Good Grief… Loony Seattle Professors to Begin Teaching Classes in Support of #Occupy Seattle Movement

Seattle Community College teachers have decided to begin teaching classes in support of the Occupy Seattle movement.
The classes will include “The Art of the Protest Sign” and “Filming to Document Human Rights Violations.”
My FOX Spokane reported:

It’s not clear if the professors will instruct the youths on poop bombs, tent rape and violence against cops.
MSNBC reported:

A day after Occupy Seattle moved to the campus, instructors at Seattle Central Community College planned to begin teaching classes in support of the group.

The classes, scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. Sunday, were to be held on the Plaza at SCCC and include such subjects as “Why We Support Occupy,” “Legislative Lobbying,” “The Art of the Protest Sign” and “Filming to Document Human Rights Violations.”

Classes will continue throughout the night.

Karen Strickland, Seattle President of the American Federation of Teachers said in an open letter to Paul Kilpatrick, President of SCCC that the board is in support of SCCC accommodating the request of Occupy Seattle for a number of reasons.

“The students and employees of the SCCD are the 99 percent and are suffering because of the economic inequity that characterizes our society and which has dramatically worsened since the 1970s,” she said.

Occupy Seattle says they adopted a “Good Neighbor Policy” In preparation for the move to SCCC.

They say the policy is includes provisions to ensure that the learning environment will not be interrupted, the Farmers Market will not be disrupted and neighbors will be respected.

Hat Tip Linda

The Occupy Seattle protesters, who just moved on campus this weekend, promised to “refrain from tagging or the defacement of land or structures at SCCC.”
What lovely guests.

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  • JKB

    So this is how they spend the tuition money that the kids take out loans to pay that they now want the working people to pay off through higher taxes? Government salaried teachers using government taxpayer purchased facilities and supplies to support a protest that is not within the mandate of the taxpayer funded educational system?

  • bear

    The taxpayer-paid commies at sccc claim that their policy has “good neighbor” provisions. The anarchists aren’t interested in good (regardless of the rules). “Good neighbors” don’t behave as though they’re characters in the “Lord of the Flies.”

    No public institution should support any anti-American agenda without losing ALL taxpayer funding. This is an outrage!!

  • Ginger

    You have got to go here it will be worth your time. Find out where Barry and Lugar went in 2005. Read about the book: Secret Life of Barack H. Obama

    And the best part was…drum roll…. scroll down to the little white angry mob of OWS that showed up at the white house to protest.

  • DaMav

    Would anyone with hire authority bring on somebody with the “The Art of the Protest Sign” or “Filming to Document Human Rights Violations” on their transcript?

    Good reason to have HR ask for transcripts.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    i hope the little darlings strip the joint clean and steal all the teacher’s credit cards on the way out the door bahahahhaha

  • do they get credit for these classes? you wonder why a college degree is worthless.

  • Yrral Dleifsarb

    Allowing aimless children to fill their heads with drivel of that kind is why Zero wants to be sure nobody is unduly burdened by having to pay back the debt they take on in order to prolong the useless phase of their lives. Well, that and buying their votes.

  • MrGoodWench

    And in a different part of the world,
    Indian, Chinese , Japanese and Korean college students smile……..

  • WillofLa

    Subjects that tenured professor’s teach in college’s these days is what Liberalism believes is relavent to making a young person well rounded, sensitive to the needs of others, and empathetic towards the life choices others have to make. In other words, a big bunch of stinking bull crap!!!

    Subjects like these are proof that liberals don’t give a damn about the education of our young people. That sheep skin isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on as far as what you would need to know, or be educated in so that you are prepared to face the world as a young adult. When I was in school, most of all the high schools in America were college prepatory schools. They were sufficiently hard enough to make sure you were prepared for the rigor’s of college so that you could hit the ground running. You were more than prepared to start “college level” courses offered in most all the colleges and universities in America. Not like it is today where your first two or two and ahalf years in college are refresher subjects you either didn’t have enough of in school before college, or the classes were to easy and didn’t cover the subject matter well enough where you were ready for the college level of those subjects.

    Of course I’m a believer that when you get to college you don’t have to take any subjects you took in high school. No more English, no more History, no more Math, no more anything you were having to take in “secondary education” that have nothing to do with what you have chosen to study in college, what you are going to college for. I have no idea why a person has to take English, History which are just like what you took in high school. I know, my sister went to college, my wife went to college, and my daughter went to college, twice, and the English they all took was no different than what they had in high school.

