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  • very funny so funny ;]

  • Male Silverback

    She is about as “regular” a person as I am a black Kenyan President. Maybe she will wear her Old Navy garb to her next big trip abroad. I’m sure it will be tredy on the Riviera.

    To use the words once spoken by a black Kenyan President, “they must think we’re stupid.”

  • NoFear

    Every time I see this woman I want to puke.

  • Fritz S.

    Moochelle is soooooo just like folks.

    Wonder where the WH motorcade parked for this “Hey, honey … I’m gonna run up to Target to pick up some socks for the girls … I’ll be back in time to fix dinner, though …” trek.

    The Obamas are reminiscent of the Jeffersons — “We’re movin’ on up — to the Eastside …”

  • Gigi

    Hahahaha- they staged it! I just knew it!

  • Henry

    Nice photo of Mrs. Obama and her bearer.

  • Karolstar

    I wonder how much this little stunt costs the American People. This woman is ridiculous. I guess everyone shopping at Target had to leave for this staged stunt. Does this woman think we are stupid? I want to puke everytime I see this woman.

  • NixTyrrany

    Nike cap worn by Queen Michelle was made by a non-union worker outside the USA.

  • Just me

    Is anyone honestly surprised by this??? I knew it the second I saw the first article about it.

  • Where are her 500 body guards? How come they didn’t get in the picture? Why did she have to fly to NY and go to that Target?

  • Billy

    Hey, why the new photo? Where’d the can of Lysol in the basket go?

    Earlier photos showed the Lysol. Do they have a problem in the White House that she needs Lysol?!?!?

  • TOMS


  • nopcspokenhere

    Rush Limbaugh called this right away! Yeah, why no wear those big diamond bangle bracelets? Were they on loan???? Get out of my house, Nov. 2012 will be a day of rejoicing.
    Pray America, we are under a very big cloud.