by these protests aren’t rich. They’re small businesses that can’t afford the loss of any commerce. Our president has been the biggest recipient of wall street money than any politician in history. The fact that your ignorance has blinded you to support someone so cynical that he can take their money, and then turn around chastise them for making too much money when speaking to his “base”, should tell you all you need to know about where his allegiance lies.

  • Jenny

    Finally a story that’s not about Cain.

  • The Elector of Saxony

    “Surely you would agree that you shouldn’t be taxed more than someone earning millions a year and yet you are”

    Demonstrably false. I have friends who make millions per year and they pay taxes on their income at higher rates than I do. In certain circumstances, like capital gains and dividends paid to business investors, yes that money should be taxed at a lower rate than income and I am glad this is so and you should be too. When rich people invest in businesses and put money out at risk for long periods of time, they GROW THE ECONOMY, DUMMY!! One of the reasons that wealthy people actively seek out such investments is the tax advantage. In turn, those investments create jobs for ordinary people. Sure, you could sieze all their money now. But who’s going to create jobs for the next year after that? The government? They don’t have any money and are 14 trillion in debt. Guys who work at Starbucks? Unlikely.

    Why am I wasting time explaining economic theory to people who smoke pot all day every day and have never held a job? Actually, I hope you get what you want. Loan forgiveness (IOW universale contract abrogation), 20$ minimum wage, free everything for everyone, 90% tax rate for everyone making over 250k. It would only take a year or so for the store shelves to be empty, 40% unemployment, DJIA 500, and the banking system to collapse. That will be a paradise.

  • Durruti

    Lol, you have absolutely no idea what “confirmed” means indeed… gullibly swallowing the police’s version.
    hint: of course they say they didn’t do it. Cops never admit such things. Ever.

    And you’re even still linking to that “jew-basher” stuff which has already been proven false. LMAO this is pure propaganda.

  • John Fembup

    “of course they say they didn’t do it. Cops never admit such things. Ever.”

    Well, there you are, then. Ironclad proof.

    This member of the 99% wants to replace the Constitution with a system that accepts as proof any allegation made by her side. So crank up the guilloutine, there’s another execution for the American Taliban to carry out.

    I wonder how many others in the “99%” share Durruti’s version of justice? Just watch and listen–it’s not hard to figure out.

  • Meg

    All these people should be put on a boat and be sent to China or N. Korea for one year. They want to socialize with the communist party, let them get a taste of what their life could be like outside of the US. If they can’t do that, put them all in the FEMA Camps the govt. haa readied for the rest of us.

  • SpideyTerry

    Oh, that’s too bad. Olsen sure did look like a medical miracle – y’know, being able to text after getting shot in the head and all.

    But of course, the simple fact is liberals will still ignore this development. They’re allergic to little things like the truth.

  • wanumba

    #7 November 2, 2011 at 10:40 pm
    Jeff commented:
    We’re missing the point, though, which is that- as he does multiple times a day– Hoft has exaggerated or outright lied about a story to make it more sensational and to get all of you more upset than warranted. There’s plenty of sane conservatives that don’t spend their afternoons lying to their audiences so I’m not really sure why people come here (myself excluded).

    Having been trapped in the middle of violent ethnic cleansing,a a humanitarian emeregency relief aid worker, I can attest that bottles and rocks, chunks of cement, burning and rebar are LETHAL weapons that KILL.
    Crowd dispersal gas is irritating by design, but NONLETHAL.

    THe rotten, spoiled white brats who signed $200,000 debt for elite college tuitions, are attacking the cops with things that WILL KILL THEM. Those COPS are PEOPLE, most of whom are married with kids. An OWS protester who succeeds in willing a cop will leave a widow and orphans as human wreckage. THey DON’T CARE. IT’s ALL about PRETENDING to be “downtrodden.”

    STuff your disgusting exaggerated self-pity parade. Those OWS actually want to KILL MEN and WOMEN.

    THe OWS are using LETHAL weapons against the cops.

  • This article is a joke – because SFPD didn’t cause Scott Olsen’s injury, the protesters must have?

    I WAS THERE. I watched this happen with my EYES. Scott Olsen was facing police when they erupted with violence and hurt him. Police did this because a rogue protester (agent provacteur maybe) fired two or three paintballs at cops.

    Olsen’s injuries happened because a cop shot him in the face. I was there.

    When you spread lies like this, you become an arm of the police state propaganda machine.

    @wanumba you have NO IDEA what you’re talking about. Protesters are ethnically diverse, and you just marginalize yourself when you try to make it be about race. Paintballs are NOT lethal, so settle the f down.

    @spideyterry this isn’t liberal or conservative, it’s about a veteran being shot in the face by cops. The fact that SFPD denied shooting him doesn’t mean a protester did it. The fact that you can make this jump just proves that you’re a complete idiot.

