Setting the Stage–
Radical anti-government activist and leader of the anti-capitalist #occupy movement, Lisa Fithian, was caught in action at the Occupy Chicago protest on October 10, 2011, training Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) members on how to stage their arrests for the cameras.

While you were going to work, paying your bills, taking the kids to their ballgame… The left was scheming.
This is an eye-popping video by the EAGFoundation:

Kyle Olson at Big Government has more on these staged mob activities and arrests.

And, in this video, the #OWS organizer directs protesters (at 2:40 mark), “If you don’t have a camera, we’ll get arrested later.”
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  1. Succinct, linked roundup of the work product of these people. Jim Hoft’s posts figure heavily in it.

  2. Fugly dyke and her useful idiots. How much lower can we go.

  3. But, but, but, . . .

    I thought those who said that there was/is a conspiracy to take down the USA and erase its sovereignty with the geographical area formerly known as the US to be subject to the UN style of Big Government were,


    Lets ask Lisa if there’s a larger game afoot here?

  4. you will never see this in american tass.

  5. The Dems will do anything to win in 2012! This OWS effort is just the beginning. They want to convert America to socialism where the Dems are in power and rule every aspect of our lives. Just look at California — they’re leading the way for the Federal government!

  6. Nothing to see here.

  7. Filth, rising to the top!

  8. We all know Communists won’t hesitate to use propganda and lies to further their cause.

    The real shocker is that the police are colluding with them in order tohelp them decieve the public.

  9. What do you think Mr O’keefe is going show us???

    Can’t wait

  10. Obama understands their frustration.

    Why the fvck would a public teachers GOOONION be frustrated with WALL STREET.
    This is ATTEMPT to further COMMUNISM…………….nothing more.

  11. “Lookee what we did…” Well, the upside is that these effete little cockroaches are going to be heading for workers’ paradises – NKorea, Siberia, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. – any day now, correct?

  12. Oddly enough, these public union pensions are heavily invested in Wall St. Imagine that.

  13. Occupy Baltimore hates Women; seeks to keep them from reporting crimes to police.

    @ #1 should have had this link, titled “Just Like the TEA Party”

  14. i would love to walk through the crowd just randomly swinging a billy club and see what happens

  15. She needs a bullet or three through her empty head.

  16. Yeah Beck so was so crazy. Someone ought to pick him up. He nailed it while the others have buried their heads in the sand.

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