Good Grief… Leftie Hero Scott Olsen Is Founder of “I Hate the Marines” & Is a Jew-Basher (Updated)

Scott Olsen, the former Marine who was injured while rioting in Oakland on Wednesday night, is the founder of I Hate the Marines Corps.

And he’s not shy about it:

Verum Serum added this comment by Scott on his facebook page.

The Marine Corps thrives on its image. They convince young men and women that they’re joining a professional military organization. But that’s not the case at all, every Marine knows it, and most have no problem downplaying the bullshit to outsiders so they can protect their “beloved corps”. I noticed some of the other posters have told you not to pay any attention to my site because we’re just a bunch of ********* who couldn’t hack it, right? Maybe not hacking it means we saw through the bullshit and don’t want to take it. Maybe the brainwashing didn’t work on us. I’m not here to tell you if you should join or not. I’m here to advise you to take the people who visit my website just as seriously as anybody who tries to sell you the MC as a good thing.

My site is anonymous, these people don’t have to worry about hiding from the MC, or protecting the MC’s image or anything. It is unfiltered truth.
Former Marine, owner of

No wonder the lefties love him!

UPDATE: Our liberal hero is the total package. He also hates Jews.
Here is a post he put up on the far left Truthdig website.

No wonder the lefties love him!

UPDATE: You’ll notice the left has sent over a pack of trolls to dispute this story. Sorry libs, it’s the same guy. Olsen even brags about his Marine-hating website on his YouTube and Twitter accounts.
Grow up.

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  • southernsue

    lost souls.

    bad parenting.

  • Grym

    Mr. Olsen, thank you for your service to our country, I hope you recover from your injuries sustained from protesting against the system of government you swore an oath to protect from enemies both foreign and domestic…. Now go away.

  • Gideon Reed

    May I express mild curiousity about Mr.Olsen’s service?
    More particularly, his length of service and the terms whereby
    that service was terminated.
    Even more specifically, was he the subejct os aa Armed Services
    discharge other than honorable, and what were the conditions?
    His service awards (if any) would also arouse a certain bland interest.
    He is a reminder of a punk called “Jesse” something of other who dressed up like a power Ranger with hock shop multicolor ribbon with everything from the Boxer Rebellion to Afganistan 2010.
    A confidant of the “Peace MOM” if I recall correctly.

  • NeoKong

    Hmmm….it figures.
    I gave the kid the benefit of the doubt but now I feel like a sucker.

  • regularguy

    I’ll be sure to drink a toast to this fine young man on November 10th, the Marine Corps birthday. NOT.

  • gastorgrab

    “I hate the Marines. Prove me wrong.”


    Opinions don’t require proof. Nothing subjective does.

    One common theme among leftists is that they are unable to separate subject and objective truths.

  • Waiting for a DD214? I hear crickets chirping…
    This scum sucker won’t provide anything to substantiate his service, because he doesn’t have any proof. Prove him wrong? That takes about five seconds.

    Prove us wrong ‘baby blue marine.’

  • Bob Z

    I hope his head hurts for awhile.

  • vityas

    How can it be possible that so large a percentage of the population of America is completely out of their minds?

  • Nelle

    He has pretty poor judgement all around, doesn’t he?

  • avery

    Everyone can t make it.Sen. Kerry made it only 4 month.

  • southernsue

    as i said, he is a lost soul.

    his parents did a bad job raising him!

    it all comes down to how you raise your children!

  • chewydog

    I’m here to advise you to take the people who visit my website just as seriously as anybody who tries to sell you the MC as a good thing.

    His claim is that these posters are marines or ex marines. He offers no proof of who they are since it’s anonymous. For all we know, it could just be occupy types posting on his site.

  • his parents did a bad job raising him!

    BS. He made his choices. He did a bad job of growing up.

  • Jim

    Have 3 sons in the Marine Corps and sadly the stories they tell me are identical to the ones I was just reading on that site! After spending time on a couple of different bases and noticing the waste and mis management, I feel like puking every time I hear them cry that they need more money!

  • Warthog (channeling the ghost of Theodor Geisel)

    Every Okie down in Oakland liked Marines quite a lot…
    But Olson, who lived just north of Oakland, Did NOT!
    The Olson hated Marines! Thought the whole thing was treason!
    Now, please don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason.
    It could be his head wasn’t screwed on just right.
    It could be, perhaps, that his jeans were too tight.
    But I think that the most likely reason of all
    May have been that his brain was two sizes too small.
    But, whatever the reason, His brain or his jeans,
    He stood there in Oakland, just hating Marines.

  • Taqiyyotomist


    The most dangerous story of the day:

    That the OWS protests will lose media momentum, will drop off their radar, will lose relevance.

    What do Marxist/Leninists DO when this happens? Escalate, do something drastic.

    And I bet the complicit MSM realizes this, too. So, they will intentionally stop covering the protests, saying to their comrades: “We’ll cover you again when you do something that merits coverage.”

    h/t Larwyn’s Linx

  • Taqiyyotomist
  • Lauren

    Reading through the comments on the screenshot I get the impression this website/blog, which was very basic, was a place for people in the military to vent frustrations. The blog received 40 pages of comments so clearly he tapped into something people in the military were feeling.

    Few people use their full name when writing comments online. Mr. Olsen chose not to hide behind a screen name or false id. The website probably wasn’t the best idea but I don’t think it’s a big deal at all and in no way justifies the Oakland Police Department shooting Scott Olsen, who was wearing fatigues, in the head.

  • mcc

    Even before reading #17 & 18 this was disconcerting enough from BO’s Chief of Staff:

    Daley is expecting dramatic, unpredictable events between now and Election Day.

    “There is a lot going to happen in the next 13 months. A lot. I would like to say it’s all going to be good, but nobody knows,” Daley says. “I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility that we have a stronger attitude around the economy. I’m not saying we’re going to be down to 6 percent unemployment, but just the beginning of a psychological change. Right now, that is the biggest thing. What are the factors that [will create] that? Who knows?”

    All that he knows is that it’s going to be a wild ride.

    “You can just feel this electorate is very volatile,” Daley says. “So strap yourself in.”

    Read more:

  • Ipso Facto

    vityas commented:

    How can it be possible that so large a percentage of the population of America is completely out of their minds?

    Answer – The Left has had control of our school system for about 70 years. Instead of teaching kids how to think, they have been teaching them what to think. By now, many of the indoctrinated kids grew up and they have had kids of their own and thus the scourge has continued.

    Get rid of the Federal Dept of Education ASAP, fire all the union teachers and leave education to be dealt with at the local level. We have at least another 50 yeas to undo the damage that has been done.

  • L.E. Liesner

    I wonder how he made the rank of Sergeant with an attitude like this. That would never happen when I was in. Something just doesn’t smell right here.

  • cal rifkin

    Who cracked this guy’s skull? Was it on any recording? Were there witnesses? Did the cops admit to doing it?

  • donh

    #9 These bad seed ex military Alex Jones types are tied to the Satanic Cult of Dianetics founded by L. Ron Hubbard, who had a very dishonorable military service record during WW2. Hubbard was a high degree occultist CIA agent brother of Rocket scientist John Parsons who designed the Pentagon and founded the OTO secret society in California for the studies of Aleister Crowley. This massive public display of insanity really does boil down to a very small cult of extremely wicked people obsessed with sorcery and black magic. This hacker entity ” anonymous ” began with a leadership power struggle within Scientology in 2008. This insurrection is an evil occult movement based on astrological planetary charts of 2011. Communism and fascism are just the outter political clothing costume worn by the network of anti christian cults.

  • Whoa

    Our Marine “hero” has an interesting name at this site:

  • M1

    I think most of us know that these “veterans” that show up at this occupations are military malcontents. Disgraceful.

  • chewydog

    #15 October 28, 2011 at 8:28 am
    Jim commented:

    Have 3 sons in the Marine Corps and sadly the stories they tell me are identical to the ones I was just reading on that site! After spending time on a couple of different bases and noticing the waste and mis management, I feel like puking every time I hear them cry that they need more money!

    I feel sorry for your sons, having such an unsupportive parent.

  • This is not uncommon for anything in life. Look up I hate Walmart, Target, GE, etc. The company I used to work for had it’s own I hate “company name” out there, still does. When reading these sites, most are “ex” employees explaining their reasons for their dislike. Most were let go or terminated for different reasons. I myself was downsized, but, unlike most, I get it. Many times these decisions are political, as in my case. In the end, one can vent or move forward and onward. Hurt feelings don’t pay the bills or supply the needs on your family. Nothing in life says everything is fair.

  • Surprise

    He’s a Jew hater as well!

    To criticize the Turks for defending their national border and cheer on the Hebrews for expanding theirs on the land of the other indigenous people you forgot to mention. The only distinctions the Kurds have, they share with many other indigenous people is that they did not show up by boatloads to occupy and settle someone else’s land and by contrast majority of Hebrews do not even live in the said Hebrew mother land and are perfectly happy where ever it is they call home.