    So what are the liberals teaching in college that someone who was going into physic’s needed to know? Why would a Engineering course study have to do with “How to document police brutality”? Liberals are just so stupid. They are so silly. They are so lame. Liberals are so sissyfied that they just don’t get real life for real people who have had nothing to do with protesting, demonstrating, sit-in’s where they won’t get up when the cops tell them to leave and they just sit there and have to be dragged out. What does being a Hippie, a Yuppie, Yippie or any other “…pie” when you want to take Welding Fabrication?

  • MrGoodWench

    ( from latina butt$ to tree climbing )

  • MrGoodWench


  • Gman

    Other courses offered in support of OWS

    Sexual Assault 101
    Methods in the production of methamphetamine
    Creative public masturbation
    Flag burning for attention
    Bathing with urine

  • Tjexcite

    Begin…They have being doing this for decades. They just hid it like all progressives who are in it for the long hall to bring change, not the ones that want it now. Because they know that the radicals will fail but they both want the same change with different ways to get it. When the radicals fail the progressives know they will never see change they seek in there live times and then have to hid for a generation or more.

    Most don’t have that much time left so the progressive have lessened their of control of the radicals and now there will be violence against everyone and they will get the change they seek with time to live in it. Leaving communist utopia is the best way to live forever.

  • Island Girl

    he he its a good move. Wait till they line up for lunch at the refectory.

  • Molon Labe

    Wow and these morons wonder why no one wants to hire them.

  • The Denver police put a stop to this anarchy today. Officers were injured and 30 were arrested. This eruptions will continue until a serious injury or death is attributed to mobs and then someone takes the blame. It would be very helpful if the “mob” instigator” or leader gets indicted. The money is coming from unions and perhaps even the Democrat party’s coffers.

  • R985wasp

    …and these fuktards wonder why they can’t find employment?

  • …and their union dues will go to reelect Obama so they can keep their “jobs” destroying the minds of the next generation….

  • bigL

    Usu they have to move in a circle and can’t block traffic or impede access to businesses

  • JPeden

    Yes, “We are still revolting!” – Iowahawk

  • Syrah Shiraz

    Occupyseattle may be running on empty.

    They have almost no presence in the down-town core.

    Their move to SCCC has made them just one of many weird things that is happening on a Seattle college campus.

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  • ohiochili

    How AMAZING that they can find instructors proficient in these courses!
    And on such short notice, too!

    Imagine the future conversations when former OWS protesters try to convince their kids that a college degree is worth something.

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  • Highlander

    This is sublimely emblematic of the real scam being perpetrated upon these useful idiot occupiers. Soon institutions of higher learning will be offering degrees in “Occupy Studies” to thousands of poorly educated, ego-pumped zombies. They will then have one more reason to whine about expensive educations with no hope of employment. Think that any of them will then begin to wake up to the fact that they’ve been had – not by wall street, but by liberal academia and the federal government that subsidized their servitude? No? Me neither. You’ve got to hand it to the libs. Their indoctrination machine that is public education continues to pay dividends.

  • southernsue

    quit sending your kids to these liberal colleges/universities.

    if they are going to go to college and your paying for it, make sure they get a degree that is useful in the work place.

    if your kid is in the occupy wall street gangs, then you haven’t raised your child right, bad parenting and your child is a lost soul.

  • If they fail, they’ll be given ‘twinkle fingers’ down, and if they pass, ‘twinkle fingers’ up.

    I’m sure their parents will be very proud.

  • J. Knight

    This is just more proof that the Teacher’s Unions are backing these loons, and more reason to eliminate public sector unions. Public employee unions serve no useful purpose. Other than financing the Democraps. Wait….that’s not a useful purpose.

  • beast dog

    So will parts of this course include instruction on: pooping on cop cars, not bathing, public urination, how to make signs with misspelled words and don’t make any sense, the art of raping underaged girls, public masturbation/ nudity, freeloading and so on. Another 50 thousand down the drain for a worthless degree and good luck getting a job with that you liberal dumb asses.

  • dnb

    Exactly what JKB said. The students should start occupying the professors’ offices and demanding that they stop teaching useless courses and teach subjects that will qualify students for jobs! Students protest thy teachers.

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