Figures. White House Tipped Off AP Reporter Ahead of Michelle Obama’s Target Photo-Op

Another staged moment in the lives of Barack and Michelle Obama.
Michelle Obama just had to get out to Target to do a little shopping last week. But, before the shopping run the White House tipped off AP photographer Charles Dharapak so that he would be at the store to memorialize the moment.

Michelle Obama checks out at Target. That’s her assistant behind her carrying the bags. (AP)

At least she wore a shirt that is reportedly from Old Navy(?) and not a designer T-shirt like she wears out when she paints community centers.

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  • If she backs up isn’t she supposed to beep to warn

    The unsuspecting victims of a wide load?!

  • 8 My Foot

    These people have no shame.

  • saveus

    fake, phony, fraud

  • Buffalobob

    If she was at Walmart she would definitely be in the top ten “people of Walmart”.

  • Craig

    It doesn’t matter what she wears, she always look ugly.

  • Logic

    I know this is immaterial, but why does she have the assistant carry the bags while she pushes an empty cart?

  • MrGoodWench

    What ?
    No $ 700 shoes ?

  • Rush had fun with this. He noted that she had a bottle of Lysol.

  • MrGoodWench

    Logic commented:
    I know this is immaterial, but why does she have the assistant carry the bags while she pushes an empty cart?
    They failed to tell MoochL in her pre-shopping training that bags of groceries go INTO the cart, which is then pushed up to the car where upon the said bags are transferred to the car 😀

  • Billy Barty

    This is so pathetic I feel ashamed FOR them. Michelle, thought to be last seen on that grainy video in the forest, thought it’d be a great idea if she pretended to be one of the ‘common folk’ after she was busted wearing a $40k bracelet the other day she bought with her daily stipend.

    Can you IMAGINE calling up photographers to document your daring venture into a Target? Why was she wearing a disguise? LOL


  • Gride

    Who do they think they are fooling with this? Do they really think everyone is going to all of a sudden think Michelle “wookie” Obama is just a humble person who shops at target like the rest of middle America?

  • Craig

    “I know this is immaterial, but why does she have the assistant carry the bags while she pushes an empty cart?” Logic (#6)

    lol… I was asking myself the same question.

  • I don’t know if I should laugh or burst out crying in sheer helplessness. We are stuck with these ignoramuses. But never again, I pray.

    Don’t she have handlers that could say that is not a good idea? Maybe that she treats them like “I know better than you …”, they just let her go and make a fool of herself and of course those of us who respect our America and it’s leaders.

  • Ariel

    Hmm… let me see, where have I seen this ruse done before?

    Now I remember! In the movie Soap Dish, whenever Sally Field’s character, Celeste Talbert, needed an emotional boost, she’d head to the mall where she’d be “recognized’ by her able assistant, played by Whoopie Goldberg. A “surprised’ Celeste would then be flocked by her adoring fans and compelled to sign autographs.

    Since Michelle has been under such fire lately for the expensive bling, outfits, and vacations, maybe the administration’s PR department figured it was time to show her out mingling with the little people. Funny I didn’t see the throngs of adoring fans, however.

    How very gouche of the little people to not want to bask in her glory, even though she’s the First Lady of the United States, not some aging soap actress hoping to recapture the glory of her past. I’m surprised the White House didn’t furnish their own rented mob of ‘adoring” fans for the photo op.

    “They love me… they really, really love ME!” – Celeste Talbert

    America is “just downright mean!” – Michelle Obama

  • Billy Barty

    wow. I just went to the first link above, and I’m speechless. Read some of the comments.

    They are, without irony or anything, saying things like “Michelle defines class!”, and “She’s our best first lady ever!”, and “She really is one of us!”

    NO JOKE. I may just drown myself in the toilet

  • Patty

    Shameful, disgusting, repulsive, ignorant, anyone have anything else to add, have at it.

    This truly is one of the most despicable acts of condensation and ridicule to us.

    Why not just give us the finger.

    Such a truly disgraceful first lady.

  • Patty

    The two of the Obama’s are playing us people. They have advisers who are telling them to be more like regular folk. Campaign season has just hit a new low. And to thing those who are so ignorant to say she is just great. love, her…BARFING NOW, BYE.

  • Patty


    RIGHT ON! EXACTLY. And they need to be out of our White House, Today. But we can only pray that November is a Slam Dunk for America and those two are official gone.

  • Patty

    Who was boycotting Target a while back, oh, yes wasn’t it gays and lesbians?

  • Patty

    Look out Target, you have been served your first Downgrade.

  • Ruebacca

    OMG she is one of us.

  • Let Them Eat Cake!

    Where was her Entourage that travels with her on our tax dollars???… She must be on a budget now… Welcome to the American dream we are now faced with 🙁

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    I just knew Chewbacca would never shop at Target. Who let her in?

  • Showing her pitiful cleavage is disgusting. I might never step in a Target again or these images will come back to haunt me. Did the Secret Seviceman wearing his undershirt just remove his outer shirt?

    I shouldn’t feel this way but I’m losing respect for everyone surrounding the Obamas even the Secret Service.

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    #24 October 2, 2011 at 1:20 am
    Granny Jan commented:

    Doesn’t all women show their cleavages when buying a disinfectant from Target?

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    Michelle has an ornery face going. Like “look at me suckas”

  • Granny

    As always, her shirt is at least 2 sizes too small. She has 26 assistants to the tune of over a million a year in salary. Does NOBODY know how to fit clothes properly?

    And don’t worry about the shirt from “Old Navy” (though I’m not sure I buy that). The price tag on that bag she’s carrying runs to a fair couple of weeks salary for most American families.

  • Rose

    Let her Harvest find her right speedily. And unexpectedly.

  • Whippet

    When she’s with her elitist snob friends she wears $40,000 diamond bracelets. When she wants to appear as the general public she wears a Nike baseball cap and cheap clothes. She’s showing us all who she is and who she thinks all of us are…..She and her sidekick are completely out of touch with reality and they don’t have a clue what we Americans are. But many of us always knew what they are….and the other idiots in the country have awakened to the knowledge that they elected an incompetent fool and a spiteful first lady.

  • Shale City Surfer

    I remember when a, “First Lady” was the epitomy of style, class and grace. Today however, just like the reasoning behind our failed public education system, the ‘first lady’ has dumbed down her wardrobe to the lowest common denominator, consequently failing (just like our High Screw-all graduates) to make the grade in the real world. Please, stop embarassing my country you slovenly, tacky, pretentious woman!

  • Whippet

    She’s ALWAYS in clothes too small and way too young for her age…she’s not a teenager. I often wonder if her stylists really hate her. You would think a stylist would dress her to emphasize her better qualities, even though there isn’t much to work with.
    But those big wide belts she wears under her boobs all the time. All wrong and they do more to accentuate than minimize her biggest asset…..if you know what I mean.

  • Granny

    #31 October 2, 2011 at 1:39 am
    Whippet commented:

    She’s ALWAYS in clothes too small and way too young for her age…she’s not a teenager.

    Isn’t that the truth! And if she isn’t dressing like a teenager, she is trying desperately to channel a young Jackie Kennedy – who really did know how to dress and really was style setter in clothes that FIT LOL. There is nothing more pathetic than to see her trying so desperately to channel Jackie.

  • jimg

    There is no way this can surprise any of us.

  • Redwine

    Let’s see:
    Empty store – Some people placed as props
    Empty cart – So, why is she carrying bags? Can’t she put them in the cart?
    Assistant with more bags
    She wears shades inside the store
    She left home her $42,000 diamond bracelet bought with our money
    She’s gone slumming to pretend that she’s one of the “proletariat”
    She and he partner in crime are two monumental grifters
    She and he partner in crime need to yanked out of our house and thrown into prison

  • Redwine

    correction – “her” partner

  • Island Girl

    OMG I have no Lysol. I must go to Kmart . OMG there is a WH photographer!

  • ohiochili

    I am curious as to why she was buying Lysol…I always assumed there were people who cleaned the Royal Residence. I likewise assumed there was someone in charge of the cleaning staff who purchased supplies needed for spiffing up.

    I came to the conclusion that after this photo op, she knew she would be close to the dirty, unwashed peasants and maybe even some TEA party people, so a Lysol bath was in order. She wore clothing that was ok to burn afterward, too.

    The messiah promised transparency…yeppers, we can see right through them.

  • Highlander

    The article is about Michelle Obama in a Target store, but who is that guy in the picture?

  • The black community is so gullible and controled

    By the media. Went to a football game this Saturday.

    Two over fifty black males would not remove hats nor

    Place hands on heart for the national anthem.

    This is the entitlement trash of America.

    Michelle is such trash, Obama is lead filth.

    America is embarrassed by the filth they elected.

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  • Limousine Barry

    Barney had been in the back of the limo getting campaign contributions from men if you know what I mean. The smell was horrible… and we had run out of Lysol.

  • big L

    Over at
    she has been photoshopped into the People of Walmart
    MO’s staff is so bad. That is a worry because one comment can start a war.Why wouldn’t they
    tell her that this was a phony idea. Maybe the staff hates her and lets her do these things.
    Like Saddam Hussein’s staff::sure Sadddam we have WMD, here are photos.” Saddam:”this is falafael bakery”. Thus the staff lies.
    REcall Hillary where the WH staff had to avert their eyes when she came thru and no one could speak to her unless she asked a question first.
    No, these people are shameless–Baybee announcement comin up….Aww. isn’t it grand?

  • RedBeard

    The only people being fooled by this glaringly obvious bit of political theater are foolish people. In other words, 2008 Obama voters who plan to do the same stupid thing next November. Shoot foot, learn nothing, shoot other foot.

    I couldn’t care any less about Mrs. Obama’s caboose, or her other physical negatives. The truly ugly part of this woman is on the inside. Says a lot (not at all complimentary) that Barry Obama would choose a foul termagant like her as a wife.

  • Vixen

    And guess who owns $26 million in Target stock??
    George Soros.
    See here:

  • squeaky

    i would think the ap reporter showing up would be the issue settler. she wasn’t sneaking out for odds and ends – just showing the little people that they’re really not so different after all. was there an entourage parked outside the store? i don’t think they brought her from the white house in a 2003 chevy. i read a couple of the comments at politico and one actually thought she would be dressed better for a photo op. just rushing out for odds and ends = yup.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Um, she STILL has the CART with her but she and her assistant are CARRYING the bags? Huh, who does that? Oh that’s right, photo-op. Need to carry the bags to show Michelle is a real everyday woman (who also spent $10 million of taxpayer money on vacations alone last year – just like everyday women do).

  • JDF

    Q. What is the definition of a hoax?

    1. Obama’s Birth Certificate
    2. The alleged capture and killing of OBL
    3. Pictures of Michelle Obama shopping at target
    4. All of the above

    A. All of the above.

  • Jaimo

    When you hire your handlers from “the hood” this is what you get in etiquette and protocol.


    she always looks like an angry POS in every picture…what no love for your country MOO-SHELL

  • maryd

    of course they tipped off the white house. did we really ever question that?

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  • this is petty.

  • zooomzooom

    TIP OFF?!?!?!?!

    The motorcade and security might be a little obvious and not necessitate a tip off……..

    and in regards to the one in Alexandria……been there. And very glad VA is a will issues state. With all the gangbangers and ghetto types in there……you SHOULD carry in there.

    Then again, I don’t go place’s I NEED to carry………..

  • Tina

    Who needs an assistant to shop at Target? Someone who’s never done it before and has to be coached along the way.

  • Conservative to the Core


  • DomesticGoddess

    Her nasty expression and awkward bag carrying give the whole thing away. She obviously hates doing this stunt, and is sending a signal to Barry that this is so beneath her! Perhaps also sending a message with the purchase of the Lysol?

  • big L

    Of course we could have arranged for Al-Waliki to visit Target and the drone to

  • KR

    #15 October 2, 2011 at 12:24 am
    Billy Barty commented:

    wow. I just went to the first link above, and I’m speechless. Read some of the comments.

    They are, without irony or anything, saying things like “Michelle defines class!”, and “She’s our best first lady ever!”, and “She really is one of us!”

    Most likely those comments are staged also, coming from the WH or trolls.

  • KR

    The Lysol wipes must be for what stinks in the WH.
    Moochelle will have to go back for a case.

  • David V.USAF-77-84

    Someone please go to tell us if it’s a credidable news source. if it is there’s alot of good news you don’t read anywhere else.

  • Betsy Ross

    Another tone deaf moment.
    With so many Americans out of work,
    how many can just bip over to Target for some shopping?

  • Wrokat

    Was she wearing her g’zillion dollar bracelet?

  • thegratefuldad

    Where are her DIAMOND BRacelets she was wearing he other day?

    SHe is so pissed she is being made to do this.

    I’m sure it’s to offset those BLING pictures of her.
    (Which is why this came out now, they are losing indpendents faster than they
    are losing illegals.

    Im surprised she didnt bring her kids along for the photo shoot

  • John Galt

    As White pointed out: “You can’t fix, stupid”

  • sj

    Trying to be one of the “common folk?” Try going someplace without your personal assistant to carry bags. Us common folk usually tell our personal assistants to take the day off when we go to Target.

  • thescribbler

    So M. Obama just strolled through Target without any bodyguards? Riiiiight. Nobody noticed the limo out in the parking lot?

    I’m so tired of these people thinking that the American people are just stupid.

  • southern_comment

    Target is French Owned – way to support America you horse’s ass – (my apologies to the horse)

  • Armando Lemus

    Those of use who know that the Obama’s are deceitful crooks look at this Target adventure, and we know that it is staged and phony. However, our challenge is to educate the thousands who see the Obama regime as legitimate. We have to constantly educate those who are blinded by the mainstream media…..PLEASE HELP!!

  • Flora-lee

    Well, at least it’s not a photo opp going against family wishes as they bring our fallen soldiers home.

  • Tim

    I thought I recognized her but thought she was Aunt Jemima.

  • Fleecing O. America

    Warren Buffet owns majority of Target stock shares, so probably part of the deal Obama made with Buffet…..

  • Ginger

    Boycott Target not because of Moose but because Soros owns stock!

  • Kentsan

    This isn’t news to me. It’s a blinding flash of the obvious that this “shopping trip among the little people” was a political ploy to rehabilatate the image of this self-absorbed, self-aggrandizing, fat ass.

  • QC Fan

    POTUS will risk the lives of his wife and kids for a cheap photo op at a local Target? This clown will risk anything and anyone to get re-elected.

  • Len

    The woman who eats lobster for breakfast and wears $45,000 diamond bracelets shops at Target? I guess she reads Drudge Report and knows what Americans think about her and her lavish lifestyle. I pray to God that they lose the election.

  • NoB.O.please

    Another stunt pulled from their bag o’ re-election tricks. Pulling out all the stops, sending the First Wookie to Target and trying to make it appear like they are “just regular folks”. That’s transparent, alright. We see right through her fat a** (and that is an accomplishment!) and we see it for what it was – bogus.

  • Rubicon

    Yep, Michelle “Antoinette” Obama is just like the rest of us. Another day at Target with one of her many assistants to carry her bags (while she pushes an empty cart) and accompanied by an Associated Press photographer. That happens to me all the time…

  • Reggie

    This confirms what we already knew – that her Target run was just an Obama reelection campaign media stunt.

  • Mark

    More breads and circuses to distract the voting populace from the fact that her husband and the democrat party are busy trying to finish the job of fundamentally transforming the country, or in other words, wrecking the Founder’s vision of America and replacing it with another failed, Marxist dump.
    I bet FLOTUS was upset at having to lower herself to going into a Target and mixing with the little folks.
    She would rather mingle with stars, wear $42,000 diamond bracelets and eat $100 per a lb Kobe beef.

    Have you had enough hope and change yet America?

  • Visigoth

    they ( her and Obama, his administration ) are trying to change their image for the upcoming elections. Note the protestors at Wall Street ( Van Jones and co. ).., they are lefties protesting the evils of Wall street and Banks ( I am not sure what exactly they protest against, but it has to do with money ).

    Michelle has the reputation of flaunting ( expensive shoes, gowns, etc.. ) thus, a photo op at Target to show ‘ she is frugal like everyone else ‘ .. ( a blatant and fake attempt but what else would you expect from these people ).

  • Paul Scipio

    Oh look the fat cow took off her $400,000 diamond bracelet and went to Target to go shopping with the hood rats, I’m wondering if she shop lifted anything like the rest of the hood rats do.

  • I Vote

    This smelled of a photo op from the git go, so thanks for the confirmation. What’s more offensive — the transparently fake incognito look, or the smirk on the woman’s face? Oh, the towering condescension.

  • She’s shopping at Target and Wlamrt ’cause she knows her bozo hubby will be unemployed in a year

  • Sensible Lady

    I’m surprised she’s not wearing something from GOODWILL. If you’re going to play with the American public, why not go all they way and dirty your clothes, greece up your hair and look like a BAG LADY!!!! What’s wrong, you don’t know how to be creative? Why is she pushing a cart when she is caring her bags. Michelle, we are on to you, and whatever you do, it will be a scam. You are labeled Enemy #1, who has taken our money, lived large like some damn Queen and you’re a damn LIAR! You are NO lady, just a thief who lost their law license. You are Cooked!!! Congrats on the Honor.

  • denny

    This woman NEVER leaves the WH without a full secret service team accompanying her. We’re to believe she JUST SO HAPPENED to be in Targets while an AP reporter showed up looking for something to take photos of. It speaks of how desperate these people are and how phony they are to try to appeal to Americans.

    America hates your black asses , accept it and move on you knuckle dragging bitch.

  • tinat

    reading everyone’s nasty comments from start to finish is like a game of telephone. Ya’ll can’t even get your talking points correct. The 40,000.00 dollar bracelet (which was actually multiple bracelets) have become $400,000.00 bracelets. Real information, not hate, will set you free.

  • Sasja

    I quit shopping at Target the first Christmas they banned the Marines’ Toy for Tots drive and the Salvation Army’s bell ringers.

  • GotFreedom

    Something for you all to ponder–from the “Politico” link above, it stated, “the first lady after she made an unannounced, midafternoon trip Thursday to the mega-retailer in Alexandria, Va.”

    Read more:

    Why did she go to “Alexandria, VA” Target–across the Potomac River, when there is a brand new Target–a little less than 3 miles from the WH in the DC neighborhood of Friendship Hts? The Alexandria store is 5mi away, requires driving over the 14th St. Bridge (which is a major/extremely busy thoroughfare anytime of day) and the Jeff Davis Hwy is also a heavily traveled road–did the SS stop/block traffic on these roads? Why was it necessary for her to go to “that” Target for her “photo op”?

  • Whistleblower

    U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald is protecting Obama.

    Patrick Fitzgerald: Intrepid Crime Fighter? Or, Politically-Driven Leaker? The Silent Mole & A Complicit Newspaper (Part 5)

  • Sam Stone

    The reason this woman was in disguise is because she feels ASHAMED to be shopping in this store where “little people” shop.

  • sean

    I didn’t think they sold size 14 gorilla shoes at Target!

  • Harriet di

    She just thru any old thing on as she was going back to the WH to finish up pulling out weeds and getting veggies for dinner

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  • Mary

    This photo is a fake! No liberal would be caught dead with a plastic bag in hand.

  • AZ Dave

    What shiite … she’s hand-carrying Baracks’ Depends while pushing an empty cart ….. after all her multi-million dollar vacations every two or three weeks …. Moochelle is suddenly shopping at Target … horse shiite …

  • Lee

    Isn’t the CIA a non political intelligence agency? So now the CIA has been co-opted into pushing these corrupt dem/progressive/socialist/marxists and thus their agenda? Co-opted into trying to promote them? Co-opted into trying to make them look good (FAIL!!!) and thus promoting their agenda, policies and political ends?

  • Ghostsouls

    For some reason FOX NEWS had already gathered this bit of info, that there “just happened” to be an AP reporter that very day, that very time, inside Target. This is another obama illusion trying to show they are just like ordinary every day people. You know, they mill around amongst the commoners. Dethrone them in 2012.

  • Warmonger

    Which one has the bag containing Barry’s Marlboros?

  • Marie

    Who in their right mind possibly believed that it happened any other way?

  • Dutra

    Why did she buy six bottles of Advil and a half gallon of Pepto?

  • Bill

    Clearly she “feels our pain”.

  • Gloria

    Always ask why and follow the money trail.


    I immediately asked myself why she would be doing a photo op at Walmart
    and came to the conclusion that Target must be contributing BIG campaign
    money to her husband. Target is getting more PR out of this than they could
    have buying ads and commercials.

    Yah, I thought about the bracelet, too, when I saw this.
    And the ten mil she spent on vacations.
    How phony can it get with the empty cart, etc.
    Not even being careful about it because she’s probably in a REAL BIG HURRY…
    to get out of there!

  • bitters

    Anyone who didn’t think this was a setup needs to have their head sister comes to mind..

  • WestTexasRose

    The arrogance of these people to think we are stupid enough to think Michelle went shopping for a few goodies for the White House while wearing her “common people” clothes. She needs to stay home and tend her garden which, by the way, must have been plowed under since we hear no more about her gardening expertise! She is NOT playing to the people of America, she is playing to her audience!

  • Marina

    Why even bother to dress up in so called disguise if you call photographers to stop by…just be yourself, snobbish pretentious disgusting people…

  • This is because the day before the press caught a picture of her wearing $42,000 cuff links… So now the spin machine kicks in trying to make her look like a common woman. This is hilarious !!!! Like she would ever shop there.

  • Wayner

    MY GOD!!!!!!……She has plastic bags she got from the store!!!!….She’s assisting in destroying the planet!!!!!…We’re all going to die!!!!!…..AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

  • Sandy

    Michelle is practicing being an ordinary American which she is slated to be after the 2012 election.

  • Highly-political regime…obsessed with optics. Those negatively commenting on this staged non-event were trolled by WH lackeys who lamented the lack of profile information and ‘meaness’ of the comments which didn’t flatter her highness. The trash in WH will be taken out dali lama style in 2012. May he never show his wretched mug in public again.

  • Sandy

    Don’t we all walk around smiling as we shop?

  • Mommyofthree

    She truly makes me want to vomit.

  • Hugh K

    Uh, stop your whining, er, stop your crying. I, um, want you to take off your bedroom slippers, er, put on your $540 Lanvin cap toe sneakers, uh, march on down to Target and pick up some optics from our, er, pals at AP while I, um, sneak back to the golf course.

  • Fool me once “Shame on You”…

    Well at least I now know that my three $25.00 contributions to Obama’s campaign have finally been spent.

    Won’t be making that mistake in 2012.

    “Fool me once shame on you; Fool me twice shame on me.”

  • chuck

    She may have the title of First Lady of the United States but she is no lady in my opinion! She is a first class hypocrite and I look forward to the day she becomes an ordinary citizen again(2012).

  • Jonah Vark

    (White House Dossier) — President and Mrs. Obama celebrated their anniversary at one of the Washington area’s most fashionable and expensive eating establishments last night,Restaurant Eve in Alexandria, Va….

    Via Keith Koffler who makes this dead-on observation:
    You know, the Obamas are wealthy people. If they want to eat at places where appetizers start at $16, fine. It would be nice if they set an example during hard economic times and reined in their spending, of course, but whatever.


  • Fool me once “Shame on You”…

    Didn’t people observe when the photo was first released there were no other shoppers in the store?