  • lizzy84

    “Protesters Working From ‘Hamas Playbook’”

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  • eaglewingz08

    Tell Turkey that the kurds arent occupying turkish lands. I also hate to break it to you but arabs belong in arabia not exterminating and ruling over the indigenous peoples. Why is muslim arab imperialism good and western imperialism hegemony bad. The only reason there was any sizeable arab population in the Holy Land prior to 1948 was due to Jews/Zionisits overcoming centuries of arab muslim mismanagement of the resources and making the desert and economy bloom again. There is no palestinian people their own leaders made statements to that effect for decades.

    As for the supposed marine who has actually checked his military status to see if he was really in armed forces and not just the usual leftie military transvestite maaquerading in order to vilify the armed forces? Winter Soldiers anyone?

  • Freddy

    I do not believe in ‘accidents’ at protests.

    In reviewing the video of the incident during which it appeared that this fellow was injured it appears that there were several protesters that may have staged that event. Looking at the recordings, there were several protesters, with faces covered, that charged into the ‘pile’. One person with a backpack was carrying something in their hand. This person appeared to show this item to the group. The group then scrambled away BEFORE there was an explosion. The person that had been carrying something was now empty handed.

    What is interesting is that this video is the same one that the news people have used to highlight some item that is in the air. What is unclear from the video is the direction that item is actually going. Look away from their highlighting and you will see what is really happening.

    I suspect the protesters are staging all of this in a desperate attempt to justify their plans for serious violence in the near future.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #20 mcc

    That, coupled with Van Jones’ statement a couple of months ago regarding October being America’s “Arab Spring”, is ominous indeed.

    They keep (quite obviously) hinting that they know “something” is about to go down.

    What will this “something” be?

    Whatever it is, these Dems know it… BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ONES PLANNING IT… and they can’t keep themselves from revealing this in their statements.

    Whatever it is, it will be out of desperation, like the forged BC, like the “takedown” of “OBL”, like the execution of SEAL Team “Six”… because this Commie group which has taken our nation is getting VERY desperate.

  • TiminPhx

    This is one former Marine who would like to express his opinion with this sack of crap. You will always have a certain percentage of malcontents in the military. Always have and always will.

    The press/left of course seeks these people out and elevates them. You won’t hear of those still in or the 90% of those who got out who are productive citizens.

    I’ll bet you dollars to donuts, that there were many Marines among those police officers. You would find a higher percentage of them in law enforcement than these disgraceful losers who spit on the Flag and on the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor.

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  • DINORightMarie

    After reading the page snip, it sounds like Mr. Useful Idiot couldn’t make it as a Marine. He sounds like he doesn’t understand what the military IS – a TEAM. Any team will do various things to get the members working together; in the case of the military, they are being trained to be ARMED SERVICE MEMBERS. That means life and death situations, where you MUST act in accordance to your training, not instinct, not feel-good-touchy-feely what-I-want.

    Sounds like a leftist who enlisted to try to smear the military, especially the Marines. And he couldn’t make it, apparently. Another willing tool being used, unfortunately, to destroy the military from within. And then from the outside.

    Shame. Shame. Shame.

    Has anyone found out about his ACTUAL records? We sure know the MSM won’t. Or the leftist mouthpieces at Kos, MMfA, HuffPo, etc. etc. etc.

  • Patty

    Wow, I wonder again, how many loons have joined the Military. I realized some come home with problems because of fire fights, stress etc. but this person has some serious problems.


    Some soldiers don’t know how to cope with reality. Here is one.

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  • zuzujellibeans

    Hmmm…..Mr. Olsen’s website has mysteriously vanished. Coincidence…? I think not! Let’s see how far the leftist media will dig into Mr. Olsen’s closet…

  • Morrisminor

    He’s a Commie, Jew hating Islamic scumbag traitor, playing from the Mein Kampf, Alinsky playbook
    Did I cover all the bases?

  • chuck in st paul

    @40, how interesting. You’re right, it’s gone. I begin to smell either bad conduct discharge or winter soldier here.

    It would be too, too funny if one of the activists smacked him with a pipe or something after setting off a tear gas grenade to “prove” police brutality. ha ha ha

  • Where???

    WHERE ANYWHERE… does it say that he “Hates Jews”?? He’s simply mentioning the historical fact that after world war 2, the jewish people were encouraged to immigrate to Palestine to create Israel, a Jewish State… even given money to do so.

  • JPeden

    It’s [no longer] amazing how these useful idiot, Blank Slater Progessives are formulated and led about almost completely by unhinged verbal memes, first born and inscribed upon their blackboards by their Charismatic Leaders and soon coming to constitute full-blown phobias and fetishes by next incubating successfully within the indigenous psychoderangements they perceive as their “minds”.

    But on the positive side, they are indeed genuine throw-backs and are therefore “indigenous people” wherever they happen to show up to be programmed and used. And they survive only wherever there is enough x.s wealth – either for everyone or selectively funnelled towards them – and are preserved here by Constitutionally contructed Marines. Otherwise they wouldn’t exist.

    So they better hope we continue to “tolerate” them!

  • JPeden

    No, you moron, it doesn’t say “exactly” that he “hates jews”.

    So the question is, do you?

  • Randall R. Kniess

    I heard on the news (I live in Wisconsin) that his mother reported that he is now awake and lucid. My question is, Was he ever lucid or awake? Once a Marine, always a Marine? Oh really? Not in his case. My dad always use to say, “When there’s nothing in the head, the whole body has to suffer.” This punk has nothing in his head, so let him suffer.

  • WillofLa

    I was in the Army in the 60’s. I don’t recall anything that was screwed up about that branch of the service that didn’t come from the government. It wasn’t that the Army wanted or needed changes like the ones that came down from command. All the officer’s that I met and or knew were professional men who loved the Army, as I did. I got out because of something the government told the Army to do. My last orders when I got back from Vietnam was to go back to Army Paratrooper School, known as “Jump School” so I could train guys to be paratroops. I loved the Airborne. But just minutes before I caught the bus to go home I was called to some office where the man behind the desk asked for my orders. I was given new orders for Fort Hood, Texas, 2nd Armored Div. I was not in Armor, I was in Infantry, and what happened to Jump School? The sergent behind the desk had no answers. That angered me alot. If going back to Jump School required “reenlistment” then why didn’t they tell me that when I put in for it while I was in Vietnam? If the Army was told that the government was about to abandone the Vietnamese people and get the hell out, that would be covered up and only higher command would know that, and I didn’t have “a need to know”.

    I had a bitter taste in my mouth about the Army from then on, but my only consilation was I only had six months left in the service and I was out of here. Once out, watching TV and the dissentigrating conditions in Vietnam I realized why they put me at Ft. Hood. When I got down there and got my company assignment, the first day I found out from all the guys in my platoon that Ft. Hood at that time was the butt hole of the Army. What I mean is, the Army put men who had to much combat time, to much training, to much of being the old Army to be compatible with what we heard was going to be the New Army. There were guys from everykind of unit there was in just my platoon. There were other guys from paratrooper units, supply, artillery, armor, Ranger units like I was from, and Special Forces guys who were given jops in supply who were former “A” team members. One of them got in with me and two Armor guys to rent a house to live in off base. There were guys from the Big Red One, 1st Infantry, 25th Infantry. In other words the Army was told to put everyone they were TOLD to GET RID OF down at Ft. Hood, TX. We were offered “early outs” and everything. I turned down the “early out” because I didn’t want to leave until my enlistment was up, I wanted to do ALL my time I signed up to serve.

    So from the time I got out I watched in amazement as things changed so fast with how the Army turned away from training one man to be a soldier that could kill the enemy. The Army wasn’t training men to be ” member’s of a Team”. The Army trained “individuals” to be the weapon the Army needed to be able to kill the enemy in the best way possible. It was later on the the Army put men together who the Army knew would work best together, since it was the Army that knew how to do that better than anyone. Even after I went through Ranger training, I was not a “team member” until I was chosen to go to special companies the Army was forming in order to do dangerous work in Vietnam. It was the Army who trained individuals who would be member’s of teams, squads, platoons, companies, battalion’s, and so on.

    But what I watched the Army to become wasn’t what I knew was the mission of the Army when I was in. It was changed by the liberals in the government who wanted to make changes in all the branches of the service who later on would do what the government told them what to do, not what the Army knew how to do and that is go to where the enemy is, and kill him. The New Army would be used to riot control right here in America. The New Army would be sent to where ever the government wanted them to go whether they needed to go there or not. The New Army would become part of some grand plan the liberals were cooking up to do their bidding. Oh sure, soldiers still killed the enemy, but the New Army had strict rules it had to follow in order to accomplish that. And the whole way the New Army was being trained in totally different ways that had not been done in two hundred years. It was how the liberals wanted it changed that changed the Army into something I didn’t recognize anymore.

    The New Army turned into political arms of the whatever leftist regime took over the government instead of it being the front line of defence of America’s influence around the world, and it’s first line of defence of our nations sovereignty and it’s people. That’s what the Constitution needs the Army to be, not the enforcement arm of the left wing which is what the services have become. If that is not true, then why is it that only our military has to be restricted in it’s conducting warfare, and giving the enemy the advantage of firing first then after we check with the lawyers, then we might fire but that depends on what the government wants it’s military to do in that particular case. What bull crap!