  • Protest Warrior

    FLASHBACK 2007: Remember when smashing a Georgetown woman in the face with a brick was the highest form of anti-globalization patriotism?

    VIDEO @ 7:00min

  • Protest Warrior

    Occupy Portland Protester Pushes Police Officer In Front Of Moving Bus


  • Dedicated Moonbat

    Carl, I was there, and you are a liar.

  • Kevin. Oh so according to you, the evidence exonerates only one of the agencies in attendance? So you’re saying canisters were launched but not by the people being accused. Gottcha.

    And if demanding a small government and supporting free speech and assembly makes me a libtard then so be it.

  • Actually, I wasn’t there and I don’t know much about this whole thing except what the right wing media has been telling me.


  • DohBiden[FormerlyKnownAsBaraka]

    Shawn is the same douschebag who probably thinks we deserved 9-11.

    No you demand small government and support free speech when the right is in office Shawn nice try though.

  • DohBiden,

    You’re just unhappy because I want Obama gone more than you. I want his big government and his spending to go bye bye and never come back.

    Where we differ is in the belief that another politician can do the job any better.

    They’re all crooks and you’ll continue to be robbed blind by them so long as you play their partisan game.

    I demand small government, now and I’ve demanded it for as long as I’ve known enough to care.

    Business could not have gotten as large as they are were it not for big government and big government spending. Before 2008 I was upset by one kind of socialism. The bailouts of corporations and banks are a far more dangerous form of socialism.

    I assumed you so called “conservatives” would be all for tearing down this new kind of socialism but from what I’m reading, you’re all quite content with it. Should I interpret this as evidence that you’re pulling in some of the money created by the new socialism? Nah I won’t go that far.

    Look at their actions! Both the republican and democratic parties INCREASE the size and power of the government. Supporting the republican party (or any party) is supporting socialism and big government.

    Do you know what economists call the marriage of big business and big government? Fascism.

    A conservative thinks for him or her self. Looks like I may be the only one in here.

  • kevin

    Shawn, it exonerates the LEO’s these frakking brats are accusing of causing the injury. They are so lazy and dishonest they apparently just pour over any random footage they have and decide “Let’s say it was these guys since we can see their name badges, they’re all the same anyhow” Are these they types of people you really want to defend?

    I love how they are honoring a picture of a man in a uniform they normally say they hate. How many of these people were out protesting the USMC Officers Recruitment Station in Berkeley a couple years ago you think? And accusing the Marine Corps of all manner of atrocities? I will bet more than a couple of them.

    They care not one whit about Wall Street, like the Rodney King riots, it is just an excuse to be who they are, a bunch of undisciplined, snotty brats who like to destroy others property because they don’t have the stones to go out and make a living on their own merits.

    I am so sick of these numbnuts who have never had a job and used the public treasury to study a language that 10 people in the world speak over 6 years of college, then go out and complain they can’t find a job.

  • DohBiden,

    Please let us all know what else I probably believe.

    And if I’m a douschebag(sp?) then you’re the equivalent of used summer’s eve. 🙂

  • Kevin,

    I like how you claim to know the thought process of the people involved in identifying possible suspects 🙂 It makes your argument sound a lot more solid than it would be otherwise.

    I was following the whole thing on twitter. From the photographs and footage available they concluded that Bergstresser either launched/threw that canister or witnessed/knows who did. That’s all.

    It was absolutely wrong for the group Anonymous to post his information online under the declaration that he was “guilty” of it. The officer deserved some due process.

    The evidence reported on in the article above does not conclude that Scot Olsen was hit by a protester’s projectile. It ONLY concludes that one particular Sheriff’s department isn’t responsible.

    I am also enjoying your portrayal of them all as liberal free-loaders with Creative Writing degrees. Haveing spoken with hundreds of different people at these occupations I can confidently say that some of them have advanced degrees in law, business, information technology, etc. More than half are employed and at least a third of them are as conservative as I am.

    It is truly a post-partisan movement. In the next year unemployment is going to skyrocket and you’ll see people join the movement who you’d never expect.

  • I know you would all agree with me that big government is the problem.

    You may not agree that big business is a symptom of that problem but it’s true. They feed off of each other.

    I’m being so vocal about this only because I believe I’m preaching to the choir here. I consider all of you brothers/sisters in arms and I believe we all want the same things.

    End economic globalization.

    End big government. (originally said end “big corrupt” government but really big = corrupt, amirite?)

    End socialism (all forms)

    YES we do see how the new Obama foreclosure plan screws the tax payers!

    You don’t want to have your tax money go to save people who made bad decisions. Neither do I.

    I was bothered when I saw hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars going to support people like a non-working mother of 8 who was selling her EBT cards for cash to buy crack. I am hoping this bothers you too.