    Did we really need the media to advise us they entire event was staged?

    Good God they actually believe we are stupid.

  • Neo

    Obama is a fraud in every way. It’s all fake and lies in everything from the trivial such as this contrived photo-op, to the massive fraud in giving taxpayer money to their cronies and unions.

  • Gunnery Sgt JDB

    I wonder if they had a sale on Kobe beef? Cause y’know that’s where you buy that expensive food.
    IS there REALLY a reason for the First lady to go go Walmart? SHE has her own personal staff to buy her ANYTHING she wants.
    They MAKE enough money that they don’t need to shop at walmart. SO I bet that someone had to help her, since that’s the first time she’s ever stepped foot in one.

  • Zapp Rowsdower

    Yuk. Dang she’s ugly.

  • Don

    “WH tipped AP” No shyt Sherlock. Conditions would be so much more palatable if the Obama’s
    WH didn’t think we were all a bunch of naive imbeciles. Of course, considering their own supporters, what would one expect?

  • Like this was a big surprise???
    …All I want to know is how much money did she ‘save’ shopping at Target and how much money did it cost the taxpayers for the SUV entourage, the secret service goons and Air-force One…flying overhead in case she got fatigued with all that shopping????
    Give me a break here…The only ones who believe this load of BS are useful idiots..and we have a pant load of them.

  • Steve

    If you have 50 assistants why would you need to go to Target? If she needs to shop for herself what has she been doing the last two years for provisions. They think their country is made up of idiots. Unfortunately it is true, after all we elected them

  • Swifty

    A sale on grandma jeans?

  • The associated press has been a political arm of the Obama admin. since he began his run for the White House.
    If you are surprised by this infantile propoganda from the Obamas, you have obviously been sleeping since 2007.
    By the way, the increase in prices for food and necessities is all Bush’s fault [or global climate change, or the Jews in Israel: pick one and point!].

  • avafromtexas


  • snapperman

    $42,000 of diamond bangles around Michelle’s wrist at a democrat fundraiser – obviously she was attempting to counteract that publicity.

  • chb

    I did not need to read that this was a STAGED PHOTO OP. After taking ten million dollars in vacations this year and living the lifestyles of the ultra rich and famous (and flaunting it), the campaign team dreamed this up to counter the image of the Obama’s as arrogant people who are using the white house to flaunt their wealth and status.

    Just remember at a cost of thousands of dollars ‘Mooch’elle and Barry left the same day on two seperate AF 1 flights to travel to Martha’s Vineyard so Moochelle could get an early start on her extravagant shopping routine there. These people are shameless…and think we are stupid. Obviously some of ARE STUPID because millions of people voted for this empty suit socialist and his ‘movin on up….to the top’ wife.

  • Fionnagh

    I’ve boycotted Target and shopped at Walmart ever since I saw Palin shop there during the campaign. No photo op for Palin – Trig needed diapers, she stopped and bought them. That’s the difference between the first lady and a LADY.

  • BambiB

    There should be a literacy test for prospective voters. If you can’t read at the third grade level, if you can’t identify 3 candidates for president, if you can’t recognize the definitions of the terms “debt”, “deficit” and “inflation”, if you can’t match 3 of the amendments in the Bill of Rights to their intended purposes, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

    We don’t let 5th-graders vote because they’re not educated or responsible enough. But what about adults who are worse than 5th-graders?

    That’s how we get a president like Obama – and a first woman like the on depicted above. We allow idiots to vote.


    Can you say “TRAILER TRASH”?

  • Rico

    What possible reason could Moochelle have for going to Target, other than as a ludicrous publicity stunt? Is she there to buy clothes? I don’t think so. She wouldn’t use Target clothes to wipe off the soles of her $700 designer shoes. Is she there to pick up cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, pots and pans, motor oil, or votive candles? Somehow I doubt it. I suspect that whatever was purchased was tossed into the nearest dumpster as soon as the cameras were turned off, or if she were feeling particularly generous, maybe she gave it to one of her servants. Come to think of it, the shopping was probably for the schlub who was trailing behind her and who was made to reimburse Moochie after they left the store.

  • Dale

    This on the heels of the $42,000 bracelet!!! These Chicago Mobsters are so horrible!! Michelle just wants America to think she’s just like us.

  • RickS

    The moment I heard an AP photographer shot those photos I knew this was a BS trip to Target.

  • Edith Driver

    the worst first lady Democrat or Republican I can remember in my lifetime. She could be one of the thundering herd on food stamps or medi cal In fact she fits that part very well. SHe is just using our taxpayer money to roam the world oh I forgot she loves to lecture we the people re what we should eat how we should scale down Thats why the photo op moment.

  • Sally D.

    Hey kids, she’s probably at Tarjay getting those little travel bottles of necessities. The Os have ANOTHER VACAY coming up. Yes. To Bali. In about a month.

    Yeah, she’s one of us all right.


  • Disinfectant spray is for the beard’s pre and post fore score conjugal after that gay pride support dinner. Frank advised Barry to change his rhyming limerick name,lol

  • Barry AND Moochelle have neither the class nor the common sense God gave a leech.

  • John O

    So did she pay with food stamps?

  • Karma Ellard

    I could use and assistant shopping, I can only go to town twice a month, just can afford gas to drive that far.
    Not to mention, Old Navy is made in China, wouldn’t it be nice if the president would stop letting these American companies make money off of slave labor…bring those jobs back to the US OR you can’t sell your products here in the USA! It’s so hard to find anything that is made in the US anymore!
    I do agree that she really needs to buy her clothing in the right sizes, she looks tacky with those rolls on her gut!

  • John P

    That’s a silver-back if I ever saw one.

  • Sebastiian Woof

    White House Cover up as usual.
    Michelle’s $42,000 dianond bracelet did not go over well
    with middle income America.
    So now the White House in its usual Stealth
    Cover-Up Mode…
    wants America to see Michelle Shopping where
    middle income America shops.
    This is Bull Krapp Extraordinaire delivered by the “Obama Media”
    Mr. Obama…When you leave the White in 2013
    please scheck the closets..Please be sure
    you take MIchelle with you.
    Keep the Faith America!

  • Swamp Donkey is her name and fouling people is her game.
    To bad she SUX so bad at it.
    You folks voted these racist fools in power.
    Why does she have more staff then all the other first lady’s put together?
    Save the taxpayers some more and get rid of them and there czars.
    What a joke on those Progs.

  • miguel torres

    What a fraud this woman is !!! Just like her husband, a complete fraud, let’s get them out of the White House in 2012.

  • hmmm….

    She’s a terrific first lady and a good role model for kids. Sorry that you guys are blinded by hatred.. maybe it’s just that you don’t care for dark-skinned folk. It’s OK; Jesus will forgive you. GW Bush was the absolute worst president imaginable… taking a gigantic surplus and turning it into a deficit, having his dad’s friends on the Supreme Court invoke Plessy v. Ferguson in order to stop the Florida recount, failing to pursue Osama bin Laden in Tora Bora and leaving Obama to finish the job of killing him etc etc etc. HOWEVER, I never heard any of the citizens you call “libs” mock or criticize Laura Bush. Other than having bad taste in men, I thought she was a fine first lady. Conservatives know no shame. And shame on all of you for attacking the president’s wife.

  • LaVaughn Robinshood

    Mooch-Al aka Fatassa



    Obama’s CONNECTICUT SSN (042-68-4425) FAILS to pass the ‘E-VERIFY’ system –

  • Tim

    Laura Bush was pleasant and down to earth. Michelle gets more annoying every day.

  • hmmm….

    You guys need some white sheets and robes. Not to mention ropes. Y’all really miss the days of segregation, don’t you? Coloreds knew their place, right? LOL conservative racists.

  • lolwut

    That assistant should be carrying an organ grinder.

  • Cathy Webb

    I saw that she was buying Lysol. I highly doubt that Michelle is cleaning the toilets in the White House. What fakes!

  • Paul R

    One day these two will be on the “Most Wanted” list at the post office -if we still have a post office by then.

  • Cathy Webb

    I saw that she was buying Lysol.
    I highly doubt that Michelle is cleaning the White House toilets.
    What fakes!

  • hmmm….

    Seriously… do you folks really hate black folks that much. Organ grinder, food stamps, why not just use the N word and show your true feelings. Sorry, white folks, you will soon be a minority in the USA and then you’ll understand the meaning of payback. Bye bye, white supremacy!

  • Worst Lysol commercial EVER!

  • Dick Sicario

    MOOchelle is more the Wal-Martian type, than KMart !
    Anything they try to make this butt ugly woman
    look good never seems to work. Obama just keeps digging
    a deeper hole.

  • RedBeard

    #153: What is that, the third time you tried the same stunt in this thread? Just give it up and go away. No one is buying your little act.

  • In fact, neither of the articles Hoft links to claims that the White House tipped off the AP photographer.

    The Dumbest Man on the Internet strikes again!

  • Like we didn’t know this was a set up. Please the woman is an idiot

  • Bilinda Mays

    MO wouldn’t dare go into a WalMart – they sell guns and ammo.

  • Jim Kearney

    THE PRESS ACCOMPLICES that aided and abetted this fraud INSTEAD OF REPORTING IT have been carrying the Obama’s bags for 3 years now. Aren’t their skinny arms getting tired.

    Push the cart AP. Associated Press Ataches for the Administratiin. Push the cart and carry the bags till 2012.

    And you WONDER why we trust Fox News above the rest?

    They could’ve at least loaded the cart up with fake gardening supplies for her fake garden. One thing IS real the Bull Shirt they could use as fertilizer.

    As fake as Monica’s boyfriend and his wifey dancing on the beach.

  • Sparky

    Chicago trailer trash was elected into the White House and Michelle will do what it takes to keep living large on the stupid, little people who got bamboozled.

    Mo and Bo are psychopaths using the system. They got into the big house, NOT to change America, but to give kickbacks to their “thug” buddies and special interest friends. They in turn will be rewarded by Soros and other Communist/Socialist entities for doing their part in the WH.

    Nothing you can say or do will ever change a psychopath’s behavior. Best thing for Americans to do is to kick the Obama’s to the curb like the vermin they are, ignore them, and protect your country!

  • UteDB23

    What a phony and a total fraud. The Elitist trying to appear middle class. This family and their minions sicken me… That arse of hers needs it’s own zip code!

  • hughglass

    The wookie makes teats on a boar hog look positively utilitarian.

  • GarandFan

    Everything the Obama’s do is staged.

  • Lukuj

    You mean that anyone with a brain in his/her head didn’t already know this? This administration doesn’t do anything that isn’t orchestrated ahead of time to give a certain impression. In this case, we were supposed to believe the Mrs. Obama is just one of us – shops and Target and everything. Sadly, there are people dumb enough to be impressed by this.

  • Patty
  • Patty

    First lady Michelle Obama says her husband deserves re-election not only for his first term accomplishments and vision for the future, but because of his genuine empathy for families dealing with tough economic times. “He understands these issues, not just because he’s smart but because he’s lived them,” Obama told a group of 100 campaign donors at a $2,500-a-plate luncheon in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. “He was raised by a single mother who struggled to put herself through school and pay the bills. And when she needed help, who stepped in? His grandmother, waking up early every morning to take a…

    Their just common folk, don’t ya know?
    bring out the barf bags.

  • Doug

    So the Michelle Obama shops at a store with no union labor. What does the United Food and Commercial Workers Union think of this? Where is the outrage…oh yea, never mind.

    In other news, mentioning Target and Obama in the same sentence no longer gets you a visit from the secret service.

  • Cass

    Does anybody actually believe Michelle shops at Target? Is there even any liberal out there that is willing to debate whether or not Michelle really goes on shopping trips to Target? Raise your hand so we can all point at you and laugh.

  • MountainHome

    Did the AP photographer catch any quotes from her, like, “Let them eat cake” ?

  • hmmm….

    #156. Yessuh, Mistah Boss Man! I’s just shufflin’ along now and let you white folks go ahead and fantasize about the days when it was a white man’s world. I understand the first amendment don’t apply to people you disagree with. There’s governments in Syria and Iran that feel the way you do; you may feel more comfortable there.

  • shesaklingon

    Sasquatch want Kettle Corn and Slushie! Sasquatch want NOW!

  • Patty

    MO target

    Butt it still doesn’t work very well with the lemon yellow shell; not that it matters that much when doing a little impulse shopping at Target. It’s not like Lady M’s on an official state visit to a foreign country or anything. Plus, it easily accommodates our morning supply of life-saving anti-blood sugar crash meds.

    So here’s the narrative: we just ran out to pick up a few necessary household items that staff never remembers to pick up, and wouldn’t you know it: AP photographer Charles Dharapak, just happened to be there too, picking up a few items of his own for his ever expanding portfolio.

    I’ve warned Lady M to be very wary around old “Sure-Shot Charlie” though. I have it on good authority that he’s a contributing photographer to this new best selling book:

  • jginmt

    Last week we had pictures of Moochel with $45,000 dollar bracelet. I guess she had to show she was like common people. There is nothing sincere in the White House except for pushing our country to socialism.

  • hmmm….

    Have a great day, racist scum! Jesus still loves you! Hope you recover from your mental illness soon! LOOK OUT! THERE’S A COMMUNIST BEHIND THE BUSHES! UH-OH, A BLACK MAN IS NEARBY! GRAB THE ROPE!

  • hmmm….


  • offourtractors

    Don’t you hate being patronized by liberals? They think you’re THIS DUMB.

  • hmmm….

    You conservatives make me want to pray for you… so filled with hatred. You boo a soldier and cheer executions and applaud the fact a child dies for lack of medical care. May God forgive you all.

  • hmmm….

    #177. As a matter of fact, you are.

  • hmmallyawant

    Oh hmm is that all ya got? That old “R” word thing? Look idiot – we’re being patronized by this elitist hag. We don’t like it. It is not racist. You are a tool.

  • Amazingoly

    Understand she does not like white people. Guess what, we don’t like her, either. The staged photos are ridiculous.

  • M A R

    This is a publicity stunt is designed to portray the Obamas as normal people. The Obamas are multi millioners and just like her husband the president, she is also a fraud.

  • lvh

    I think she should hit Wal-Mart next. THAT would be good. She could even get some fashion tips from the shoppers (IF uv never seen those online pics ur in for a good laugh).

  • offourtractors

    #179 – thanks for proving my point, you bigmouthed oblivious dumbass! hahahahaha!!!!

  • hmmm….

    We may need a little more federal spending on education in order to assist conservatives with spelling and grammar so that their comments on hate/Republican jihadist web sites are at least comprehensible. However, that would mean a few billionaires would have to pay more taxes. Conservatives are being used by the rich. Who’s the tool now? Seriously, conservatives, please study basic rules of English and consult a dictionary if you are unsure of the spelling of a word.

  • wildbill6996

    GOLLY, Mr. Dillion we would have never figured that one out……. Anything to take the EYE off those DROPPING POLL NUMBERS !!!!!!!!!!

  • getarealpoint

    Oh poor hmm. All he’s got left is self-appointed grammar cop. Let’s all say aw.

  • Judy in Denver

    No shoppers other than Michelle? Or did they clear out the place to make sure none of the peasants would spoil the photos? I’m with everyone else who asks why she and her assistant are carrying bags as she pushes an empty cart. There’s no explaining these people and no excuse for them, either.

  • JPrice

    And how much was the cost for security so the *itch can fake shop where the little people shop….Wait…her 42,000 dollar bracelet is missing….Where is her $2000 handbag….. we all must sacrafice….And what was so important she had to go to Target that she couldnt have gotten at the White House….They must think we are as stupid as they are!

  • hmmm….

    #187. Ignorance is strength. Keep clinging to that. I’ve enjoyed my trip to the world of conservative hate sites today but I actually have things to do other than tutor semiliterate Republican jihadists. Have a great day, all, and watch out for the Communists — they could be hiding anywhere, even in your own house!

  • Steve

    Well this marks the surrender of Target over to them; it is time to move further out into the suburbs.

  • gethmm

    Notice that hmm has said NOTHING regarding the actual issue at hand. NO. Hmm’s strategy is to attack the messenger. This is what people do when they can’t attack the message. Ask hmm to express his opinion on Michelle’s staged photo op and he will act like YOU are trying to change the subject. Don’t let these liberals get away with their little “debate” tricks. Keep dragging them back to the issue when they go off on their personal attacks. They can’t win on the issues. Case in point. This is obviously a cynically motivated photo op, but hmm’s comment is we’re all racist haters. Because we hate being patronized? Makes no sense at all.

  • Amos

    Just an average ghetto day in the life of trashy Michelle… slumming at Target while her limo waits, illegally parked, at the door.

  • WildBill

    Hahahahahahahahahaha…….. I wonder if those idiots think we believe this crap!

  • hadenuf

    Does this fool actually think a baseball cap and sunglasses would disguise her? All one has to do is look at that big backside and that face to know who she is. BTW, does anyone think Moochelle does any cleaning at the WH? It appears she has cleaning item in her bask-cart. Anything for publicity and they actually called ahead for the photographer to be there! They take us for such fools. I guess some are. They actually voted for this mess.

  • binny

    funny how the photo is cropped to not any secret service around. They had to be there, just staged to be sure not in the photo.

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  • Patty

    This is a real farce. She and Obama are playing to the black and commoners who ever they are to prove they are YOU. they all PEOPLES just another shopping day in the life of a First Lady with servants at her beckon call.

    What a farce and what a slap in the face and no conscious and it is the opposite affect.

    It really makes Americans look like they are stupid little people with no mind to figure her real motive. Votes.

  • Anton Fremus

    Can you, in your wildest dreams, imagine Laura Bush doing something as pathetic as this?

  • Bill Bull

    Obviously, there was no other reason for her to be at Target, except to be photographed there and appear to be a regular person for the voters.

    The photographer who took the shot is a hack. Fact is, the media is full of hacks who will dishonestly present fictions for the viewing public, in collaboration with people in power.

    Here’s an idea, Michelle: be honest, and be who you are, and if that won’t help you with the public than maybe you don’t belong in power. But I won’t hold my breath for that one.

    This is more than a mere embarrassment. It’s so disgustingly revolting that words can’t describe it.

  • nk

    Are we really suprised this was staged? And while her shirt may be Old Navy, I wonder about her purse…..looks pretty chic. How much do you think?

  • deegee

    She would look more at home shopping Walmart especially with the rags she has on. 2012

  • gethmm

    See? Hmm stopped posting. You know why? Because he CAN’T DEFEND THIS. And he’s afraid he’s going to be asked to do so now instead of just insulting everyone here.

  • brolin1911a1

    I wonder how long the neighborhood was on lock down with the Secret Service blocking all traffic to the shopping center while she staged her photo op. The real news photo would have been the swarms of inconvenienced shoppers held behind the barricades at the entrances to the mall. Notice there are no shoppers in the background of that photo, just Michelle, her assistant, and two bemused Target employees.

  • gethmm

    Sorry hmm. I’ve had it with being called a racist just because I disagree with a black man. That is not happening anymore. I will insist that you defend your position.

  • hmmm….

    Sorry you missed me, #203. Defending the “organ grinder” and “ghetto” comments on here? No, I won’t do that because it proves my point that opposition to the Obamas, for many people, is racially based. They hate blacks and minorities or at least use race as their reflexive response to everything they dislike. Why would I need to defend the First Lady going on a shopping trip, even if it is a PR stunt? Laura Bush and, before her, Barbara Bush, used to shop all the time in public. The stores were closed off — properly — to avoid security issues for a Secret Service protectorate. Nancy Reagan spent lavish amounts of money shopping for clothes and even consulted astrologers. I couldn’t care less. Laura Bush caused a fatal car accident as a teenager. Even Mrs. Obama’s worst critics haven’t been able to dig up anything similar to that. No, I’m not here to debate with a bunch of neocon fanatics, I’m here to enjoy the freak show of racism and hatred that any news surrounding our president seems to invoke in you guys. I’ve had my fill of bigoted commentary and I’m leaving to let you neocons engage in mutual self-gratification about how much you dislike the Obamas. Enjoy!

  • Atom&Yves

    If her handlers/propagandists really wanted her to appear (even somewhat) like the average person, she’d be photoed at a Thrift shop or Goodwill store.

  • gethmm

    Uh huh. And what is your opinion on this photo op?

  • Vanderfk

    I wonder what this little trip cost us… cavalcade of cars, secret service personnel, etc. If she really wanted to mingle with the little folk why didn’t she go to Dollar Tree? After all, that’s all we can afford now, thanks to their Obamomics.

  • JAC

    I wonder if the first grifter realizes just how much the thinking people despise her and can see right thru her and the handlers antics.

  • rbblum

    So, the White House tips off the AP regarding Michelle’s shopping trip to Target . . . but says nothing to intervene with Solyndra or Fast and Furious? PRIORITIES?

  • gethmm

    You still have yet to address the issue at hand, hmm. We know you think we’re racist. Got it. You’ve repeated that many times. Has nothing to do with the issue. WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON THE PHOTO OP?

  • Lorayne

    Once again the cheap. vulgar attitude that the Obama’s have to their positions as POTUS & FLOTUS has been documented. This maufactured PR stunt along with Barack’s feet up on the priceless antiques in the White House,are futher proof that they are totally unfit for the positions they hold. When I remember Michelle flaunting “We’re just like you”, I immediately respond “Oh, no you’re not!” I have more respect for my ccountry than what you demonstrate.”

  • Atom&Yves

    @hmmm, how about Moochelle’s Chicago patient dumping scandal? And that’s not all. Btw, do your own homework from now on.

  • Al An F

    dear hmmmm,

    For one so filled wih tolerance and love you seem to have a bit of dislike for some of your fellow countrymen and women. And you invoke God’s name quite a bit. This makes me wonder about you. Are you a queer or a transvesite who has become unsure of its choice? Are you a welfare recipient? Or are you just a run of the mill negro on the democrat plantation? I can understand how any of these could be cause for discomfort on your part.

    Well no matter, we do not nave time to feel sorry for you. We feel sorry for this great country and the damage that you, Barry & Moochelle Obama, and the rest of the regime’s white-hating administration are doing to it.

    The biggest racists that I’m aware of in this country are in the Obama administration, and this fact is becoming more and more apparent. Despite the massive cover-up and fraud that is the media’s coverage of anything Obama his approval ratings are sinking through 30’s. This makes me believe that this fact, that racists occupy the WH, is sinking in with more and more folks. Perhaps even with a few previously brain-dead and hopelessly misled blacks such as yourself.

    Maybe this awakening process, which I can also imagine to be quite painful, is part of your discomfort as well? You should know that I have a 15 year old son who has been raised without a racist bone in his body and he would not even consider that the color of some kid’s skin would make a difference in anything except for libs and leftisis like Barry and Moochelle out there constantly stirring the race pot.

    Good luck. You’ll need it with that sour outlook.

  • Wayner

    AAHHH……She’s just another Bluegum Eggplant that just like her husband, is over her head in not knowing how to handle Life. In or out of the White House……..

  • DASA

    Just another bunch of Left Wing elitists who are convinced that know better and will look out for the commoners. I wonder how much this little charade to Target cost the taxpayers of our indebted country. The Secret Service, the bullet-proof limo and driver, the personal assistant and who knows whatever other expenses to accomplish what? Had to get out? Had to buy some chips and smokes for her hubby? I am waiting for someone to dig up the picture of her in Angela Davis-type garb. You know the one in fatigues with the Rambo style ammo belts and AK-47. When you consider her friendship with Bernadette Dorn at the Chicago Law Firm, you just know that they are out there. Just a matter of time before they show up.