    The old officers who are still in the Army remember how our military used to be before they had to hand the management over to the liberals in the government. They would like to go back to that because they know that is how to win wars, not like it is now where we have to ask permission just to fire our weapons. If the Marine Corp changed like the Army did, then they changed into something else other than what they used to be when the Marine Corp was a proud branch of the Service. And no one in the world fooled with an American when they were in some foreign country, because they were afraid that the moment they did they would see a group of Marines coming down the street who were coming to kick their butts!! But nowadays, American’s are regularly abused whenever they are in another country because people aren’t afraid of the Marines anymore. Why not?

  • JPeden

    #47, very enlightening, WillofLa!

  • WillofLa

    Don’t get me wrong, I still love the Army and have great respect for the Marines. But what I saw the services change into was different from the way our military was for two hundred years. My grandfather was in the Army in World War One in France. The Army I was in was the same Army he served in and had not changed as far as it’s mission in that length of time from when he was in. The only thing that changed was the gear became more modern, but not what the Army was, where it trained individuals to be weapon’s, not the team. If everyone in the team is killed what does that remaining individual do? If he doesn’t know how to function other than being in a team, since he’s trained that way since he started, who would he go to, to find out what he was supposed to do? When my grandfather was in, trained men the same way I was trained. If the team was killed and I was the only one left, I would know everything the team knew and I would be able to continue the mission on my own. Are these guys being trained to do that these days? I don’t like the fact that in basic training that if one member of the “team” fails, the whole team fails because they should have tried harder to make sure “all” the team members made it? What the hell is that? What about the individual?

    This new form of training is called “collectivism”. Collectivism is the way the Russian Army is trained, by teams. That’s where that all came from. Our military has been influenced by the Communists in our government. That way there won’t be one single person who could win the war because he was trained to be a weapon that knew there was only one outcome and that was to WIN!!! What is the mission of the military these days?

    I often wondered how could our military turn out so many men who were high ranking officers, who were stone cold leftists, and turned into Marxists when they retired and became advisors for CNN on why we shouldn’t shoot at a mosque they were being fired at from. That is what I’m talking about. What, the new mission is NOT to kill the enemy unless it’s absolutely neccessary?? The way I was trained, the enemy is supposed to be killed anywhere you find him!!

  • frank keefe

    so what… a marine hates the marines..he is in the minority and if you notice minorities often shout the loudest its what they do and this left winger is no different even if he is a marine

  • Glad the USMC is here

    Sounds like this whiner wasn’t happy when the USMC training included a DI crawling his worthless a$$ and making him do PT. I feel for him for getting injured in the riot in Oakland, but don’t go there if you don’t want to get hurt. All these weenies screaming about the big bad police enforcing the law on them do not cause me any grief whatsoever. It’s time these children learned there are consequences for misbehaving, a lesson they obviously didn’t learn at home.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    This Administration has diluted the Armed Services.
    After they’re out, it’s time to weed through the Chain of Command and restore.
    It can be done — it must be done.

  • Christian

    Throw rocks and bottles and what do you expect? Typical anarchist America bashers getting what they desserved. Take off you tin foil hat the “mans” not out to “keep you down”…

  • Skandia Recluse
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  • Shocking! The Left’s latest hero turns out to be a JAUL. Simply shocking!

    J.A.U.L. (pronounced “jowl”): Just Another Unhinged Leftie.
    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

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  • CLouise

    That website wasn’t owned by the same Scott Olsen as the one in Oakland, and in all likelihood that post wasn’t by the same man either. The fact that it takes one brief, slanted article for many of you to think the police were justified in shooting him in the head is supremely upsetting.

    Learn how to Fact-Check please!

    (I may not know all the details, but I know enough. He shouldn’t have been shot at, and those policemen need to answer for their crude treatment of American citizens in Oakland. Whether or not there was “rock throwing” on the part of the protesters, shooting them and using tear gas to shoo them away wasn’t the answer.)

  • No Man

    #21: There would be a lot more of the effing OWS pukes if their idiot, hippy parents weren’t heavily into abortion, birth control, and weed.

  • squeaky

    [[“True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism, Alinsky taught. They cut their hair, put on suits and infiltrate the system from within. Alinsky viewed revolution as a slow, patient process. The trick was to penetrate existing institutions such as churches, unions and political parties…. Many leftists view Hillary as a sell-out because she claims to hold moderate views on some issues. However, Hillary is simply following Alinsky’s counsel to do and say whatever it takes to gain power.]] sounds a tad taqiya to me. key term being infiltrate. and we’re to believe jonathon hutto joined the navy to see the world and pay his bills. you’d think with a degree from howard in poli sci and a job with human rights [?]……..
    [[Media Research Center has questioned the credibility of the group, citing leading members, such as Jonathan Hutto and Linsay Burnett were against the war prior to enlisting and were active with human rights and peace groups.[2]]


    How stupid are all of you? You just assume this guy is talking about the same Scott Olsen that was injured by lawless cops in Oakland? He isn’t, he didn’t do his homework, he wanted to stir up you idiots because he knows you believe everything you read. This is not the same Scott Olsen and I suspect this hack knew it. I hope he gets sued, and I hope you all feel like the clueless ignorant idiots you are – shame on you all! Look how eagerly you jumped in to attack this man, after he fought on your behalf!! You disgust me!

  • Kiera

    Sorry folks. You have the wrong Scott Olsen. The Scott Olsen that founded that website is NOT the Scott Olsen injured in Oakland. Please get your facts straight before you start bashing people who are protesting the abuses of our system by the greedy members of the 1% and their government stooges.

  • Sorry guys there is more than one Scott Olsen in the America this one happens the publisher of this site happens to live in a different state than the Marine in ICU as we speak.
    Do a little more home work next time before slandering a brother.
    Scott Olsen
    16524 Hwy 67
    Milan, Illinois 61264
    United States

    Created on: 28-Jan-09
    Expires on: 28-Jan-12

    check for registrant info.

    Additionally I request that the author of this hit piece retract his references to the Scott Olsen who is in ICU and issue an apology this is libelous in nature and If I was him I would sue you.

    Matt Papke

  • Angela Harmon

    You better hurry up and take this down cuz they just found out it’s the wrong Scott Olsen that owns the website. It is registered to Scott Olsen from Milan, Illinois. Scott who was injured is from Wisconsin. Totally different guy, can you believe it? What are the odds?

  • Angela Harmon

    Someone get a screen shot of this. And the tide turns, classic!

  • Eddie Willers

    Milan Ill. & Onalaska Wisc. are less than 200 miles apart. I find it very hard to believe it’s not the same guy. Very unlikely.

  • kespin

    LOL…you guys are such idiots. You see how these conservative morons will quickly grab anything thrown their way if it somewhat projects their retarded agenda? LOL Such sheep…go watch Fox News you tools.

  • You got the wrong Scott Olson – you redneck moron.
    You’re just as wrong about this as you seem to be about just about everything!

  • Rob

    Cmon guys, how stupid do you have to be to actually believe this article? its impossible that scott would have these sites and openly admit to hating on the marines using his own name.

    if you are stupid enough to believe such horsecrap then you will no doubt soak up the comment with the picture of him with the dog which half of facebook has as their profile picture at the moment and its hardly difficult to find that picture anyways.

    its easy to beat up on a kid whos in hospital and unable to defend himself due to injuries he sustained WHILE ACTING AS A BARRIER TO PROTECT YOU ALL.

    you should all feel ashamed of yourselves.

    Im serious, you haters utterly sicken me and it should be you all in hospital with wounds while gullable haters pick on you behind your back in an attempt to gain popularity.

  • kespin

    Eddie Willers commented:
    Milan Ill. & Onalaska Wisc. are less than 200 miles apart. I find it very hard to believe it’s not the same guy. Very unlikely

    Look at this Eddie Willers moron…lol. Yea 200 miles…over 3 hour drive, and a very common name like Scott Olsen…how could it possibly not be the same guy… Eddie you are retarded.

  • Rob

    also while im on a rampage, there are 4 people in my city while is pretty much a glorified large town with the same name as me, only an idiot would believe its impossible that 2 people can have the same name.

  • Rudy Torrent

    This recovering right-wing wacko, Occupier, and former Marine (0351, 87-93) is appalled that you did some Googling of a name and assumed that there is only one Scott Olsen. BTW, I bet there are more than a few young Marines in the Corps that hate it. Maybe they got screwed by their recruiters. Perhaps they are sucking hide tit in some crab-infested barracks in the middle of BFE, broke and walking firewatch.

    Yeah, Marines can hate the Corps (if what you is say is true, which is dubious). Since you have never served, you wouldn’t know, douchebags. And Marines can have opinions about Israel. What a f-ing stretch to slander this guy who was merely exercising his First Amendment rights!