    I was angered when I saw millions of our tax dollars lining the pockets of politicians who have never had our best interests in mind. I’m hoping this angers you too.

    I was infuriated when I saw trillions of our tax dollars used to save supposedly “Too Big To Fail” corporations from their own stupid mistakes and by God I hope you are as furious as I am about this too!

    The America I love and respect has gone suddenly missing.

    I stood with the Tea Party until they were assimilated into the partisan politics machine.

    I’ll stand with OWS until it becomes a part of the machine as well.

    Changes come!

    Keep your dignity.

    Take the high road.

    Take it like a man.

  • tpartynitwit

    Actually, unconfirmed. I just watched film of Olsen being hit with a projectile. He was the only demonstrator within tossing distance of the police lines, and he was facing the police. All other demonstrators were 20 yards or more behind him and retreating from a hail of flash/bang and gas cannister projectiles. It was physically impossible for whatever hit him in the forehead to come from the demonstrators ranks, unless it was someone expert in the use of a boomerang. It’s also quite clear from the footage that when demonstrators saw him reel and go down, about a dozen rushed forward to help. Seconds later, a policeman or other uniformed agency member tossed a flash/bang grenade in their midst from about ten yards away. There’s no mistaking it from the film: Olsen was hit by a projectile from the police side of the barricades at a short distance –hence the brain injury– and his would be rescuers were deliberately targeted by some amazingly cowardly and sick law enforcement agent. I wish it were otherwise, but the film is quite clear.

  • OWSCarl Nitwit Extraordinaire

    I wasn’t there, but I read moveout.dork, and had my opinion spoon fed to me like baby food.

  • I find it intriguing that sherriffs saying the projectile fired into his forehead was not fired by them leads you to claim no projectiles were fired by any authorities on the scene. Review the footage and you will see gas canisters being fired into the crowd. Not only were they fired into the crowd, they were fired at face level. Throwing a flash grenade at those coming to his aid is unconscionable and should be prosecuted.

    One marine has spoken out on how such action violates police and military protocols, even in war zones.

  • To the socialists, it doesn’t matter that he was hit by his own people and hates the marines. They are so full of BS and deceit, that Olsen doesn’t even need to have ever existed and they’ll march about it. They are a bottomless pit of lies.

    Thankfully, they’re all together now, exposed and unsupported. This is the socialists last stand for generations, and its a complete failure.

  • MrGoodWench…

    I commented…

    “I’m ashamed to call myself conservative with the likes of you all around.”

    And you replied…

    “The feeling is mutual”

    Well I didn’t mean to make you feel that bad. Really you’ve been tricked out of being post-partisan like most people. You’ll come around. I believe in you. God forgives you.

  • Trench Report,

    First of all I’d like to say GOOD JOB on copying Drudge Report almost exactly. This speaks to your ability to think for yourself. Truly it does.

    Mostly though, I’d just like to point out that these “socialists” are protesting AGAINST rampant socialism in our gigantic bloated government!

    If you’d take a break from your Rush Limbaugh coloring book for just a second you’d be able to see this.

    Join us! You are us and you just don’t know it yet! We are post-partisan.

    I am not the only conservative at OWS!

  • Sorry Trench. I’m way wrong. Similar to Drudge report but he doesn’t have a section on the Zombie Apocalypse.

    I apologize for the slam earlier. I was wrong.

  • Kat

    here’s a link with Video….. There is a TON of Video Out there … from People’s Cell phones… Just because the NEWS isn’t showing them….Uh.. Yeah…

  • Andy

    yall defame vets cause they aint GOPers…yall shd be ashamed…anti-American trash

  • Amy

    I agree. This doesn’t sound confirmed. But the #OWS protesters started this violence. No question.

  • Amy,

    “I agree. This doesn’t sound confirmed. But the #OWS protesters started this violence. No question.”

    There are some violent and anti-social people attaching themselves to the OWS movement.

    I’m saddened that this is the case. I can only say that those acting out are doing so OUTSIDE of solidarity with the rest of OWS.

  • In fact…

    This is being tweeted and re-tweeted around the globe right now…

  • Andy

    funny how the protesters is doin all the violence, but no cops are actually hurt, only protesters

  • Telly

    #1. #73. #90 Only 2 SFSD carried weapons capable of firing projectiles. It was confirmed after the fact that these 2 deputies were still in procession of an equal number of projectiles as were issued prior.

    #37. As far as a know I am not a libtard, but I didn’t know whether or not canisters (grenades, right?) were launched by something like an M203 or thrown. Because the cops and the demos were so close I would have guessed thrown by hand. Maybe someone has pics showing what the cops actually did.

    #6. Veterans for Peace is a Communist front group originally started by the USSR.

    #34. I will regard Scott Olsen to be a Marine when I see his honorable discharge DD214. I will change that to ex-Marine if he has conducted anti-American activities. Until then he’s just some prick who known the risks of provoking the police.

