It Begins… #Occupy Denver Thugs Knock Police Officer Off His Motorcycle & Kick Cops – 20 Arrested

Local reporters say that around 60 protesters have been arrested so far at the Occupy Denver protests.

Occupy Denver protesters knocked a police officer off his bike and kicked police during clashes today at the Colorado Capitol. One protester was knocked out of a tree during the melee.
Local CBS reported:

A tense standoff between protesters and authorities near the steps of the Colorado Capitol erupted into a clash Saturday that resulted in a surge of demonstrators being met with police force that included reports of pepper spray and rubber bullets.

The situation downtown escalated when some supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement marching in a group of about 2,000 tried to advance up the Capitol steps.

About eight officers scuffled with a group of protesters, according to The Denver Post, and police confirmed to the newspaper that they used pepper spray and either rubber bullets or pepper balls to break up the crowd.

Denver police spokesman Matt Murray said protesters knocked an officer off his motorcycle and other officers were kicked by demonstrators.

Murray said seven protesters were arrested, including two for assault and one for disobedience. He said some demonstrators had received medical treatment on the scene, but no one had been taken to a hospital.

Mike Korzen, 25, said he was among the protesters whom police dispersed with rubber bullets and pepper spray.

“I was standing there with my hands behind my back,” Korzen said, using a water bottle to wash pepper spray from his eyes.

Democratic Rep. Ed Perlmutter of the Denver suburbs visited the protest site Saturday afternoon to try to calm protesters.

Two of the protesters were held for felony charges after police said an officer was knocked off his motorcycle and other officers were kicked, as they moved into the park to tear down illegal tents. 20 were arrested overall.

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  • lynched1

    Occufraud strikes again.

  • RKflorida

    Assaulting a cop? In my experience that is a really big deal. Why the police are not knocking heads is beyond me.

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  • jim m

    The occupods are trying their best to provoke a “Kent State moment”. As much as I would like to see the police put away their rubber bullets for this crowd I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of martyring a single one of the useful idiots they have put in the streets.

  • Maybe the police need to put up a HUGE screen and a projector across the street from the “Occupiers” and show raw footage of Tiananmen Square.

  • Objective Analysis

    Community Organizer in Chief Obama is so proud of his rift raft (a/k/a civil service force)

  • Freedom Vs. Tyranny:
    Occupy Wall Street just another lefty fakeout.

    Jenny Hatch

  • Patty

    Hope the Police officers hurt sue. And if you assaulted a police officer it is a felony and stays on your record. These youth are apparently oblivious to the law. Tear Gas and real bullets in other nations. We are too kind to these occupiers and someone in Government like the Fake President should call for order.

    He won’t he has to go trick or treating tonight, maybe tomorrow. Maybe before riot with guns happens and an officer is killed.

    There is such a lack of respect for authority in America. When and how it happen God only knows. But it is almost inevitable that someone will be killed.

  • Patty

    Ayers must be laughing tonight. After all he honors those who kill cops. Cops are paying for Obama’s failures to lead.


  • The Elector of Saxony

    The police better get control of these malcontents quickly. They need to stop treating them like naughty teens and treat them like the dangerous radicals they actually are. If these morons don’t wake up in the hospital after assaulting a police officer, it’s just going to embolden the rest of the scum. Let them understand they take their lives and health in their hands if they get out of line and they will not dare. If they put their hands on one officer, make it known 25 of them will be put in the ICU and they may never be heading back to the dorm. If the authorities don’t own those streets, there is going to be real violence by these Occu-Idiots and we may see serious body counts.

  • Patty

    #2 October 29, 2011 at 9:16 pm
    RKflorida commented:

    They’d be sued, suspended or worse fired. But they can sue for injuries. And I pray they do.

  • Patty

    And by the way, the police are acting on the authority of the chief and he gets his orders from the Mayor.

    Remember this when you vote. Please!

  • Patty

    If one cop is killed this administration will have some real explaining to do. I know they hate cops no matter what Biden says. I see him standing their will the Golden Boys. Cops, no really they don’t work the streets and do the real work.