    As far as us Marines go, we can bitch and moan about the Corps (we actually refer to it as “THE SUCK”) be we can also do our duty and get out with an honorable discharge. A Marine who has never had at least a fleeting disgruntlement about the Corps is a wuss and bootlicker.

    Now STFU.

  • Ryan

    A couple of notes:

    First, upon further investigation, the Scott Olsen who owns the mentioned website is not the same Scott Olsen injures in Oakland. Just because they have the same ame does not mean they are the same person. Injured Olsen is from WI, website owner is from IL, among other information that shows they are not the same person.

    Second, there is no way of knowing who posted that remark about the Turks and Hebrews. Anyone can steal a picture of this guy and use it as an avatar for forum posting. I could go grab it now and pretend to be Scott Olsen. The poster calls himself Ahab; should we also say anyone who goes by Ahab is an anti-Semite? You can’t take that post as any sort of evidence of anything since there is no real identifiable information in it. Look at me – is my name really Ryan? It sure isn’t Ahab. And if I put a picture of Lady Gaga for my avatar would people assume I really am her?

    Please, just use some critical thinking before condemning a poor man who has been shot in the head by the police sworn to protect him.

  • Moon

    LOL you got the Wrong Scott What a JOKE. LOL LOL LOL

  • LadyM

    Jim Hoft is a douche. Wrong Scott Olsen retard.

    and the comment is hardly a hate filled message like the kind that came out of the tea party, and wound up getting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords shot in the head and a bunch of other honest folk that day.

    Maybe, this article should be forwarded to Veterans Against War, and his best friend and roommate that also served by his side. I’m quite certain Mr. Hoft would not say this to his face, or any other marine for that matter. He put his life on the for you, pieces if dog crap. Show some friggin respect.

  • Guy

    This isn’t the same guys website. Funny hearing people bash him with out doing their own research.


    Do your damn homework.

    It’s not as though “Scott Olsen” is a very unique name.

    This website is an embarrassment to a free-thinking society, and to the commenter who said “I hope his head hurts for awhile” – you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Phillip Lozano

    IHATETHEMARINECORPS.COM is registered to Scott Olsen from Milan, Illinois, not the Scott Olsen from Oakland. You are smearing a Marine based on a lie.

  • Jill Peters

    It’s not even the same Scott Olsen. Good job on that research.

  • kespin

    What happened to all the loud mouths from the comments at the top??! LOL Where you at?? ::crickets::

  • stephen

    achhooo! wrong scott olsen. it pays to research your stories before you publish slanderous lies!

  • Jeremiah

    The owner of this website is a liar who failed to do his research. The two people are not one and the same. He choose a random guy named Scott Olsen and is smearing the Occupy Scott Olsen because it fits his narrow ideology. The writer of this article owes Scott Olsen an apology.

  • Sean Gillhoolley

    Uh, wrong Scott Olsen. No surprise that fact-checking is one of the departments to get the axe during this age of downsizing. That’s ok, you are doing a better job than the Atlanta police, who jailed a woman for 53 days for having the same FIRST name as a wanted criminal in the area. Or the numerous big banks that use robo-signing to foreclose on homes that they lack the mortgage to. Doing a half-assed job is becoming an American trademark these days, so good on you for being part of the wave of mediocrity.

  • tyler

    Do all of you really think that there is no possible way that there were ever two people named Scott Olsen in the marines. And this website the article speaks of was created while Scott Olsen was in iraq. You all need to open your eyes and your minds to the truth

  • Stupid CONS

    Go to hell CONS, this is a smear campaign and the FACTS are here:

    Are you really all so pathetic that this is all you can do? Obama 2012 in the bag!

  • Nosmo

    This Scott Olsen sounds like a protege of John Murtha.

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  • David Miller

    I feel very sad for the poor fools that read this garbage, you’ve got a patriot in the hospital and your pathetic mind goes immediately to smearing him through LIES! Jim Hoft you’re a traitor to this country.

  • Man epic fail guys. Better luck next time…jerks.

  • Eddie Willers

    Not buying the politicus source… I’ll need to see more than cuz we said it’s someone else..

  • Eddie Willers

    My buddy in the know tells me the guy from politicususa is a notorious liar… Can’t trust him if his tongue comes notorized.

  • Scott Olsen

    Sorry guys, I am one in the same. I hate the Corps, and I provoked the fight with the cop and lost.

    I like Marx and Lenin. And Obama, he’s cool like those 2 are.

  • Travis Rogers

    The author of this article is a lying scumbag. You deserve to have THE REAL SCOTT OLSEN slit your throat. I can help that happen. Please contact me.

  • Scott Olsen could not come close to the Marines I know and have known. THEY love America unlike this FREAK Olson! Scott can go hang out with limp wristed Obama they would do well together.

  • Eddie Willers

    @ Travis Rogers

    Wow resorting to threats. How proto-typically leftist of you…

  • Eddie Willers

    ODD isn’t this the same SCOTT OLSEN with his picture on his pledgie account?

    NOW STFU you leftist trolls
    You shouldn’t be listening to ignorant lying Trolls like the author from politicususa. He’s a LIAR!!!

  • Dalton

    The website referenced is registered to Scott Olsen from Milan, Illinois.

    NOT the Scott Olsen injured in Oakland.


  • Snicker

    Poor lefty fools fell for a lie, Y’all come back now ya hear! And yes that is a picture of Scott Olsen.

  • Eddie Willers

    David Miller, Dalton, kespin & the rest of U ignorant leftist wonks…

    Do you idiots like apples???

    How do you like them apples???
    Like I said 200 miles ain’t that far away…
    kespin you monumental dupe Who’s the retard? hahahahahaha

  • Pingback: Bookworm Room » If I was the mayor, I wouldn’t move the Occupy protesters one inch()

  • Michelle

    First it’s ok to boo and bad mouth an active soldier on National TV….and now it’s ok to shoot them too. Scott Olsen is a United States HERO… have just bad mouthed a man that fought to make you safe…..and you are ok with shooting him in the head??? Disgusting Pathetic Republicans… are all mentally unstable

  • Ray

    How many yours did Jim Hoft go to? NONE…then STFU it’s America! His unit was attacked by IEDs…how many were you attacked by?

    The right wing only supports the troops if they agree with their narrow ideology! pathetic!

  • donh

    $10 Mr. Olsen isn’t even critically injured. Hospital statements are faked like those Wisconsin sick leave slips. All part of Michael Moore’s Cecil B Demille script. Look at the professional flood lighting of this gay epiphany scene of poor wounded Scott Olson professionally posed like Michaelangelo’s Pieta sculpture. Its is all staged, fake, and bad acting by the professional victim association, but you got your kent state magazine cover good for another 30 years of liberal arts sociology classes ..

  • Ray

    It is the same guy, the POliticusUSA article actually says it still may be the same guy at the end!

    But you Neo Cons only support troops when they abide by YOUR ideology. If this Marine or the SGT at OWS stand for anything different that what you agree with…they are unpatriotic.

  • Dalton

    Once again: The website referenced ( is registered to Scott Olsen from Milan, Illinois.

    NOT the Scott Olsen injured in Oakland.

  • Eddie Willers

    Michelle what we’re disgusted with is the shameless way you lefties use the military…

    He discredited himself & his own good name.
    Notice how no one is putting his discharge status out there. I’m thinking it’s because he was admin sparated under less than honorable conditions…

    & That’s why he “Hates the Marine Corps”.

  • squeaky

    a picture from the guardian of scott and his sister

  • The difference between us and you is that we don’t hate and villify anyone who doesn’t share our political views. We invite them to come talk with us.

    Regardless of his political views, whether he made the site or didn’t, he does not deserve to be shot in the head and brain damaged.

    You guys are sick. Take a look at the way you’re talking about other american citizens.

  • Ronald Reagan

    Different guy. Remove this ridiculous libel.

  • Maria

    Wow hasn’t the left ever heard of moving around or lying on your profile because you are a coward and don’t people to know where you are really from.

  • Dalton

    Eddie Willers “He discredited himself & his own good name.”

    By exercising the rights he fought to preserve?

    You need to read more before posting.

    And his military service would have never been revealed had he not been injured.

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  • Eddie Willers

    Let me get this straight… You wrote an entire hatchet piece slandering Jim Hoft & his site. Which led to death threats.
    Then because when you found out you were wrong & look like a complete MORON, at the very end you add “but I could be wrong”? And that makes everything OK?

    Yeah you’re an honorable fellow.

    I need to take a shower you cretin.

  • Eddie Willers

    No Dalton
    I had all the facts from jump street.

  • Eddie Willers



  • Manny

    Your hero is an ill-informed idiot. It’s not the same Scott Olsen. You people need to get a clue or a life or something. I am also a Vietnam vet and will be glad to show you my service record.

  • Ray


    I didn’t “add it” it was in the original piece. The fact is YOU RIGHT WING PSEUDO PATRIOTS only support the troops, when the troops support your narrow minded ideology!

    It is pathetic and down right disgusting. How can a man like Jim, who would probably NEVER served a day in his life…slander a Marine who fought TWO TOURS in IRAQ.