    #58. Never

    #68, Have all of the other agencies completed their own investigation? Or were the SFSD the prime-suspects due to their location?

    #76. Can you name one significant, professional economist who ever said that?

    #77. They hate vets. Only Exploit for propaganda value.

  • CTCharles Third Mar. Div.

    There are Former Marines. And there are Ex-Marines. Olsen is an Ex- and a dirt bag as well.

  • #76 You’re right. Economists call it “socialism.” Mussolini called it “fascism”

  • John Fembup

    Carl said “I WAS THERE. I watched this happen with my EYES. Scott Olsen was facing police when they erupted with violence and hurt him. ”

    I see. You claim you were THERE along with your EYES but all you can report is that “they” – or someone – “erupted” – or something – “with violence” – as if the protesters themselves were not seething “with violence” the entire time.

    It would help if your EYES had actually you know, seen specific persons take specific actions. Apparently you did not – or see no value in reporting such facts.

    As matters stand, your comments have zero credibility. They could have been made by any garden-variety protest dilletante sitting in some armchair up in Berkeley watching You Tube and posting fiction for his own amusement. In other words, your comments as they stand have all the credibility of any other anonymous message board poster who was not you know, even THERE – with or without EYES.

    So if you were actually you know, THERE along with your EYES, you either have specific facts to share – or only more of the same mindless drivel that the public has so far witnessed coming out of Oakland.

    Which is it, Carl?

  • Carl,

    What John Fembup is trying to say is…


    You may have been there and saw all of it but I’m going to chose to believe that you weren’t because I don’t want to live in a country where the police are militarized and are capable of violence like this but I’m too lazy and scared to stand up and make my voice heard.

    I could have seen it with my own eyes too if I’d read the comments and watched the video that was linked above but again, I don’t like seeing things that go against my naive world-view.


    Hope that helped, Carl.

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  • John Fembup

    Shawn be still and learn.

    Better you attempt to explain your own ramblings rather than try (and fail) to explain what someone else has to say. Especially, as in this case, when it’s so very clear you haven’t the slightest notion what I’ve said.

    I ask Carl for specifics. An eyewitness should have them. But an eyewitness who has no specifics (and who insists on inserting his own value judgements in their place) is worse than no eyewitness at all. Carl either has specifics he can share, or he does not. So far, he has shared none. It’s that simple

    So the question is still open, Carl.

  • OWSCarl Nitwit Extraordinaire

    I was there, and Scott Olsen ran into a camera trying to be interviewed during the melee. He tweeted me about it!

  • forrest

    Given the protesters track record, I believe the police.

  • Square Eyes

    Video analysis: Scott Olsen Probably Knocked Down Hard, Accidentally, by Fellow Protester

    My eyes are square from carefully going through several videos of the Oakland protest where Scott Olsen was injured. I’ve found zero evidence that he was hit by a police projectile.

    However, there’s very good reason to believe that he was knocked down accidentally by a fellow protester who was running away from an explosive device (an M-80?) lit by a third protester.

    A video taken from ground-level is available as At about 1:17, it shows something ignite in the air, at about shoulder-height, among the protesters in the background. That object falls to the ground and explodes. At almost the same time, we see Scott falling to the ground as two people (a dark-clad man, and a woman in light-colored clothing) run by him. The video does not show what caused his fall.

    An aerial-view video of the same events is available as!). At 0:43, a flash initiates among the protesters near the bottom center-left of the screen. A protester in light-colored clothing immediately joins a dark-clad protester in running away from the flash. Neither of these protesters can be Scott, because the Ground-Level video showed that all this time, he was standing near the other end of the police line, at the point where he later fell.

    In the aerial video, just before the flash at 0:43, the dark-clad protester is seen running toward the point at which that flash initiates. The flash appears to be the same one that initiates at 1:17 in the ground-Level video. In the aerial view, we can see that the object that ignited at 0:43 (1:17 in the ground-level video) explodes well away from Scott.

    As the two protesters run away from the flash and exlosion, the protester in light-colored clothing runs right through the point where Scott Olsen ends up lying on the ground, and continues on past. It’s difficult to discern Scott himself before he falls, perhaps because of the camouflage jacket he’s wearing. I had to go through this video many times, at different speeds.

    If you now go very carefully through the ground-level video, you’ll see a man in black and a woman in light-colored clothing running past Scott just as he’s falling (about 1:18 to 1:19). The woman continues past him along the edge of a light-colored line, just as the light-clad figure did in the aerial view.

    This evidence strongly supports that the woman in light-colored clothing came into contact with Scott while running away from the explosion, after which he immediately fell to the ground.

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  • mike

    hahaha the very first post by Jeff just COMPLETELY NULLIFIED YOUR WHOLE POST. i hope you feel like you failed.