Unhinged and Dangerous… Leftist Threatens to Assassinate Republican Congressman Bobby Schilling

Rep. Bobby Schilling is a Republican Congressman from western Illinois.

A crazed and violent leftist has threatened to assassinate freshman Republican Congressman Bobby Schilling.
The threats are believed to have been made by Google user “FBInCIAnNSATerroristSlayer.”
The Hill reported:

The FBI and U.S. Capitol Police are investigating an online threat made against Rep. Bobby Schilling (R-Ill.) that offered a $75,000 reward for his assassination.

The FBI and Capitol Police also are investigating a similarly worded online threat against President Obama and his family and several other lawmakers.

Schilling learned of the threat against him in an email alert Tuesday night, according to his spokeswoman, Andrea Pivarunas. Sherriff’s deputies reportedly responded to the congressman’s district home and have passed the matter on to the FBI and Capitol Police.

“After receiving a very concerning email alert Tuesday evening, Rep. Schilling and his family are taking recommended precautions while the situation is investigated by relevant authorities,” wrote Pivarunas in an email to The Hill.

“He is grateful for the professionalism of local law enforcement in responding to this situation,” she added.

The email threat against Schilling states, “I will pay $75,000 for ASSASSINATING Illinois Congresswoman (sic) Bobby Schilling and any US Congressman, US Senator and FBI, CIA and NSA DIRECTORS and their FAMILY MEMBERS regardless of their age,” according to local news reports.

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  • MrGoodWench

    The FBI and U.S. Capitol Police are investigating an online threat made against Rep. Bobby Schilling (R-Ill.) that offered a $75,000 reward for his assassination.

    I’m sure Democratic Party and Soros will find some money to contribute to the bounty , maybe make it an even million dollars or something ? I mean c’mon, no marxist plays with thousands anymore, its millions and billions now !

  • patman

    This probably has NOTHING to do with a UNION member, right???

  • http://www.scoamf.com/ Neo

    This is sad

  • StrangernFiction

    Regardless of their age?

  • MrGoodWench

    So will Holder+Hussein provide the guns for these assasinations ?

  • http://My One Man’s Thoughts

    Should take about 10 minutes to run down the culprit. Footprints, footprints people. Hard to run away from technology, but…most don’t realize this. Always watch your comments on line. Just a word of advice. Heck, may be a kid, but whoever it is asked for some serious trouble.

  • Nancy

    I have never understood people who make online threats. They have to know that it can be traced.

    It could be a kid, somebody who wants to inject some excitement into his life or a genuine nut, but whichever it is, or none, it is simply stupid.

  • MrGoodWench

    Nancy commented:
    I have never understood people who make online threats. They have to know that it can be traced.
    Not when Google can make things disappear !!

  • jony101

    I suspect it has to do with the “occupy” group, they have been instigating so much mayhem. Liberals are the most violent foul mouth unkempt people in the world, the Romans use to call them barbariaans.

  • jimg

    Any chance Krugman blames Sarah Palin?

  • Johnny Nunya

    Where in The Hill report did you get “crazed and violent leftist”? The report says the FBI is investigating similar threats to Obama and his family. Typical republican spin

  • http://biggovernment gosh!

    #2 bing…………………

  • rastamick

    Leftists ? Don’t you mean Nazis or Fascists ? You morons all think they mean the same thing. What are they going to do beat him with a foreclosure notice ?

  • StrangernFiction

    #11 October 20, 2011 at 5:16 pm
    Johnny Nunya commented:

    Cause leftists NEVER kill other leftists?

  • Ginger
  • Taqiyyotomist

    I’m guessing the culprit has ties to the #occupy movement — and, therefore, the White House.

    Just this week’s iteration of “Manufactured Crisis”.

    This story has a funny odor about it. Note that there were “similarly-worded” messages mentioning Obama as a “payable” target…

    1. NOBODY on the right with two brain cells to rub together even CONSIDERS wanting Obama to get “whacked”. A d*(khead is one thing. A d*(khead MARTYR is TEN TIMES WORSE.

    2. If the offer was real: note that the political affiliation of the “payable” targets is not important. ALL THAT MATTERS is that somebody in the list of Incorrect People Who Must Die (all the people most Paulians and other listeners of late-nite AM-Radio tend to hate — all that’s missing is a chupacabra), dies.

    3. The #occupy ORGANIZERS want chaos. They need it. They don’t need their “Kent State” moment. They need their “Reichstag” moment.

    (And by #occupy organizers — I mean the current regime, and their global Communist puppetmasters.)


    OH, OT and BTW:

    CAIR has invited all the #OWS protesters to participate in Friday Prayers at Zucotti Park.


    Q: Do muslim males rape blonde female reporters (and protesters, presumably) BEFORE or AFTER Friday Prayers? I suspect the answer is…


  • Voice of Reason

    I thought the vitriol was suppose to stop after the Tuscon shooting?

  • http://www.emersons.net Russ

    Isn’t it a bit premature to state that the unhinged loony in question is necessarily a leftist? I mean, the threatened persons cover pretty much the entire spectrum of US politics.

    I’d be more inclined to suggest that the loony in question is a tinfoil hat wearing UFOlogist.

  • donh

    I would look into Joe Biden and his Code Pink staffers before some OWS slacker. Bobby Schilling is the man who removed Union Thug Phil Hare from office.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Note also that Loughner was a LEFTIST who hated Gabby Giffords for the same reason the average KosKiddie hated her: BECAUSE SHE WASN’T A “TRUE” FELLOW TRAVELLER, NOT LEFTIST ENOUGH.


    I would bet a few quatloos that the IP address has been traced to a .edu domain.