  • hmmm….

    #212. It’s a PR stunt, similar to those engaged in by the families of Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, George HW Bush, Clinton, GW Bush and Obama. I have no opinion on it. I don’t care. She went to a store, bought some things, and a press pool photographer was there to capture it. It’s similar to any of the current presidential candidates visiting diners in New Hampshire and Iowa and shaking hands and eating local fare. What is entertaining are comments such as #23 and #47, which are just plain funny, and comments such as #149, #91, #70 and #81, which perpetuate racist stereotypes. It will be a great day for America when Obama is re-elected, not only because he is the right man for the job, but it will enrage the racists among you even more. Not all conservatives are racists but nearly all racists are conservative.

  • Lotsa Love

    RE: 216

    Hey Wayner.
    You are the perfect example of what’s wrong with this country…Nothing of substance to say so you refer to your grade school education with hateful, racist rhetoric. You should be ashamed.

  • hmmm….

    Oh and props to #215 who questions my religious beliefs, my sexuality AND my race in one sentence. Heckuva job, Brownie!

  • SM-AZ

    Butt ugly is still butt ugly whether staged or not!

  • cm

    clinton used to do the same thing—staging events in front of reporters to create a populist image.
    giving chelsea lunch money before school, going on a hunting trip, getting a dog to pal around with for photos, etc.



  • Caz

    I wonder how many Secret Service agents are out of sight of the camera, and I’m sure her motorcade must have taken up ½ of the parking lot. What a joke !

  • Wayner

    Re:219 Lotsa Love ( Hate )

    You sound like a thick-lipped porch monkey yourself. What color your skin be?

  • LetMeB

    Is everyone surprised that the WH tipped off the media where she’d be and when. It’s all a ploy to make the American taxpaying citizen believe that Moochelle is “just one of us” and shops just like the rest of us to. However, now most Americans have to shop at Goodwill and the Salvation Army Thrift Stores. I swear, those people will do anything to deceive and get a vote. Just remember, life is a stage, and the Obama’s are in the starring role right now–and can they ever act.

  • Shante

    Chimpelle Obama don’t shop where da rest of us GOYIM do. Dam rite it’s a photo op.

    Dump the JEW World Order enslaving us all!

  • Pingback: October 1, 2011 at 11:55 pm Logic commented: I know this is immaterial, but why does she have the assistant carry the bags while she pushes an empty cart? Excellent question, Logic.. « et cetera*()

  • Incredulous Patriot

    The story here is not merely that the Obama administration has no shame in orchestrating publicity stunts of this style; it furthermore shows just /how/ out of touch they are with the everyday citizen of the United States.

    Even during this publicity stunt, Michelle has an assistant with her carrying her bags? Really?
    This administration knows nothing of everyday life. They are wealthy hypocrites by and by.

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  • Al Tango

    That is one ugly woman, inside and out.

  • hmmm….

    And #225 proves all of my points made in this thread. Goodbye, jihadists! Tim McVeigh and George Wallare are looking up at you from hell and smiling.

  • rob

    Why does the wookie have a cart if she insists on carrying her packages?? And what do you think she bought?? I think she bought barrack some new draws because he has been getting the crap beat out of him in the polls and I bet they all have skid marks on them and the staff refuses to clean them anymore.

    And then I bet she bought some flowers so she could stick them up her a*ss and shoot them out after she eats a few giant size cans of beans and something to hold her top in like cables and springs and a night gown to try and get barrack to saddle up and take her for a ride, I just hope she bought a board to strap to his a*ss so he will not fall in.


  • julio

    I can smell the stench from here

  • Wayner

    Re: 233

    hey hmmm……Is hmmm the sound that your ass makes when your crapping pout your brains?

  • Ray-sf

    she bought some marching shoes, no more bedroom slippers

  • rebuttal

    Hmm thinks we’re all poopy doo doo heads, but has nothing further to add. Duly noted. NEXT!

  • Ray-sf

    she needed to to return the $40,000 bracelet to the jewelry department

  • RA0725

    To all of the psuedo-journalists out there: Most of the American people already knew the “shopping with commoners” trip was staged. Come down off of your pedastals, get your heads out of your collective a$$es, and start truthfully reporting news for a change!!!

  • Jack

    @ #6 –

    “Logic commented:

    I know this is immaterial, but why does she have the assistant carry the bags while she pushes an empty cart?”

    It’s a metaphor for this flailing economy. You see Michelle represents Wall Street; smugly taking off with the goods while wearing shades to hide their identity, while the empty cart represents the empty coffers caused by our increasing debt, and the assistant is a double-metaphor for taxpayers being left holding the bags, as well as illegals being the only ones to afford buying groceries, as they are not burdened by the tax situation.

  • foggy

    I can’t wait until these freaks are gone from thte Whitehouse.

  • Ray-sf

    yes all you pseudo journalists , there is nothing to be seen here and ignore that man behind the curtain

  • Nine

    OMG! The racist comments here are so sad. First time in my life I can say, I am not proud to be an american. I managed to locate where some of you are from and I am not surprised. Racist SOBs you all are…by the way, I am white. God help this country

  • someofyall

    …just smile at the stupid white people

  • ninenotsurprised

    #244 – someone live up to the stereotype you believe in did they? without any irony at all you say?

  • MissoniObsessed

    Is that a Missoni for Target Throw in that bag she is holding!?!?! It sure looks like it…

  • This has to be the pettiest, stupidest “article” I have ever read. Get a life, and get over your sad obsession with hating on this woman.

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  • Brian in Denver

    PLEASE knock off the racist comments about her appearance. There’s plenty of red meat here to comment on. It’s embarrassing and makes the rest of us that want the Obama’s to vacate the WH look like idiots.

    Thank you.

  • Ray-sf

    i guess she is too good for the dollar store tsk tsk

  • Ron

    A couple of things: #1. When you have ‘no class’ it is impossible to hire enough help to dress you and send you shopping or out to do anything of value. #2. As my Liberal friends tell me when I ask what they like about the Obamas: “I am so Happy we elected a Black President”! So just relax and enjoy; and for sure do not try to figure it out.

  • Jack


    “OMG! The racist comments here are so sad. First time in my life I can say, I am not proud to be an american. I managed to locate where some of you are from and I am not surprised. Racist SOBs you all are…by the way, I am white. God help this country. ”

    Are you really sad? Or are you really infuriated. Be true to yourself, if you are going to judge others. Also, American is spelled with a capital “A”, so I’m not sure you’ve ever felt proud to be an “american”. So what? – if you are white – do you think that gives you carte blanche to judge and criticize others [no pun intended]. Do you see the hypocrisy in what you are saying?

  • sockpuppetdaralert

    There sure is a sudden huge demand for an end to racist comments that far outnumber actual racist comments posted here. That’s weird, huh?

    While the rest of us scrimp all the time,
    She displays an indifference sublime:
    Our First Lady, Michelle,
    Does exceedingly well
    As she travels the world on our dime.

  • TruthMonster

    Well they purposely tried to manipulate the press and the people, trying to get rid of the elitist image she portrays. Her heiness takes a staff of at least 30 on every one of her frequent and luxurious vacations not counting sercurity and we are lead to believe she just popped in Target. The AP photog didn’t take a picture of her getting into the half million dollar limo and SUV”s of the Secrect Service. Just to get some lysol. Gimme a break! What if AP leaked the story and Al Quaida got wind of this. Al Quaida would say release all the prisoners in Cuba or she dies. Most of America’s response would be Keep her dumb fat ass. She no matter how many staged photo ops she and the White House will never shake the reality of her Marie Antoinette image. Let them eat cake.

  • NoDummy

    DUH!!! And did the WH think we would fall for that one. Everyone knew this was staged!!

  • Jack

    As you can gather from many of the anti-racial commentary – political correctness has subverted free speech. I’m all for free speech. What harm is there in a little dialogue, whether you agree or disagree with the commentary. What a boring place this world would be if they killed all of the racists or free-thinkers.

    Ahh, but I know some of you are saying – yeah, well Jack- you attacked that #244 comment – I did that because the comment was hypocritical. If someone goes and attacks something, stating racism, and uses their own racial “supremacy” as a form of argument, I will point this out.

  • USMC Thomas

    “i guess she is too good for the dollar store tsk tsk”

    That photo op is for when the election gets nearer.

  • Goldenfoxx

    The WH didn’t think this one through clearly. Why is she carrying PLASTIC bags instead of the recyclable bags? These people are so phony, everyone knew it was a photo op. She isn’t one of us and never will be. This will all end in 2012. You would never see Barbara Bush, Laura Bush or even Hillary carry out such a stunt. The Obummers have no class whatsoever and are an embarrassment to the American people.

  • Ball

    This is no different than what Bush Sr. did when he bought socks during his recession.

  • Patty

    And how many nights are spent trying to figure out another angle that will start a buzz.

    Even Obama has struggle to come up with another Reagan Like line.

    With some much at state, this thread has received 260 comments mine included and for what to help Michelle’s buzz.

    Wow, this is what they wanted and she got it and I am really a shamed of myself. Falling for a childish prank. Fell, hook line and sinker.

  • progressoverpeace


    “This will all end in 2012. You would never see Barbara Bush, Laura Bush or even Hillary carry out such a stunt.

    Shrillary would have a massive press conference of her with a new button emblazened with “Tar Jet” that she would try to present to the Wal-Mart CEO as a sign that she was a regular customer and loved the store. Then they’d both laugh heartily at her retarded, and most public, mistake.

  • DeanO

    typical Obama…lie steal cheat…play the media…and worst yet…the media bites every time. ANyone but Obama in 2012.

  • PabstMan787

    Anyone notice her assistant is wearing some god awful looking high priced plaid knee-high boots? Probably paid for by Moochie at Hot Topic.

  • Gee, just like the rest of us huh? Note the absence of her $45,000.00 bracelets while hanging out like the rest of us peons!!! At a girl Michelle, just one of the lowly people, right?

  • Sparky

    Do You think we will all be reported to “ATTACK WATCH?”

  • MaynardGKrebbs

    Where are all the other customers ? Now a one in sight. Is that because the store is closed ? Or because there is so much security ?

  • IndieDogg

    They remembered to “arrange” for a photographer but, apparently, they forgot to “arrange” for some adoring fans to swarm the First Lady.

    Where are the masses who are normally “arranged” for these events?

    Looks like nobody at Target cares. Which is just about right, if Target is supposed to represent ordinary working people.

    Secret Service?

    This is the strangest photo op I think I’ve seen involving one of these self-absorbed couple.

    Can you imagine, if Jackie Kennedy had showed up at a J.C. Penny and strolled through the store? They would have had to block off the streets.

    Does the phrase, “You’re over, Michelle” strike a bell?

  • george

    The Obama years: One long, extended photo-op.

  • SunnyR


    The Obama’s must think the American people are the stupidest jerks on Planet Earth.

    Uh……………wait……….maybe they are! They elected the most incompetent, partisan, doofus since Jimmy Carter to our nation’s highest office……..

  • Hmmmmm?

    Since the so called Prez. referred to them as a couple as, “Michael and I”, maybe we should refer to her as “First Laddie”.

  • Letty

    I wish I could afford to go to Target……

  • Jimm

    She still looks like our cleaning lady

  • kimdi01

    Who did the research for the driver so he’d know where the Target was located? You know King Barry and Queenie Michelle Antionette had no idea of the directions to get to a Target. The original plan was to go to a Walmart but Queenie stopped those plans before they could get going. Queenie: “Not me! Not in a Walmart! I’m the Queen of these United States. I’m not proud of them but I am the Queen! I’ll get some disease if I stoop that low. My subjects would never forgive me if I went into one of those dirty, demeaning places.”

  • Jay Kellog

    “This will all end in 2012. You would never see Barbara Bush, Laura Bush or even Hillary carry out such a stunt. ”

    You mean like when Bill’s first “BimboGate” erupted and Hillary came out in her 1950’s pink dress and served fresh-baked cookies to a swooning media? The so-called “Pretty-in-Pink” presser where she proclaimed “she wasn’t no Tammy Wynette, just standin’ by her man”… she truly believed all those Democrat accusers were just part of a vast right-wing conspiracy to “get her husband”…Hahahaha.

    Yeah, Democrat first ladies know how to do photo ops and bring on the class!

  • john vincent

    of course its a photo op-she is trying to present an image that she is a ‘regular girl who shops at target.’ she is aided and abetted by a compliant media who idolizes her and her ‘king’ husband. they can do nothing without creating sensation where there is none.

  • Bev CK

    When I shop, I take my own “green bags” into the store and don’t use plastic bags.
    Where are hers? I would have thought that someone would have thought of that for this fake photo shoot.

  • Randal Phillips

    C’mon folks. Don’t be so harsh. She’s in training for private life. Do you have any idea how huge a shock it is going to be next year when she has to wipe her own behind and tie shoes for herself? And that’s not even considering things like doing laundry and sweeping floors and grocery shopping and gassing up the limo. They’re trying to ease her back into reality.

  • hiway280z

    When we throw these frauds out of the White House or they get thrown out and jailed for treason if anyone has the guts to force him to show his real records and birth certificate the question is, Is he so rich now that he will be able to keep her in the style in which she is acustomed to, living off welfare from the tax payers ?No way she shops Target or ever will. They have the designer expensive clothes brought to them to choose usually. If she does really go out and shop everything is shut down anywhere near those stores.
    Again they make us the laughing stock of the world. Do they really think all Americans are that stupid?

  • Doug

    What a scandal! Thanks for investigating the First Lady’s shirt!


  • hmmm….

    God bless our wonderful president and his beautiful, graceful First Lady!

  • Rick O’Shea

    Aha, typical liberals, use two people when one would do, failure to do it properly, not push an empty cart while carrying the bags, not bringing her own carry bags and not using plastic bags and then telling us to conserve. I hope she used the wide isles, I’d hate to see her get stuck and block commerce.

  • Gabriel Roth

    I am no admirer of the Obamas, but would rather the attacks “Target”ed their policies, not their personal activities.

  • Texas Beef

    Did she use her Gold EBT Card?

  • Jeff in OH

    So this is what MuchHell does while her Gay activist “husband ?” Is spreading his hate…

  • Next time Michelle you go to Target buy some of those fake CZ diamonds and re-distribute those real diamonds you are photographed wearing. After all you are out slumming with the Middle Class. Why did you go to the Target out in Alexandria and not the one in DC?

  • Texas Beef

    @Gabriel Roth – This was a staged photo op designed to make all of the little people think that she is one of them. It didn’t work!

  • Karl Burrows

    This ugly woman always has that mad looking scowl on her face and what appears to be a jumbo plug of tobacco in her front lip making her jaw jut way out from her face.

  • HMichaelH

    And all the other media who did NOT get notified about this staged event have just roled over and taken it up the old wazoo! You would think the rest of the Photographers and journalists (I use the term loosely) would be upset about being discriminated against. But, NOOOOO, anything these Ohbongo people do is OK with them, even if it screws them out of a story.

    What a disgrace the American Media has become!

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  • RicksterCT

    The reason her cart is empty and he assistant is carrying full bags? Why, it’s the new Michelle O Jobs Plan! Pretty soon she’ll have a couple of people lugging her ass around for her…

  • shellrim

    Excellent comments, not much left for me to say. What hit my eye first was the empty cart and she’s carrying the bags – “look, I’m one of you, I even carry my own bags. ” lol. No brains. She should’ve noticed that the cart was empty – plain common sense. Also, her assistant carries non Target bags. It’s highly unlikely that all of them had the Target design turned to the other side. The red is hard to miss but nowhere to be seen on the those bags. They also seem small for target bags. However, the one thing I just have to add is that she barely ever wears a bra. A first lady like a teenager, bra less. My 13 yr. old with little to show would go without a bra. Class can rarely be acquired. It is inbred.

  • progressoverpeace

    @Texas Beef:

    “This was a staged photo op designed to make all of the little people think that she is one of them”

    A person?

    I think the photo op was staged for the little sasquatches.

  • Katey

    She looks so unhappy maybe even angry, that the obama election staff made her go here. And they made her wear those clothes too. She likes her diamond $50,000 bangles!

  • StopGovtBondage

    Michelle, our Material Girl, is pushing an empty cart – because one of the “handlers” of this staged photo op – said, hey let’s get a shot of Michelle pushing the cart……. Kinda like the photo early in the 2008 campaign…with Barack holding the phone upside down while pretending to speak into it.

    The Obamas – grifters, cons, and very dishonest………..LOSERS!!!

    America has had enough.

  • Midnite Cake

    Laura Bush had real class. This woman has NO class. Guess she left the diamond bracelets at home as she slumped off to Target to mingle with the little people. Hey, Michelle..regular people have to carry their own bags and unload them, too. We don’t have servants to do it for us. You might remember that on your next photo op run to buy Lysol.

  • StopGovtBondage

    Also……….Michelle was sent to Target as “penance” for her $42,000 diamond bracelet disaster from last week hobnobbing in New York. Shameful.

  • progressoverpeace

    Was it Uncle Omar who drove Moochelle to the Target? He loves to drive and he’d be doing the job that anyone who loves, or even likes, America wouldn’t …

  • housemom1952

    She bought Lysol because she needed douche!

  • Robert S


    Google it.

  • Jeff

    Exactly. Why the F is she pushing a cart that’s empty and carrying bags? Not a bright one is she?

  • TheEye

    She has more than 20 attendants and we are supposed to believe she went on a nostalgic trip to Target? Let me see if I got this straight. She leaves the WH by herself? Have to wonder where Malignant and Sasquatch were. She heads on over to Target and no commotion whatsoever as she walks into a local store. She strolls down the aisles and casually checks out her Lysol and whatnot. No one notices the 200 Secret Service guys who converged on the store before and during her outing. Yep, I believe it.

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  • MFinSC

    Another staged Democrat act, not unlike Bill Clinton with his trusty Bible as he trotted off to whatever Black church he could find in the DC area, or, even better, Bill and “The Hill” dancing on the beach, or, the biggest staged travesty of all, arranging the pebbles into a cross on the beach at Normandy? Oh, by the way, isn’t Target a non-union business? Tsk, tsk, Moochelle, are you forgetting on what side your daddy’s bread is buttered?

    Saveus, are you an old Bob Grant fan?

  • jk

    nice 5 o’clock shadow on the First Lizard.

  • joeybiten

    obumas illegal uncle appeared before the judge last wednesday. any news???

  • Jeff

    You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

    Abraham Lincoln

  • VetJack

    Do you think that anyone with a half of a pea brain didn’t know that. It is too easy to predict and understand. Even someone without the need of a teleprompter knows that!


    Look Mom – a WOOKIE buying toothpaste at Target`

  • It doesn’t matter what she wears, she always look good

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Oh Dear.


  • What a F*CKING phoney… I cannot wait until these two go away, and we do not have to utter the name Obama again, except when we are talking about the biggest failure since Jimmy Carter.

  • Roz Anders

    Isn’t it apparent yet that these slimeballs are as phony as a $3 bill?

  • you know why the aid is carrying the bags while michelle is pushing an empty cart? because she gets paid very well to be a “bitch slave”, and, she will get a good pension. no self-pride, be a slave.

  • Tyrone

    Wow….did she then go downtown and get in line for food stamps? She is soooo like all of us peasants. Not at all like the pampered, pretentious, crooked, entitled folks we think of when we see her and Barrack on vacation.
    All I want to know, is how she got the private jet to land in the target parking lot?

  • PoppaB

    What??? Did she actually get PLASTIC BAGS? Don’t they own reusable shopping bags? I wonder if the hippie crowd knows about this?

  • margaret

    Talbot’s is where she shops for her clothes, and they’re NOT designer clothes.

  • kikker

    Every time I see her scowling face I think there is a bridge somewhere missing it’s troll.

  • Tucson Jack

    Someone needs to say something positive about this photo op, so guess it’s up to me.
    I am positive this is a bunch of bs. I am also positive she and her husband (and the current administration) have no respect for the intelligence of the average American.

  • hmmm….

    Based on many of the comments here, one fact is immediately apparent: An imposition of literacy tests s a qualifier for voting would ensure a Democratic landslide.

  • xfilecase

    We have all heard the phrase “This country is going to hell in a hand basket.” Well! There’s the hand basket and one of the 2 drivers!!

  • ItsJo

    ANOTHER, photo op, as “Michelle pretends to be just like the rest of America, a Target shopper”…..yeah right. The only reason it was done, is because she had on the $40,000 bracelet a few days ago, so the Obama’s want to “undo that damage”. To think these two
    reside in our Whitehouse is laughable-wonder if the LapDog media KNOWS they’ve been complicit with “America’s Demise”-due to their LACK of honest reporting on these frauds?
    Also laughable, is the media who is trying to suggest that Michelle is “just like Jackio-O!!!
    This Hippo is in NO WAY anything like the elegant, sophisticated and classy Jackie.

  • Jonah Vark

    Don’t you all wonder what is in those bags Michelle is carrying?
    Must be things she doesn’t want anyone to know about.

    Maybe the latest issue of Globe Magazine?

    Home pregnancy test?

    Voodoo dolls for her mama?


  • progressoverpeace

    >>An imposition of literacy tests s a qualifier for voting would ensure a Democratic landslide.

    I’m willing to take that risk. Let’s experiment!

    It’s probably more important to apply it to the SCOTUS, though, seeing how someone who thought there were no adjectives in Spanish (AFTER she was already at Princeton!) was somehow deemed qualified to sit on the bench.

    And we need to get rid of the financial illiterates, too. You know, the idiots who don’t know what “profit AND earnings ratios” are … like everyone with an IQ over 80.

    “Oh’-ree-ahn!!” — TOTUS

  • Greenstew

    I guess someone forgot to tell Michelle that the Gay community, that supports the Obamas, was boycotting Target!! Ha Ha I guess she has no idea what the Gay Community is doing these days. So much for her support for them.

  • Vote Loud

    Amateurs… plain and simple.

  • lenzo

    As soon as we saw thyat pic, my roommate and I said exactly that: they called the press.

  • blackirishblonde

    At least she didn’t wear her three new diamond bracelets—-I am not jealous of what she has I could care less—I’m just angry when her husband says we’re soft and says things like “We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times… and then just expect that other countries are going to say OK (note to President–I don’t care what other countries think).Our President and his wife go on vacation every month on OUR dime–then they tell us to eat our peas, tighten our belts,etc.—Grrrrrrrr!!!

  • Jeffm0518

    Many of you probably remember when our first lady had to have “organic” tuscan kale back in September of 2009. It took over 35 vehicles from the Secret Service and D.C. police. They closed down H steet, Vermont Avenue, two lanes of I street and an entrance to the McPherson Square Metro Station. They swept the area with bomb sniffing dogs and installed magnetometers in the middle of the street. The had sharp shooters on top of trucks and put up barricades to keep people out.

    Now the idiots in the White House want us to believe that the woman who couldn’t walk one block to the Farmer’s Market in 2009 and had to take an entire entourage suddenly goes to Target (or anywhere else for that matter) without her normal small army. PLEASE!!!

