Karzai: Afghans Will Stand With Pakistan in War With the US (Video)

Wasn’t Hillary just there the day before yucking it up with Karzai?
Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has said that his country will stand by “brother Pakistan” if it was attacked either by US or India.

“God forbid, if anytime war erupts between Pakistan and the United States, we will stand by Pakistan. If Pakistan is attacked and if the people of Pakistan need Afghanistan’s help, Afghanistan would be there with you.”

Time to go?
Reuters reported:

Afghanistan would support Pakistan in case of military conflict between Pakistan and the United States, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said in an interview to a private Pakistani TV channel broadcast on Saturday.

The remarks were in sharp contrast to recent tension between the two neighbors over cross-border raids, and Afghan accusations that Pakistan was involved in killing the chief Afghan peace envoy, former Afghan president Burhanuddin Rabbani, by a suicide bomber on September 20.

“God forbid, If ever there is a war between Pakistan and America, Afghanistan will side with Pakistan,” he said in the interview to Geo television.

“If Pakistan is attacked and if the people of Pakistan needs Afghanistan’s help, Afghanistan will be there with you.”

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  • ebayer

    Oh well…they won’t be missed.(Afghanistan or Pakistan)

  • Highlander

    So, are we ready to admit who we’re at war with yet?

  • Ruebacca

    Muslims vs the world.

  • American Woman

    Karzai is an enemy of the United States, and he stifles the human rights of many Afghan citizens. He is a misogynist, who represses the rights of Afghan women.

    When I think of the Americans who have lost their lives to establish a democracy in Iraq, I could weep.

    There is no democracy in Afghanistan, but there is Karzai, who plays footsies with the Taliban and the Islamic Fascists of Pakistan.




  • GGMac

    There are no words. Well…actually, there are plenty of words – just better to not say them.

  • Multitude

    “Respected in the world.”


    The one consistency in our current foreign policy is that we’re getting universally bitch-slapped everywhere we go. As one who had hoped for a post-realist capacity, I’m astounded at just how unrestrained so many are in their desire to smack Barack and Hillary down. Hell, Hillary’s barely on the outbound plane before every damn nation is deriding us.

    Under Bush, the rare tyrant chose to deride and mock us. Under Barack, we’re a total freaking joke. Barack embodies the wimp on the playground which every bully on their worst days would seek out, merely to take out their frustrations on.

    Barack: It may be that the sole purpose of your life is merely to serve as a warning to others.

  • JB

    This is not very politically correct to say, but on average Afghans (and Pakistanis as well) aren’t smart enough for Western-style liberal democracy.

  • Obama had better get on his CANADIAN bus and race over to BOW to Karzi…well, maybe curtsy since that is the new “You Don’t Have to Ask, I’ll Be Happy to Show and Tell” military posture before enemies now with him as CiC. …that’ll make Karzi think twice about flipping off “Da Won”….

  • Bubba


  • Bubba

    Has this piece of crap failure succeeded at anything—ANYTHING–with regards to foreign policy? He’s a complete four coiler brown stain on everything the US Presidency is supposed to embody.

  • FrankLloydReich

    Oh yeah ? Afghanistan , Pakistan and who’s army ? Why you … I oughta …
    America cultivates all of it’s own enemies , Karzai can just be the latest in a long line , there’s plenty more where he came from .

  • Estragon

    Hypothetically speaking, if Afghanistan and Pakistan were both nuked until they glow there would be very little loss to the world economically or culturally, but after a few years the territory might be turned into a vast tourist attraction – a great glass Disney World, so to speak – which might quickly generate more in positive contributions to the world than the status quo.

    Just a thought . . .

  • regularguy

    The idea that any western nation founded on principles of Christianity, Judaism and freedom can fight a war with people of islamic beliefs and successfully bring about a lasting solution without eradicating islam within those countries, is pure folly. We either must banish islam or forget any wars with muslims.

    Sounds extreme, but we’re merely spinning wheels until we confront our discomfort with this reality.

  • MrGoodWench

    “God forbid, If ever there is a war between Pakistan and America, Afghanistan will side with Pakistan,” he said in the interview to Geo television.
    and I’m sure Obama will side with Pakistan too , if that happens

  • Molon Labe

    Hillary has been such a great Sec State. She is the twin of her evil partner Commissar Zero.

  • gus

    as the rest of the world LAUGHS at Obama and gives us the FINGER. Obama continues to believe sucking MUZZTARD C0CK earns OBAMA and the United States int’l respect.
    Obama is creating very very very dangerous situations for America. He has licked Irans’ balls, and he has WATCHED as the Middle East has become MUCH MUCH more DANGEROUS.

