Brrr… New York City Expecting Earliest Significant Snowfall Since Civil War

It must be global warming climate change.

(Star Tribune)

New York City is expecting its earliest snow storm since the Civil War.
The Daily Mail reported:

The North East is bracing for a chilling Halloween weekend as 60 million people are expected to be hit by snowstorms.

New England has already been struck by a very early snowstorm, while this weekend looks set to see huge amounts of sleet and snow covering the North East, invariably causing power outages and travel chaos.

Low pressure will track up the East Coast on Saturday possibly bringing significant amounts of the white stuff across the tri-state area, Pennsylvania and New England.

New York has received measurable snow before Halloween only three times since 1869 – and never more than one inch, which is what some experts are predicting.

Likely to see the most snow will be the Massachusetts Berkshires, the Litchfield Hills in northwestern Connecticut, southwestern New Hampshire and the southern Green Mountains.

In Connecticut, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy warned residents that they could lose power due to the anticipated wet, heavy snow.

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  • Objective Analysis

    Thank you God for letting the change in weather get those hippies out of there. You are the best.

  • JDStone

    Gonna get awfully cold for the invaders at Zucotti Park. Wonder if Bloomberg is going to supply them with space heaters.

  • Oh, my goodness! The weather is… CHANGING!!!!

    We’re all doomed, unless Congress does something to fix this awful changing weather tragedy. We can’t wait. Must legislate against weather changes now.

  • Frank Scarn

    People in the Northeast,

    Head for the grocery stores NOW!

    There will NEVER be another bread delivery. NEVER. You MUST, MUST, get out there NOW, ahead of the storm and clear out and hoard, for the sake of your children, all food stocks.

    This is the end. You must act NOW. While there’s still time.

  • Kind of reminds me of the Global Warming conference with the blizzard…not feeling any sadness for those occupying. Best of luck to the cities that can reclaim their property as I am betting that the storm will cause this wanna be group to flee home.

  • BS61

    Gosh, I sure hope the weather scares off the anarchist, but I don;t think it will.

    Personally, I miss cold as I am stuck here in AZ due to a job!

  • Mary

    Well, the good news for the folks who live near the OWS mess is that the snow should cover up the excrement and some of the stench.
    But just a reminder..don’t eat yellow snow!

    God works in mysterious ways….

  • chuck in st paul

    So THIS is the global cooling brought about by the global warming, eh… Bhwaaa ha ha ha ha I will now go run both my cars and light up the grill while I mow the lawn on my riding mower. Roll on Climate Change!

  • What is Frank smoking and where can I get some of that? Or is he/it just trolling? It’s one thing to advocate for preparing against this storm, but to be so obviously dumb about it:

    There will never be food ever agin!!! OMG!

  • James

    Reporting now from New Jersey. Snowing hard. We are expecting about 2-4 inches of global warming here.

  • avery

    Get those solor panel out.


    maybe this will break up the illegal occupy marxists little party

  • eolon

    I think you mean the War Between the States.

    Best Regards,



  • Stuart

    So General Winter assaults Obama’s army of OWS protesters. He’s good at that. He kicked both Napoleon and Hitler back from the gates of Moscow, and they were both pros. This assault ought to be a piece of cake.

  • Valerie
  • Eolon: Good catch. But I thought it was supposed to be The War of Northern Aggression. 😉

  • Susan

    God does have a wonderful sense of humor!

  • Valerie

    Word is the “Occupy ____” creeps are now moving to warmer places, such as California.

    One San Deigo businesswoman has had quite enough of their nonsense.

  • aprilnovember811

    I have visions of snow plows driving down the streets, picking these people up in their tents, and throwing them on the side of the street.

  • aprilnovember811

    I hope the storm is as bad as their global warming summit in Copenhagen. Please dear God, give us a blizzard!

  • aprilnovember811

    Can we buy them all a one way plane ticket to their communist country of choice, maybe Obama’s birthplace, Kenya.

  • And in light of the Wall Street Occupation … more proof God has a sense of humor.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • Diamond Girl

    Calling Al Gore….Calling Al Gore!

    ’bout time the east took some of what the NW gets all the time and the msm ignores it.

  • Scott

    al gore and thousands of pseudo-scientists who sold their integrity for the cult of global warming hardest hit!