    This disgrace of a first lady who preaches to us about what we eat and then serves 1600 calorie ribs at a WH dinner thinks she can convince anyone she’s like us (who by the way would no longer allow the menus to be made public by the press after her hypocrisy was exposed.) A woman who made $150,000 a year until her husband became a U.S. Senator and then got a promotion to almost $400,000 a year because she was such a hard worker???????? The woman who couldn’t travel with her husband on Air Force One but had to take her own group of jets to Martha’s Vineyard a few hours later for her sixth vacation of 2010. Who had their dog flown out on a separate jet the trip before that. The woman who said “American was a mean place”. Who said only after her husband got the Dem nomination for President “for the first time in my adult life I’m proud of my country.”

    I’m so looking forward to January 20th, 2013 when I’ll finally have a first spouse in the White House I can be proud of after four years of being disheartened, deeply disappointed and disgusted by who we have now.

  • [email protected]

    “So Aunt Ester shops at target?”

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  • aunt Bea

    we just don’t need them thar knee grows in the wh!!!and watch him eat juicee burgers

  • Rob

    Get a grip! So, she went to Target to survey the prices, and to have the experience of shopping at Target after nearly 3 years living in the White House. We WANT a White House in touch with what Americans are doing. This is a good thing. Of course, she is not going to use this stuff. She’ll donate it. So what?!! I think you Republicans have lost all perspective, and can’t be trusted to govern. You need to calm down, and not have a fit over basic things like this.

  • Bad Brad

    Half bulldog, Half whale. She must have been testing Target’s animal policy.

  • Backgammon

    Why isn’t anyone talking about WHY Mooochelle was disbared in Chicago? This was a scant subject in 08 and then dropped. Googled says disbared!

  • racist whites

    This proves how racist you all are. Thanks for exposing.

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  • John

    Come on, of course we knew this was all a ploy to have us believe the POTUSs wife is one of us!!

  • csd

    Did she pay cash or use a credit card ?

  • Mina

    No s__t, Sherlock.

  • Pingback: Michelle Obama Pic at Target Store Was…Duh…STAGED! « StickUpPolitics()

  • Militant Conservative

    Good god look at the vitriol toward the First black lady. Such a backlash of monumental

    proportions. She and the NOTUS are such pathetic losers. But when they are booted out

    the protected class will have a hissy fit. Be pepared as they know nothing but violence.

    Battle vest and magazines prepared. Bring it on second class citizens.

    powder is dry



  • DevotedDad

    At least it is not a staged terror attack…

    Oh wait, we just did that with the Anwar Al whatever guy….

    That was the same guy who was dining in the Pentagon 3 months after the terror attack on 9/11..

    But now he is bad…..

    Just like we supported Murbarak….but then suddenly he was bad….

    Just like we supported Osama Bin Laden….and then said he was responsible for 9/11

    Just like supported Ghadafi and then said he had to go….

    Funny, all of these guys either had ties to the CIA, Pentagaon, or our Government and then we said they were bad and had to be killed…

    Of course we know they were killed because the same people who supported and funded them (our Government), said they killed them…


    Hey, how did the underwear bomber, who was a terror suspect list, get on an International flight with no passport?

    Let’s not think about that…

    Silly boy

  • hmmm….

    I love the design of this website; it looks like it was done as a project in a fifth grade computer class, especially that “classy” logo at the top. So 1998. It’s been fun slumming with the racist Republicans and a few principled conservatives. Your hatred of the Obamas will only destroy yourselves, as you will no doubt find out next November when the president is re-elected with a comfortable margin. I’m actually in favor of a Constitutional amendment allowing teabagger states to secede from the union. I’d rather see you guys have a few states where you can impose Christian sharia law, build barbed-wire fences around it and play with your guns without disturbing the rest of us. Some of the folks harbor fantasies of the good old days when “Negroes” knew their place and other minorities worked as bellboys or railroad construction workers. However, you proud Aryans are about to become a minority yourselves. Pray to your God that the treatment you receive as a minority is less harsh than that you meted out over the past 400 years or so. God bless!

  • Patriot 1742

    This reminds me of when Jimmy Carter was sinking in the pols and he started carrying his luggage when departing Air Force One or when he did his fire side chat – phony then and now the phony Obama Adm is doing the same thing. Watch for Obama to wear a sweater and carry a brown bag lunch – so LIBERAL democrats.

  • Impeach Obama2012

    This woman is so ugly and such a phony. She is the angry black woman.

  • hmmm….

    And #343. We’re ready for you too and can’t wait to rumble. Fire the first shot and see what happens.

  • patricia

    I knew it was fake the minute it came out. She thinks we’re all so dumb and she’s so smart that we’ll buy whatever she’s selling. Ha Ha First she grew her own vegatables (how down to earth) now she shops at Target (that’s when she’s not spending millions in Europe prancing around like a queen). I wonder how much she got from Target for the publicity. She has to shop at Target because she done spent all the money on lavish vacations. Poor Barrack he has a full time job reining in queen mama.

  • John Hubbard

    … and we thought Hillary Clinton had a hard time mimicking human behavior.

  • Dan

    Where’s the bling?

  • Titus Oates

    Was she shopping for cake mix?

  • nobama yomama

    After squandering close to 10 million dollars on vacations/junkets, Imelda Marcos… I meant Michelle Obama just want to show that she REALLY shop at Target like one of us wretched tax payers. Just one of the Obamas’ shenanigans. B.O. really thinks the voters are this stupid!

  • Scott A

    Who cares if this was staged or not? She isn’t the one in office and won’t be running for office at any time.

    This is a non-story.

  • MommyPatriot

    White house tips off photographer?

    Well, duh!!!!!

  • Patrick

    Eat your heart out Vlad Putin… NOBODY can engineer a staged publicity op like Michelle O!!!

  • Atom&Yves

    @hmmm #349, the odds do not favor you

  • Doug

    I guess she’s not green , she carrying plastic!

  • Frank Lee

    Did anyone check her purse, stealings in their blood.

  • Christy V

    The photo op is supposed to make her look like middle America? How many of us in middle America go shopping at Target with our assistants tailing behind. And why are they carrying the bags and pushing an empty cart? Give me a break.

  • WildBill

    Hahahahahahahaha………. She helps build houses for po’ folks too!

  • Jenny

    Yup Scott A. I agree, nothing to look at here. HOWEVER, the s&*t sure hit the fan when they found out what the value was of McCain’s wife’s jewelry. Can’t have it both ways, sorry! I’ll bet it was a “fun” day at the White House when they told the “Queen of Vacations and Designer Shoes to Garden In” where she was going to be “shopping”!! She thought she kissed those days goodbye when she left Chicago!! Ha ha!!!!

  • Quintin

    This is awesome! I applaud and encourage Barry and Michele to keep dumping these truck loads of condesending crap on the country. Every time they pull a bone headed act like this it just pushes them farther off the map with the far right, the right, the center right, the center and the left of center… Keep it up! Maybe Michele and the girls can have a garage sale at 1600 Penn. Ave. next weekend… Barry can drive the Beast over to the local Jiffy Lube and use a coupon for an oil change… Go for it!

  • Mandy

    In response to all who wonder if we are that stupid to believe this phony photo op, well no we aren’t but the obama supporters surely are.

  • Sparky

    Hope Wookie keeps up these public appearances. The hilarity and creativity of the comments are worth putting up with her ugly mug!

  • ANYBODY in 2012

    This is all part of the smoke and mirrors that make up this thug and his posse. BO makes Bill and Hilary look like amatures when it comes to corruption. Billions to his political cronies right out of our pockets and now he wants more taxes and credit.

    Holder needs a special presecutor to start a forensic acounting of the money and then we can start the impeachment of this criminal. The next time we want hope and change, I hope we at least look at his resume.

    And don’t worry. They will put a muzzle on Michelle as the election gets closer to prevent any of the embarrasing “I have never been proud of my country” comments. I was never ashamed of my country until they elected this clown.

  • Dumrepub

    I feel very sorry for you racists

  • Edward

    And don’t you know Mooooooochele had her a big ole fat laden Whopper on her way back to the crib.

  • Ron

    The report you link to does not say the photographer was tipped off by the White House, despite your headline. It says he was “tipped off,” period. And it is not attributed. Lots of people, including local cops and the store management, could have tipped off a photographer who has local sources.

  • D.K.

    Why doesn’t she shop at the Goodwill Store or Salvation Army store, like I do. That’s where I buy most of my clothes, because that’s what I can afford. It makes me sick that I pay taxes so she can buy designer clothes and jewelry. She could take that money and give it to the Salvation Army or The Red Cross and let them do something worth wild with it! America got what they voted for….Hollywood! I can still stand proud though and say I didn’t vote for him!!!

  • ah hmm…

    “literacy tests s a qualifier”

    Ah…maybe people who live in glass houses shouldn’t…oh, what’s the use! Hey hmmm, preview is your friend!

    I’m sure the cart is empty because MOOchie never filled it in the first place. I’m sure they just handed the bags to her and got it over with. After all she’s a very important woman with far better things to do than pose in ugly clothes pretending to have something in common with commoners.

    Now if she had those items sent in care packages to soldiers that would have been a nice touch…too late now. It would just look too fake if her handlers were to suddenly remember to tell the reporters that MOOchie had been visiting and really wanted to participate.

    Oh, wait, ‘too fake’ is not a part of the Obama’s vocabulary, is it???

  • The little guy

    While her husband achieved the status of worse president in modern history, she managed to be the worse first lady at the same time. They are disgrace to our great country!

  • The little guy

    I read a long list of comments posted here and I have not found even one positive one on her. Remarkable.

  • Thebes

    Wow, this is what passes for “The Fourth Estate” in the USA today?
    No wonder our nation is so utterly hosed.

  • Ralph

    Mr & Mrs. Douchbag!!!! That two legged piece of crap is sure ugly!

  • JRS

    It’s another episode of Democrats Dancing on the Beach. (see Bill & Hillary)

  • Lotsa Love

    All you politically correct libs should sit back, pour yourself a latte, take a valium, really listen to Reverend Al for a while, and wake up to the fact that by calling someone a Powder Burned Mosshead does NOT make you a racist.

  • This is hilarious-the party of equality blah blah blah and she’s got a mexican carrying her bags!! ROFL!!

    Somebody shout Immigra!!! and see if she scampers into the bushes…..

  • Lotsa Love

    Re: 374

    Your right litttle guy..It would be remarkable if anyone could say ANYTHING positive about this abortion of a human being or her wretch of a husband.

  • hmmm….

    Keep pushing an agenda that’s targeted to 70-year-old racist white men, excludes all people of color and immigrants from other countries, and see how that works for you conservatives in the long run.

  • ah hmm…

    Something positive…something positive…

    Well, she became proud of her country for the first time in her adult life at the same time I became profoundly embarrassed.

    That will have to do.

  • Dirty Don

    Typical BS from the WH… MOOOOOOOOchelle is a joke, just like her teleprompter reading, Saul Alinsky schooled, America hating, captialist killing, lover of Islam husband. For the first time in MY life I am embarrassed that the world knows we have idiots as President and First Lady.

  • Lotsa Love

    RE: 381

    hmmm What the hell are you talking about you ideologically blind imbecile?. Give us something original that doesn’t sound like it was pulled from the editorial pages of the N.Y.T

  • hmmm….

    And I wake up every morning and thank God that Barack Obama, our first legally elected president since 1996, and his beautiful and intelligent wife, are in the White House and will be there until 2017. Imagine the catastrophe if John McCain and his know-nothing running mate were in the White House. I also pray that at least some of you come to see that hatred and racism will bring nothing to you but even more misery.
    Ron Paul has absolute lunatic views but he is sincere and principled. Jon Huntsman seems like a man of integrity and who responded when his President called upon him to serve. The rest of the GOP field seems determined to out-stupid their way to the bottom of the heap, i.e. the teabagger movement. How many non-whites support the Tea Party? Two or three nationwide?
    And with the comments calling the First Lady a gorilla, it seems that number will plunge even more. You teabaggers are being used by corporate interests to fatten their own pockets while you remain blissfully ignorant, hoping that your high school diploma will be enough to make it to retirement age, at which point your movement will have abolished Social Security so you’ll be homeless and with no health care. Just pull yourself up by your bootstraps then and see how successful you.
    May a merciful God take pity on you.

  • hmmm….

    There you go, #384. Sorry it’s not in short sentences like Rush feeds you but maybe you can get a literate person to read it to you.

  • Lotsa Love

    Re:385 hmmm

    You are truly about as dumb as a box of rocks. About as sharp as a marble. Don’t try to come off as intelligent because your capable of forming sentences, because the substance of what your saying is absolute nonsense.

  • ah hmm…

    I don’t know, hmmm…

    I guess you have every right to like Obama so much and think his wife is beautiful. I happen to think Obama is a horrible president and his wife is not attractive at all.

    For that I’m a racist teabagger? And for that you invoke some kind of mercy from whatever God you pray to on my soul?

    Seems actually rather crazy to me.

  • hmmm….

    I’ll put my educational credentials up against a racist’s any day. I stopped counting the grammatical and spelling errors in your last post at four and I was only at the second sentence. But illiteracy isn’t as big an offense as bigotry and hatred, which you seem to possess in abundance. It’s not too late to seek forgiveness from Jesus for your racism and it’s never too late to get your GED. I’ve helped people even dumber than you obtain literacy. Please get well soon.

  • ah hmm…

    Maybe you should go back to quoting the NYT, hmmm, because once you go off script you sound like an insane bumbling idiot. Much like our POTUS without his teleprompter.

  • hmmm….

    #388, you may not be a racist but your fellow posters, many of them, are. It is for them I ask God for mercy.

  • hmmm….

    Good night, teabagging racists! It’s been fun! See you next November or when the civil war starts, whichever comes first!

  • Katie

    OMG………………………another ‘BARF AND GAG’ moment. These people are soooooooooooo phony!!!!

  • ah hmm…


    That’s really very condescending and presumptuous on your part. Why does it bother you so much that a bunch of racist teabaggers are acting, in your opinion, racist and teabaggy? Why do you feel the need to bring Jesus into the discussion?

    You’re not in charge of our souls.

  • ah hmm…

    If there are liberals who are not complete humbugs I have yet to meet one! And I used to be one so I know of what I speak!! O_o

  • Lotsa Love

    May God have Mercy on the U.S if this inept clown of a president continues to convince the ignorant and less educated in this country that he is doing ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING that will move this country forward.

  • SickOfLibtards

    Maybe she needed to get another gift for the Queen of England….

  • ah hmm…

    May God have mercy on Hmmm’s soul for mercilessly bugging Him to have mercy on us!

  • Rowdy Boots

    The problem is not that the Obama Adminstration is addicted to photo opportunities–most presidents are.

    The problem is the total lack of self awareness to see that these photo opportunities are complete failures!


  • SandyfromChesterfield

    Nothing is real in the obama’s world. Everything they do is to fulfull their progressive agenda.

  • ah hmm…

    Sandy – yes, everything they do is to fulfill their progressive agenda, but I don’t think MOOchie realized when she wore her bling last week that it would do harm to that agenda. Hence this Kabuki Target Theater. I doubt we’d have seen it otherwise.

  • Lotsa Love

    Heysa…. Isa thinka isa gonna holla to-sa da piture takin boy, split da crib, rollup to tar-ghay wit da bling on, throw a few a dem benjamins around and hang wid my peeps. Maybesa den, day don’t figure ima gangsta.

  • hadenuff

    Pray for Obama: Psalm 109:8

  • PDK

    Another insult on average Americans. These retards have no idea what they are doing, heck, they can’t even coordinate a campaign stunt. And now they are reporting that the Lysol the mooch purchased was for Harry Reid who needs to kill the smell of tourists.

  • Williams

    She is a complete disgrace to the USA. Let’s hope she and hers will be flushed to the gutters of our history next November. She hates our country; that is why she and her husband want to destroy our nation from its highest office, and that is why she behaves like a gaudy, disgusting, ugly, homogeneously extravagant dictator’s wife.

  • PHP87

    There is nothing genuine about the Obama’s.

    Everything they do is staged. Everything they say is a lie.

    No wonder the media adores them so much.

  • Reality one

    arent you supposed to put the horse in front of the cart?

  • NowListenUp

    Her contrived attempt to boost her “image” by portraying the average American, shopping at Target, blew up in her face.. How are you looking now First Phoney, err Lady? Just sheer buffoonery!!!

  • PHP87

    At least this photo-op didn’t cost us 500 Million dollars like Solyndra did.

  • Lotsa Love

    Horse’s Ass.

  • Lordrobot

    Another warn ghetto trash moment…

  • Eriah

    This is the same woman who thought the only thing the $600 Bush stimulus was good for was a pair of earrings. I wonder how much money Target lost shutting down the store so Michele Antoinette can go buy some Lysol. Target, you have lost my business.

  • wayner

    You racist pig conservatives make me sick. Half way into Obama’s second term you cretens will finally wake up to the fact of the good this man and the democrats do.

  • Dennis K

    Was she wearing her $400 shoes and was she rested nicely from her million dolalr vacations at the Vinyards and Spain. These people are the saddest of sad. What a waste that America fell for the greatest con job in our history.

  • Bob

    Moochelle is such a phony. Just like Oprah Winfrey.

  • Bob

    Hey Wayner or is it Weiner or Whiner? Go drink your Kool-Aide somewhere else, you left wingnut.

  • Pete M

    @Redbeard……Termagant, you don’t see that too often

  • Dennis K

    Wayne, buddy take some decaf and get a new namecalling book. He is about 3/4 into his tenure , period there will be no more the country can not take the last 14 monthsand the this gross incompeten Rev Wright protege ( talk about hate and racist) Your name calling is par for your course. we have been called everything from typical white people to nazi, to terrorists so cretens is weak in comparison. but calling someone who disagrees with Obama and his fraud, lies, deceit and radical ideology a racist now that is a novel one, you are among one of the creative ones. I think that may have been the 4 trillionth time that phrase has been used. about once for every $ that Obama has added to our deficit in those 34 months as the liar in chief.

  • PHP87

    Obama saw his 39% job approval rating and sent “Blackie O” out on a photo op as he is completely out of ideas and no one is buying into his empty speeches and bumper sticker slogans now that he has shown to be exactly what conservatives said he would be, pre-election: Inept, incompetent, inexperienced and not capable of doing the job.

    Blaming others for your incompetence isn’t leadership, especially when you had two years of a Dem House and Senate to work with.

    The Dems are probably begging Hillary to run in 2012 as this disaster is incapable of running a paper route. He would likely screw that up, lose most of his customers, blame others, and then demand a raise.

    These Grifters make the Clinton’s look honest.

    Another staged photo op, just like her WH “garden”

    Did they photograph her getting into a Limo and all the Secret Service agents nearby?

    Or does she go to Target “incognito” on a regular basis, and an AP photog just happened to be there at the same time?

    What are the odds?

    “What’s this cart thing for and why am I supposed to push it?”

  • wayner


    Is that Bob? Are you sure it’s not Boob?…..Free country here sparky… least until some con-job occupies the Whitehouse. I’ll say what I want, where I want, how I want…

  • The Rifleman

    I wish the alarm at the door went off as she exited! That would have been rich!

  • missV

    What else would she need to go to Target and take an assistant for? So she could pick up a supply of ingredients for her outstanding “Marie Antoinette Let them Eat Cake” mix. She would never want to carry something that isn’t made of diamonds or gold in her precious hands. She is another who is out of touch and has no clue about the average person.

  • GMan

    My bet says everything she bought went straight into a dumpster behind the White House.

  • rando1776

    Hey wayner , Remember those little elections in 2010 when the libs got their asses kicked , you aint seen nothing yet ! Come on 2012 , Shellacking Part II

  • PHP87

    What happened to Obama’s pre-election promises to:
    1) End the war in Iraq in 18 months?
    2) End the war in Afghanistan in 18 months?
    3) Closing Gitmo in 18 months?
    4) Ending the Bush tax cuts?
    5) Cutting the deficit in half in his first term?
    6) Lowering the levels of the oceans?
    7) Lowering unemployment?
    8) Creating Millions of Jobs?
    9) Transparency?
    10) Fiscal Responsibility?

    Instead, we get 500 Million dollar photo ops of ventures known to fail, Spending Trilions of our dollars on failed social experiments, a fake WH garden, a fake Target shopping trip, expensive vacations, Parties at the WH with Hollywood celebs, Playing Golf as often as possible, campaigning and flying around the country, engaging in crony capitalism, living large on our dime instead of leading by example and not spending lavishly on himself and his wife and his illegal alien Aunt, who has moved into the WH and been fast-tracked to citizenship, another illegal alien relative, driving around drunk, and other shenanigans.

    And the claim that the “Bill Ayers” that has visited the WH numerous times is a different “Bill Ayers” than the former domestic terrorist that just happened to live in the same neighborhood he did back in Chicago.

    We got exactly what we thought we would get – a crooked Chicago politician who should have been vetted but wasn’t, especially after the shady land deal with convicted Felon Tony Rezko.

    I guess some people still believe BS over actions and facts.

    What will Obama run on in 2012?
    Lies about how he saved the economy?
    How you’re a racist if you don’t vote for him? (He already does that thru his proxies)
    And yes, I’m sure there will be rioting, or as the media will call it “civil disobedience” when he is booted out of office after one term.

  • wayner

    Re: 418

    Mr. K You obviously haven’t read many other posts. I’m not calling people who disagree with me a racist. I’m calling a large number of the people that are posting here racist. Has anyone ever told you that your arrogant and condescending? It bleeds from your post.

  • wayner

    At least 90% of the pale face crackers posting here are racist pigs.

  • Ha, so typical. She spends millions a year on getaways but shops at target? Yea, right.

  • Osamas Pajamas

    Of course Michelie Mah Belle had to do this photo op! Just a few days ago she was swooning over the $46K diamond bracelets and that Holy Smokes expensive dress she was wearing at this or that public function — and that scene was caught on camera and the photo became a liability which had to be countered by more propaganda photos — to the effect that Michelle Mah Belle is actually a soccer mom. At one level, I don’t like her. At another level, I wouldn’t blame her for looking at OhBummer and thinking, “Crap. What was I thinking?”

  • sucks2bu

    Did she swipe her ebt? Swipe! Swipe!

  • Osamas Pajamas

    Poster “wayner”— you assert that at least 90% of the paleface crackers posting here are racist pigs. So let’s see. “Paleface cracker” is a racist epithet, applied to people whom you do not know. And what kind of statistical analysis did you perform to arrive at 90%? Just being critical of a black person is not evidence of “racism” — and we are up to our necks with black racists, right now, anywa, by the way — the OhBummer Wrecking Crew [the admin] is full of them.

  • Osamas Pajamas


    The Democrats have this “enemies list” — denominated in epithets aimed at the people whose wallets they wish to hijack and take up residence inside. You can be a “Racist!” and you can be a “Terrorist!” and you can be a “Dictator” and you can be a “Hostage-taker!” and you can “Wear a tinfoil hat!” and you can be a “Homophobe!” and you can be a “Teabagger!” — a homosexual man taking his partner’s scrotum into his mouth. You can be “Selfish!” and you can be a “Wacko!” and you can be a “Hick!” and you can be a “Rube!” and you can be “Uneducated” and you can be an “Extremist!” You can be a “Right-wing-nut!” and you can be “Mentally Ill” and you can be “Deranged!” and you can be a “Flake!” and you can be a “Warmonger!” and you can be “Unenlightened!” and you can be a “FatCat!” and you can be a “Nazi!” and you can be a “Fascist!” — although no one more closely approaches the precise description of “Nazi!” or “Fascist!” than the usual Democrat propagandist — either official, or self-appointed.