    Which NATIONS have come to RESPECT us?? Name ONE. Obama is a fvcking CLOWN.

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  • bg


    /sarc warning for moronic obots/

    “the enemies of his enemy are his friends”

    what an utterly proud moment for B Hussein O!!


  • bg
  • Ohio Granny

    And just a few days ago, Hillary was yukking it up with this guy about what a dunce Herman Cain was. Wonder how many bags of US cash she had to take to bribe him to sit with her? The US should have been kicking this guy to the curb after the first set of purple fingers.

  • big L

    U bet sometime in the near future the US wil end up with a tri-state area radiocative for 400 yrs/
    Great population moves, disruption. We are seeing the ground work and having sand kicked in oir faces.

  • Joe Blow

    I completely agree with #13. When the US leaves Iraq just let them go after each other, as they will, to reduce their populations and stay out of the fight. Islam cannot get along with Christianity, Judaism, or even other sects of Islam. I do not believe they are capable of living under a democracy as their religion goes against all freedoms. Just wait to see what kind of Democracy comes into Egypt and Libya. I expect it will be called The Muslim Brotherhood, rule by the blade.

  • Redlite

    somebody please find the quote from Barry when he said ;If the muslim world were attacked that he would stand with muslims. If he is not the first muslim president I will sacrifice my firstborn! The country can not have him as president any longer. He has done enough damage already! Before the election I firmly believed he was a wolf in sheeps clothing, I believe that more than ever.

  • NeoKong

    Calm down people.
    Number one. The U.S. is not going to war with Pakistan so Karzai is making an empty promise.

    Number two. As the leader of a Muslim country he cannot publicly state that he would wage war against Pakistan. He has to keep things cool with Pakistan. Not make them worse.

    He cannot turn on America.
    If he did all the money, aid and security that makes his rule possible would come to an end.

    He is playing good cop /bad cop.

    “Oh those damn Americans. Don’t worry Pakistan….we are your friends.”

  • Greenstew

    We have our Secretary of State Hilary Clinton with Karzai on foreign soil attacking the character of a U S president hopeful. Which undermines his standing in another country if elected. Then this same Karzai that Clinton is in bed with threatens our country with his statement “he will go to war against us”. Clinton has undermined her position as S of S and should be removed. She needs to resign.

  • Iconoclast

    The best possible solution would be to send Comrade Zero & its entire crew of lying enablers to Sandland on a ‘fact finding tour’ (the flying cow can take everyone she wants) and then fabricate a vast sea of glowing glass from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian border, thus treating two vile cancers – ‘progressives’ & jihadis – at once. Not completely eliminating those problems, admittedly, but one heck of a good start.

    This proposal is only partially facetious. The world could only be improved by a reduction in either demographic.

  • bg


    July 10, 2008

    Obama’s larkana Connection

    September 5, 2010

    Paki Minister Wants Obama to Offer Eid Prayers at
    Ground Zero & Declare Himself Caliph of All Muslims

    May 6, 2011

    Islamists Hold “Save Us From Obama” Rally in Pakistan

    June 20, 2011

    Flashback: Obama the Candidate Excoriates
    Pakistan for Holding Talks With Taliban (vid)

    did a lot of research that i had posted on this issue, but most of GP’s
    archives have been deleted, and will try and relocate as much as i can,
    but this will have to suffice for now..

    scroll down to:


    Occidental College and the Pakistan Visit

    Obama stays with the family of Hassan Chandoo while in Karachi. Another
    of Obama’s hosts, in Jacobabad, Pakistan, is Muhammadian Mian Soomro,
    Obama’s senior by 11 years, son of a Pakistani politician (Ahmadmian
    Soomro, the deputy speaker of the West Pakistan Assembly) and himself
    a politician, who later becomes interim president of Pakistan when Pervez
    Musharraf resigns in August of 2008. Soomro states that “someone”
    personally requested that his father “watch over” Barack Obama, but
    Soomro will not name that individual—who allegedly is an American,
    possibly with CIA ties, now living in South America.

    OT.. Earthquake strikes Eastern Turkey / Iran..


  • squeaky

    maybe hamid is doing sort of a clean-up – india and pakistan being enemies and all….
    [[Peshawar — Police have started an investigation after the killing of three people including 2 women from Bajur Agency; the Taliban have claimed that they killed these people because of their bad character.]] now, while this is in pakistan – hardly the type folks you would ever want in a ruling position again. there is nothing about obama that elicits confidence.