    He is for all intents and purposes, the biggest low life in America! HE SHOULD THANK OLSEN for defending his right to PUBLISH this crap!

  • Paul

    Well, since people are asking about discharges statuses. I have an Honorable discharge from the USMC. I also went to Iraq with Scott Olsen in 2008 we were in the same platoon. personally I have noticed a trend from the right that basically states that Veterans are only Heroes when they are being killed overseas by wars your support. when a Veteran decides he is against the way. or asks for his bennifits that he earned, he’s not a traitor, socialist, or trying to destroy the American way of life. I find that attitude disgusting. I don’t even like vets for peace as an organization but after reading the backlash and the smear campaings from fox and other conservative groups, I’d rather stand with vets for peace.(at least they won’t shoot me in the head as thanks for my deployments) you don’t have to believe me about my service but your more than welcome to come to California and look at my dd-214

  • white420

    Hey, idiots. Here it is again in case you missed it.

  • ryan

    You don’t have to agree with Scott Olsen, or the protestors, but to cheer on an American being shot in the head with a teargas canister by his own government for expressing his right to free speech.

    I though you people were the party of “Individual Liberty”. I guess that only applies when it aligns with your beliefs.

  • white420
  • ryan

    It turns out that it is registered to Scott Olsen, BUT it is registered to Scott Olsen from Milan, Illinois. The Scott Olsen the Gateway Pundit is referencing is Scott Olsen from Onalaska, Wisconsin who was critically injured at Occupy Oakland. Scott moved to California after finding a job in the information technology field in San Francisco, with the help of his roommate Keith Shannon. The distance from Onalaska WI to Milan Ill. is over 200 miles away.

    More smear tactics? You people should be ashamed.

  • Libtards lie

    The libtards are up to their usual tricks and lies. I noticed that the leftist site is now banning people that don’t share their views. You have to love how libtards are all for free speech as long as it’s theirs and not your’s. I now see that it was actually an OWS protestor that caused this little turds injury. LMAO!!!!

  • Benne the Clone

    Sorry, but you guys have the wrong Scott Olsen. There are probably LOTS of them in this country, including lots who have served in the Marines. See comment #124.

  • Molon Labe

    Wow the commies are out in force. But they are so stupid its remarkable. Someone shot in the head with tear gas doesn’t have any more earthy worries. This clown Scott Olsen wasn’t a Marine and probably never served in the service. But like all lefties they pretend to have “served.” Just like Kerry was a “war hero.”

    Critically injured? Did he put his foot in his mouth again?

    #170 You served in the Marines did you. What was your MOS,battalion and the name of your company commanding officer and your location of service.

    Its usual for these claims to disapper with the wind when the simplest of questions are asked.

    Odds that Paul doesn’t respond. Sure you served honorably. I bet it was at Sing Sing.

  • Eddie Willers

    Don’t let those little things called facts get in your way

    This is Scott Olsen & he is the purveyor of the I hate the Marines website…

    Funny the troll who wrote the smear article on that these Asshats are all linking is even admitting It’s the same Olsen & that he intentionally distorted the facts because he’s a slime ball.

    The left only admires the military when they can point to body counts to make a GOP President look bad. Odd how we don’t see daily articles about how many servicemen are dying in now that the SCOAMF is POTUS.

  • Molon Labe


    And your evidence for this is?

    Another Soros paid drone.

  • Molon Labe


    Ryan you are an idiot for defending rioting anarchists. Democracy doesn’t mean you respect the lawless or criminals. Thanks for telling us what you are.

  • Molon Labe

    Ray I see you are so outraged a Marine who did two tours in Iraq would be slandered. Exactly where were these tours? What unit did this clown serve with. I call bogus on this. The Left always shows its respect for the troops. They were not loved as children and they are unloved as adults. This is why they attempt to coopt the images of their betters.

    So Ray we are waiting for this clown’s unit, its tour dates, which you apparently are in full possession of.

    But should you not respond it is clear you are only another NAMBLA brother covering for his really “close” buddy.

  • Molon Labe

    #118 Manny, I am so positive that you served in the Nam I am going to give you a chance to prove it. Can you describe how you were paid in the Nam?

    Now scuttle away you coackroach. You served in Vietnam, just like I was a 5 star general.

  • Libtards lie

    Well, I see the OWS turds vandalized a war memorial in Portland. So much for their “we support the military” mantra. Fortunatley, the true 99%’s see right through their free loading agenda. LMAO!!!!

  • Eddie Willers

    @ Molon
    Notice how they don’t want to discuss Olsen’s discharge status.

    The left insults their intelligence every time they second guess how well informed aperson was when they made the choice to join… I.e insinuating they can’t make an informed adult decision. But these same clowns would support abortion without parental consent for a 13 year old…

  • Eddie Willers

    Yea Manny dates of deployment, where in country & unit(s) please.

  • Jeannine

    Ummmm. Wrong Scott Olsen. (Do research.)

  • Eddie Willers

    Jeanine we did the research & we’re 1,000% sure it’s the right Scott Olsen.
    Go back to doing what it is that you do best…

  • Ginger

    Well how long does it take for you occupiers to express your free speech? As long as it takes to shut up and deny others who do not have your opinion? To deny businesses the right to open their doors to the public and not have you occupiers to enter with your blow horns making your threats. Releasing your body fluids on people door steeps. Playing your drumbs and what ever noise makers you have to disturb the people around your so called hang out.

    Are you people so brain dead that you can not see that you are being used by your so called leaders that you admire. Hell where are they? Are they sleeping in your tents with you? Look around do you see any of them? Hell no they are home with all their comforts watching tv and laughing at you fools!

    Get a life! Grow up! Life does not owe you a is what you make of it! You are being brain washed by the evil corrupted people who is in and operating out of the white house. Defend your country before you let those marxis commies take over you because believe me when they are done with you you will be taken care of to never be seen again! They do not like trouble makers they just use you!

    As far as the rich well it is their wealth not yours! You are being brain washed by people that are the wealthy! WAKE UP! Go home!

  • Eddie Willers

    Ummmmm That is you screen right isn’t it, Jeanine?

  • Ray

    EDDIE, how many tours of duty did you serve in Iraq? You and the rest of the Gateway Pundit Drones only support the troops when they AGREE with you.

    That’s kind of ANTI- PATRIOTIC! As I have states in the ORIGINAL article, it may still be the Scott Olsen from Occupy Oakland, but that is regardless.

    I am DAMN sure if this was a conservative right wing Marine he would be exalted. You are a pathetic human being for not supporting ALL the troops regardless of political views.

  • Patty

    “In the US, Google received 757 takedown requests across its sites and services, up 70 per cent from the second half of last year,” reports technology website“US authorities also called for the removal of 113 videos from YouTube, including several documenting alleged police brutality which Google refused to take down.”

    In Google’s newly released transparency report, it reveals that the number of “user data requests” by U.S. authorities has increased by 29 percent over the course of the last reporting period. In the case of the removal of a YouTube video, for example, the reason listed was “government criticism,” and no content of the video was indicated or explained. Other videos which have been ordered to be taken down pertain to police brutality on the grounds of defamation.

    Interestingly, the number of items requested by the U.S. government to be removed actually surpasses the number requested to be removed by authorities in China.

    Meanwhile, Verisign, the global authority over .com domain names, has already demanded the power to destroy any website deemed “abusive” when a government orders it to be done, even if it is so ordered without court order and without any oversight.

    “The company said today it wants to be able to enforce the “denial, cancellation or transfer of any registration” in any of a laundry list of scenarios where a domain is deemed to be “abusive,” reports the UK Register.

    OT- now, what about sites like Scott Olsen’s?

  • Paul

    Well since somebody decided to question my status in the armed forces I am more than happy you, and once again you are more than welcome to come down to Santa Maria California meet me at Allan Hancock community college and I will show you my dd form 214. I stepped on the yellow footprints of MCRD San Diego December 18th 2006. I graduated in March of 2007; In July of 2007 I joined communications platoon 3rd battalion 4th marines as a 0612 field wireman. They have recently changed the mos to tactical switchboard operator. I went to Iraq in February of 2008 with 3rd bn 4th marines and I came home in December. I again deployed with 3rd battalion 4th marines to Afghanistan in October 2009 and came home in May 2010. My trip home to America from Afghanistan was delayed because of the revolution in Kyrgyzstan and the volcano in Iceland. My battalion commander in Iraq was ltcol visted. My battalion commander in Afghanistan was ltcol wetteraure (sp) the third my company commander changed while I was in Iraq and I wound up with a captain Lampier. I was stationed in Marine Corps air ground combat center twenty nine palms California with my battalion while we were not deployed. Now, all of that information aside is there anything else you would like to know about my service? Once again you are more than welcome to come look at my dd-214 or I am sure there is somebody government entity in the US that can fact check what I have said to you. Have a nice day. odds are i do not respond right?

  • Ginger

    Hey Ray 🙄 trying to pick a fight is not working! Give it up! For your information our troops are our heros. We do not expect them to be perfect but we certainly expect them to act in a way that shows pride for his/her country that they serve. We see the occupy thingy a JOKE! I do not think he used very good judgement being there!