    Lies, after all, are the heart and soul and the sword and shield of the Democrat party.

    So all you have to do to occupy multiple epithets on the Democrats’ enemies list is to insist that they take their hands off yourself, off your wallet, off your property, off your kids, off your diet, off your healthcare, off your household appliances, off your car, off your bank account, off your weapons of self-defense, off your liberty, and off your freedom of speech. Insist on all these good things – and that qualifies you to be spat upon by nasty, mean-spirited scum — by The Friends of All Mankind — by a gang of lying, thieving, dope-smoking, pill-popping, coke-snorting, sticky-fingered, bloodsxcking, tax-eating, gun-stealing, predatory humanitarian thugs — by the Democrat party, in other words. No political party in the history of America more profoundly deserves absolute and outright destruction.

  • Osamas Pajamas


    OhBummer is a b00b and a fool for attacking the American Tea Partiers. Heck, he thought that he had all of us hoodwinked, hornswoggled, and bamboozled. He’s annoyed that the Tea Partiers are not grateful to him for hijacking the American healthcare system — the greatest act of vandalism perpetrated upon the American people since a gang of jihadi frootloops and loonytoons hijacked some planes and crashed them into the World Trade Center towers — and the Pentagon, and made a failed attempt to crash into the White House — and instead drilled a hole in a Pennsylvania farm thanks to some very courageous American passengers.

    And — now widely seen for what he is — the president presents a problem for the Democrat-captured media. They pump out his propaganda for him — and, like the opinion monitors in Ayn Rand’s novel, “Atlas Shrugged” — they are dodging brickbats and rotten vegetables.

    He’s pompous, pampered, and pretentious — a pseudo-intellectual fop. He’s a glorified, smooth-lyin’ dandy, and slicker than Sick Willie Clinton. He’s a dictator-on-the-make, a bloodsxcking, predatory humanitarian thug, and a low-down skunk.

    He’s a fraud and a swindler. He lies when he inhales and he lies when he exhales; his oxygen is the falsification of reality. He lies, placidly and laconically, as if deception were a soporific drug.

    He’s a friend of the poor and the downtrodden — indeed, you can hear the milk of human kindness sloshing around inside of him when he walks.

    He declares himself the post-racial leader — “Let me be clear!” he intones — and he hides behind his race, daring his critics to put their reputation for fairness at risk.

    He pauses to ponder the portent of his propaganda — and it is fakery; he smiles and his mendacity comes shining through. Shake hands with Barak Hushpuppy OhBummer — “The Mistake of ‘08” — the illegal alien squatter in the White House until his “papers” have been lab-tested for age and chemicals, etc — the King of The Republic of Lies — and America’s first and last Arab president. Now count your fingers.

  • Tom M.

    Fake, fraud, BS….I hope nobody is stupid enough to believe this is anything but a staged photo-op…

  • Osamas Pajamas

    THE “WALL STREET OCCUPIERS” —- These are the ideological blackshirts, brownshirts, redshirts and no-shirts tasked and encouraged in their riots by Michael Moore, David Plouffe, David Astroturf Axelrod, Van Jones, of MoveOn,org, the Huffington Post, and OhBummer’s former employer, ACORN — and Barak Hussein Hushpuppy Hoover OhBummer, himself. OhBummer and the OhBummer Wrecking Crew have been promoting mental illness [envy] and trying to shift blame to “Greedy Wall Street” and away from themselves. I advocate that the police shoot and kill every one of them who obstructs traffic or trespasses on private property or in any way threatens or attempts to intimidate any of their critics or victims. These are the lying, arrogant, greedy-for-the-unearned, bloodsxcking, tax-eating Democrat hoods, thugs, and gangsters. Destroy them.

  • MaynardGKrebbs

    I wonder if after the photo op the stuff was returned .

  • Wright

    WOW.. “For the first time in my life I’m proud…” of her. She must be like one of us…. Not

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  • PHP87

    Wayner is probably a paid Obama operative that trolls the internet, defending the indefensible.

    How about you address the Obama promises he made that I posted in Post #25?

    It’s just more proof that he will say and do anything to get elected.

    “No you didn’t!”

  • Karen White

    Oh my God, she shops at Target.

    I am so like going to vote for her husband, because, like, she shops, like at Target.

    I am like, such an informed voter, I’m gonna, like, camp tight now at my voting station, and like vote for them first thing, like Nov 6, 2012. Like. Like.

  • StumpyBeagle

    I hope she at least had some lackey drop all that stuff “WE” bought off at Goodwill at least.

  • A mere commoner

    Where did they park her Gulfstream jet?

  • R. J.

    Oh…. must be foreign dignitaries coming, she’s out shopping for gifts, such a classy pair!

  • Truth Detector

    Note the headwear.

    What are the terms of her Nike endorsement contract?

  • Think these 2 know how most Americans think of them now? Maybe that reporter could come to my City and watch me shop at the Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, while wearing my carport sale clothes and shoes? What in the crap did she buy at Target anyway. Well anyway, there are some people that can dress up but you can’t take them to town. Right?

  • vicki

    Is she too unable to carry recyclable shopping bags with her to the store? Even when she tries to set a good impression it backfires.

  • DKC

    Trying to appear like normal people will NOT make us Forget Obamacare and your husband’s radical left marxist policies! Michelle we don’t want America reformed. We don’t want to change history or our traditions. Go back to Chicago Michelle.

    400 days
    9600 hours
    576002 minutes
    34560129 seconds

  • Notskeeredofleftist

    @HMMMMMMMM, specifically comment #148, this educational moment is going to be lost on you, however I will still make the effort for all those who are not lost causes drowning in the cherry kool-aide.

    Do you actually know who the KKK is comprised of? I seriously doubt you know anything about history or you would have chosen your words more carefully. Read and learn.

    The Democrat Party and the Ku Klux Klan: Aside from the multiple Klan members who have served in elected capacity within the high ranks of the Democrat Party, the political party itself has a lengthy but often overlooked history of involvement with the Ku Klux Klan. Though it has been all but forgotten by the media, the Democrat National Convention of 1924 was host to one of the largest Klan gatherings in American history. Dubbed the “Klanbake convention” at the time, the 1924 Democrat National Convention in New York was dominated by a platform dispute surrounding the Ku Klux Klan. A minority of the delegates to the convention attempted to condemn the hate group in the party’s platform, but found their proposal shot down by Klan supporters within the party. As delegates inside the convention voted in the Klan’s favor, the Klan itself mobilized a celebratory rally outside. On July 4, 1924 one of the largest Klan gatherings ever occurred outside the convention on a field in nearby New Jersey. The event was marked by speakers spewing racial hatred, celebrations of their platform victory in the Democrat Convention, and ended in a cross burning.

    A common attack upon conservatives and republicans by the ultra left is to engage in what has come to be known as “playing the race card” but is more accurately described as racial McCarthyism. Hardly a day goes by without a member of the far left wing falsely accusing conservatives of racism, bigotry, and a wide array of similar nasty things. They are not only dishonest, but they often border on the absurd, as in NAACP leader and hyper bigot Julian Bond’s recent implication to his organization that Bush administration officials supported confederate slavery. Amazingly, Bond’s statements went without condemnation from the radical Democrat party or others in his organization.

    Not surprisingly, in all the lies and accusations of racism by the radical left wing, the truth becomes distorted not only about the Republicans but also the Democrats who make these accusations themselves. For instance, you may or may not have heard Democrat Senator Robert Byrd’s outburst of racist bigoted slurs, more specifically the “n-word,” on national television in March of 2001. Amazingly, this incident of blatant racism on national television drew barely a peep from the NAACP, Jesse Jackson, Julian Bond, Mary Frances Berry, or any of the other ambulance chasers who purport themselves to be the leaders of the civil rights movement. In contrast, the main source of well deserved criticism for Byrd’s racist outburst came not from any of the so called leaders of the civil rights movement but from from Republican Majority Leader Dick Armey (source). The race hustlers Jackson, Mfume et al turned a blind eye towards this act of racism by one of their own party, at most issuing an unpublicized slap on the wrist, or, as was more often the case, making not a peep. But where the race hustlers turn a blind eye and spew their lies, it is up to conservatives to set the record straight with the truth.

    In response to the growing practice of racial McCarthyism by prominent left wing Democrats, it is necessary to expose the truth about the Democrat Party’s record on Civil Rights:

    I. Acts of Bigotry by Prominent Democrats and Leftists:
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Franklin Roosevelt, the long time hero and standard bearer of the Democrat Party, headed up and implemented one of the most horrible racist policies of the 20th Century – the Japanese Internment Camps during World War II. Roosevelt unilaterally and knowingly enacted Japanese Internment through the use of presidential Executive Orders 9066 and 9102 during the early years of the war. These orders single-handedly led to the imprisonment of an estimated 120,000 law abiding Americans of Japanese ancestry, the overwhelming majority of them natural born second and third generation American citizens. Countless innocents lost their property, fortunes, and, in the case of an unfortunate few, even their lives as a result of Roosevelt’s internment camps, camps that have been accurately described as America’s concentration camps. Perhaps most telling about the racist nature of Roosevelt’s order was his clearly expressed intention to apply it almost entirely to Japanese Americans, even though America was also at war with Germany and Italy. In 1943, Roosevelt wrote regarding concerns of German and Italian Americans that they t0o would share in the fate of the interned Japanese Americans, noting that “no collective evacuation of German and Italian aliens is contemplated at this time.” Despite this assertion, Roosevelt did exhibit his personal fears about Italian and German Americans, and in his typical racist form he used an ethnic stereotype to make his point. Expressing about his position on German and Italian Americans during World War II, Roosevelt stated “I don’t care so much about the Italians, they are a lot of opera singers, but the Germans are different. They may be dangerous.”

    Roosevelt also appointed two notorious segregationists to the United States Supreme Court. Roosevelt appointed South Carolina segregationist Democrat Jimmy Byrnes to the court. Roosevelt later made Byrnes a top advisor, where the segregationist earned the nickname “assistant president.” Byrnes was Roosevelt’s second choice behind Harry Truman for the VP nod in his 1944 reelection bid. Roosevelt also appointed segregationist Democrat Senator Hugo Black of Alabama to the court. Black was a former member of the Ku Klux Klan with a notorious record of racism himself.

    Hugo Black: A former Democrat Senator from Alabama and liberal U.S. Supreme Court Justice appointed by FDR, Hugo Black had a lengthy history of hate group activism. Black was a member of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920’s and gained his legal fame defending Klansmen under prosecution for racial murders. In one prominent case, Black provided legal representation to Klansman Edwin Stephenson for the hate-induced murder of a Catholic priest in Birmingham. A jury composed of several Klan members acquited Stephenson of the murder, reportedly after Black expressed Klan gestures to the jury during the trial. In 1926 Black sought and won election as a Democrat to the United States Senate after campaigning heavily to Klan membership. He is said to have told one Klan audience “I desire to impress upon you as representatives of the real Anglo-Saxon sentiment that must and will control the destinies of the stars and stripes, that I want your counsel.” In the Senate Black became a stauch supporter of the liberal New Deal initiatives of FDR and a solid opponent of civil rights legislation, including a filibuster of an anti-lynching measure. Black led the push for several New Deal programs and was a key participant in FDR’s court packing scandal. Roosevelt appointed Black, a loyal ally, to the U.S. Supreme Court. During the Senate confirmation of Black’s nomination, the issue of his strong Klan affiliations caused a public controversy over his appointment. Following the confirmation Roosevelt claimed ignorance of Black’s Klan past, though this claim was dubious at best. Black’s first Senate election, which occurred with Klan support, had been covered nationally a decade earlier in 1926. Black’s Klan affiliations were a well known part of his political background and recieved heavy coverage in the newspapers at the time of his appointment. On the court, Black became a liberal stalwart. He also continued his career of supporting racism by authoring the opinion in favor of FDR’s Japanese internment program in the infamous Korematsu ruling.

    Senator Robert Byrd, D-WV: Byrd is a former member of the Ku Klux Klan and is currently the only national elected official with a history in the Klan, a well known hate group. Byrd was extremely active in the Klan and rose to the rank of “Kleagle,” an official Klan membership recruiter. Byrd once stated that he joined the Klan because it was effective in “promoting traditional American values” (Source). Byrd’s choice of words speak volumes about his bigotry considering the fact that the Klan is a notorious hate group, and the racist “values” it promotes are anything but American. One of the earliest criticisms of Byrd’s Klan ties came in 1952 when he was running for Congress. Byrd responded by claiming that he had left the Klan in 1943 while noting that “(d)uring the nine years that have followed, I have never been interested in the Klan.” Byrd was lying, however, as he engaged in correspondence with a Klan Imperial Wizard long after he claims to have ended his ties with the hate group.

    In a letter to the Klan leadership (Source) dated 3 years after he purported to have ended his ties with them, Byrd wrote “I am a former kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan in Raleigh County and the adjoining counties of the state. The Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia.” Byrd continued his racist diatribe “It is necessary that the order be promoted immediately and in every state of the Union” and followed with a request for assistance from the hate group’s leadership in “rebuilding the Klan in the realm” of West Virginia.

    Byrd’s racism extends far beyond his Klan membership. In a letter he wrote on the subject of desegregating the armed forces, Byrd escalated his racist rhetoric to an appalling level. In the letter, Byrd vowed that he would never fight in an integrated armed services noting “(r)ather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds” (Source).

    Byrd’s racist opinions have shown their ugly face in his behavior in the Senate. Byrd led the filibuster of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and, according to the United States Senate’s own website, filibustered the legislation to the bitter end appearing as one of the last opponents to the act before a coalition of civil rights proponents led by Republican Minority Leader Everett Dirksen invoked cloture so that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 could pass. At the time, Byrd was in the the midst of a 14 hour and 13 minute filibuster diatribe against the key civil rights measure (Source). Throughout the 1960’s, Byrd was was one of the staunchest opponents to civil rights in the U.S. Senate. Byrd’s racist history drew attention recently when he went on national television and repeatedly used the n-word, one of the most vicious racial slurs in existence, in an appearance on national television. Byrd uttered the slur on Fox News Sunday with Tony Snow on March 5, 2001. Despite the appalling nature of the remark, it went largely ignored by the mainstream media and the self appointed “civil rights” leadership. Whereas a similar remark by anyone other than a leading Democrat Senator would assuredly prompt the likes of Jesse Jackson to assemble protest rallies demanding resignations, the Jackson crowd was eerily quiet following Byrd’s remarks, issuing only low key suggestions that Byrd should avoid making such bigoted remarks.

    In a sickening recognition of Byrd’s appalling political career, the national Democrat party has done nothing but embrace the West Virginia senator with leadership roles and practically every honor imaginable. To this very day the Democrats call former Klansman turned U.S. Senator Robert Byrd the “conscience of the Senate.” They have embraced him as their party’s central pillar in all ways possible. Byrd has been reelected more times than any other Democrat senator, has served as a Democrat in Congress, a Democrat State Senator in West Virginia, and a Democrat State Delegate in West Virginia. Democrats have made repeatedly elected Byrd into their national party leadership and into the U.S. Senate leadership. He became secretary of the Senate Democrat Caucus in 1967, and Senate Democrat Whip in 1971. The Democrats elected former Klansman Byrd as their Senate Majority Leader from 1977-1980 and as their Senate Minority Leader from 1981-1986. Byrd was again elected Democrat Majority Leader from 1987-1988. Democrats made Byrd the chairman of the powerful Appropriations Committee and President Pro Tempore of the Senate from 1989 until the Republicans won control of the Senate in November 1994. Following the defection of Jim Jeffords in June 2001, the Democrats again made Byrd the chairman of the Appropriations Committee and elected him to the highest ranking office in the Senate: the President Pro Tempore, a position which also put this former Klansman 4th in line for the presidency. Byrd lost his position when Republicans retook the Senate in late 2002, but continues to serve as one of the highest ranking members of the Democrat Senate leadership today.

    Senator Ernest Hollings, D-SC: Hollings is liberal Democrat Senator from South Carolina who is also notorious for his use of racial slurs. He rose out of the Democrat Party’s segregationist wing in the 1960’s as governor of South Carolina. While in office as governor, Hollings personally led the opposition to lunch counter integration in his state. The New York Times reported on March 17, 1960 that then-governor Hollings “warned today that South Carolina would not permit ‘explosive’ manifestations in connection with Negro demands for lunch-counter services.” According to the article, Hollings gave a speech in which he “challenged President Eisenhower’s contention that minorities had the right to engage in certain types of demonstrations” against segregation. In the speech Hollings described the Republican president as “confused” and asserted that Eisenhower had done “great damage to peace and good order” by supporting the rights of minorities to protest segregation at the lunch counters.

    Governor Hollings’ support for segregation continued throughout his term and included his attendance at a July 23, 1961 meeting of segregationist Democrats to organize their opposition to the civil rights movement. Hollings was one of four governors in attendence, all of them Democrats. The others included rabid segregationists Orval Faubus of Arkansas and Ross Barnett of Mississippi. The New York Times reported on the meeting, noting that among the strategies discussed were using the segregationist White Citizens Council organization to mobilize political opposition to desegregation.

    In more recent years Hollings, a senior Democrat senator, has made disparaging racial remarks and slurs against minorities. Senator Hollings, who was a contender for his party’s presidential nomination in 1984, blamed his defeat in the primaries by using a racial slur against Hispanics. After losing the Iowa Straw Poll, Hollings stated “You had wetbacks from California that came in here for Cranston,” referring to one of his opponents, Alan Cranston. A few years later Hollings reportedly used the slur “darkies” to derogatorily refer to blacks. He also once disparagingly referred to the Rainbow PUSH Coalition as the “Blackbow Coalition,” and called former Senator Howard Metzenbaum, who is Jewish, “the Senator from B’nai B’rith.” Hollings gained international criticism for his remarks about the African Delegation to the 1993 Geneva GATT conference, where he crudely remarked “you’d find these potentates from down in Africa, you know, rather than eating each other, they’d just come up and get a good square meal in Geneva.” Hollings was also the Governor of South Carolina who raised the confederate flag over the state capitol in the early 1960’s in what was considered at the time to be an act of defiance to civil rights. The press ignored Hollings and his role in the flag issue at the same time the political correctness police were smearing George W. Bush during his campaign after Bush correctly remarked that the flag was a state issue to be decided upon by South Carolina and not the national government.

    Jesse Jackson: Jackson was the featured prime time speaker at the 2000 Democrat Convention. Jackson has a history of using anti-Semitic slurs and derogatorily calling New York City “Hymietown.” Jackson, a prominent self proclaimed “civil rights leader,” is himself guilty of the same bigotry he dishonestly purports to oppose.

    Dan Rather: Rather, the well known television anchor for CBS, is also a liberal Democrat who has spoken at fundraisers for the Democrat party in the past. The notoriously left wing reporter appeared on the Don Imus radio show on July 19, 2001 where he was interviewed about his long term refusal to cover the Gary Condit (D-CA) scandal involving an affair with a missing intern despite the scandal’s national prominence. Rather noted on the air that CBS had basically forced him to cover the story that was on every other network and on the front page of all the major newspapers, all this after Rather avoided it for months. Rather stated on the air, refering to CBS, that “they got the Buckwheats” and made him cover the Condit scandal. The term “Buckwheat” is considered an offensive racial stereotype that stems from an easily frightened black character named “Buckwheat” on the Little Rascals comedies. It is widely regarded as a racial epithet and has long been condemned as an offensive stereotype by several civil rights organizations. In several past incidents (see here and here) the use of the epithet “Buckwheat” has recieved condemnation by the NAACP, Al Sharpton and other left wing organizations. These left wing organizations and personalities have demanded that other media personalities be fired over using the epithet, and even staged a protest at a school over the mere allegation that the racist stereotype had been used by a teacher. Yet these same liberal groups have, to date, remained completely silent now that one of their own, Dan Rather, is guilty of using the same offensive racial stereotype they have condemned elsewhere on a national radio show. It’s just more proof of how the left wingers who cry the loudest with accusations of racism against others turn a blind eye when somebody of their own left wing ideology is the undeniable culprit of a blatantly racist act or statement!

    Cragg Hines: Hines is one of the most rabidly partisan DC based Democrat editorial columnists to work for a major newspaper, and he makes no attempts to hide it. To Hines, pro-lifers are “neanderthals,” as is often the case with those who differ in opinion with him. Ironically, Hines, a columnist who regularly touts himself as an enlightened progressive, is also known for racial remarks and religious intolerance. He attacked Senator Jesse Helms in an August 26, 2001 editorial with not only the usual liberal name calling, but also with a racial epithet. Hines used the racial slur “cracker” to attack Helms. He used the epithet not only within the article’s text, but he even included it in the piece’s title. In a sense of heavy irony, Hines’ article accused Helms of bigotry for, among other things, opposing liberal policies like affirmative action. He didn’t seem to object to himself for his own bigotted language in the same article. Hines has also drawn heavy criticism from Catholics including a letter to the editor from the former President of the U.S. Catholic Bishop’s Conference for his seemingly agenda-driven criticisms of Catholicism and its religious leaders, often based on little or no historical evidence, which he has expressed in numerous editorial columns.

    Al Sharpton: Sharpton, a perrenial Democrat candidate and one of the rumored candidates for the Democrat’s 2004 presidential nomination, has a notorious racist past. Sharpton was a central figure who fanned the 1991 Crown Heights race riot, where a mob shouting anti-semetic slurs murdered an innocent Jewish man. Sharpton also incited a 1995 protest of a Jewish owned store in Harlem where protesters used several anti-semetic slurs. During the protests, a Sharpton lieutenant called the store’s owner a “bloodsucker” and declared an intent to “loot the Jews.” A member of the protest mob later set fire to the store, resulting in the death of seven (source).

    Representative Dick Gephardt, D-MO: Gephardt, the former Democrat Minority Leader in the U.S. House of Representatives, gave several speeches to a St. Louis area hate group during his early years as a representative. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Gephardt spoke before the Metro South Citizens Council, a now defunct white supremacist organization, during his early years as a congressman. further reported that Gephardt had openly asked the group for an endorsement of his candidacy during one of his many visits with the organization. Gephardt has long avoided questions about his past affiliation with this group.

    Andrew Cuomo: Cuomo, Bill Clinton’s former Housing Secretary and a prominent Democrat political player in New York, was tape recorded using racially inflamatory rhetoric to build opposition to a potential Democrat primary opponent while speaking to a Democrat group. Cuomo stated that voting for his rival for the New York Democrat gubernatorial nomination Carl McCall, who is black, would create a “racial contract” between Black and Hispanic Democrats “and that can’t happen.” Upon initial reports, Cuomo denied the statement but later a tape recording surfaced. Cuomo later dropped out of the race for governor (source).