    Ask the beat cops what they think, they will have a real different opinion. I do know a new Chief who is coming to Denver and his name is White. He is a black man. He hasn’t been a real extraordinary chief. But he is coming now to Denver. LIBERAL.

  • Patty
  • Black Sabbath

    Want to end this now?
    Temperature set to ‘just above freezing.’
    No need to thank me, just doing a public service!

  • USMC Thomas

    These so called protestors remind one of the “brownshirt” thugs of Germany. They so proudly claim to be the 99% against the evil 1%, demonstrating in front of businesses and intimidating customers. Jew’s comprised 1% of the population of Germany before the Nazi’s came to power and Jewish wealth was used a the scapegoat for Germany’s economic troubles. SOBama, like the Nazi’s is creating social unrest to hopefully win reelection.

  • WillofLa

    Even though we saw some serious violence back in the 60’s we’re still talking about a population that was raised with moral’s these people have never heard of. This generation, and I’m talking about the one’s who make up the bulk of the young people who are the protesters come from the generation who believed in “no fear” back in the late 80’s. The “no fear” generation grew up with no fear of God, no fear of Christianity, and no fear of law and order, or rather no fear of the lack of law and order.

    See, everything is connected and has an origin from something else that is connected to something else of origin, like roots from a tree. After the tree is grown it’s roots will spead out and along those roots are knots, and from those knots another tree will sprout. It didn’t need a seed, or birds dropping seeds. No, it came from the main root of it all, and that is the tree of the Hippies and 60’s and their offspring. These people came from somewhere to have no moral’s, no fear of God and being Christian’s. They believed that they were supposed to go another route. They are like lost people who will never find their way.

    The problem with these people is they are much more violent than the protesters were back in the 60’s and 70’s, and the reason why is they never benefited from a better upbringing that was based on Christian teachings even though the Hippies smoked pot, and dropped acid, they were mellowed out by the California style of protest, which was “layed back” kinda protesting and demonstrating.

    The protesters and demostrator’s today are based on the ahteist New York style of protesting where you start out bringing your nasty habits, stinkiness, and sloppy lifestyle’s and moved down to dirt groveling pig Communists, and then when they are told they will not be able to stay and are going to have to leave, they are reminded of what happened when their atheist parents told them, “no” when they were young, they threw a huge fit and started screaming and crying pounding their feet on the floor in a tantrem. And if their parents persisted and were making another attempt to teach them self control and patience, they became violent and tried to hit their parents either with their fist or pick up something. Their parents had no reason to teach them self control and gentleness, or better judgement. These protesters parents taught them they were owed, they had a right to the benefits society has to offer that is paid for by somebody else. It’s like trying to rob a thief who wants “his” money back, he’ll kill you to keep it.

  • These Occupiers are not qualified to tell us how to live.

    People who can barely take care of themselves, who cannot get along with the police, who go to the bathroom in public, and do not have jobs want to empower the government to redistribute my ability to provide for my family.

    I do not think so. I work anywhere from 40-60 hours a week, on a rotating 12 hour shift from graveyards to days, providing for my wife and 3 kids so my wife can home school our oldest child. I pay my bills on time time, including a mortgage, so forgive me if I do not want to support a group of derelicts who have enough time on their hands to camp out in the streets across America demanding more of what other people have.

  • Patty


    No one should forgive, you are doing what every American who has morals do. Work hard, appreciate a thank you and hate paying for these loser.


  • Patty

    99% thing. wonder what real brain dead loser thought up this. And Obama in his ivory tower feels nothing and is proud of these people. why, because his fellow friends have created this mess. complete class warfare, what class? there isn’t any here. but worse when they are a bunch of drug out, garbage rejects.

  • Dave-O

    Perlmutter is part of the Pelosi crowd that instigated these groups to begin with. Lord, look at what he hath wrought. Perlmutter is finding out that it’s kind of hard to put the toothpaste back into the tube at this point. He’s just as much an idiot as the doofus in the tree.

  • gus

    Blue collar. The occupiers are a sh!t stew of DEPENDENT FLUNKIES and GOOOOONIONS.