    The occupiers are only the puppets for the puppet masters and if they truly enjoy the freedoms they have now they should pack up and go home! THEY ARE BEING USED!

    God Bless America and our TROOPS

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  • Dick

    Jeannine, Scott Olsen lists the site in both his Twitter and YouTube profiles.!/solsen230

    It’s the same cokeheaded anti-semitic douchebag.

    Some of the leftists are desperately trying to cover this information up, but they can’t scrub fast enough to hide the truth.

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  • CTCharles Third Mar. Div.

    Hey Boy. You are a worthless puke. A momma’s boy that could no hack the Corps. Just whimper off to a corner and waste the rest of your worthless life. We have no time for you.

  • J Allen

    What blows my mind about this whole left-right division is that the OccupyWallStreeters and the Tea-Partiers are pissed off about basically the same issues: Government Bailouts, broken political systems, and mammoth trans-national banks that are above the law because they own the political process, Left, Right, and Center.

    Seems to me that squabbling over the smaller social issues is the best way to keep the broken Status Quo: “divide and conquer.”

    How about we do what the Founding Fathers and Framers of the Constitution did, and compromise (or at least set aside) the smaller points, so that we can get the Democracy working again?

  • J Allen

    Edit: so that we can get the Democratic-Republic working again.

  • Heather

    Scott Olsen, who served two tours of duty in Iraq, is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) is an advocacy group of active-duty United States military personnel, Iraq War veterans, Afghanistan War veterans, and other veterans who have served since the September 11, 2001 attacks who are opposed to the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

    IVAW currently has 61 chapters around the United States; one in Toronto, Canada, made up of war resisters; and a chapter in Germany, five of which are on active duty military bases. Members of the organization reside in all 50 U.S. states, Washington, D.C., Canada, Europe, and on numerous bases overseas, including bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. Membership is currently over 1,800 persons.

    Scott Olsen was NOT rioting when he was shot. Scott Olsen was standing still. The police fired at point-blank range, which is potentially lethal. No rocks or bottles were thrown before Olsen was shot. The police shooting was unprovoked and incredibly dangerous. When fellow protesters rushed to his aid, the Oakland police shot tear gas canisters at them. Scott Olsen was initially hospitalized in critical condition.

    Footage of Scott Olsen being shot by Oakland police:

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  • Kevin

    Ya, it fairly obvious that this site is most visited my a bunch of inbreed pukes whom ignore all of the facts and yank each other off instead. Just remember that when Obama wins again in 2012; I be here LMAO @ you idiots just as I have for the last 3 years. Peace, losers.

  • Dick


    Scott Olsen was injured while he was marching with an Occupy Oakland mob which was assaulting police officers with bottles, paint cans, and firecrackers in an effort to re-occupy the illegal campground that the police had just lawfully evicted them from.

    It’s unfortunate that Scott was injured – either by something thrown by the police or (as now seems more likely, after reviewing the videos) something thrown by his fellow rioters. Sadly, he sustained his injury not while fighting for his country, but while fighting against it.

    No one is obligated to pretend that he was an American hero just because you want to prop him up as some kind of lefty icon. He was apparently an anti-semitic druggie screw-up while in the Marines; he was kicked out of the Marines (not honorably discharged); and he started up a Marine hate site after he was booted from the service.

    I hope he fully recovers from his injuries, and that lefties like you stop waving him around like a bloody shirt.

  • George Aakjer

    I am a Veteran, A member in good standings of Rolling Thunder, Patriot Guard Riders, American Legion Riders, And the American Legion. That having been said , I am a firm believer in the 1st amendment too, (along with all the other amendments) But I will fight to the death to defend this pricks right to say what he wants to. Doesn’t mean I agree with it… But he better remember, that I have the right to speak my mind about this Phony Soldier too. And somehow, I believe the bad things being said about this Fake Marine , will far out weigh the good. The truth will emerge above the BS.

  • Roger

    Dick wrote: “It’s unfortunate that Scott was injured – either by something thrown by the police or (as now seems more likely, after reviewing the videos) something thrown by his fellow rioters.”

    He wasn’t rioting, and you are blind if you can watch that video and conclude that his skull was *fractured* by something “thrown” by anyone. The video clearly shows that he was hit in the head by a *projectile* shot from a gun by a police officer — perhaps a flash-bang, perhaps a teargas canister.

    The issue of what websites he may have registered, or how he left the Marines, or how he feels about Israel, is irrelevant. A human being exercising his inherent right to peacefully demonstrate does not deserve to end up in the hospital with life-threatening injuries caused by peace officers — especially a human being who had previously volunteered to put himself in harm’s way in service of his country. That is the bottom line that you righties are frantically trying to obscure.

  • Jim

    chewydog commented:

    #15 October 28, 2011 at 8:28 am
    Jim commented:

    Have 3 sons in the Marine Corps and sadly the stories they tell me are identical to the ones I was just reading on that site! After spending time on a couple of different bases and noticing the waste and mis management, I feel like puking every time I hear them cry that they need more money!

    I feel sorry for your sons, having such an unsupportive parent.

    Because my kids are in the Marines I’m supposed to support waste and mis – management???? I think not!

  • Roger

    … and what’s really sad about all this is the relentless “point-scoring” aspect of it. Hey, if a Marine hero got shot by the cops, that’s a point for OWS! But wait, if we can discredit him, that’s a point for the Tea Party! Go Tea Party! Go OWS! Rah rah rah!

    This is not a football game, it’s our nation, and we’re all in it together.

    To me, the real lesson of the Scott Olsen incident should be that other municipalities should avoid making the same heavy-handed mistakes in dealing with OWS.

  • Frayedknot

    Reminds me of the years after I got back from a tour in Vietnam with the Marines in ’69. The Peeps were in the street, occupying college admin buildings , burning stuff down and “sitting in”. Love, Peace, Brotherhood turning to anger, hate & aggression. It appears the pendalum has begun the swing back and the malcontents are acting out again.

    By the way….it may say one fights for God, Flag and Country but the truth is you put it on the line for the man beside you! Semper fi…

  • Connor Mulhern

    This is just sick, your bashing the wrong Scott Olsen. I found out that the Scott with the domain name is living in illinois. He never said he hated jews either, he simply said that the conflicts in Israel and Turkey are different, WHICH THEY ARE! (To name a couple, no forced resettlment, Turkey having legal claim to the area, and far less discrimination). You guys need to grow up, and as a matter of fact, Turkey is a close US ally with extremely secular laws that ban headscarves in public places. Just sick.

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  • don’t believe everything you read
  • Bush

    stand up to these jackasses trashing our brother

    Sorry guys there is more than one Scott Olsen in the America this one happens the publisher of this site happens to live in a different state than the Marine in ICU as we speak.
    Do a little more home work next time before slandering a brother.
    Scott Olsen
    16524 Hwy 67
    Milan, Illinois 61264
    United States

    Created on: 28-Jan-09
    Expires on: 28-Jan-12

    check for registrant info.

    Additionally I request that the author of this hit piece retract his references to the Scott Olsen who is in ICU and issue an apology this is libelous in nature and If I was him I would sue you.

    Matt Papke
    USMC-Infantry “

  • Vet-for-the-first-amendment

    You’ve got the wrong Scott Olsen:

    Slander carries some serious penalties – and slander of a wounded vet even more. Get your facts straight or get out of journalism.

  • Dick

    Connor Mulhern #160, Bush #163:

    Scott Olsen lists the site as belonging to him in both his Twitter and YouTube profiles.!/solsen230

    It’s the same cokeheaded anti-semitic douchebag.

    Some of the leftists are desperately trying to cover this information up, but they can’t scrub fast enough to hide the truth.

  • Dick


    In addition to the Twitter and YouTube profile links I gave Connor and Bush in my earlier comment, you can also find it on Scott Olsen’s Flickr profile at

    http:[email protected]/

    In fact, it looks like he listed it on every single profile he ever made. He seemed very proud of his hate site and wanted to make sure people associated it with him. I don’t know why you guys keep trying to deny it from him.

  • MikeLawson

    This is NOT the same Scott Olsen. You should all be ashamed of yourselves, spreading lies and deception and cheering on the injuries to a war vet who was exercising his first amendment right to peaceably assemble. The video EVIDENCE shows this man was doing nothing wrong, and further shows a cop shooting teargas directly into the group of people trying to come to this veterans aid after he was shot in the face.

    Have you people no shame? None? You disgust me.

  • MikeLawson
  • Dick
  • MikeLawson

    Even if its the same guy, does that justify what happened to him? Did you watch the video?

  • BartMar

    Same guy. Here is part of his Google profile:

  • Dick


    Scott Olsen was injured while he was marching with an Occupy Oakland mob which was assaulting police officers with bottles, paint cans, and firecrackers in an effort to re-occupy the illegal campground that the police had just lawfully evicted them from.

    It’s unfortunate that Scott was injured – either by something thrown by the police or (as now seems more likely, after reviewing the videos) something thrown by his fellow rioters. Sadly, he sustained his injury not while fighting for his country, but while fighting against it.