  • J

    As evil as this thought is, I’m thinking that when we leave Iraq and Afghanistan, we should leave a scorched, parking-lot-like landscape behind. Perhaps the muslim world will get the picture.

  • ilikai

    time to pull the troops back out of there. It’s been a useless endeavor anyways. Cost too many troops their lives for what amounts to nothing and no help from the locals. Let them kill each other now.

  • Swifty

    Glad the US taxpayer and US troops could keep your raggedy old ass alive all of this time.

    Time for new elections in Afghanistan.

  • theBuckWheat

    This stinks. Then let them stew in their own soup. No more American blood, nor (borrowed) treasure.

  • Greg

    Dear Hilliary,,,if you have an ounce of respect for the US,,,you must have a public response to Karzai, that the world would understand as a clearly defined bitchslap

  • Spider

    This ‘Smart Power’, is well, really…. not so smart

  • RedBeard

    Hillay’s Smart Power, combining hard power and soft power into a policy of……… um……. well, something……. we’re not sure what……. and neither is she.

    But she is The Smartest Person in the World! Hillary for president! Wouldn’t that just be the greatest thing EVER? [insert rolling eyes here]

  • apodoca

    America is a Judaeo-Christian nation, no matter what Obama says a, with a small number of hellish Muslims, may their numbers never increase, Lord. No matter what good we do any Muslim country we will always be the enemy. I am content for it to be so. For, in order for it to be different, we will have become one of the denizens of the Islamic hell. No thanks, I’ll pass. Let Karzai smoke his opium, wear his silk dresses, and have sex with his little boys. That is the order of things in his country. When the Muslims who don’t agree with him start blowing up the little hellhole that Islam has made of Afghanistan, let Karzai look to Pakistan who trained and raised the Taliban that helped to oppress the Afghanis. Islam is hell. Let them delight in it.

  • bg


    squeaky #28 October 23, 2011 at 7:35 am

    [October 4, 2011

    Afghanistan on Tuesday signed a strategic partnership with India, its
    first such agreement with any country recognizing a regional ally largely
    sidelined during a decade of U.S.-led international efforts to root out
    terrorists on Afghan soil.

    While the pact had been expected, its timing sparked speculation of
    a shift in regional alignments after Afghan President Hamid Karzai
    chastised neighboring Pakistan for failing to act against Taliban-led
    insurgents based within its borders.


    “Afghanistan recognizes the danger that this region is facing through
    terrorism and the radicalism that’s been used as an instrument of policy
    against civilians, against innocent citizens of our countries,” Karzai told


    Karzai had said over the weekend he was giving up on negotiating with
    the Taliban directly, and accused Pakistan of doing little to help rein in

    It’s an allegation familiar with Indians, who blame Pakistan-based
    insurgents for the 2008 Mumbai attacks that killed 166 people and
    accuse Islamabad of doing little to bring the perpetrators to justice.


    “The U.S. is now willing to let India play a larger role in Afghanistan,
    and certainly Afghanistan wants it,” said analyst Lalit Mansingh, a
    former Indian foreign secretary and ambassador to Washington. ”
    After years of being sidelined, India is now regarded very much as
    part of the solution.” [more @ link]

    sure seems contradictory doesn’t it.. *sigh*


  • Robert

    While I think that this is merely political posturing by Karzai,
    it illustrates that you cannot do nation-building while playing nice.

  • Druid

    Is it too late to utterly destroy the ten largest cities in Afghanistan in retaliation for 9-11?

  • lol

    well thats gratitude for ya! i thought since bush “neglected” this war, and the “won” was now in charge they were going to love and respect the U.S. looks like another foriegn policy disaster thanks to this administration.

  • retire05

    What you are seeing is the meltdown of the entire Middle East because we have a community organizer in office that thinks he can get everyone to sing Kumbaya. He can’t.

    We are pulling all our troops out of Iraq because Obama and Clinton could not extend the agreement that Bush had made with the Iraqis to leave a small contingent to control the Iraqi army/police. Major fail on Obama’s part. Afghaistan is feeling its oats knowing that the U.S. has failed in negotiations with Iraq. Iran is sitting outside Iraqs door, just waiting to move in. Pakistan is not interested in fighting Afghanistan, the prize it has its eye on is India. But in an Pakistan/India war, Afghanistan is useless because the Afghanis are not willing to fight and will cave to the Taliban who will have Karzi’s body in a meat locker being viewed by the rest of the barbarians. Karzi is being used as a pupped for Pakistan. Al Sadr is already in Iran.