    Nothing else.

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  • these are the people the police unions are in solidarity with.

    still not one word in america tass about this violence. two years of accussing the tea party of phantom violence.

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  • ghhshirley

    Considering there were people with cameras everywhere, both media and standerbys…NO one has footage or a photo of protesters knocking a cop off his bike. Don’t believe the lies.

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  • ghhshirley

    Come see exactly WHO is assaulting WHO.

    Rubber bullets fired by police in Denver

  • ghhshirley

    More rubber bullet wounds from today in Denver.

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  • The Elector of Saxony

    Hey, Shirley. When you have a dozen officers deployed to control a crowd of 2000 or more people, the officers have to get serious if they want the crowd to remain under control. What they didn’t teach you in poetry class is that people get seriously hurt and lose their lives when large crowds get out of control and start rushing at something or someone. Google “Who concert, Cincinatti”, about 1978 or 9. That crowd was in a good, mellow mood and several people still died.

    You’re lucky you don’t live in one of the places where your socialist heroes rule. In modern day China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, or the former Soviet Union, the bullets would be real and they’d make you carry your dead friends off the streets. Go home and thank God you don’t live in a Socialist dictatorship. Besides, I though you guys wanted to have a civil insurrection or something. You do know many, many of you are going to be killed and horribly injured when that starts, right? I’ll be cheering, but you should probably get your affairs in order. Well, the 2 or 3 of you that have anything more than school debt and a stash of dope under your mattress should probably get their affairs in order.

  • Dick Turpin

    Yeah this is just like the Tea Party, eh? My bollocks!!!

  • paul52

    Are there any mayors with any guts left in America? Don’t mayors generally take an oath to uphold the local laws? Do they want the locals to become vigilantes and clean these messes up? Mayors: take OUR cities back and DO your sworn duty!

  • Kissmygrits

    Did they provide a trampoline for the guy before knocking him out of a tree? That way Shep could show it over and over again

  • Nahanni

    Oh, I do hope they keep this crap up!

    It will, in the end accomplish two things:

    1. It will turn people against them. People who would generally support them and the Democrats and their Obamamessiah. More importantly it will make them think. Thinking comes hard to those who still call themselves ‘liberals’ (with a small ‘l’) and when they finally see these OWS ‘protesters’ and their Democratic party supporters for exactly who and what they truly are alot of them will have a ‘Road to Damascus’ moment and finally grasp the fact that the Democratic Party is no longer the party of FDR, Truman and JFK, it is the party of Marx, Mao, and Stalin.

    2. It is a graphic illustration of just how badly the MSM and the HollyCommies like Mikey Moore, Bill Maher, Susan Sarandon, Kanye West, Jane Fonda and the rest of their ilk have lied and is lying to them in a desperate attempt to prop up the Obamamessiah, the Democratic party and their agenda.

    There is nothing like seeing with your own two eyes or putting your foot into a steaming pile of the truth of the matter to make you go “Hmmmm….Reality is not what the reality-based community says it is”. Seeing as it is the ‘bastions of bleu’ (NYC/Oakland/Boston, etc.) that are getting hit hardest with these ‘protests’ the ‘regular people’ who are most likely to believe the manure shoveled by the MSM and the HollyCommies these protests might bring a some of them to their “Road to Damascus” moment.

  • Ipso Facto

    There is indeed clear footage of someone trying to knock over a police motorcycle.

    Denver has the perfect recipe for disaster. They have more then their fair share of spoiled-rotten liberal kids with no boundaries and they have a police department with a long record of violence.

    Just wait, do not be surprised if some type tragedy comes out of that mix in Denver.

  • asschun

    Paint balls not “rubber bullets” , these clowns are making a mistake by claiming anything but the truth

  • kato

    Denver’s lib mayor will probably rescind the assaulting-an-officer charges and give the miscreants a slap on the wrist.

    Taxpayers will get to foot the bill for the damages these losers have done. Every single mayor who has allowed this nonsense to go on for so long deserves to be removed from office.

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