    No one is obligated to pretend that he was an American hero just because you want to prop him up as some kind of lefty icon. He was apparently an anti-semitic druggie screw-up while in the Marines; he was kicked out of the Marines (not honorably discharged); and he started up a Marine hate site after he was booted from the service.

    I hope he fully recovers from his injuries, and that lefties like you stop waving him around like a bloody shirt.

  • Millitant Conservative

    Hey trolls and Libs (same thing). We the RIGHT are way more prevelant and stronger

    than your hate America socialist. Go ahead do your worst. I care not about your

    gender,race, affiliations ar proclivities. Your just and enemy of the constitution and

    the state. I am prepared for your demise are you?

    powder is dry

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  • Molon Labe


    I asked for you MOS, which you did not provide. Further if what you did is true and you were a signals type, you were hardly at the tip of the spear. Especially in Iraq. I am checking on the commanders 3dr battalion 4th Marines with my pals, but it would help if you mentioned your company. Where were you based, was it a support base or a forward operating base? Your response would be appreciated. By the way you are the first person I have ever challenged to have ever provided anything like the data you did. I hope this is genuine.

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  • Sound off like you got a pair, you CREEPS.

    I’m a US Marine.

    Give me a show of UPTWINKLING hands and TELL ME…

    What Branch of the United States Armed Forces did YOU PEOPLE, who say that you <3 <3 <3 America SO much, deign to VOLUNTEER for?

    The Coast Guard?

    You FILTHY stinking YELLOW BELLIED, Reich Wing, HYPOCRITICAL, Conservatarded, American Flag Waving, SUV magnetic bumper sticker that reads “I Support The Troops” (AS IF), having, MORANS and COWARDS, that are the Fighting Chicken Hawks of the 101st Chairborne Keyboard Fighting Brigade.

    You're all PATHETIC.

    You UNSAT balding FATTIES just make ME SICK and I am EMBARRASSED that it's THINGS like YOU piles of WHALE VOMIT are what I wore the Uniform to defend so you could have your PRECIOUS LITTLE FREE SPEECH to SPEW this BILE.


  • Jon

    It’s amazing how much you know about this individual. You know his beliefs, you know his personality, you even know what he did for this country serving in Iraq. Because, obviously, you were there, you knew him, and of course know that he is a dead beat loser who hid from combat during his tours in Iraq.

    Well, turns out, I DO know him. He is not some poster child to me, he is not some forsaken veteran. He is my friend who is lying in a hospital bed thousands of miles away from me because the Oakland police showed no discretion for the safety of those they are sworn to protect. This is not Syria. This is his RIGHT.

    And also, it turns out, he did fight in Iraq. 15 men in his unit died. He rolled onto an ied, fortunately it did not go off. He’s lucky to even be alive. He didn’t like to talk much about the war, and i never pushed him to, because obviously war is a traumatic experience. But you all know. He never fought. Because obviously you were there and you knew him well and you were there.

    For the record, Scott got along perfectly well with other marines. He holds no dissent against those who served with him. His dissent is directed at the machine of the military. He fought heartily for this country, and like so many other veterans, the military screwed him.

    Every day, 18 vets commit suicide.

    For the record, Scott NEVER used cocaine. Not once in his life.

    For the record, Scott is not an anti-semite. He is the most laid back man I know, you can’t make him angry, and believes in equality for everyone. Coexist. There is not a hateful bone in his body. But you know him, and you’re very apt at taking things out of context. So you know he hated everyone.

    He is not a deadbeat, He is a very intelligent individual (far more intelligent then any of you. Thank you for making that apparent) who moved out to San Fransisco to take a well – paying job in the computer field. That is the field he worked in when he lived here in the Quad Cities and a field he is well adept in.

    Scott stands up for what he believes is right. He fought in an unjust war and realized it too late. He protested against corporate greed. A very obvious occurrence. This nation is turning into a banana republic. If you can’t see this you are blind. If you don’t care you are heartless. The true feat of this nation’s politicians is making people think that if they beat the other party, they win. We are not democrats or republicans. We are Americans. The dems and the GOP are the SAME party, and everyone is being fleeced. But I understand what you mean when you say protesting this makes you anti-american. Concern for one’s well being and the well being of their brothers makes you a communist. It means you hate those you are concerned about.

    No Scott is not a cowardly, combat fleeing, america-hating anarchist. For the record, he is more american than ANY one of you. The irony that he fought for this country, survived two tours in Iraq nearly unscathed, then comes home to be critically injured by one of his own is stark. So go ahead and sit behind your computers and make assumptions of a man’s character that you don’t even know, because I can assure you Scott Olsen has more Character than any of you fascist blog addicts.

    And for the record I am not some revolutionary, or some anarchist. I am not democrat or republican. I am not a zealous protester. I am just a working stiff in the middle of the midwest striving to pay a mortgage and raise my daughter. I work 40 hours a week, 80 in the winter, and still manage to barely eek by. You can say what you want about Scott Olsen, it is your right. But it does not mean you are right.

    He is not a martyr to me. He is not the posterchild of a movement. To me he is a dear friend who I have worried about constantly since Thursday. He is a dear friend who I PRAY makes a full recovery. But you know him better than I do. You were there, right?

    In his short 24 years on this planet he has seen more that I have, and more than many of you. And yes, he is my hero.

    And for the record, Scott Olsen is the most non-violent person I know

  • Matt

    Im glad I kept reading, it was to read all of this moronic hate being spewed, you people are repulsive, thank Jon for inserting a breath of rational thought, and truth. Best to you and Scott

  • michael

    This event looks contrived to maximize an emotional response. Agitated people are easier to manipulate.
    I don’t exactly trust this guy, but he does make a good argument it is a staged event.
    The 1 percent are playing both sides.

  • Paul

    Molon; I could have sworn i typed my mos I was an 0612 I’m not an infantry man, or any kind of cool go getter. I was in an infantry battalion though. that’s what 3/4 is Um well our battlion was spread out while were were in Iraq I spent some time at fob Hit, and the rest of the time at haditha dam. as for my company I was in headquarters company. but again in iraq 2008 we were very spread out. you see we got there at the end of the surge so we took over from at least two battalions one was 3/7 and the other was some reservist unit, I think it was 3/23 (but i can’t say that with certanty) once again you are more then welcome to come take a look at my dd-214 i can also show you copies of my orders, which i have copied and saved ( well all except my comm school one.) i mean crap my unit even made one of those stupid yearbook type things from our deployment to Iraq. I’m apologise if i come off as abrasive and rude, but i take a lot of pride in my service and quite frankly I am a little ticked that Olsen got his skull fractured. once again we were in the same platoon although He was a corporal when we served together. and from what i have been reading, he got out as a lance. which makes me wonder. but still He was a pretty squared away marine when i worked with him. well under him I was a Lance corporal at the time. it just ticks me off when i see somebody i know go down. because weather he is turd or not dosen’t really concern me. I personally believe that an attack on one marine is an attack on all marines

  • Paul

    Also, since my service in the military, what about you? have you served in the military? I don’t take offense if you don’t think I’m the tip of the spear, truth is I’m not i’m a pog, But i was in an infantry unit. I did my job, and if i had to do anything extra i did it. thing about Iraq and Afghanistan is that there is not a front line, convoys get attacked by IEDS, sometimes they attack more complexly. a deployment over to either of those combat zones truly affects everyone involved. it truly bothers me that if I disagree with what’s considered the more conservative side of politics I’m labeled a communist. i’m not, I don’t agree with everything that the occupy movement wants, because there are so many different agendas, but with the way things are going I have no problem supporting the movement.

  • Matt

    The people speaking out against Olsen on this page are fascists and/or fascists pawns. Hear me out.
    let’s just assume that Olsen is a fake, or better yet, is not a veteran, and there is just a huge mix up, nobody meant to claim he was, there’s no conspiracy, just a mix up in reporting. (not to say that’s the situation but for the sake of argument: it’s just a mix up.)

    1. Why is it wrong for a two tour Iraq veteran to have a web page called “I hate the Marines”? He is an American citizen, he served his country and risked his life for all of you knuckle draggers to turn around and hate him. If he had a personal experience that compelled him to speak out, then he has every right to do so. What is it about that, that makes him a failure? What is it about that, that makes him a “poorly parented lost soul”? Are you saying that every young man in America should just sacrifice himself to whatever the powers that be deem “patriotic”? Like a slave? Like a robot? What sense does it make to ridicule a man who speaks out against tyranny, if he perceives it so? Are you so deluded that you think the Marines can do no wrong? That our obviously corporatized government coerced “war”, is impossibly objectionable? Is that so? He who objects to the status quo is an enemy? You are a fascist.

    This is what you are all saying “the government wants us to war, and to consider that objectionable, makes you worthy to be hit in the head with a projectile and rendered mute for objecting”. SORRY FOLKS, THAT’S FASCISM.