    Egypt is about to be taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood. That ends all peace agreements with Israel, and gives Iran a chance to influence Egypt. Jordan, Syria, Libya, all about to fall to Al Qaeda, or the Muslim Brotherhood. Iran wants Iraqs oil, and the Afghan poppy fields. All these nations will band together against Israel, but Israel now knows it cannot count on this administration to help them.

    It is going to be one big Mid-East mafia power grab, with each sect, Sunni and Shi’ite, eventually turning on each other. This is what leading from behind has given us. But Iran is the big dog, with the money and man power to take over Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jordan, it’s already puppet Syria, Lebanon, Egypt. Believe it or not, the only ally we may wind up with is Saudi Arabia who fear Iran.

    We need to pull our troops and money out of Afghanistan. Within a month, Karzi will fall to the Taliban as that nation has neither the money or the will power to fight them off. Afghanistan will then be easy pickings for Pakistan.

    Both Clinton and Obama have been abstract failures, not looking at the end result. Obama missed his chance to change the direction of Iran when he failed to back the Iranian protests. Iran has only grown stronger under Obama. The goal of Iran is a united Middle East, a califate, to take on the western nations. In the last two years, that has become a closer reality. The Middle East will unite to fight the Big Satan.

    For ten years, we have been on the offence. We are soon to be in a position of defence. Israel will be attacked by united Arab nations. Saudi will have to side with us, or it will be taken over by Iran, and they know it.

    We have learned on thing from all of this: when you have to herd those who have the mentality of cattle, best to not hire a community organizer when it takes a cowboy to do the herding.

  • L.E. Liesner

    I wonder how much US money Karzai has in his numbered accounts? With friends like this who needs enemies.

  • Jaimo

    Hey didn’t our illustrious SCOAMF also say in one of his ghost written autobiographies say he would stand with Islam if the crap hit the fan. So it’s unanimous then, all our liberal leaders stand with Islam.

    I think it’s maybe time to pull our guys out of these God forsaken places and let them fight it out amongst themselves and no longer issue visas or permits to enter this Country to muslims, period. We can discuss what to do with the ones already here later on.

    This is getting ridiculous.

  • Smarty

    This is the fruit of a weak president. The penalty of going against us is billions of $$ in rebuilding money, the penalty of going against an Islamic nation is watching your children get raped and killed- Everyone in the world has seen the US abandon it’s friends and principles, why would they ever choose to stand with us again?

  • kansas

    This is the fruit of a President who is either Muslim or who certainly has Muslim and anti American sentiments. Some people better wake the f up.

  • tj

    And this was Obie’s “good war”…

    btw.. the quote was attributed to Karzai.. but are you sure Obie didn’t say it! I could hear him saying..”I will stand with Pakistan in a war against the US…” especially after his quote in the book about siding with Muzzies..

  • Rick

    This is what happens when a corrupt first lady and a community organizer run the country. I find it staggering that Ohomo still has a 40% approval rating

  • Joanne

    You can’t help muslims when they against all the Freedoms we have fought and died for. Get out of there and never look back.

  • Ella

    Obie has made a ton of progress this week in helping establish an islamic caliphate. While the masses sit on the sofa watching the World Series munching popcorn and chugging another microbrewery beer Obie is doing quite well at fulfilling his muslim duties.

    The ignorant alphabet soup media thinks he’s had quite a few foreign victories! Yeah baby!

    Victories alright! Just not for us. But our ignorant alphabet soup media are way too stupid to understand what’s really going on here. May the ignorant alphabet soup media’s daughters be the first to don their burkas!

  • Valerie

    The Iraqis and the Afghans and the Pakis are all waiting to see what the next administration will be.

    So am I, only it’s my watch, so I have work to do.

  • AnnaS

    As Drudge says this morning: “Islam Rising.” We go merrily along with our president hailing all the Muslim Brotherhood takeovers in Middle East countries. Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Lybia, etc. To which of these would you like to take a vacation? Even FOX is celebrating the “liberation” of Libya. Hide and watch how much liberty there is there (they are already saying the country will be under Sharia law).

  • mamagriz68

    And I was just saying to my husband this morning that Obama is overseeing the loss of the Middle East to the Islamofascists. First Egypt, which will be controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. Next Libya, which will soon have sharia law. After that will be Iraq, which Iran will bring under its thumb in short order after we leave (they refuse to let us have bases there after December). We have lost Pakistan as any kind of ally. It should come as no surprise that Afghanistan is following suit. Guess leading from behind doesn’t work all that well. Not only has he set back our economy decades, our diplomatic relations are in tatters.

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