    Lee P. Brown: Brown, Bill Clinton’s former drug czar and Democrat mayor of Houston, engaged in racist campaigning designed to suppress Hispanic voter turnout during his 2001 reelection bid. Brown faced challenger Orlando Sanchez, a Hispanic Republican who drew heavy support from the Hispanic community during the general election. Two weeks prior to the runoff, Brown’s campaign printed racist signs designed to intimidate Hispanic voters. The signs featured a photograph of Sanchez and the words “Anti-Hispanic.” The signs drew harsh criticism from Hispanic leaders as their message was designed to intimidate and confuse Hispanic voters. Around the same time the signs were being used, Brown supporter and city councilman Carol Alvarado made a series of racially charged attacks on Sanchez, implying a desire to see the supression of Hispanic voter turnout in the runoff. Brown staffers also went on record claiming that Sanchez was not a true Hispanic. The racist anti-Hispanic undertones of Brown’s reelection bid were so great that liberal Democrat city councilman John Castillo, himself Hispanic, retracted his endorsement of Brown in disgust and became a Sanchez supporter in the final week of the campaign. Following the harsh condemnation of the racist signs and tactics, Brown purported that his campaign was removing them even though many still lingered around Houston up until the election. When election day came along, Brown placed more of the racist signs at polling places, despite his claim to have stopped using them. The large campaign billboard style election day signs featured, in Spanish, the word “Danger!” on them followed by Sanchez’s name with a large red circle and slash through it. The signs identified the Brown campaign as their owner on the bottom. Brown’s racially charged reelection effort barely squeeked by Sanchez on election day, winning 51% to 49% following a series of racially motivated advertisements in which the Brown campaign appealed to the fear of black voters by invoking images of the gruesome lynching death of James Byrd, Jr. and by attempting to pit them against Hispanics. While Brown had the audacity to declare himself a mayor for all people and all ethnicities at his victory party, many in Houston fear the racial wounds inflicted by his campaign will take years to heal.

    Mary Frances Berry: Berry is the Democrat chair of the US Commission on Civil Rights (USCCR). She purports herself to be an “independent” in her political affiliation in order to hold her job on the civil rights commission where partisan membership may not exceed 4 for either party, but is in fact a dedicated liberal Democrat who openly supported Al Gore for president and has given a total of $20,000 in personal contributions to the Democrat Party, Al Gore for President, and other Democrat candidates over the last decade. Berry is an open racist who is affiliated with the far-left Pacifica radio network, a group with ties to black nationalist causes. Berry once stated “Civil rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of white men and do not apply to them,” indicating that she believes the USCCR should only look out for civil rights violations against persons of certain select skin colors.

    Billy McKinney: Former Democrat State Representative Billy McKinney of Georgia, who is also the father of former Democrat congresswoman Cynthia McKinney of the same state. During his daughter’s failed 2002 reelection bid, McKinney appeared on television where he blamed his daughter’s difficulties on a Jewish conspiracy. McKinney unleashed a string of anti-semitic sentiments, stating “This is all about the Jews” and spelling out “J-E-W-S.” McKinney lost his own seat in a runoff a few weeks later.

    II. Democrat opposition to the Civil Rights Movement:
    A little known fact of history involves the heavy opposition to the civil rights movement by several prominent Democrats. Similar historical neglect is given to the important role Republicans played in supporting the civil rights movement. A calculation of 26 major civil rights votes from 1933 through the 1960’s civil rights era shows that Republicans favored civil rights in approximately 96% of the votes, whereas the Democrats opposed them in 80% of the votes! These facts are often intentionally overlooked by the left wing Democrats for obvious reasons. In some cases, the Democrats have told flat out lies about their shameful record during the civil rights movement.

    Democrat Senators organized the record Senate filibuster of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Included among the organizers were several prominent and well known liberal Democrat standard bearers including:
    – Robert Byrd, current senator from West Virginia
    – J. William Fulbright, Arkansas senator and political mentor of Bill Clinton
    – Albert Gore Sr., Tennessee senator, father and political mentor of Al Gore. Gore Jr. has been known to lie about his father’s opposition to the Civil Rights Act.
    – Sam Ervin, North Carolina senator of Watergate hearings fame
    – Richard Russell, famed Georgia senator and later President Pro Tempore

    The complete list of the 21 Democrats who opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 includes Senators:

    – Hill and Sparkman of Alabama
    – Fulbright and McClellan of Arkansas
    – Holland and Smathers of Florida
    – Russell and Talmadge of Georgia
    – Ellender and Long of Louisiana
    – Eastland and Stennis of Mississippi
    – Ervin and Jordan of North Carolina
    – Johnston and Thurmond of South Carolina
    – Gore Sr. and Walters of Tennessee
    – H. Byrd and Robertson of Virginia
    – R. Byrd of West Virginia

    Democrat opposition to the Civil Rights Act was substantial enough to literally split the party in two. A whopping 40% of the House Democrats VOTED AGAINST the Civil Rights Act, while 80% of Republicans SUPPORTED it. Republican support in the Senate was even higher. Similar trends occurred with the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which was supported by 82% of House Republicans and 94% of Senate Republicans. The same Democrat standard bearers took their normal racists stances, this time with Senator Fulbright leading the opposition effort.

    It took the hard work of Republican Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen and Republican Whip Thomas Kuchel to pass the Civil Rights Act (Dirksen was presented a civil rights accomplishment award for the year by the head of the NAACP in recognition of his efforts). Upon breaking the Democrat filibuster of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Republican Dirksen took to the Senate floor and exclaimed “The time has come for equality of opportunity in sharing in government, in education, and in employment. It will not be stayed or denied. It is here!” (Full text of speech). Sadly, Democrats and revisionist historians have all but forgotten (and intentionally so) that it was Republican Dirksen, not the divided Democrats, who made the Civil Rights Act a reality. Dirksen also broke the Democrat filibuster of the 1957 Civil Rights Act that was signed by Republican President Eisenhower.

    Outside of Congress, the three most notorious opponents of school integration were all Democrats:
    – Orval Faubus, Democrat Governor of Arkansas and one of Bill Clinton’s political heroes
    – George Wallace, Democrat Governor of Alabama
    – Lester Maddox, Democrat Governor of Georgia

    The most famous of the school desegregation standoffs involved Governor Faubus. Democrat Faubus used police and state forces to block the integration of a high school in Little Rock, Arkansas. The standoff was settled and the school was integrated only after the intervention of Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

    Even the Democrat Party organization resisted integration and refused to allow minority participation for decades. Exclusion of minorities was the general rule of the Democrat Party of many states for decades, especially in Texas. This racist policy reached its peak under the New Deal in the southern and western states, often known as the New Deal Coalition region of FDR. The Supreme Court in Nixon v. Herndon declared the practice of “white primaries” unconstitutional in 1927 after states had passed laws barring Blacks from participating in Democrat primaries. But the Democrat Parties did not yield to the Court’s order. After Nixon v. Herndon, Democrats simply made rules within the party’s individual executive committees to bar minorities from participating, which were struck down in Nixon v. Condon in 1932. The Democrats, in typical racist fashion, responded by using state parties to pass rules barring blacks from participation. This decision was upheld in Grovey v. Townsend, which was not overturned until 1944 by Smith v. Allwright. The Texas Democrats responded with their usual ploys and turned to what was known as the “Jaybird system” which used private Democrat clubs to hold white-only votes on a slate of candidates, which were then transferred to the Democrat party itself and put on their primary ballot as the only choices. Terry v. Adams overturned the Jaybird system, prompting the Democrats to institute blocks of unit rule voting procedures as well as the infamous literacy tests and other Jim Crow regulations to specifically block minorities from participating in their primaries. In the end, it took 4 direct Supreme Court orders to end the Democrat’s “white primary” system, and after that it took countless additional orders, several acts of Congress, and a constitutional amendment to tear down the Jim Crow codes that preserved the Democrat’s white primary for decades beyond the final Supreme Court order ruling it officially unconstitutional.

    Hispanics in South Texas were treated especially poorly by the Democrat Party, which relied heavily on a system of political bosses to coerce and intimidate Hispanics into voting for Democrat primary candidates of choice. Though coercion is illegal, this system, known as the Patron system, is still in use to this day by local Democrat parties in some heavy Hispanic communities of the southwest.

    The next time Democrats take to the national airwaves to dishonestly accuse Republicans of racial hatred, remember who the historical record up until this very day points to as the real bigots: The Democrat Party. In all possible ways, the Democrat Party is built around the pillars of ultra leftists, many of whom are known participants in racism and/or affiliates of racist hate groups. Consider the Democrat Party of today’s heroes and leaders:
    – Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Democrat icon and orchestrator of Japanese Internment
    – Ex-House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt, former affiliate of a St. Louis area racist group
    – Ex-Senate President Pro Tempore Robert Byrd, former Ku Klux Klansman known for making bigoted slurs on national television
    – Rev. Jesse Jackson, Democrat keynote speaker and race hustler known for making anti-Semitic slurs
    – Rev. Al Sharpten, Democrat activist and perennial candidate and race hustler known inciting anti-Semitic violence in New York City
    – Sen. Ernest Hollings, leading Democrat Senator known for use of racial slurs against several minority groups
    – Lee P. Brown, former Clinton cabinet official and Democrat mayor of Houston who won reelection using racial intimidation against Hispanic voters
    – Andrew Cuomo, former Clinton cabinet official and Democrat candidate for NY Governor who made racist statements about a black opponent.
    – Dan Rather, Democrat CBS news anchor and editorialist known for using anti-black racial epithets on a national radio broadcast
    – Donna Brazile, former Gore campaign manager known for making anti-white racial attacks. Brazile has also worked for Jackson, Gephardt, and Michael Dukakis

    The simple truth is that the Democrat Party’s history during this century is one closely aligned to bigotry in a record stemming largely out of the liberal New Deal era up until the modern day. Bigots are at the center of the Democrat party’s current leadership and role models. And in a striking display of hypocrisy, many of the same Democrats who dishonestly shout accusations of “bigotry” at conservatives are practicing bigots of the most disgusting and disreputable kind themselves.

    I seriously doubt you want to debate the history of racism in the democratic party, the facts just aren’t on your side, so I suppose you will return to your typical propaganda and keep on sipping the kool-aid, the flavor is your choice. Have a nice day.

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    I dislike the Obama’s as much as the next sensible person, but all these remarks about the empty cart are really silly. I do this all the time after I check out if I only have a few bags that I can easily carry (or my personal assistant and I can carry together). I put the empty cart back in the corral in the store and carry the bags to the car. As for the article. DUH. Of course this was a planned photo op.

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    I always use the comparison of “George & Ouisey” moving on up. I do apologize to the Jeffersons. George & Louise Jefferson were much higher class people. The comparison denigrates them (George & Louise)!

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    What a waste of tax payers’ money spent on secret service for this outing! If Mrs. O is so desperate to shop at Target, then tell her hubby NOT to run for reelection in 2012!

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    Than kyou obomas for making arses out of yourselves! Why is there a pit in my stomach that worries me that this family may be around till 2016…FML

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    Notskeeredofleftist – wow, I printed your (10 page!) post so I can enjoy it in my “reading room!” Seems like a great history lesson.

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    Attack Wahhhtch!

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    Fakes. Frauds. Moldy old Marxists. Power hungry. Obscessed with other people’s money.

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    Now we know where wookies get their socks.

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  • Where’s the source about the tip off?????

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    Don’t carry the bags, that’s what the cart is for you freaking phony beyotch.

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    How desperate do they have to be, and how insulated are they to believe, sane people would buy this photo op as being anything but just that? Are we to believe the White House is short of household essentials and Michelle had to run out to restock the shelves? Someone has to break the bad news to this crew. Smoke and mirrors worked in 2008, but like the magician who’s tricks are revealed, they will never work again.

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    hmmm…. commented: “You guys need some white sheets and robes. Not to mention ropes. Y’all really miss the days of segregation, don’t you? Coloreds knew their place, right? LOL conservative racists.”(#148)

    Have you EVER read a history book? Do you have ANY idea which party ended slavery? And which party fought a war to free the slaves? Do you have ANY idea which party formed the KKK (since you are so taken with white sheets, you should at least do yourself a favor and find out which party wore the sheets)? Do you have ANY idea which party took the Democrats (back) to the woodshed 100 years later (in the mid 1960s) and passed the Civil Rights Acts? Do you have ANY idea which president ended school segregation? Do you have ANY idea which governors (and future presidents) SUPPORTED segregation in schools?
    Do you have ANY idea of the party that RUINED the black family? Do you have ANY idea what is meant by “keeping blacks on the plantation?” Do you have ANY idea of what is meant by “keeping blacks in line?” Do you have ANY idea of the source of “walkin’ around money?” Do you have ANY idea of what is meant by decency, and pride, and love?

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    The Obamas have no shame. What a surprize that Michelle is not wearing her $47,000 diamond bracelets, her $600 shoes and her $1,000 blouse.
    Obama calls for “shared sacrifice” which applies to everyone else except he and Michelle and all their RICH, DEMOCRAT friends (Axelrod, Jarrett, Geithner, etc.)
    Obama calls for “redistribution of wealth” which applies to everyone else except he and Michelle and all their RICH, DEMOCRAT friends.

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    Good grief, notskeeredofleftist, if you were any kind of a writer you could produce 30 pages of text all by yourself IF YOU KNEW THE TOPIC!!!!!

    HOW DARE YOU COPY (FROM ANOTHER WEBSITE) AND THEN CAST ASPIRSIONS ON THE LEFT!!!!!! Your behavior is despicable and I am not convinced that you are a rightist at all!!!! Since you “conveniently” forgot to credit the actual writer, I will do that for you! Folks, read the copied words from the original at

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    Hooray for Moooochelle , she is just like one of us………..not.

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    turst me, one nannosecond after re-election, back come the diamonds, personal trainer,
    personl cosmetologist, designer clothes and worst of all 4 more years of total destruction.
    throw the bums out.

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    She is a lowlife.
    Her husband is a lowlife.
    They will be gone, not soon enough.
    But they are arrogant, whiney, conceited, self-serving con artists and frauds.
    Anyone wishing another Obama term is either stupid, masochistic or crazy.
    We are literally watching the dismantling of our country right before our eyes.
    But they will be stopped.
    And they will go back to Chicago and it’s a safe bet they will never shut up. Why? No manners.

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    The best comment is “now I know where Wookie’s get their socks” lol. #457.

    I don’t know why everyone is so angry. Why care about Barry and his old lady. They do nothing except annoy. Barry doesn’t make decisions; he is a puppet. Let the babies have their game. I actually kind of like Michelle. She is a strong woman who worked hard, got a degree and married smartly. She isn’t ugly either. She has a resplendent smile. As far as her shopping habits go, it is nobodies business. Sure she is pretentious, but anyone of her detractors would be too under similar circumstances.

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    See, we are just like Y’all poor folks.

  • Incredulous

    Alex Jones & Aaron Dykes
    August 18, 2010

    “Tonight is a particular honor for me because, let’s face it, my presence on this stage is pretty unlikely. My father was a foreign student, born and raised in a small village in Kenya. He grew up herding goats, went to school in a tin-roof shack. His father — my grandfather — was a cook, a domestic servant to the British. But my grandfather had larger dreams for his son. Through hard work and perseverance my father got a scholarship to study in a magical place, America, that shone as a beacon of freedom and opportunity to so many who had come before.”
    – Barack Obama, 2004 Democratic National Convention Keynote Address

    Far from being the mere ‘son of a goat herder’ (as he deceptively paraded during and even before his candidacy), strong evidence has emerged that President Barack Obama is the product of the intelligence community. Investigative reporter and former NSA employee Wayne Madsen has put together an extensive three-part (and growing) series with conclusive proof and documentation that Barack Obama Sr., Stanley Ann Dunham, Lolo Soetoro and President Barack Obama himself all hold deep ties to the CIA and larger intelligence community. And that’s just the beginning.

    After his election, President Obama quickly moved to seal off his records via an executive order. Now, after two years of hints and clues, there is substantial information to demonstrate that what Obama has omitted is that his rare rise to power can only be explained by his intelligence roots. However, this is more than the story of one man or his family. There is a long-term strategic plan to recruit promising candidates into intelligence and steer these individuals and their families into positions of influence and power. Consider that it is now declassified former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was recruited into MI5 before becoming a labour leader, or that George H. W. Bush not only became CIA director in 1976 but had a deeper past in the organization. While we may never know many pertinent details about these matters, one thing that is certain is that the American people have never been told the truth about who holds the real power, nor who this president– and likely many others– really is. Thus, we urge everyone to read Wayne Madsen’s deep report and seek the truth for yourself.


    The Story of Obama: All in The Company (In Three Parts)

    Wayne Madsen
    Wayne Madsen Report
    August 18, 2010

    PART 1: The Story of Obama: All in The Company (Part I)

    Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen has discovered CIA files that document the agency’s connections to institutions and individuals figuring prominently in the lives of Barack Obama and his mother, father, grandmother, and stepfather. The first part of his report highlights the connections between Barack Obama, Sr. and the CIA-sponsored operations in Kenya to counter rising Soviet and Chinese influence among student circles and, beyond, to create conditions obstructing the emergence of independent African leaders.

    JPEG – 26.4 kb
    From 1983-84, Barack Obama worked as Editor at Business Internation Corporation, a Business International Corporation, a known CIA front company.

    President Obama’s own work in 1983 for Business International Corporation, a CIA front that conducted seminars with the world’s most powerful leaders and used journalists as agents abroad, dovetails with CIA espionage activities conducted by his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham in 1960s post-coup Indonesia on behalf of a number of CIA front operations, including the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Ford Foundation. Dunham met and married Lolo Soetoro, Obama’s stepfather, at the East-West Center in 1965. Soetoro was recalled to Indonesia in 1965 to serve as a senior army officer and assist General Suharto and the CIA in the bloody overthrow of President Sukarno.

    Barack Obama, Sr., who met Dunham in 1959 in a Russian language class at the University of Hawaii, had been part of what was described as an airlift of 280 East African students to the United States to attend various colleges — merely “aided” by a grant from the Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation, according to a September 12, 1960, Reuters report from London. The airlift was a CIA operation to train and indoctrinate future agents of influence in Africa, which was becoming a battleground between the United States and the Soviet Union and China for influence among newly-independent and soon-to-be independent countries on the continent.

    The airlift was condemned by the deputy leader of the opposition Kenyan African Democratic Union (KADU) as favoring certain tribes — the majority Kikuyus and minority Luos — over other tribes to favor the Kenyan African National Union (KANU), whose leader was Tom Mboya, the Kenyan nationalist and labor leader who selected Obama, Sr. for a scholarship at the University of Hawaii. Obama, Sr., who was already married with an infant son and pregnant wife in Kenya, married Dunham on Maui on February 2, 1961 and was also the university’s first African student. Dunham was three month’s pregnant with Barack Obama, Jr. at the time of her marriage to Obama, Sr.

    JPEG – 26.7 kb
    The CIA allegedly recruited Tom M’Boya in a heavily funded “selective liberation” programme to isolate Kenya’s founding President Jomo Kenyatta, who the American spy agency labelled as “unsafe.”

    KADU deputy leader Masinda Muliro, according to Reuters, said KADU would send a delegation to the United States to investigate Kenyan students who received “gifts” from the Americans and “ensure that further gifts to Kenyan students are administered by people genuinely interested in Kenya’s development.’”

    Mboya received a $100,000 grant for the airlift from the Kennedy Foundation after he turned down the same offer from the U.S. State Department, obviously concerned that direct U.S. assistance would look suspicious to pro-Communist Kenyan politicians who suspected Mboya of having CIA ties. The Airlift Africa project was underwritten by the Kennedy Foundation and the African-American Students Foundation. Obama, Sr. was not on the first airlift but a subsequent one. The airlift, organized by Mboya in 1959, included students from Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika, Zanzibar, Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, and Nyasaland.

    Reuters also reported that Muliro charged that Africans were “disturbed and embittered” by the airlift of the selected students. Muliro “stated that “preferences were shown to two major tribes [Kikuyu and Luo] and many U.S.-bound students had failed preliminary and common entrance examinations, while some of those left behind held first-class certificates.”

    Obama, Sr. was a friend of Mboya and a fellow Luo. After Mboya was assassinated in 1969, Obama, Sr. testified at the trial of his alleged assassin. Obama, Sr. claimed he was the target of a hit-and-run assassination attempt after his testimony.

    JPEG – 70.7 kb
    CIA-airlifted to Hawaii, Barack Obama Sr., with leis, stands with Stanley Dunham, President Obama’s grandfather, on his right.

    Obama, Sr., who left Hawaii for Harvard in 1962, divorced Dunham in 1964. Obama, Sr. married a fellow Harvard student, Ruth Niedesand, a Jewish-American woman, who moved with him to Kenya and had two sons. They were later divorced. Obama, Sr. worked for the Kenyan Finance and Transport ministries as well as an oil firm. Obama, Sr. died in a 1982 car crash and his funeral was attended by leading Kenyan politicians, including future Foreign Minister Robert Ouko, who was murdered in 1990.

    CIA files indicate that Mboya was an important agent-of-influence for the CIA, not only in Kenya but in all of Africa. A formerly Secret CIA Current Intelligence Weekly Summary, dated November 19, 1959, states that Mboya served as a check on extremists at the second All-African People’s Conference (AAPC) in Tunis. The report states that “serious friction developed between Ghana’s Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah and Kenyan nationalist Tom Mboya who cooperated effectively last December to check extremists at the AAPC’s first meeting in Accra.” The term “cooperated effectively” appears to indicate that Mboya was cooperating with the CIA, which filed the report from field operatives in Accra and Tunis. While “cooperating” with the CIA in Accra and Tunis, Mboya selected the father of the president of the United States to receive a scholarship and be airlifted to the University of Hawaii where he met and married President Obama’s mother.

    An earlier CIA Current Intelligence Weekly Summary, secret, and dated April 3, 1958, states that Mboya “still appears to be the most promising of the African leaders.” Another CIA weekly summary, secret and dated December 18, 1958, calls Mboya the Kenyan nationalist an “able and dynamic young chairman” of the People’s Convention party who was viewed as an opponent of “extremists” like Nkrumah, supported by “Sino-Soviet representatives.”

    In a formerly Secret CIA report on the All-Africa Peoples Conference in 1961, dated November 1, 1961, Mboya’s conservatism, along with that of Taleb Slim of Tunisia, are contrasted to the leftist policies of Nkrumah and others. Pro-communists who were elected to the AAPC’s steering committee at the March 1961 Cairo conference, attended by Mboya, are identified in the report as Abdoulaye Diallo, AAPC Secretary General, of Senegal; Ahmed Bourmendjel of Algeria; Mario de Andrade of Angola; Ntau Mokhele of Basutoland; Kingue Abel of Cameroun; Antoine Kiwewa of Congo (Leopoldville); Kojo Botsio of Ghana; Ismail Toure of Guinea; T. O. Dosomu Johnson of Liberia; Modibo Diallo of Mali; Mahjoub Ben Seddik of Morocco; Djibo Bakari of Niger; Tunji Otegbeya of Nigeria; Kanyama Chiume of Nyasaland; Ali Abdullahi of Somalia; Tennyson Makiwane of South Africa, and Mohamed Fouad Galal of the United Arab Republic.

    The only attendees in Cairo who were given a clean bill of health by the CIA were Mboya, who appears to have been a snitch for the agency, and Joshua Nkomo of Southern Rhodesia, B. Munanka of Tanganyika, Abdel Magid Shaker of Tunisia, and John Kakonge of Uganda.