    The true irony of you, those who think Olsen is a “looser that deserved what he got”, or better yet “enjoy the idea that Olsen is a looser that got what he deserved…is that you are incapable of analyzing reality, you are stuck in this circular thinking, you buy the packaged ideology that you have subscribed to. Just like a magazine in the mail. You buy the clothes, talk the talk, walk the walk, puke out the same idiotic rhetoric as the guy next to you reading the same magazine.

    Regardless of this guys story, regardless of the validity of the OWS movement, THEY PROVE YOU TO BE FASCIST, BY INCITING YOU TO BE YOURSELVES.

  • Foster Mangate

    Too bad the site is not real. Well, it’s a “real website” but it was created by the right after Olsen’s story hit the news — as a smear job.

    It looks like something that was put together quickly by a fat, cheeto-eating, masturbation addict in his mother’s basement.

    Nice try, losers — but we see through your paranoid, right-wing, propaganda.

  • Tiredofit!

    I would like proof that the police officers purposely shot this guy in the head. I dont care what his political views are or his stance on the Marine Corps. What Im tired of reading and seeing is comments that police officers, took steady aim, fired, and were happy that they hit someone in the head. Has anyone ever shot a tear gas weapon? And the reason for the use of tear gas is very simple…its a requirement for law enforcement to use non-lethal tactics against protestors. The reason…people got tired of being shot with real bullets! But of course IT COULDNT be possible that the tear gas canister skipped of the ground, went airborne and ACCIDENTALLY hit this guy in the head. NOOOO cause that would make to much sense. AND YES it does happen. As someone who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan, gas canisters and even bullets bounce! I know, I know its difficult to understand, but maybe with time you will come to understand. I have a very difficult time believing that a police officer, who normal they join departments to protect and serve…I know another difficult concept for hippies and idiots to understand, would just simply throw all of that away for a shot to the head with a tear gas canister. A weapon that easily traceable. But of course what am I saying, police are evil…until your being robbed, murdered, or raped and then they are heros! Entertaining how Sept 11th Police were heros and loved, sure didnt take long for that to go down the drain.

  • Dick
  • wannabemarine

    #15 Jim, you are full of it and I don’t believe you at all. You spent time at “bases” (Which ones?) and you “noticed” mis-management? I suppose any civilian could just spend time on a “base” and “notice” waste and mismanagement. And after the first fictional son enlisted, he didn’t notice all this until after the 3rd fictional son enlisted? You are full of it.

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  • Truth Seeker

    Dick #186, I too am amazed at the lengths many deniers will go to, to refute that their poster boy is the same guy as who made the anti-marines site (as well as that YouTube channel of his).

    They haven’t even bothered to research the Milan, IL address they now tout as a proof, to learn it’s a actually the street address for a referral service about finding roofing contractors. Fact is, it’s no one’s home address. It took me all of 2 clicks to learn that.

    There’s MANY plausible reasons why he picked it to enter. Maybe he has a friend or relative who works at that stable mailing address? His hate/marines site’s 2009 creation date coincides with when Olsen was still enlisted. Obviously a temporary military location, whether in USA or Iraq, is not a permanent address to enter. If he anticipated having like-minded readers mail letters to him, a stable mailing address sure trumps a temporary military one. And it would be nuts for him to have entered his parents’s true address in Wisconsin for such purpose. What’s left? It could just be an address he picked at random, just to fill up the space in the site sign-up form. The entering of a bogus address is a ruse often used by site owners who just don’t want to pay the extra fees it costs to legally hide their home address entry from the online display of it. Especially if the site content is controversial. It’s easy to get away with entering a fake address there, just as long as your payment for the domain name still works. So, anyone who insists a site’s displayed reg address is a legal proof, just proves their own ignorance of how the site registration process really works.

    Another glaring example of ignorance is the dubious claim posted above, that Olsen supposedly hails from Oakland. Gimme a break! Fact: he lives far away from there, with a roommate in Daly City, and works in San Francisco. And his hometown was in Wisconsin. It amazes me how little some people even know about the poster boy they’re spreading such easily-disproved lies & rhetoric about.

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  • gavind

    Scott Olsen said he hated the “Marine Corp.”, not the Marines or people serving in the Marines. His problem isn’t with his fellow soldiers but what he saw as a corrupt administration. His site seemed dedicated to providing disgruntled vets a forum for venting against their former bosses. It goes in character with someone protesting against a system he sees as broken.

    And are you really pushing that tired meme that politically left-leaning individuals hate the troops? We have all the respect for the troops — we don’t like what their bosses are ordering them to do. Nuance — it’s necessary for arguments.

    Also I don’t see any “Jew-bashing” in that excerpt — the orignal Israeli colonists did displace the indigenous people, just like what the European colonists did to the natives of what became the U.S. What, do you think the Palestinians happily handed their land over to the Jewish settlers?

    Finally, the left sent a bunch of trolls over? What is this mysterious “left” and where is their base of operations? You know, where the trolls are deployed from? Who is their leader? It’s certainly not Obama.

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  • Allen


    The 99%: Official list of Occupy Wall Street’s supporters, sponsors and sympathizers

    Communist Party USA
    Communist Party USA, OWS speech, The Daily Caller
    American Nazi Party
    Media Matters, American Nazi Party, White Honor, Sunshine State News
    Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran
    The Guardian, Tehran Times, CBS News
    Barack Obama
    ABC News, CBS News, ForexTV, NBC New York
    The government of North Korea
    Korean Central News Agency (North Korean state-controlled news outlet), The Marxist-Leninist, Wall Street Journal, Times of India
    Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam
    video statement (starting at 8:28), Black in America, Weasel Zippers, Philadelphia Weekly
    Revolutionary Communist Party
    Revolutionary Communist Party, Revolution newspaper, in-person appearance
    David Duke
    Talking Points Memo, video statement,

    MORE The 99%: Official list of Occupy Wall Street’s supporters, sponsors and sympathizers

    Joe Biden
    Talking Points Memo, video statement, Mother Jones
    Hugo Chavez
    Mother Jones, Reuters,
    Revolutionary Guards of Iran
    Associated Press, FARS News Agency, UPI
    Black Panthers (original)
    in-person appearance, Occupy Oakland, Oakland Tribune
    Socialist Party USA
    Socialist Party USA, IndyMedia, The Daily Caller
    US Border Guard
    White Reference,, Gateway Pundit, Just Another Day blog
    Industrial Workers of the World
    IWW web site,, in-person appearances
    in-person appearance, Washington Post, CAIR, CAIR New York
    Nancy Pelosi
    Talking Points Memo, video statement, ABC News, The Weekly Standard
    Communist Party of China
    People’s Daily (Communist Party organ), Reuters,, The Telegraph

    MORE The 99%: Official list of Occupy Wall Street’s supporters, sponsors and sympathizers

    Sources:, (2), (3), wikipedia
    Sources: (1), (2), (3)
    International Bolshevik Tendency
    Sources:, Wire Magazine
    Adbusters, The Guardian, video statement
    White Revolution
    International Socialist Organization
    Socialist Worker,, in-person appearance
    PressTV (Iranian government outlet)
    PressTV, wikipedia
    Marxist Student Union
    Marxist Student Union, Big Government,
    Freedom Road Socialist Organization
    FightBack News,
    ANSWER press release, ANSWER web site, Xinhua
    Party for Socialism and Liberation
    Liberation News (1),, The Daily Free Press, Liberation News (2)

  • Jimmy

    Bad thing about people feeling sorry for Scott Olsen are, he was kicked out of the Corps. He has a General Under Honorable Conditions discharge. He does not represent the Good Veterans in the US. Sorry he was hurt, but he got what was coming to him!

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  • Jarduin

    Being informed on the history of the creation of states doesn’t make someone a Jew hater. What’s with people being all crazy defensive of Israel? Being anti Israili doesn’t make someone anti-Jew. Truth is truth. People are on different sides of things. It doesn’t make his point any less valid and it doesn’t mean he needs to be shot. Granted, it seems to have been a sucky accident, especially for the cops, but still.

    And for anyone who wants to hate on a military member hating the military, you’ve obviously not been in. Anyone who is the slightest bit informed on what their missions will do or why they have to do them, or any situation in the countries they’re going to work in or are dealing with, any service member will likely be against it if he’s not a complete weirdo who just wants to kill people. The military is not so full of drones as people might believe. You can still love America and be against some of the things elected leaders choose to make people do. People don’t just join the Corp. It’s not like any of the other branches.

    Anyway, shame on you sir for pulling this crap. It was an accident and there’s no need for this. All this does is splits people further, on both sides. As usual, people would rather cheer for death and suffering and division on the basis of completely ridiculous things which don’t necessarily have anything to do with anything relevant. So what if he had those beliefs? At the time the can hit him, his prime goal was to support the Occupy movement. When pretending to be civilized, or more civil than other people at least, it’s best not to prove how big of a hypocrit you are.

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  • LIbertyRising

    Linked to this piece of trash “journalism” from a great article at that talks about how more and more veterans are turning out for the protests. I’d lay even money that most of the idiots (including the moron writing this blog) have never served a day in their miserable stinking lives. Yes, I have ’75 – ’79 USMC. I’ll stand with Scott Olsen any time, any day. Pukes.

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