  • Stuart

    Scott #24 You don’t get it. This early blizzard is a sign that global warming is real. Just the same thing as a heat wave, except colder. If it were warmer than normal that too would be a proof of global warming. Same thing as a cold snap except warmer.
    I am told that on rare occasions here and there, frogs rain from the sky. This too is a warning from the sky gods. GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL.
    Remember: When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.
    Your Friend
    Al Gore

  • Gman

    This is God’s way of telling the to STFU

  • Bobbi

    Praise the Lord. He is in charge, not American hating Adbusters.

  • Speaking of crazy old Algore, where has he been lately? I miss him.

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  • Sandy

    The homeless and the brainless can huddle together dreaming of a White Christmas in Zucotti Park. Man Plans And God Laughs!!!

  • Gini

    #9 October 29, 2011 at 11:42 am
    Adam commented:
    What is Frank smoking and where can I get some of that? Or is he/it just trolling? It’s one thing to advocate for preparing against this storm, but to be so obviously dumb about it:
    There will never be food ever agin!!! OMG!

    The day before any storm other than a mild rain causes hysteria in New York City. People rush to the supermarkets and stock up on everything! Prior to Irene people had to wait out on the sidewalk to enter supermarket as capacity had been reached. As one person left, a new one could enter. The shelves were stripped bare by closing time.

    The snow is sticking as the temperature in NYC is just on 32f. I put out extra seed for the sparrows and mourning doves. Tomorrow morning shall be interesting. And no, I did not head to the grocery store and stock up.

  • zaire67

    Starting an outdoor revolution in the Fall just shows how must thought has actually gone into this Occupy movement. That’s why there was the Summer of Love. The Winter of Love would have been ridiculous.

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  • well here in the metropolitan area we have a few inches of snow already with more to come. al gore must be somewhere in the area.

  • I hope everyone is enjoying this nuclear winter respite from the global warming plagueing the planet. Thank God for Fukishima, if there were no meltdown, it would not be snowing
    here in Jersey right now…I’m dreaming of a white halloween……better watch for the treaters dressed in ghost costumes, they’re murder in a blizzard…so what I want to know is
    this snow storm a trick? or a treat?

  • Bonanza driver

    The weather channel’s Doctor Heidi Cullen could not be reached for comment…They won’t put her on anymore because she would still be preaching GW if New York city was under a mile thick sheet of ice, as in the last ice age.

  • Bonanza driver

    Carbon dioxide is god’s green energy…It is a requirement for all natural life as plants use it for food…Only al gore and his religious followers, and of course the “Occupy, (insert city here) crowd could fall for the garbage science…As someone once said, “you have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” As the new-communists disguised as political liberals have largely taken god out of public and thereby family life, they have created a generation of lost sheep ready to fall for anything or anyone like, Barack Hussein Obama…

  • FraScott

    .Not quite related to the story but i think a good point about the sky falling and the AGW apocalyptic doom of the planet if the Keystone pipeline is built. Is anyone else old enough to remember the environmentalist opposition to the Alaska pipeline? Were the caribou and polar bears going to go extinct by 2000 if that pipeline was built? Weren’t caribou supposed to just see it ans fall over dead or something? I ask because for some odd reason, i can’t find stories about that lunacy and here we are again, lol. If we don’t do something about carbon or cosmic rays or ammonia or freon or whatever flavor of the month they come up with, tomorrow will be too late and New England’s Halloween snow will be the first storm to go straight from snow to steam. Lololololol

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  • i don’t understand why all the global warming and CO2 doesn’t go out the hole in the ozone.

  • blake

    Wow! Almost everyone commenting on here is an idiot…First, global warming wreaks all kinds of havoc on weather patterns….so abnormally early and heavy snowfall can be a symptom of global warming. I’m not quite convinced the threat of global warming is that real myself, but jesus I thought this stuff was common sense!! Also, OWS are not supporters of Obama, so if that’s why you are against them, drop that argument because it’s unfounded….How dare people stick up for their fellow citizens being screwed by wall street and corporate america?!?!? Protesting and demonstrating??? How un-american!!! Glad I’m not ignorant like everyone else on here lmao hahaha

  • blake

    By the way, keep “god” out of your comments….it just makes you look stupid and it’s even more obvious that you are uneducated….

  • Ed Zuiderwijk

    @Blake: you are to clever for your own good.

    But why should we leave God out of it? This snow is clear evidence that He has a sense of humor, how can you object to that?

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