    Nkrumah would eventually be overthrown in a 1966 CIA-backed coup while he was on a state visit to China and North Vietnam. The CIA overthrow of Nkrumah followed by one year the agency’s overthrow of Sukarno, another coup that was connected to President Obama’s family on his mother’s side. There are suspicions that Mboya was assassinated in 1969 by Chinese agents working with anti-Mboya factions in the government of Kenyan President Jomo Kenyatta in order to eliminate a pro-U.S. leading political leader in Africa. Upon Mboya’s death, every embassy in Nairobi flew its flag at half-mast except for one, the embassy of the People’s Republic of China.

    JPEG – 26.8 kb
    Jomo Kenyatta, first President of Kenya.

    Mboya’s influence in the Kenyatta government would continue long after his death and while Obama, Sr. was still alive. In 1975, after the assassination of KANU politician Josiah Kariuki, a socialist who helped start KANU, along with Mboya and Obama, Sr., Kenyatta dismissed three rebellious cabinet ministers who “all had personal ties to either Kariuki or Tom Mboya.” This information is contained in CIA Staff Notes on the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, formerly Top Secret Umbra, Handle via COMINT Channels, dated June 24, 1975. The intelligence in the report, based on its classification, indicate the information was derived from National Security Agency intercepts in Kenya. No one was ever charged in the assassination of Kariuki.

    The intecepts of Mboya’s and Kariuki’s associates are an indication that the NSA and CIA also maintain intercepts on Barack Obama, Sr., who, as a non-U.S. person, would have been lawfully subject at the time to intercepts carried out by NSA and Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ).

    (Continued below)

    PART 2: Special Report. The Story of Obama: All in The Company – Part II

    In Part I of this WMR special report, we revealed the connections between Barack Obama, Sr. and the CIA-affiliated Airlift Africa project to provide college degrees to and gain influence over a group of 280 eastern and southern African students from soon-to-be independent African nations to counter similar programs established by the Soviet Union and China. Barack Obama Sr. was the first African student to attend the University of Hawaii. Obama Sr. and Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham met in a Russian language class in 1959 and they married in 1961.

    The African airlift program was administered by Kenyan nationalist leader Tom Mboya, a fellow Luo tribe mentor and friend of the senior Obama. According to CIA documents described in Part I, Mboya also served the CIA in ensuring that pro-Soviet and pro-Chinese African nationalists were stymied in their attempt to dominate pan-African nationalist political, student, and labor movements.

    One of Mboya’s chief opponents was Ghana’s first president, Kwame Nkrumah, who was ousted in a CIA-inspired coup in 1966, one year before to Obama Sr’s son, Barack Obama, Jr. and his mother joined Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian who Obama’s mother met at the University of Hawaii in 1965, when President Obama was four years old.

    In 1967, Obama and his mother joined her husband in Jakarta. In 1965, Lolo Soetoro had been called back from Hawaii by General Suharto to serve as an officer in the Indonesian military to help launch a bloody CIA-backed genocide of Indonesian Communists and Indonesian Chinese throughout the expansive country. Suharto consolidated his power in 1966, the same year that Barack Obama, Sr.’s friend, Mboya, had helped to rally pro-U.S. pan-African support for the CIA’s overthrow of Nkrumah in Ghana in 1966.

    East-West Center, University of Hawaii, and CIA coup against Sukarno

    Ann Dunham met Soetoro at the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii. The center had long been affiliated with CIA activities in the Asia-Pacific region. In 1965, the year that Dunham met and married Soetoro, the center saw a new chancellor take over. He was Howard P. Jones who served a record seven years, from 1958 to 1965, as U.S. ambassador to Indonesia. Jones was present in Jakarta as Suharto and his CIA-backed military officers planned the 1965 overthrow of Sukarno, who was seen, along with the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI), as allies of China.

    When Jones was chancellor of the East-West Center, he wrote an article for the Washington Post, dated October 10, 1965, in which he defended Suharto’s overthrow of Sukarno. Jones was “invited” by the Post to comment on the Suharto coup, described as a “counter-coup” against the Communists. Jones charged that Suharto was merely responding to an earlier attempted Communist-led coup against Sukarno launched by Lt. Col. Untung, “a relatively unknown battalion commander in the palace guard.”

    Jones’s article, which mirrored CIA situation reports from the U.S. embassy in Jakarta, continued by stating that the alleged leftist coup on September 30 ”came within an inch of succeeding through the assassination of six of the top military command. It might well have succeeded had not Defense Minister Nasution and a number of other senior generals also maked for assassination acted fast in a dramatic counter-coup.” Of course, what Jones did not inform the Post’s readers was that the Suharto “counter-coup” had been assisted with the strong help of the CIA.

    Sukarno never blamed the Communists for the assassination of the army generals nor did the Indonesian Cabinet, where the second= and third-ranking leaders of the PKI were present. The possibility that the assassination of the generals was a CIA/Suharto “false flag” operation to affix blame on the PKI cannot be ruled out. Two days after Suharto’s coup, a CIA “rent-a-mob” burned down the PKI headquarters in Jakarta. As they marched past the U.S. Embassy, which was also the site of the CIA station, they yelled out, “Long live America!”

    Untung later said that when he became aware that Suharto and the CIA were planning a coup on October 5, 1965 – Indonesian Armed Forces Day – forces loyal to him and Sukarno moved first. Jones described this as “typical Communist propaganda.” Suharto moved against Sukarno on October 1. Jones iterated that “there was not an iota of truth . . . in the accusation that the CIA was working against Sukarno.” History has proven otherwise. Jones accused the Communists of taking advantage of Sukarno’s failing health to beat out the other candidates to succeed him. The goal, according to Jones, was to have PKI boss D.N. Aidit succeed Sukarno. Sukarno did not die until 1970, while under house arrest.

    A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    FREE Shipping on all orders!

    A CIA paper, formerly classified Secret and undated, states “Sukarno would like to return to the status quo ante-coup. He has refused to condemn the PKI or the 30th September Movement [of Lt. Col. Untung]; instead, he calls for unity of Indonesia and asks that no vengeance be taken by one group against the other. But, he has not succeeded in forcing the Army to abandon its anti-PKI activities and, on the other hand, he has bowed to their demand by appointing its single candidate General Suharto as head of the Army.” Suharto and Barry Obama Soetoro’s step-father Lolo Soetoro would ignore Sukarno’s call for no vengeance, as hundreds of thousands of Indonesians would soon discover.

    The mass murder by Suharto of Indonesian Chinese is seen in the CIA paper’s description of the Baperki Party: “the leftist Baperki Party, with its major strength in rural areas, is largely Chinese-Indonesian in membership.” A CIA Intelligence Memorandum, dated October 6, 1966 and formerly classified Secret, shows the extent of the CIA’s monitoring of the anti-Sukarno coup from various CIA agents assigned as liaisons to Suharto’s army units surrounding the Presidential Palace in Bogor and at various diplomatic posts around the country, including the U.S. Consulate in Medan, which was keeping track of leftists in that Sumatran city and, which, in an October 2, 1965, Intelligence Memo, reported to the CIA that the “Soviet consul-general in Medan has a plane standing by that could be used for evacuation of Soviet citizens from Sumatra.” The October 6 memo also warns against allowing Untung from developing a following in Central Java.

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  • seejanemom

    Gotta get the $45K DIAMOND BRACELET PICTURE off the front page, dontcha know.

    She’s a queen….probably PARKED IN THE FIRE LANE too, like all the rest of ’em.

  • Craig

    With all the Secret Sevice protection and limousine motorcade, how much did this photo op cost the American Taxpayer? The real crime however is the plastic bags. Next photo op will involve a recycling bin.

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  • Carlos

    What’s up with the plastic bags? I thought she was one of those “go green” nuts. Can you spell, hypocrite?

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  • SB

    #6 & #9 (i.e., morons): Maybe she took the bags out of the cart/gave some to her assistant so that she could leave the cart IN the store. Many people actually take their bags out of carts and leave those carts in the store before they go to their cars, that is not a foreign practice.

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  • Ellie Light

    the First Lady has spent $10million of U.S. taxpayers’ money on vacations alone in the past year. Branding her ‘disgusting’ and ‘a vacation junkie’, they say the 47-year-old mother-of-two has been indulging in five-star hotels, where she splashes out on expensive massages and alcohol.

    ‘It’s disgusting. Michelle is taking advantage of her privileged position while the most hardworking Americans can barely afford a week \or two off work. ‘When it’s all added up, she’s spent more than $10million in taxpayers’ money on her vacations.

    The First Lady is believed to have taken 42 days of holiday in the past year, including a $375,000 break in Spain and a four-day ski trip to Vail, Colorado, where she spent $2,000 a night on a suite at the Sebastian hotel. And the first family’s nine-day stay in Martha’s Vineyard is also proving costly, with rental of the Blue Heron Farm property alone costing an estimated $50,000 a week. ‘Michelle also enjoys drinking expensive booze during her trips. She favours martinis with top-shelf vodka and has a taste for rich sparking wines.
    ‘The vacations are totally Michelle’s idea. She’s like a junkie. She can’t schedule enough getaways, and she lives from one to the next – all the while sticking it to hardworking Americans.

  • Kenneth G.

    I am a black middle-class male. The Obama’s are a total embarrassment to African Americans. Yes I voted for him in 2008 but will not be voting for him in 2012. He has distanced himself from blacks though he claims to be one of us. As far as Michelle goes, even my wife cannot stand her.


    Phony frauds no question. And these are the people who brain wash the drones in this country who listen to all their lies. Like the morons who buy into Al Gore’s rants on conservation while he lived in a mansion which used more electricity than 200 homes. These are the same liberal phonies who hate Bush. A guy who lives in a home built partly into the ground to conserve energy, and which uses a roof design drainage system that reuses rain run off.

    These same morons are protesting on Wall street. Meanwhile a very healthy percentage of the so called rich wall street types likely work more hours in a given day than some of these protesters do all week.

    What a disgrace to watch a bunch of people who think they actually have a point to make. For the most part these people are protesting folks who work long hours, take greater risk, and get highly paid. While these idiots protest greed, which is a small part of wall street, greed is not illegal, but disorderly conduct is. While the protesters interfere with the rights of others they talk about fairness and put down capitalism. Move.

  • David

    Everything about the Obama’s is fake. Who IS Obama? Where is he from? Why does not one person remember him from collage? He and his wife are frauds. They are not Americans and it shows in thier actions and words.

  • Herman Cain

    Throw these bums out of the White House now! Between Barack and Moochelle, America is going down the drain while they live high on the hog. Speaking of hogs….have you seen Moochelle’s ass?

  • LaKwannza Shareeka Johnson-Smith

    Thank goodness a White House photographer happened to be shopping at Target and just happened to have his camera! Otherwise we would have never known Michelle is one of us. All those expensive vacations, expensive jewelry, expensive clothes, etc must just be a front. We are onto you girl. We know that deep inside you are a common woman who loves the simple things in life.

  • jose


  • cmunit

    Michelle Obama, just another “anti-America” operative of Obama, the lie.

  • Twanna

    Really? Somehow this was *leaked*???? C’mon, was there ever any doubt? The woman has cleared out an entire store of shoppers for her REAL shopping excursions because of “security concerns”. Did ANYBODY in this country actually believe it WASN’T staged?

    Nothing about these people is real. What a world *they* live in…

  • ED Litz

    She dressed like she took pot luck at the Salvation Army!

  • Obeline

    Where’s the diamond cuffs?

  • John

    Three options for consideration
    1. This was a test run on a double. They wanted to see if any of the differences could be spotted.
    2. Test marketing of advertising space and product placement for campaign contributions.
    3. Red Herring in the shell game. See how easily people are distracted by trivia.

  • Garrison

    What?? You mean Moochelle doesn’t actually sneak out of the White House to shop at Target on a regular basis? I’m shocked!!

  • BlasterFudd357

    At least she’s consistant ….
    150,000.00 bucks worth of security detail…
    to spend 40 bucks at Target!
    She learned how to get the most bang
    for her buck from hubby!!
    EPIC FAIL!!!

  • Agent Provocateur

    She is an agent provocateur…..

  • Druvas

    Wow, I have no love for the Obamas and it’s obvious that this was a shameless PR stunt. But, really, why all the hateful comments like “Wookie”, and “ugly”, to name a few? My favorite hateful comments are the ones with the gross misspellings. Don’t you people realize that you just give ammo to the libs on the Left when you say this stuff? Mark my words, if Obama is reelected, it won’t be because he’s a good politician, it will be caused by you idiots with your racist remarks. Frankly, you’re no better than a bunch of class-warfare-loving Communists; you just happen to be on the other side of the fence.

  • conservachik07

    Disgrace. That pretty much sums it up.

  • Kelly

    WAIT!! HOLD ON, Is that the First Lady of the Divided States of America? Holy Cow. I thought that was Sasquatch. I just notified the press that I saw Sasquatch in Target.

  • Jim White

    You conservatives just love bashing the rich. Stop all this class warfare.

  • juan carlos

    man she has a big ole a$$…no salads go thru that digestive tract…

  • Yogi

    Just a phony publicity shot explains why Michelle Antoinette doesn’t know she can put the bags into the cart, instead of holding the bags in one hand and trying to push an empty cart with the other.

  • Why would anyone be surprised by the current WH actions?? Hello??? I know I’m not!

  • Yogi

    Where is her canvas re-use bag? Plastic my Dear? You don’t say.


    What a phony, self absorbed, and repulsive human being.

  • Sophie

    Since she is so concerned with the environment why is she using the Target plastic bags? Has she not heard of bringing her own REUSABLE bags like the rest of us do? Oh sorry she is not like the rest of us! Even so reusable cloth bags are sold right at the checkout line in Target. So even if she did not have any she could have bought some and used them on her next staged shopping trip. And even if she wanted to bring her own surely someone at 1600 could have found some for her!

  • Sick and Tired

    I would have been fooled on the disguise if Moochelle had put on a pirate eye patch, a parrot on her shoulder and don’t worry about the beard…she already has a five o’clock shadow! Is it November 2012 yet?

  • Sick and Tired

    Druvas, I bet when the Obamas fart, you probably smell petunias. Go f*ck yourself!

  • Yogi

    Michelle shopping for Christmas presents for the Queen of England?

  • jmac

    A shame she has stoop so low as to make herself appear like us regular folks. Or should I say, a shame it can’t be done without having to tip off the media.

    She’s pushing a cart, with bags in hand, because they have already checked out and she is returning the cart to the area where they are left when you go out the door. That’s not too hard to figure out, don’t you think?

  • Terry Odette

    Target is a French owned store and the bus Odumba used was made in Canada. I’d like to ask what is wrong with American stores and buses.

  • harry

    Phony, just like our income tax law.
    Make the politicians obey our written laws.

  • notskeeredofleftist


    My sincerest apologies, I did forget to post the link to the site in my haste to point out to the liar hmmmmm that the policy of racism is more obviously coming from the left. I never claimed that they were my words, I merely left out the link to the original author. I did notice that you chose to attack me instead of defending your beloved racist democrat party though. Try to keep on topic and remember don’t spill your kool-aide.

  • dr of many things

    Give the woman a break. When I enter Target, I hear the angels sing…so Michelle probably does, too. Lots of good products at reasonable prices, excellent lighting, clean floors, and wide ailes. Slightly higher class clientele as compared to WalMart. She is preparing for the days ahead when she is an ordinary citizen again. Shop away, First Lady. Those chest belts you adore are just inside the door in the front of the ladies fashion section. Snuggies on aile eleven, available in team colors or camo. Perfect store for her…

  • eva

    she is gross

  • Kahnabbis

    Anyone wonder why she picked a NON-UNION chain? hypocrite

  • It’s part of her “Pretend to Be Poor” campaign where she mocks poor people by pretending to engage in their activities. See you at the casino, Michelle.

  • dan

    our socialist first lady looks great !!!!

  • sam newby

    about time we have a normal first lady

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  • spaceman

    The first wookie likes shopping at a store where the predominant color is red. The only thing missing is the hammer and sickle.

  • I thought there was something odd from the beginning when I read the story and blew it off. the last story I read about her was 1,500 cuffs on her dress. I guess they needed to offset it, so they printed the Target article. What a joke!

  • LTG

    Did you see her commercial where she shoots and makes a basket? What a joke that was. It looked like she never shot a basketball in her life. (except for the 12 dozen times it took to get the photo shoot right) lol

  • Dave

    Tell US something we don’t know.

  • hadenough

    Do the Obamas really think the American people are this stupid? This is a pr gimmick of those running for a high school student body president. Target one day, one of the most expensive restaurants in DC the next. Nice the Obamas can afford to celebrate their anniversary at a restaurant where appetizers start at $16 and entrees start at $40. But please don’t get on TV and lecture Americans about “shared sacrifice” while you spend $300 on dinner. One leads by example.

  • les bondy

    Do all of you who voted for Obama now see you were fooled? It’s not your fault- he is a great liar. He fooled a lot of people. You see the socialists know they can’t tell the truth or they won’t get elected. They have to con everyone into thinking they are something they really are not. Please, for the country’s sake, and for your retirement income, don’t be fooled again. The truth about Michelle is she spends a lot of your tax dollars on her travel and vacations. Once the word got out, the con artists from the Joeseph Goebells school of propaganda set up this whole phony photo opp to fool you into thinking she really shops here. Forget it. If this doesn’t insult your intelligence enough, you’ll probably DUH vote for him again anyway.

  • LukeJohn

    What next? Barry O with his cap on backwards, down at the local 7-11 buying a fifth of Jack, a pack of Luckys and a Powerball ticket?

    The mind boggles.

  • LukeJohn


    I agree but one thing that is clear as daylight to me: In no way, shape or form could Obama ever be called a “leader.”

    He has never demonstrated even one quality, ability or talent that it would take to be described as such.

  • czervik

    After leaving the store she jumped into her Ford Focus and drove to Burger King for a quad-stacker and fries. Then off to a healthy eating speech.

  • David0942

    Sasquatch has no idea what is in her bags. All she knew was that she had to find and grab 4 of the most expensive things in Target within 5 minutes. It grabbed a can of Lysol, a Rosh SHoshanna card for Bibi Netanyahu, bag of Twizzlers and cedar shoe horns.

  • tadchem

    I believe she’s one of those people who thinks Wal-Mart sells walls.

  • JoeDrager

    No photo from the rear? Guess he forgot his wide angle lens.

  • Barry bin Inhalin

    Gosh-gee Mildred, them Obama’s are just real, down to earth folks afterall. They sure had me fooled with all of those lavish vacations they take every year and the designer this ‘n that’s, but this trip to Target sure has me convinced. Count me in to reelect the Empty Suit one more time!

  • BlasterFudd357

    How about some furniture polish to cleanup the PRICELESS DESK
    your old man puts his feet all over in the Oval Office??
    …not to mention everywhere else that putts see fit to put his
    size 14,s….
    No class a$$…….

  • Bill Clint

    You all disgust me first off, the Obama’s are people just like all of us. None of you can honestly say that were you able you wouldn’t buy fancy things, and really, bashing her for spending money-her money is ridiculous, its not like shes taking tax cash. Second, while the leadership isnt perfect, no matter how you slice it, Obama is a better leader than bush. Ever could have been. Yes there are financial issues afflicting everyone and every state, but its mostly been caused by policies that bush enacted. I don’t understand why you all bash these poor people, who are just trying to what they can with what they were given.
    You become president, and then bash them after you know how demanding the job is.

    The tea party is a sham. And! They are using your tax dollars to spread hate and biggotry. Complain a about the problem, not the people trying to solve it.

  • Anawynn

    This family is disgusting…they’re going to have to disinfect the White House when they are forced to moved out next year.

  • Stan

    It was big of her not to wear a breathing mask, what a trooper!
    The look on her face shows how much she is enjoying be near the filthy underclass.
    I imagine everything she bought went straight into the garbage can and she had a long hot shower then had the car disinfected, or burnt.

    OOOH! Common people cooties!

  • oldgeez

    Amateurs….taking a page or 2 out or Putin’s “book”….fly fishing without a shirt, wearing a karate uniform (judo, tae kwon do, whatever) and throwing some mook around, all for the candid shot by a photographer.

    Please go away.

  • LukeJohn

    @Bill Clint

    Err Bill, where have you been hiding these past couple of years? Who do you think pays for over 90% of the cost of their expensive vacations?

    We the taxpaying public – that’s who?

    On a day when thousands of people lined up in the Atlanta summer heat in the hope of getting a job that might, if they were lucky, pay $50k per year before deductions, Obama & crew flew off to vacation in Martha’s Vineyard at a place that charges $50k per WEEK before additional expenses. Michelle O even went 4 hours ahead so that she didn’t have to wait for Barry. That 4 hour head-start cost US another few tens of thousands.

    And this was only one of several expensive vacations taken at OUR expense.

    “Spending her own money” Give me a break!

  • Dave

    These idiots don’t know that the real photo op is at Wal Mart.

  • Jerrel Hawkins

    My eyes, my eyes. It burns, it buns us….Mrs. Assclown at Target.

  • Frank

    A living Muppet

  • Patriot6280

    Now, the real question is who within the Target Corporation donated how much to Obama in order to get Miss $40,000 bracelets to shop at Target versus ShopKo or K-Mart (Walmart is EEEEVVVILLL so no way she’d go there)? Everything they do is calculated and this was a setup so how much money and who paid it?

  • glenp

    NO WAY!!!! those customers never noticed the “men in black ” and all the cameramen around!!!! It was all a big surprise!!!

    Moochelle Antoinette was shopping for her slave entourage for her next ULTRA EXTRAVAGANT VACATION at an exotic location ON YOUR DIME!!!

  • BearFlagFan

    That’s not an “assistant,” that’s her daughter Malia. Do you think any WH assistant would wear those boots/shoes? Do you think an adult would wear those shoes? I am not a fan but c’mon.

    The shot I want to see is them putting the Target bags in the back of the limo – that’s something you don’t see at Target every day. AP Photog is a coward/in the bag for not getting that shot.

  • glenp

    wayner commented:
    You racist pig conservatives make me sick. Half way into Obama’s second term you cretens will finally wake up to the fact of the good this man and the democrats do.

    what’s a “creten” you cretin?

  • disc-0-duc

    You can stage these photo ops all you want but you can’t hide the look on her face. She looks totally fed up with the whole idea of being the First Lady. Typical of this bunch. Believe me hon’, we can’t wait for Nov 2012 either.

  • factually speaking

    michelle has been trying her best to duplicate Kate Middleton.
    first they practically invite themselves post-wedding to BuckPalace having been left off of the guest list.

    it is published Kate, Charles at England Club Tennis matches and will becomme prominent fixtures in future tennis events and what do you know? the above lady shows up at a u.s.Open tennis match(anyone seen her there before the kate-charles-tennis thing?)

    about 2 months ago, Kate is seen wheeling a grocery cart at a local supermarket, and here we are with you know who….

    it’s amusing to say the very least but definitely trying a little too hard?

  • mark

    come on everybody,,aren’t you tired of getting bamboozled by these chicago thugs..??
    she’s just like you and me..she shops at target,,only when a photographer happens to be present..sickening con artist

  • “strangely reminiscent of Rome in the first weeks after the march of the Blackshirts, of Moscow at the beginning of the Five-Year Plan… America today literally asks for orders.” – according to the New York Times in 1933, fawning over FDR, Hitler and Mussolini for central planning.

  • Pingback: Moonbattery » Pathetic()

  • crypticguise

    What in the world was she doing at “Target”? Now, my wife and I like Target and occasionally shop there; this is so phoney and pathetic.

    Moochelle, was the White House short a few items? Holy, “laughing out loud”!

  • tymtrvlr

    If you will notice, the front half of the Target shopping cart is out of view. Lil boy obama was standing in the front half doing his Titanic moment ” I am king of the world!”.

    Every thing these 2 worthless marxists do is staged, scripted, scammed, set-up, and teleprompted.

  • Bill C

    It would appear that our Prez’s deck of Race Cards contains more that 52 cards.

  • Keep_Honkin_I’m_Reloading

    And…WTF is up wit hher “assistant’s” choice of foot/leg wear?

    Do all assistants dress like Catholic school girls to shop at Target?

  • Fed Up Citizen

    ……..Madame has no one to blame but herself….She has blatantly paraded her expensive wardrobe, and extensive, large entouraged vacations all over the world, RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR NOSES…..As educated as she is, I thought she had more sensitivity than she seems to have. This country is actually in a depression, and she parades around, continues to party, and on and on…..Wearing $800 sneakers to speak with poor inner city children….doesn’t show that she is aware, intelligent, or sensitive to the situations of others…………….what is she trying to prove. Lecturing inner city kids on how to grow a garden or eat the proper vegetables…….give me a break….these kids live in tenements, shelters, and some of the poorest areas of the country. Cheap, fattening food is all they can afford. Keeps their bellies from hurting due to HUNGER…….DUH….

    i HAVE A PROJECT FOR HER………………..LONG OVER-DUE………….REBUILD THAT SHAMEFUL EYESORE BETTER KNOWN AS OUR CAPITAL…….WASHINGTON DC……………….tell obameeeeeeee to bring back school vouchers…………..

    Make DC a a “project” the way jackie kennedy made redecorating the white house……………… IF SHE EVER DID THAT…….THEN I’D RESPECT HER FOR SURE………………DC IS OUR NATIONAL SHAME………!!!!

  • Ken

    You folks are just plan misinformed. Michelle is a shining light to African women around the world. She is beautiful in spirit and all you can do is call her racist names. I hope you all take a look in the mirror while Obama and the Democrats rid the world of evil. Im off to the Occpy Wall Street rally to complain about inequities in our society. Bush sucks!

  • Bobover

    What’s funny is how the drive by media thinks that “we the people” don’t know that this and all of her crap is nothing more than a photo op. Look at her record spending while in the white house. Look at all the 5 star hotels and restaurants she eats at while she tells the rest of us to loose weight. How about the drive by media report how much she has cost the American tax payer while her whipping boy destroys the country. The media is the biggest problem in this country right after all the left wing liberal nuts. When the New American Revolution begins, they need to be the first to go!

  • Stacman

    #22 Of course the photog had explicit instructions not to show her slew of sercret service personnel, aids, assistants, friends and disciples in the picture frame. The premise was for us to believe “normal” Michelle snuck out the backdoor and made her way to the nearest Target…

  • Tona

    Let’s see…exactly how much did her little shopping photo op cost the taxpayers? How many secret service, city police, and other security personnel did it take to shut down traffic and the Target store (cause you know they made sure John Q Public was out BEFORE she went in), not to mention the number of limos in the motorcade? These people are shameless and I can’t wait until 2012!!

  • Dave

    Why was Queen Michelle sent to pick up her own Royal Crown(tm)?

  • WilliamPenn

    Not just a publicity stunt, but a terribly pathetic publicity stunt.

  • Tona

    @Ken – “Misinformed”?? I think the only misinformation we get is the media NOT reporting about half the crap she and her marxist husband pull on this country! Did you hear about their VERY expensive anniversary dinner over the weekend at one of the most exclusive restaurants in D.C., right after her photo op at Target? Probably not. Every time they go on one of their many date nights, vacations, golfing trips, etc., who do you think picks up the tab? The taxpayers, that’s who! If she is a shining light to African American women, whoa be unto them, cause they need to trade up to someone with more class and integrity.

  • Hmm

    Maybe Mrs. Obama’s Mirror wasn’t giving adequate kudos and attention, so a Photo-op was necessary – not to mention the obvious reelection grab for votes

  • Scott

    You sad, hateful people. You all give me much more concern for our future than any politician ever could.

  • Disgusted with them

    How embarrassing that this is how our first lady dresses to go out in public. She is pure classless trash. No matter what you think of the Bush’s, both first ladies exuded nothing but class. Michelle is an elitist snob who thinks the public is too stupid to see through her and her husband. They both disgust me to no end.
    Note to obamas–we don’t care where you shop, please just stop destroying our country

  • Hmm

    photo-op title: “Bag-lady Beggin’ for Votes”

  • minfxbg

    Oh, I thought the AP photo people, and all the other media pukes, where at Target to cover Cheney’s book signing. Or was where they there for a an appearance of Sponge Bob Square Pants…or was it the Hamburgler? or Roseann Barr demanding that anyone on TV be beheaded?

  • RufusVonDufus

    What the hell is she doing at Target? Don’t “her people” shop at Walmart on Friday night?

  • truth

    Moochelle and her socialist in over his head hubby will be booted out of the white house in a few months. The adults will then taker over.

  • Chippy55

    This is to offset the $10 million of taxpayer money that she spent on vacations in Spain (where they rented out all 500 rooms) and to Africa, and to take your mind off the 40 assistants that she needs, all at taxpayer expense. Most First Ladies had one aide, can you make a list of 40 different items that you need in your daily life?

  • Joe Rosis

    The reason the bags are being carried is so when they swing back to the white zoo thru the trees. How do you expect them to push a cart thru the branches

  • Scott

    Why does “SHE” have the white person carrying the bags, that is racist!

  • Stephan Schmidt

    The gullible fools that voted this guy in soak it all up like a sponge.

  • Dan Brady

    Wonder if she has to budget her target trips like the rest of us – those are some big bags. I usually leave my assistant and photographer at home run I make my target runs.

  • tkay

    What?!!!! You mean the main AP white house photographer didn’t just happen to be at Target with his camera??? I’m shocked!!

  • RichRepublican

    Twenty years from now when all you miserable, lonely, sad, uneducated, intolerant, sick nazi’s die off, the world will be a better place.
    There really can’t be more than like what 20-30k stupid people like you that sit around all day tearing everyone down. I doubt you do it just to the Obama’s, I”m sure you target your neighbors, co-workers(if you work), and anyone you run into at the local redneck bar.
    And you have the nerve to call people worthless trash…

  • Mike

    I’ve never read so many stupid and hateful comments about the First Lady of the United States of America. So what if she went shopping at Target? So what if she went shopping period.

  • notyou

    these commenters are disgusting.

  • 29Victor

    And yet the AP dutifully reported that Mrs. Obama had going to Target incognito in an attempt to not attract attention.

    The press acting as a PR firm for the president. That’s terrifying.

  • Alyn Lemke

    When I check out at Target I would have my bags & purse in my basket. I would not have bags in one hand, my assistant carrying the others, my purse hanging precariously from my arm and pushing an empty cart. This picture makes no sense.

  • Cass

    It’s that leftist nightmare – crony capitalism! Michelle’s designer is launching a line through Target. Picking the winners, destroying their competition. Mmmmmmmm. It’s SO progressive.

  • John

    Come on folks, she’s just like one of us. Never mind the multi-million $$ trips overseas.

  • lookitup

    #580 – you do know that the Democrats in Congress have WAY more money than the Republicans, don’t you Rich Republican? Or do you not bother with facts when they conflict with your (BAAAAAAAAAA! BLEAT! BLEAT!) feelings? If you paid as much attention to the facts as you did to imagined flaws in others, you would already know this. But get back to sucking on Soros. Didn’t mean to hold you up.

  • mark

    hey..she’s just like a regular ole joe…NOT..more obama CON..
    what this scumbag wont do to get re-elected

  • Mark Carlton

    Only a complete ignoramus would be fooled by this stunt. Then again, Michelle realizes there are enough ignorami in the U.S. electorate to re-elect her husband (witness 2008). And enough of them in the press to promote her charade.

  • Your Stupid

    You must be really racist folks to make comments like this about ‘Your First Lady’. That is right ‘Your First Lady’. Do not be jealous of her and show her a little respect. Oh, and take your kids out of the cages you have them in, stop beating your wives and go get a job. I hear Target is hiring.

  • lookinthemirror

    Hey Stupid comma your (which should be you are, you dummy) she’s getting back the respect she’s given. Respect is not demanded it is earned. She is not worthy.

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  • mike

    Plastic bags? How green is that? Where is her reusable bag? Plastic bags have been banned on Maui. Business owners here are now forced to buy more expensive bags for their customers. Not easy in these times.
    White House press memo…. Let them eat cake! And, make sure they don’t carry it in a plastic bag!

  • Leigh

    What a truly asinine stunt. Absolutely tone-deaf. The Great Unwashed out here are supposed to be impressed by this? Geez – fire who ever suggested this. (Maybe BO? – lol.)

  • Mat

    Funny how after the public finds out the first lady is wasting taxpayer dollars on big vacations in a time like this, shortly after a photographer catches her off guard shopping at target. I guess everyones supposed to forget now about how much of the countrys money she wasted. If anyone doesnt believe that was intentionally set up then your really naive.

  • Gene

    How sweet she’s wearing Tiger’s hat.

  • ScrapGal

    Surprised that the phalanx of black SUV’s, people with earpieces, and a security sweep didn’t tell SOMEONE that she was en route. Wonder what she really “needed” from Target that she doesn’t have “sent in” to the White House?

  • MaryA

    It’s all a ploy to convince us that the Obamas are not moochers. It’s too late for that; we know better. Just the week before she was wearing a $42K bracelet. I saw an article that said she didn’t buy it; just ‘borrowed’ it. It doesn’t matter. The fact is that she wore it at a time when Americans are in terrible financial stress. It sends a message that we can ‘eat cake’ while they live high on the hog on our taxpayer dollar. Also throwing her position in our face when she took a private jet on vacation twice because Obama was delayed a few hours for their Martha’s Vineyard vacation and I believe it was a day or more for the Hawaii vacation. They are moochers that believe they are owed the lifestyle of a celebrity or of royalty. They are neither. Obama works for us and Moochelle is his wife, period. Now that the election is a little more than a year away, someone is advising them to ‘tone it down’. A day late and a dollar short! Obama is SO One and Done!

  • MTB

    Aside from their incompetence, everything about the Obummer Administration is fake…

  • Patricia Leath

    My friends, this simply confirms what I have known since the very beginning of this administration. Michelle is not potty trained.

  • finerbiner

    Almost 600 comments and still less than 1000 collective brain cells. Obama is doing this for a photo op? Wow, what a revelation. The Obama’s invented that right?

    I’m sure it was a mere coincidence that Goerge Bush bought the ranch in Crawford Tx when he was running for president, put on his cowboy hat and “cleared brush” constantly and then immediately sold it at the end of his presidency.
    All that is just fine. bush did it to make him seem like a “common man”. If that, or what the Obama’s do makes you any more or less supportive of them, please get spayed or neutered and stop mucking up the gene pool.

  • MaryA

    Mike commented: “Plastic bags? How green is that? Where is her reusable bag?” Moochelle doesn’t have recycle bags as you and I do. She doesn’t do the grocery shopping or the Target shopping (except when AP is alerted). Besides, they don’t care. Obama preaches ‘green’ but as with everything else he says, his message is, “Do as I say; not as I ido.” What a couple of hypocrits! Whoever gives these lame brains advice needs to be fired. Their Image Czar isn’t doing his/her job.

  • nomorecommies

    How DARE the call this the First Lady. One must ba a LADY FIRST to be FIRST LADY, and THIS is NO LADY. Dressed like a sl ut for her photo op staged visit to Target. You can’t get any more pathetic than the odumbasses

  • urdepressing

    #601 – Finerbiner what the eff does the Crawford Ranch have to do with Michelle’s photo op? Just reaching for something to bitch about are you? Doesn’t matter how irrelevant it is? Man, how much time do you liberals waste each day making lists of people and things you hate?

  • tom

    The more this guy,obama saying things to any groups, the more people know how exposing he is. Anywhere he goes, anything he says to any groups he talks to just divide, makes them hate, look at each others that they are 100% different from others with filled of hatred, suspiceous, doubtful. However, the Americans that not as stupid as he thinks but they have known so well who this guy is and the rest of the democrat politicians are as well as the media liberal extremists reallly want average Americans to believe what they think, say and do which are almost what people think

  • tom

    Almost everything the obama’s does is just phonny

  • William

    This is nothing new. For a commemoration of D-Day, Bill Clinton was photographed alone on Normandy Beach, bending down in an “Unguarded moment” and proceeded to solemnly arrange some random rocks into a cross. Turns out the rocks weren’t random, they were placed there by his advance team. I have a feeling both photo ops were rehearsed and put before a few focus groups first.


    Moochelle, my belle

  • three Rivers

    hey finderbinder…..
    when did the Bush Family sell their Crawford Ranch???got a date??sure is news..sounds like you are jealous of the Bushe’s..I for one would love to have them back…at least my stocks were better, unemployment was at a low, and we weren’t under contol of unions and commies.. hurry up 2012 so we can send the Obama’s home to where ever they call home, just not the White House…

  • Danbury

    In the name of equality, it appears that women are now allowed to do Minstrel Shows!


    $40,000 bracelets

    $10,000,000 multiple vacations

    Target cleaning supplies

    Phoney photo ops, Priceless

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  • satch

    Nice try Moochie,but you only fooled yourself.

  • Bill M.

    You mean, there are NO photographers waiting at the entrance to the Target stores, just in case? like a store greeter or something?

  • Stevo

    What a waste of pixels

  • Ellie Enlightened

    Did anyone think this was spontaneous? These people are ruthless.

  • Melivn

    “!You… work it girl!

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  • Bill M.

    I wonder if she drove herself to the store.

    Why only 1 picture? She wasted an opportunity to make this “outing” a double image of a “fake” outing… by having a second picture of her, maybe outside the store, as she hands a box of cereal that she just bought to some child, or something…….

  • Chewylookout!

    Probably buying pampers for her husband and a some relaxer for herself.


    Of course this was bogus…….but you know she actually looks better at Kmart then she ever has at the Whitehouse. Call it natural habitat.

  • robertsgt40

    What a joke. I liked her black widow dress the best. All this as she blows millions(our money) on jaunts to Europe and skiing excursions. Class act. There isn’t enough lipstick….


    Instead of lecturing 8 years old to lose weight she ought to look in the mirror at that big butt of hers and hit the gym instead of spending our tax money in the south of france.

  • Joy

    One of the pictures published was of the checkout clerk ringing up her purchases. The blurb said that even the sales clerks didn’t recognize her. I laugh. These clerks didn’t notice the photographers snapping their4 pictures incessantly?? These clerks hadn’t noticed the bevy of secret service agents in the store? Give me a freaking break !!

  • B Da Truth

    Did they run out of Wagu Beef at the White House? or maybe she needed some feminine hygiene products her staff of 900 was unable to find.
    Oh, a AP reporter was tipped off in advance, shocking one might almost think it was a cheap Photo Op set up to make her look like a regular person.

  • B Da Truth

    If Michelle wants to cure obesity in America, instead of telling McDonalds how many French Fries they can serve, she would be better off pulling the Candy, Corn Chips , Cookies, Dip, Soda, and Junk food out of the food stamp program.
    But she’d rather order a private company around, than anger the welfare freeloaders in da hood.

  • caconservative

    Wow!! You’re kidding!! It wasn’t spontaneous!!

  • Spock

    This is just a staged event. She probably used tax dollars to buy the stuff.

    Libs love Hypocrisy, just look at the protestors on Wallstreet, they are being financed by Soros and Obama’s other Masters to attack Wallstreet saying the Government should have all this power while then complaining about the police!!

    The protestors are part of the Obama attempt at pushing Socialism. And dont you love the Rich actors saying to rich should give their money away, so why are not the actors giving their money away??

  • Done in One

    These two failures and the whole administration are idiots to think that the American people are so stupid as to not see through their total phoniness. They are the stupid ones. They’re arrogance knows no bounds. I heard she bought some Lysol, must be to get the smell of BO out of our White House.
    Remember it is just as racist to vote for an unqualified idiot candidate because of skin color as it is to vote against a highly qualified candidate because of skin color. This makes those that voted for this failed social experiment racist.

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  • Even when she knows the press will be there, she still looks like trash. Tired of being played for suckers.

  • HIL

    SO…. they ignored the rule about adverstising while in office……..

    I would think their businesss would hurt Target….not help…… Anywhere they shop … I

    ignore… The low class folks…….

    That trip is almost as good as hugging the queen. Can take a girl our of the slums…

    Can’t the the Slum out of the girl…

  • Nanuq

    What? Of COURSE she’s “one of us”.

    Don’t we each have someone to obediently follow 15 feet behind us and carry our bags while we’re being photographed?

  • Are You For Real?

    To hmmmm #343

    Do you believe that calling and stating about us being “Teebaggers” (a dirty reference associated with oral sex), “jihadists”, “so filled with hatred”, “You boo a soldier and cheer executions and applaud the fact a child dies”, is a truthful representation of what you believe?
    That’s hatred!

    Making statements like, “Sorry that you guys are blinded by hatred.. maybe it’s just that you don’t care for dark-skinned folk.
    That’s prejudice the way you preconceive our beliefs when you want to threaten us whites with war.

    Stating , “shame on all of you for attacking the president’s wife.”, and “I never heard any of the citizens you call “libs” mock or criticize Laura Bush”, “Other than having bad taste in men” ,
    That’s hypocrisy!

    You blame Bush by stating things like, “GW Bush was the absolute worst president imaginable”, failing to pursue Osama bin Laden in Tora Bora and leaving Obama to finish the job of killing him etc etc etc”, ” taking a gigantic surplus and turning it into a deficit”.
    That’s ignorance! Where do you get your information?

    And for you (I assume you are Liberal or Democrat) to state, “Conservatives know no shame” after saying all the things you have said on this post……..
    That’s shameful!

    Hmmmmm, You are a hypocritical, shameful, prejudiced, ignorant, racist!

    Your values are not the opposite of many of these people. You are in opposition to their party and skin colors and their dislike for the way POTUS is leading this country. The opposition you present is prejudice, and racist.

    You actually talk in one of your posts about going to war with the whites.
    I am white and have black friends, I do not use the “N-word” nor do I condone its use. To put conservatives and whites in the same group to go to war with, kind of sounds like “jihadist” to me. Those are terrorist threats towards me. You have incited hatred and bigotry.
    You have displayed total ignorance to your own values. That’s stupid!

    With the values, ignorance and stupidity you have actually put in writing on this blog, do you really believe that you will win us over with your vile hatred that YOU portray. NOT!

    You stated a couple times that you would not comment on this blog again, yet you come back only to receive more attacks. Clearly you are not in the majority on this issue, nor do you have the common sense to not give in to your own will power..

    Of all the people who should not be allowed to vote, it should be you and those who think like you.

  • tiliyeah

    I hope no one thought this was NOT” a photo op for this women?..nothing they the truth.she did this so some stupid people would …ohhhh look she shops where we shopppp.and some bimbos will think that…they are as foney as can be.


  • B. Samuel Davis

    Michelle Obama is an arrogant fraud, and a hypocrite just like her husband. Get off your computer call your local republican leader and get to work getting rid of these people – don’t think that someone else is going to do it.

  • Helen Wheeling

    Michelle Obama desperately needs a ‘professional dresser’ because FLOTUS has NO sense of style whatsoever. Not only was this shopping spree ‘staged’ but she FORGOT to wear a bra or else she buys cheap bras that aren’t doing her any service. Her congenital LIAR-IN-CHIEF and his FLOTUS both need to be investigated througly, as the MSM DID NOT do their duty when he ran the first time, and We, The People are now paying the consequences. Both the Obama’s are FAKE, superficial, phony, grossly egotistical and complacently foolish. That is what happens when uninformed, politically uneducated people are allowed to vote. We get someone with a fake birth certificate, a Social Security that is dated three years BEFORE he was born and a total idiot that is our first black president, that has turned into the first ‘faux’ black president, who will go down in history as dismal FAILURE.

  • ShaQuanza Murphy

    Yall be hating on Michelle cause she black nothing else. Just cause she rich and black yall hate her. Well she gonna be first lady for fore more years. So how you like that, crakcers?

  • Firefigher Tom

    Is the Lysol she bought to cleanse herself of the common people stench

  • Zunkination

    Wait! Where are her enviro-friendly reusable fabric sacks?? Can’t believe she would dare use plastic!


  • jwood

    Look Closely. She isn’t pushing the cart. She is just pretending to push it. In fact the background (including the woman carrying the bags) is computer generated. This was done on the same Hollywood sound stage where the moon landings were faked. These people have no shame.

  • Matt

    Ah, I get it.
    When it’s on our dime, they fly to NYC for dinner and a play, shutting the city down.
    When it’s on their dime it’s off to Target.
    What’s the next photo op?…reusing the Target bag to pick up some dog poop on the White House lawn?

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  • jwood

    Bet she has her flunkey file a claim to recover what she spent on the household cleaners.

  • [email protected]

    Her disguise is SO ORIGINAL!!! (An ugly black woman). You go girl!!!!

  • Frank M

    Looks like this belongs in one of those “People of Wal Mart” e-mails. Mr. & Mrs. Punks…

  • Sparky

    Michelle Obama was at Target to bring attention to the store because her favorite designer just signed a contract with Target for a line of clothing. Let’s hope Moochelle’s booty is not in the promo ads!


    You’ve got to be kidding. What a freakin joke. I feel like throwing up now…. Do these two people not stop at nothing! And she’s telling Americans what to eat, drink and how to lose pounds….she might better check that trunk she’s packing. We got her hubby telling me how much money I can have, where I can go, what I can light my house with and on and on and on. These are not leadership qualities – they are selfish ones. Can’t wait for 2012 –


    You’ve got to be kidding. What a freakin joke. I feel like throwing up now…. Do these two people not stop at nothing! And she’s telling Americans what to eat, drink and how to lose pounds….she might better check that trunk she’s packing. We got her hubby telling me how much money I can have, where I can go, what I can light my house with and on and on and on. These are not leadership qualities – they are selfish ones. Can’t wait for 2012 –

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  • Jason Prather

    No kidding! You mean reporters are stupid enough to be set up? IS Michelle ‘my belle’ no longer insteresting enough to have the media swarming her any more, she has to call them and beg them to come and film her? are her rating polls that low? Shouldn;t she get her own network just like the OPRAH? Maybe even give Rosie O’Donnel one? They are liberal after all, so they are above the law! Worship them as the Holy Obamic Trinity or risk being called racist and bigoted for not doing so!

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  • jpeditor

    #Logic: “I know this is immaterial, but why does she have the assistant carry the bags while she pushes an empty cart?”

    Because carrying so many bags in her arms would (a) show greed (b) that her biceps are bigger than Barry’s (c) pushing a cart screams “I’m just one of you people!”

    (Photog screwed up with bad crop – remember, it’s ALWAYS someone else fault)

  • Rob Ryan

    Laura Bush killed a man while reckless driving, but these same people are mocking this First Lady for going to a Store?

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  • Silly Old Mom

    To be fair to MO, it’s not uncommon to park your cart inside the store so you don’t have to do it outside. If she had a Suburban waiting at the curb for her (quite likely), she’d leave the cart at the indoor corral and head out. There would be no point to pushing the cart all the way out to the car and then leaving it at an outdoor corral.

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